7) “Let’s prank everyone and say we are dating wait they actually believed it oh my god”

Will and Nico had been best friends since high school started. They had every single class together and Nico had been captivated by Will’s blond hair and freckles while Will had been captivated by the dark clothes he always wore and the Mythomagic cards he toted everywhere.

Nico had never dated and Will had had the occasional fling throughout freshman and sophomore year. Seeing as Will had dated guys and girls alike, they supposed it was no surprise that whenever they were together someone asked, “Are you guys dating?”

Each time they tried explaining- they were just friends.

Now, junior year, the two had decided on the perfect April Fools prank for their friends.

They arrived at the cafeteria and Will threw an arm around Nico’s shoulders. “Ready?”

“Hell yeah,” Nico laughed. They went over to the table their friends sat at and sat down. “Hey guys,” Nico said.

“We have an announcement,” Will said, barely able to hide his smile. The others looked at them suspiciously. Will interlocked his fingers with Nico’s and began to speak.

But Leo beat him to it. “You’re dating!”

“Oh my God! Really?” Annabeth smiled.

“Dude, finally!” he said, giving them both a high five.

“Oh man, I knew it!” Piper said.

Nico and Will looked at each other and burst into laughter. They hadn’t thought their friends would believe it. Considering Nico had never dated and they had always specified that they were just friends, they figured at least one person would call them out on their lie especially on April Fools.

Instead, the prank dragged on. Suddenly, they were making up a story about how they had started dating. Nico was surprised with how easy it was to pretend. It wasn’t much different from the way they normally acted, aside from the fact that Will would call him “babe” or something like that.

“You guys should definitely go for couple of the year for the junior voting at the end of the year,” Austin said. He was part of the photography club which helped put the yearbook together every year. “Oh dude, I’ll get you guys on the ballot! Let me get a picture!”

“Uh,” they both said.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea!” Annabeth encouraged. “You’ll be in the junior yearbook!”

“Well, okay,” Will said shrugging. Nico tugged on him as they got up. He gave him a meaningful look, silently asking, what the hell are we doing? “It’s just a picture. Once we tell them it’s a prank, Austin won’t add it to the yearbook.”

Nico frowned but followed him to the wall where Austin was telling them to pose. “You think we played this a little too much?” Nico mumbled.

“No. No, they…. They don’t actually believe it. I don’t think.” Nico looked back at their friends who seemed genuinely happy about the news.

“I think they do,” Nico hissed.

“Alright guys, ready? One, two-”

“Austin, what are you doing?” Piper chided. “Give him a kiss, Neeks. Austin can take the picture then.”

“What?” Nico asked, the blood draining from his face. Will stiffened next to him.

Ohh, we’re fucked,” Will mumbled under his breath.

“Yeah,” Piper said. “He got Percy and Annabeth kissing, and he did that for me and Jason too. You guys have to do it too.”

“She has a point,” Austin said. “I’ll snap a picture of you two kissing. I promise, it’s not as weird as it sounds.” He gestured to them. When they didn’t move, he frowned. “Guys, come on.”

Nico glanced at Will. “What do we do?” he whispered. “Do we tell them now?”

“I think that f we do, they’ll drop kick us to Mexico,” he whispered back. “Okay let’s just go for it.” Nico’s eyes widened. “Look, I’m a good kisser, and it’s about time you got your first kiss.” Nico scowled at him.

“Ahem,” Austin said, clearing his throat.

“Yeah, okay,” Will said. Nico could feel his face flush. “Relax,” Will told him as he cupped his face. “It’s just for the picture.” Will’s hands were cool against his burning face. Nico’s stomach was in knots- he had no idea what to expect from a kiss. Will leaned into him and Nico’s eyes fluttered shut.

As he felt his lips, his eyebrows went up in surprise. Electric currents flowed through his body, making him gasp in surprise.

Will kissed his bottom lip and let his tongue run over it. Automatically, Nico parted his lips and all of a sudden, they were really kissing. The kind of kiss Nico had only seen on television, the kind of kiss Will had only given away from public eyes. They heard a snapshot, but still, they couldn’t bring themselves to part. They heard their friends whoop and whistle and tease playfully, and still, Will held him close.

Finally, just because he couldn’t breathe, Nico pulled back. He opened his eyes slowly, meeting Will’s sky blue irises. “Whoa,” Will whispered.

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i had sex with my ex. We dated freshman year & we never spoke again after the brake up. Until graduation, 3 hrs after graduation he messaged me, saying how he thought I was his only chance at love blah blah. Finally, We went on a ride & smoke weed, once it was past 12 he snuck me into his house up into his room. We started to fool around. His boner was so big I couldn't resist. We had the best sex that night & after he went down on me, it was so good I had to make him stop to catch my breath.

