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Oh my God, could you do a top 10 for Michiru's outfits? I feel like they tried so hard to make her a fashion plate (as she well she should be) but were so often stymied by the 90s-ness of it all. I'd love to see what you chose.

The real question is, how will I narrow it down to only ten?? Michiru’s style is so hard to pin down because sometimes it works flawlessly and sometimes it’s hard to justify, in-universe, why she would ever choose to wear what she is wearing. (Thanks again to @sailorcivilian and @fukufashion for their comprehensive representation of Sailor Moon outfits!)

10. The 1940s called. They said you look really good in that dress, feel free to keep wearing it.

9. It is written in ink that this shawl may never cover more than one (1) shoulder at any given time.

8. (”coming soon to own on videocassette” voice) She may have a tiny bow and a tiny backpack, but she’s got a big heart.

7. They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became the ocean

6. Wearing formal gloves and a pencil skirt to the racetrack just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

5. There are two kinds of people: those who say “you can never have too much denim on your body,” and liars

4. On the back, these shirts say “If found, please return to Michiru”/”I am Michiru”

3. The stylish yet practical baby-stealing ensemble

2. The dress that is responsible for putting many a young boy through early puberty

1. Look. I think there must be a story behind this one. I think this used to be a favorite tunic of Michiru’s; the pale lavender with the white belt is simple but charming. One day she was painting another one of her space whales, and Haruka yelled something from the kitchen about the shrimp paella leftovers in the fridge. In the one uncalculated move she had ever made in her life, she turned around and lowered her brush, leaving a short streak of dark blue on her dress. She tried everything; cold water, rubbing alcohol, Haruka’s Tide-to-Go stick, but she could still see a faint line where the space-colored paint was. Haruka would insist she couldn’t tell there was a stain, but Michiru would always know, and she couldn’t live like that. The next day, she bought a bottle of fabric dye. If she couldn’t remove the accidental stain, then she would make it an intentional one. She wears it as an act of defiance, a warning to the universe that Michiru Kaioh is not one to be defeated.


Behind the scenes of the Back to the Future Part ll (1989) “2015” set.

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Casual and cool chic or soft and feminine glamour, sensual, always looks effortless and never overdresses, lots of denim and comfortable fabrics.

Celebrities: Amber Heard, Ann-Margret, Lea Seydoux, Princess Diana, Fergie, Leighton Meester, Lana Del Rey, Linda Evangelista, Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande

Why Castiel is the world’s most underappreciated angel:

1.  He’s the only angel even attempting to do his damn job.

What was the one thing God told the angels to do before he left?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  “Love humanity.” 

For most angels, this very simple command seemed to get lost in translation very, very quickly.  (Here, I would include images of all the humans whose eyes got needlessly burned out, but that’s just unnecessarily gory).

But while the other angels treat the human race with repulsion (i.g. Uriel, Zachariah, Bartholomew, Naomi) or at best, quiet indifference (i.g. Hannah), Castiel appears to be the only one who will invariably place humanity’s safety above all else.  Not only that, he appears to be the only angel who legitimately loves humanity in general.

(And don’t even get me started on his love for “humanity.”  That’s a topic for another time).

If you ask me, this is the reason God takes a special interest in Cas.  It’s because Cas isn’t the only one diverging from the angels’ original mission:  he’s the only one staying true to it.  

You’ll never convince me this isn’t why Chuck keeps bringing Cas back.  (That, and he obviously really ships Destiel).

2.  He’s almost completely altruistic. 

Despite the fact that they’ve have never actually formally thanked him for everything he’s done for them (which I’m just the slightest bit bitter about), Castiel continues to battle and suffer endlessly for Dean and Sam.

For one thing, he pulled Dean out of hell.  I really can’t stress that enough. Saving someone from eternal damnation is kind of a big deal.

Then, in season six, he confronted Lucifer AND Michael in the cage to try to rescue his brother-in-law.  Obviously, that didn’t work out too well for anyone involved, but again:  he confronted two of the most powerful angels in the universe to try to rescue him.  KIND OF A BIG DEAL. 

