I have a headcanon, that back before they all got involved in crime, Barb, Gav and Dan had a garage band. Barbara was in England on exchange, and she met the guys and they all had fun. It never left the garage, but they wrote their own songs. Dan was drummer, Barb was guitar and Gav was bass. The band was called “Foreign Exchange”.

The people they now work with, Barbara and rooster teeth, Gavin and Fahc, Dan and the mobsters of England, they have no idea about the others. Most believe that they don’t know anyone outside of their little crews.

They do know though, that in the middle of the night on the 30th of December, they disappear, and reappear two days later during the night of the 1st of January.

The three of them return to London, leaving all criminal activities behind. For two days, they are Barbara, Gavin and Daniel. Not Dan the Man, not Golden Boy, not Yang. They are foreign exchange for two days, and they spend the last day of the year together, and the first.