Namjoon HS headcanon

ok but ya’ll know namjoons life has been one giant sausage fest until you kind of just slipped into his life which is why everyone thinks you guys have been dating since freshman year

  • LIKE cmon he never made an effort to get closer to the opposite sex and was always surrounded by 6 other boys
  • people kind of just thought he was more interested in his books and less into girls like aight thats cool u do u namz
  • im sure Camus loves you as much as you love him
  • but then you walked into his life and everything suddenly shifted
  • and omg everyone exploded because you guys were SO cute together
  • like obviously people are gonna get the wrong idea when they see how handsy you are towards Namjoon
  • Namjoon likes to affectionately call it the “y/n anti- personal boundaries disorder.”
  • like you got no chill,
  • it only took a week of knowing him for you to start getting touchy with him
  • he was hella caught off guard when he suddenly felt a pair of hands run through his hair while he was doing his bio homework
  • lbr tho, like a week is a long time to hold yourself off from touching his luscious hair
  • but he’s pretty much gotten used to it, so when you wrap your arms around him from behind, kiss his cheek, or slap his butt nowadays he kind of just carries on with his life
  • like yah he knows hes huggable and kissable and that ass phat 
  • he don’t gotta be reminded 
  • ok i gotta move on im sweatin
  • and you guys have pretty much gotten it down to a T on how to react towards really enthusiastic “otp/shippy people”
  • “When are you guys getting married.”
  • “idk, i’m just kind of waiting for y/n to propose to me.”
  • “My SAT score is 2200, so I’m trying to breed with someone who got at least a 2299 so we can have amazing 2400 children, and eh, y/n got like a 2199 so we’ll see.” 
  • “uh im kind of into the whole polygamous relationship, so i’m currently waiting on six other marriage proposals.” 
  • “itll kind of be like sister wives, but.. brother husbands..??? y’know?”
  • im ded i wrote this from my grave good bye

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Requested by: Anonnie!

A/N: This was fun to write! I know it’s not Halloween, but it’s my favorite holiday, so I had to! Hope you enjoy! :D

Originally posted by fandomsohard

 Halloween was your favorite time of year. It was in your favorite season, it was always a perfect temperature in California, and you got to use your imagination without being judged for a whole night. You always had elaborate costumes that you spend half of a year making and you enjoyed showing them off. This year was going to be extra exciting though, since Lydia Martin invited you to her extravagant Halloween party.

           You’ve heard about these famous parties around school since you were a freshman, but never got invited. Then you started dating Stiles Stilinski, who was in the friend circle of Lydia. As soon as you started hanging around Stiles, she acted as if you and her had been friends for years. It was something to get used to, but you enjoyed her company.

           But this party was definitely one of the perks to being friends with Lydia. You would finally be able to show off your costumes to more than just the neighborhood kids and parents that always complimented you, even if you were in sweats.

           You were in the process of putting on the finishing touches to your costume when your phone buzzed. You saw a text from Stiles reading that he was going to head to Lydia’s early to help her set up. You set your phone back down and finished sewing the lace trim to the dress in front of you. This year you were dressing up as a Steam Punk girl. It was your new favorite fashion statement and you were ready to show of your unconventional materials skill. Your dress consisted of maroon fabric and a tweed corset. There was a black tulle petticoat underneath to give the dress some volume. You had black laced boots and a top hat with feathers and lace and old vintage keys attached. You stepped back and admired your work, taking it off of the mannequin.

           A coded knock at your door signaled your twin sister was coming in. You practically identical, except for the fact that you had blue eyes and blonde hair, and your sister had black hair and dark brown eyes. It was funny how the genetics worked and you looked like your mother, while your sister looked like your father.

           “Hey, I want to see your costume!” She peaked around the corner and a large smile crossed her face. “That’s so amazing! It looks professionally made!”

           You beamed at her compliment and thanked her. “What does yours look like?”

           She gestured for you to follow her and you laughed. It was the Mad Hatter costume you made last year, except in neon colors. “You recreated that pretty well!”

           You noticed her wig and contacts laying on her desk, to go along with the outfit. You had joked earlier that year about getting wigs and contacts to look like the other twin, and when you found the wigs at a party store, you knew it was fate. So you bought a black wig and brown contacts while she had your features. You thought it was a great prank to pull on your friends as well.

           You went back to your room to get changed and ready, Stiles occasionally sending you pictures of the decorations and the awesome venue. The more pictures you saw, the more excited you became for the party. After an hour of make-up and hair, your look was finally perfected. You looked over your sister to make sure everything looked good for her and then you were finally off to the party.

