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That is one of the most DISGUSTING parts about Larry. I will never get over how gross the buttplug theory was. Harry was fxcking 17!

“Management hypersexualizes the boys”

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I will never get over Barry being so extra for Iris. The best part is you know he's been waiting most of his life to be like this with her. So he's going all out for it.


he’s going to be able to openly dote on her and talk about his feelings FINALLY and she’ll know exactly what he means and that he loves her so much,.



I’m so tired of this ‘I hope you’re better off with her now’ thing.

What has he ever done for me more than hurting me? He forgot me, stabbed me, laughed at me, lied to me, and he still does. Why am I supposed to be nice to him? He’s been fucking with this other girls and leaving them just like he did to me. How does he deserve any good word my mouth can spill about him? His name will always taste bitter in my tongue, it’ll burn and it’ll feel like poison.

He’s never been nice to me, cared about me or even JUST respected our past. God, of course it’ll always hurt. But I’ve embraced it.

So here’s to you once again, from my heart’s most hateful part.

Something I’ll never get over is you getting over me so easily because I could’ve never done it faster.

It fucking pissed me off back then and it’ll always will:

You’ll never know the feeling of your soul being torn apart every time that song came on or that times I went on a walk alone to wherever we used to run away together. You’ve never stayed countless hours looking at the ceiling wondering what the fuck went wrong. You’ve never needed to wake up the morning after choking in your own breath to see the person who provoked it laughing it off. 

Fuck you, fuck your ways, your laughs, your happy moments now, your new romances and your new stories. 

I’ll just sit and hope someone treats you the way you’ve treated me.

I hope you experience the pain you’ve provoked. 

And that might sound rude but believe me,

you’ll forever be meaner than me.

the story of the broken ribs

Accomplice started a fantastic marathon, while I followed on my bike. About 8 miles in I stopped to wait for him to come back from a turnaround for a picture. 

I was waiting and realized that he was off pace…. I began to get a little worried. But still I waited. And then he came up the hill. 

and he was hurting. 

He’d started cramping. Understand that he is one of the most accomplished athletes in the State, He’s more than trained and ready for this race. But his muscles decided “not today.” So he stretched and walked and ran the rest of the way while I rode alongside. He was still “middle of the pack” a place he’s never been before. Thankfully the race was long enough to get over the angry part and was just frustrated and hurting. Hell, during the last 10 miles we discussed the options for marathons coming up that he could run and still leave time for Xterra Worlds training. (He’s kind of bad ass like that) 

So - as you might have noticed this has nothing to do with my broken ribs. 

While I rode 20 something miles, I did it at a running pace and didn’t feel like I got much of a workout. So… off to the trails afterwards. 

It was rainy and slick out and I decided I wanted to get home to Accomplice sooner than later, so working at a faster pace would be the way to get the heart rate up and I could finish the workout more quickly. 

Great trails, tight turns, a few roots…. and a quick turn, hitting a root and an endo into a tree… 

As you might know a broken rib isn’t that big a deal, other than it hurts like hell. But there was some pain in my stomach. The doctor suspects a bruised spleen. Which sounds like something Archer would complain about. I feel like it was a great mountain bike ride and some bruises to show for it…. :) 

So - there’s my lame story.  

[ just a psa: believing that joker loves harley in some capacity does not at all excuse his actions toward her juuuust saying. abuse is abuse regardless of the intent or reasoning behind it. also, saying harley is sometimes manipulative and abusive in her own way (which is 300% true) does not change the fact that she is in an abusive relationship and therefore a victim of abuse. if anything, it makes the relationship all the more toxic. 

there is a difference between explanation and justification. i’d just like to say that regardless of what my harley thinks, i do not consider any of the interactions between the two of them to be healthy and find it hard to believe that they ever could be. if you’re playing a joker against my harley, please be ready for some serious psychological trauma and deep exploration of what it means to be in love with an abuser i have some experience, so i will have shit get real.  i, personally, will never gloss over the uncomfortable parts, so it’s important to keep that in mind if you’re a joker that wants to ship. it’ll be dark, and gritty, and probably gross at points. but i don’t really know what else you would expect?? i will never be comfortable only portraying the ‘more attractive’ side. also i’d actually really like to do an rp at some point where harley leaves…….. wishlist af. she might come back, though. she probably will. that’s kind of what makes abusive relationships so abusive. 

this was on my dash and it was bothering me. carry on. ]