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I don't want any of this to come off rude, but I'm just curious, you obviously love your body which is awesome, but you've said that you were 220+ pounds. You're gorgeous but do you plan to try to lose weight, or try to be healthier? Again I'm not meaning any of this in a rude way, and I know it's none of my business whether you are or aren't, but I'm just curious. I love your page by the way!

I almost deleted this message but I think it’s important.

You said you love my blog, so I’m assuming that you’ve probably read some of my posts about eating disorders. You may or may not be aware of this: I am an eating disorder survivor. I have spent the last few years recovering from a seemingly endlessly changing disorder that sucked the pleasure out of my life for nine years. That’s nine years of a much thinner me looking in the mirror and hating myself for eating just enough to survive. That’s nine years of obsessive exercise and diuretic abuse. That’s nine years of weighing myself every morning and counting every calorie ingested and burned. So when you ask if I am ever going to “try be healthier,” you are assuming that I am the way that I am due to some lack of effort on my part. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Beating my ED and learning to love myself was and is a fucking battle.

As for the other part of that question where you ask if I will ever try to lose any weight, let me just answer that one with a straight up no. I will never try to lose weight, ever again. Doesn’t mean I’ll never change anything about my habits if I need to, but that’s not the same thing as trying to “lose weight.” That’s an important distinction. I’m not going to try to alter myself if I’m comfortable with who I am just to fit into what the rest of the world considers to be the ideal. And neither should you.

I know you meant well with this message (since you framed your question in so very many nice compliments) and I hope you know I truly mean well with this response. What I’m trying to show you is that there is more than one way to be happy, and that you should never assume you know someone’s happiness or well-being better than they do.

Telling people with chronic illnesses that going vegan will help them or that everyone can eat a vegan diet is incorrect, classist, and ableist.
Not everyone can eat a vegan diet, I repeat, it is misinformation and potentially dangerous to spread this information.
Unless you are the doctor treating someone with a chronic illness do not give them unsolicited diet advice. Better yet, don’t get anyone unsolicited diet advice.


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“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” - Mae West 💎

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