Jealousy - Liam Dunbar imagine.

Request:  Can I have a Liam Dunbar imagine please where my best friend Isaac comes back and I’m really excited and Liam gets really jealous and protective. In it, can I be Lydia Martin’s younger sister (I’m 5'1") I have long red hair and green eyes. I’m sarcastic, loud, witty, passive aggressive, smart and kind. I’m a good listener. I’m also really cuddly with my friends. (THIS MIGHT NOT ALL BE HELPFUL BUT I THOUGHT I’D SAY LOADS) also hi! I’m Grace and I love your blog :D xxx - anonymous. 

Words: 643

Liam Dunbar x reader + Isaac Lahey (friendly)

          “I have some news…” Scott’s said. We were all at his living room waiting for the news, since his text gave nothing away. “Isaac is coming back!” he says excitedly.

           “No freaking way! OH MY GOSH!” I start to scream like a mad woman. “Are you serious?” I assured.

           “100% serious. He texted me yesterday. He’s probably on almost here.” He says while hugging me. “I know how much he meant to you.”

           “He still does. I mean, he is my best friend, even miles away.” I said.

           Well, now I think I should properly introduce myself. I’m Lydia Martin younger sister Y/N and two years younger to be exact. I have long auburn red hair and big green eyes; I pretty much look a lot like Lydia only my hair is a bit darker.

           “He should surprise him. Like a welcome party” Lydia, the girl who throw the best parties in Beacon Hills said.

           “I’m in.” The pack said in union, the whole pack but Liam said btw.

          After some more discussion we all went home and I went straight to my bed. Thinking about the night I thought that Liam never kissed me goodbye, maybe he is just in hurry, but for what? He was quiet the whole meeting about Isaac coming back home. Maybe it’s just because he never meet him. Anyways, I’m gonna get some rest cause a got a long day ahead of me.

          The next morning I couldn’t be more excited, obviously because my best friend is coming back and because it’s Saturday there wasn’t a better day to a welcome back home party. Right before we could leave home Scott called Lydia saying Isaac was already at his place, so we went there. The moment the door of Scott’s house was open I was already throwing myself at Isaac arms.

           “It’s been so long! I missed my little redhead.” He said hugging me tighter. All I could do was nod and cuddle more I his arms. After some more time hugging, we all sat in the couch while Isaac talked about his days in France. I was still cuddled at his side, I felt like never leaving. I noticed eyes burning the back of my head only to find a very pissed off Liam Dunbar staring back at me. I gave him a confused look while e mentioned me to follow him outside for a little bit. Reluctantly I stand up and followed him.  

           “What was all that about Y/N?” Liam asked angrily.

           “What was what Liam?” I asked confused and he seemed to get angrier with my confusion.

           “You all cuddly with t-that werewolf.” He said clenching his fists.

           “Oh my God! No way! You are jealous.” I said laughing.

           “No I’m not!” He said with his cheeks turning crimson red while I laughed more.

           “You are so jealous. God Liam, why?”

           “Why? Well you were all over him, cuddly and everything. My girlfriend all over another beta werewolf. That’s not cool at all.” He explained.

           “Oh Liam, please. He is only my best friend, nothing more. I can assure you of that.” I explained.

           “You promise?” he said while grabbing my waist and pulling me closer.

           “I promise. There is only you.” I added.

           Right before our lips touched we heard a voice that I knew very well interrupting us.

           “It might be nothing happening between me and Y/N, but that doesn’t mean that you can go all touch with my little sister while in my sight.” Isaac said giving Liam a teasing look. I laughed and gave a little peck in his cheek and grabbed his hand and giving Isaac a playful look before going inside.

           “I still don’t like him.” Liam mumbled while giving Isaac a glare making the elder beta chuckle more under his breath and murmuring something about ‘young love’.


A/N: Here it is anon. Hope you liked. And guys, send in more requests. Xx