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Wow, you're in a good mood even if your sick and tired? That's something not many people can do. I'm just, wow. Anyway I just wanted to tell you I hope things get better. I know it's hard especially with the lack of sleep but you'll get through it, just keep pushing forward kiddo. You never know when a bad thing will turn into a good thing. *insert awkward hug here*

thanks friendo

and yaya im waiting for good stuff to happen, better keep my head up!

The idea that Fenris and Hawke would be in love into their major wrinkles phase really gets me. You know they never thought they’d live that long. You know they count their blessings every morning they’re able to wake up side-by-side in the same bed, even if it’s been years since any dire conflict. Their enduring relationship would be such a testament to the facility love, and it makes my eyes sweat because they’re the characters who deserve the happiest resolve.

I want to get to know someone, really get to know them. I want to map the constellations of freckles across their cheek, memorize each tiny birthmark across their wrist, trace my fingers across the curve of their back. I want to see their purest moments, when the world is still sleeping and the only light streaming in is from the sun peeking through our windows.
—  m.t.//things i’ll never say out loud

Word Count: 2 152

Genre: small angst at the start but then F L U F F

Warnings: Phil doesn’t think his videos are good enough?? It gets better though

Prompt: Phil has always supported Dan, and is proud of Dan, but sometimes the 2 million subscriber gap hurts. He never lets Dan know, but gets sucked into the hate comments changing himself because of them and trying to get people to like him more. Dan finds out and it ends in fluff. (Sorry if this is vague, interpret it however you wish)

A/N SORRY I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING IN AGES! I’ve been busy with school and stuff, but here, have this

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Never Get To Know
  • Never Get To Know
  • Paul Baribeau
  • Paul Baribeau

“You might wonder why I’m an asshole
Or wonder I’m so uptight
Or wonder why I don’t just chill out
And learn how to have a good time
But sometimes I’m scared right out of my mind
And sometimes I just get angry
Because I’ve been let down by the people that I love
But I will not let down the people who love me”



Today in Oh My God, Shisui No

160124~ BTS 2nd Muster [TRANS: “To me, ARMYs...”

Namjoon: Gray

Jin: They’re our ARMY light stick

Yoongi: Your existence is like a celebrity. I am everyone’s fan

Hoseok: ARMYs are a trap that once fallen into, we can’t get out 

Jimin: Kimchi and ramen

Taehyung: ARMYs’ existence is like a background. I feel good just from seeing/watching you guys

Jungkook: ARMYs are like Americano to me. MC: Why? Jungkook: Because i couldn’t live without it these days