           On the way there, you jammed to some Halloween music and admired the decorations put up by the fancier houses. The closer you got to Lydia’s house, the more elaborate the decorations became. You finally pulled up to her address and just took a moment to calm yourself. The house was beautiful and you could see people milling around in their costumes, some store bought, some home-made. You and your sister looked at each other with huge smiles before getting out of the car. “Party time,” she said.

           You joined up and linked arms with each other, walking into the large house. So many people had arrived, no wonder the party started flooding outside. You could barely squeeze through all the guests without elbowing someone in the face. Which you would’ve liked to do to some of them. When you reached the kitchen, you sighed in relief. You saw Lydia struggling with bags of ice, and you went over to help her. “Oh hey, Y/N! You’re here! Thanks for the help.”

           “You’re welcome. It looks amazing, Lydia, you’ve out done yourself.” After you helped her set down the bag of ice, she looked around at her handiwork.

           “Well, I did have help,” she said, looking back at you and smiling.

           She looked over your costume and you did the same, admiring how well she could pull of a female pirate. You were surprised at her costume choice, but hey, it was her choice. “Stiles is around here somewhere. I would check out back!” She told you.

           You nodded and grabbed your sister’s arm, helping her through the crowd of people to the backyard. You made it out into the fresh air and got on your tip-toes to look for Stiles. “He’s over there!” Your sister pointed to a familiar figure talking to a guy in a werewolf costume.

           She pulled you over to the two and you laughed, realizing the werewolf costume belonged to Scott. “How ironic,” you said to him.

           He put his arms out and did a twirl for you, showing off the fake fur pile he was wearing. You rolled your eyes, smiling. “How’s my beautiful girlfriend?” Stiles asked, not to you, but your sister.  

           You threw a hand up to your mouth to cover your snicker, watching as Stiles put an arm around your sister’s shoulders, leaning in for a kiss to the cheek. Your sister looked quite uncomfortable, and she looked to you for help, but you just waved her off. Stiles went in to kiss her on the lips and she backed away quickly. That was when you broke out into hysterical laughter, seeing Stiles’s rejected face. Your sister started laughing after a while, apologizing profusely to the boy in tweed. “I’m… so… sorry, Stiles,” your sister said between laughs.

           “I don’t get what’s so funny,” Stiles suddenly went serious.

           Your sister pulled back her wig a bit to show her black hair beneath, and you did the same, so Stiles could see that it was planned. At that point, Scott howled with laugher. Stiles’s reaction turned to anger and he stormed past you and your sister. Scott and your sister kept laughing, while the smile on your face dropped. “Stiles, wait.”

           You ran after him, not wanting him to be upset at a party like this. “Please Stiles,” you called after him.

           You caught up to him and grabbed his shoulder, spinning him to face you. “That was really embarrassing, Y/N, you could’ve warned me.”

           “I didn’t think you would take it so seriously, Stiles. It was just a joke.”

           “Yeah, but confusing your own girlfriend for her sister isn’t very funny to me. When I saw the look on her face, the disgust, I was crushed. I thought that was you who was disgusted with me. I thought I did something wrong.”

           “I’m sorry, Stiles. We’ll take the wigs off, if you want, okay? And the contacts.” You grabbed his face in your hands. “Please don’t be upset anymore.”

           He nodded and glanced down at your lips, then back up to meet your gaze again. You smile at him and leaned forward, placing your lips against his. He tasted like candy corn and apples, which made you smile. He grabbed your waist and pulled you against him, deepening the kiss. You stayed like that for a few moments, until a voice yelled behind you, “Oi, get a room!”

           You laughed, breaking the kiss. You turned and saw your sister with Scott’s arm around her waist, trying to look innocent. You rolled your eyes and looked back at Stiles, kissing him again. He kept his arm around your waist as you went over to meet with Scott and your sister, and together you went back in to the party.

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Advice?I am a freshman in college. Never dated a girl, only dated on guy who i broke up with mainly to be with her, but i dont think we will ever be like together. She told me she was in love with me over the summer and I believed her. We grew closer and I told her I felt the same way, I did and still do. We say I love you and weve done stuff. She has a girl back home who she says she'll always be in love with. this girl back home hurts my girl alot. It hurts me when she hurts. I'm just confused

Hey bud, it really depends on what you want with this girl. If you’re cool with keeping things casual then just keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re looking for something more serious you might have to tell her. If she feels the same way then great, if not then leaveeeee. Don’t break your own heart by chasing her if you don’t want the same things.