In season eight, he was willing to spend eternity alone in purgatory to keep the leviathan away from Dean.

In season ten, he was willing to die horribly to avoid having to hurt Dean (unless it isn’t abundantly clear at this point, he REALLY FUCKING LOVES DEAN).

Most recently, in season 11, we see Cas single-handedly take on LUCIFER AND AMARA – the two most terrifying beings in the entirety of the supernatural universe – just to keep his precious boyfriend safe.  

(I also think we should all take a moment to appreciate that he’s now called two of heaven’s most powerful and intimidating archangels “ass-butt.”) 

And sacrificing himself in the hope that Lucifer could possibly defeat Amara and save the world was (while unfortunate for everyone) an incredibly selfless thing to do.

Don’t listen to Amara or Metatron or any of those other assholes, Cas.  You’re a fucking hero. 

3.  Everyone underestimates him (and usually, it proves disastrous).

Bad things happen to people who underestimate Castiel.  The only exception to this rule is Dean, who gets a free pass because they’re married.

(Oh really, Dean?  Remember season five, when he sliced off Pestilence’s ring finger without the aid of any angelic grace?  Or when he killed at least three angels in the beginning of season nine, despite the fact that he was completely human at the time?)  

Let’s start with an obvious example:  the writers.

When Cas was conceptualized, he wasn’t supposed to be a main character.  He wasn’t even supposed to be a recurring character for more than six episodes.  His only purpose was supposed to be introducing angels and biblical mythology to mythology to Supernatural, and providing a plausible explanation as to how Dean got out of hell.  The writers only decided to keep him on for seasons five and six due to his immediate popularity within the fandom.  Towards the beginning of season seven, the writers appeared to think Cas and most Biblical mythology had run its course, and arranged for him to be killed off.  Ratings immediately plummeted, until they were basically forced to bring him back.

Speaking of writers, that brings us to our next example:  Metatron, whose greatest mistake was that he underestimated Castiel’s intelligence.  Seriously, at one point he compared him to a “mentally deficient puppy.”  Rude. 

(Although in fairness, he kind of does give off that impression). 

The irony of Metatron’s defeat, however, was that Cas didn’t beat him in some grandstanding, epic battle.  He outsmarted him, using the very same kind of PR warfare that Metatron had prided himself on.

For a slightly less “Meta” example (see what I did there?) we have Naomi.  While she didn’t underestimate Castiel’s intelligence or power, she did sorely underestimate the strength of his love for Dean.  This mistake would cost her the angel tablet, and ultimately result in the angels’  fall from grace.

Earlier still, we have his unfortunate alliance with Crowley.  Now, Crowley is Supernatural’s smartest and longest-surviving villain for a reason:  he’s never underestimated these “denim-wrapped nightmares.”

He did, however, make the mistake of thinking he could continuously manipulate Cas into doing his bidding without repercussions, a misjudgment that very nearly had him smitten.

Obviously, this didn’t work out much better for Cas – or anyone, for that matter, when his megalomaniacal alter ego reigned terror on the entire planet.


4.  He actually DID prevent a second Biblical apocalypse.

This wasn’t properly addressed after season six, but Raphael made it abundantly clear that if allowed to rise to power, he would release Lucifer and Michael from the Cage and restart the apocalypse.  

Perhaps the one “good” dead performed by Cas’s god persona (aside from disbanding the KKK, curing that blind homeless guy, and expressing his support of marriage equality) was that he succeeded in his mission to defeat Raphael.  And by “defeat,” I obviously mean “blow to bits,” possibly out of left over bitterness from the end of season four.

(“SEE!?  Exploding isn’t so nice when it happens to YOU, is it?  Jerk.”)

Regardless of whether or not you think Raphael’s fate was deserved, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it did (at least temporarily) ensure that the Cage would remain shut.  And while God!Cas and the leviathan did an irreparable amount of damage, I don’t think it came anywhere close to the amount of suffering or fatalities that would have been caused by a Biblical end of days.   

5.  The other angels set the bar really, really low.

Castiel is the Kevin McCallister of the angelic race.  Literally everyone in the entire family is a fucking disaster, but the second something goes wrong, everything’s HIS fault.

I mean yeah, he’s made some large-scale blunders.  But at least he’s never purposefully caused the apocalypse because his dad wasn’t home and he was hoping to get some time off of work.

Or nearly destroyed the planet because he got into a kindergarten-style slapping contest with his brother. 

Or literally ruined the entire universe because he was jealous and mildly irritated with his father. 

No wonder the only other sane angel got his ass out of there. 

***Can I request a Carl Imagine where the reader goes on a run and gets hurt? When Carl finds out he freaks out and teddy bears and just the ultra fluff!!!!!***

  “Be careful.” Carl had your head in his hands and leaned in to kiss your forehead. He did that a lot lately, and each time it sent your heart racing.

His eyes would not leave you until you were completely out of his sight, and you knew it was because there was no guarantee that you would be back. It was kind of funny because you were telling him how easy this run was going to be.

“Carl is goin’ to have your ass,” Daryl laughed.

“Shut up.” You had your leg kicked up on the shoulder of the driver’s seat. You were already light-headed and you weren’t sure if it was because you were so terrified just recently or it was from the blood loss. You pulled up to the gate of Alexandria and took a deep breath before letting Daryl assist you in getting out.

Carl ran up to the gate obviously nervous. He nodded to his dad and then immediately saw your leg. He opened his mouth, shut it, and then ran to you. “What happened?” He directed this question to Daryl.

“A small herd got us. She got cut on a broken window on a bus to get safe.” He shrugged and moved your arm from around his shoulders to around Carl’s. “She’ll be okay, kid. She’s fine.”

“I’m fine,” you add, but Carl is looking up at the sky. “Hey-”

“You could’ve been killed!” He looks back down at you with tears threatening to escape his lashes. He has an arm around your waist to help you stand, and your neck is craned to really face him. He brings you into a hug that takes the breath from your lungs. “Don’t do that to me.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and you wrapped your other arm around him. “I’m sorry. It took us by surprise.” His smell was always comforting. You had been scared, but you tended to be a very calm person.

You let him help you to your house where you sit on your kitchen counter with your leg on the back of a chair so you can better see it. Luckily, you were wearing shorts. Everyone always said you should wear jeans but denim never made a difference when a walker bites.

“You remember how to do this right? You got the alcohol and the right needle?” Everyone knew you could suture and clean wounds because that was your role in your last group. It was kind of incredible considering how young you were back then, so you made sure everyone knew how in case they needed it.

He nodded and sat down, visibly nervous. “You don’t have anything to help the pain?” I shook my head and he picked up the white cloth and soaked it with rubbing alcohol. “If it gets too bad, tell me.”

After twenty minutes of heavy breathing, counter pounding, and curses, your leg was sufficiently sutured and wrapped in gauze. You scooted off the counter and intended to go to rest in your bed, but Carl put a hand on your shoulder. You looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

He moved his hand down your arm and settled his fingers in between yours. Your heart was pounding again as he stared into your eyes. “…?” You searched his eyes.

“You scare me every time you go out.”


“You can die any day by going out there.”

“I’m quick and they know that.”

“I don’t care what they know.” His face was closer this time. “You mean a lot to me, okay? Like, a lot, a lot.”

“Well… so do you.” You leaned your head back so it was further from Carl’s. “That’s why I gotta go and help whenever I can to get food and whatever else we need.” You threw your hand up for added effect. He caught it in his and brought it to his chest.

“Do you see how much you affect me?” He leaned in. “My heart goes crazy every time…” His lips brushed yours, “you’re near me.” He kissed you again.

He pulled back after a minute and kissed your sweaty forehead. “You need to rest now.” He picks you up bridal style, earning a small squeal out of you. You wrap your arms around his neck and let him bring you to your bedroom.