Image of the star V838 Monocerotis reveals dramatic changes in the illumination of surrounding dusty cloud structures. The effect, called a light echo, has been unveiling never-before-seen dust patterns ever since the star suddenly brightened for several weeks.


Request: One where he is very protective and a guy is catcalling you and tries touching you and he gets mad and punches the guy.


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Shawn closes the door behind you both and walks beside you down the street. He walks a few strides behind you, but you aren’t worried because you know he has long legs that can catch up to you in an instant.

This morning he whispered into your hair, “Y/N, do you want to go out somewhere nice with me today?” And you gladly agreed. He didn’t explain any further details of where exactly the ‘nice’ place is, but you don’t care because you love surprises – and Shawn always has the best surprises.

It’s the little things that Shawn does that make you love him more and more each day. The small gestures and touches you share: they really show you how special what you have together is. You’ve been dating for a while now, but every day he makes it seem like you’re discovering something brand new.

“Slow down, Y/N!” Shawn calls out, sounding quite out-of-breath as runs up to you panting. Laughing, he reaches out for your hand that’s swinging behind you backwards and forwards as you walk. You notice what he’s doing and playfully speed up your walking pace, and stop swinging your arms so he has to jog faster to catch up. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says to himself under his breath, still laughing at you.

The gap between you both widens and you turn your head round to look at Shawn and give him a small grin. You have no idea why he’s even struggling. He’s probably just pretending to make you laugh: he’s already told you so many times that it’s the best feeling ever when he manages to do that. Not a lot makes you laugh, yet Shawn makes you laugh daily.

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You know what I just realised?

I’m so glad they made Twincer obvious. Because heck, I would’ve thrown a brick at my screen if they said “here’s AD, a character you’ve never met before!” 

Thank god Twincer was obvious. Thank god we could pick up on it really easy, because it softened the blow of “ugh a new character” - because it didn’t feel like a new character! The second we saw the reflection wasn’t a reflection but was a transparent glass window… I just knew where they were going with it, and my brain was like “oh hey Twincer, you do exist, that was you that I’ve been seeing the past year” as opposed to “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE??”

It really would’ve been so bad if they gave Spencer a twin OUT OF NO WHERE. It just hit me now, as I reflect back, that it could’ve been a lot worse. So, thank god they made it obvious. It really did soften the blow. It didn’t FEEL like a new character.

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Everlark for number 29? Your fics are great, keep on writing!

So, um…this prompt is two years old. Yikes. But anyways, the requested dialogue phrase is “I thought you were dead,” and it will be a miracle if the Anon who sent this even remembers sending it (*crazed laughter*). Anyhow, this prompt along with a few reviews shook something loose in my head and the below 4K+ word vomit happened. Not beta’d, so forgive my mistakes, also the end feels rushed but short of completely rewriting Catching Fire this is what you get. It is a continuation of something that is a year old, which you can read on:



or FF

your choice. You’re gonna want to read that part first. And before you ask…yes there’s a third part in the works. So now I have to figure out how to post this part to the other sites when I said I wouldn’t expand it. Why do I do this to myself? I should be working on ms2sl or It’s All a Lie. Enough whining! Rated M for sexy times. Enjoy.

It takes a good two minutes for what they’re suggesting to sink into my brain. As soon as it does, I shake my head vigorously. “I’m not saying that.”

“Come on, Katniss. Your mother will know it’s a lie.” As if that would be my only real objection.

“No!” I shout at Gale but my eyes are drawn to Peeta, sitting in one of the bright chartreuse armchairs, hands clenched with his forearms resting on his thighs. There’s a strange tick in his jaw and a gaping chasm between us that I don’t know how to breach. My next words are directed at him. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” he whispers. My eyes burn and bile rises in my throat as I run from the room.

“Catnip,” Gale pleads. He hasn’t called me that unless there’s a camera around since before the last Games.

“Let him talk to her and explain,” I hear Haymitch say and I know that Peeta’s following me. I run to the only place I can think of that might allow me to talk freely, so long as the wind is howling like it was last night. A cold blast of wind hits me when I reach the roof, bringing me to an abrupt halt. Peeta’s warmth crashes into my back. I didn’t think he’d be able to catch up that quickly.

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This is my entry for @d-s-winchester and her 4k bon jovi celebration challenge! I choose the awesome song wanted dead or alive :)

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Cas (mentioned), a monster or two

Word count: 2,048 (italics are reader’s thoughts and the line of the song I used is bolded)

“I can’t Sam”.

Shock. Confusion. Disbelief. All those and more showed on Sam’s face. I wasn’t surprised; after all the number of times I had said no to the Winchesters before today was exactly 0. But what he was asking of me? I just couldn’t.

“Y/N, what do you mean you can’t?” Sam’s voice was steady even if his mind was working overtime “I know you don’t do many hunts but either me or Dean will be with you at all times”. Of course I knew that even before he said it, the entire time I’d known them they’d protected me.

Dropping the box on the floor I took a couple of deep breathes cursing that the elevator had been broken. I had finally saved enough to get my own place and today I had moved the last of my stuff in. Sure the wiring was dodgy and the A/C kept dropping on and off but it was all mine…a home. 3 weeks later however and I was ready to snap. I had spent money I barely had just to be told that there was nothing wrong with the wiring or the A/C but that didn’t change the fact that they still kept having a mind of their own.  

A knock on the door pulled me from my murderous thoughts. Opening it I almost did a double take at the 2 ridiculously good looking men stood there. “Y/N Y/L/N?” asked the one nearest me, bright green eyes glancing past me into my apartment.
“Yes that’s me.”  
“Agent Bonham and this is Agent Page from the FBI. Wondered if we could ask you a couple of questions about the deaths that happened a few days ago”. The deaths in question had been my upstairs neighbours.
“Oh I’m not sure how much I’d be able to help I was at work at the time”  
“Well this is more general questioning, background on the couple that sort of thing” said the taller man.

40 minutes later and I was showing the two agents out, the taller one giving me his card and telling me to call if I needed. Pulling my hair up into a ponytail my mind went over the conversation I’d just had. Having never spoken to the FBI or any sort of police for that matter I wasn’t sure just what kind of answers they’d been looking for. They’d seemed almost disappointed at the news that the couple had been the perfect example of loves young dream and that I didn’t know much about the buildings history. And the noise the green eyed one had made when I mentioned about my wiring. Surely the FBI had no interest in that sort of thing.

A couple of days later and my world turned upside down. This figure had just appeared in my home and tried to kill me. Locking myself in the bathroom I scrambled for my purse and hoped that I wasn’t about to sound too crazy. “Agent Page speaking.”
“Um, hi, my names Y/N, you and your partner came round a few days ago?” I shakily got out.
“Yes I remember.  Is everything Ok?” Everything was not ok. The man was stood right in front of me. How the hell had he got past the locked door? Which was still locked?
“Please agent come quick someone’s trying to kill me!” I couldn’t say anymore then that as the man’s cold hands wrapped round my throat and threw me through the door. I gasped, trying desperately to find someway of getting him off me. My fingers curled round my fire poker and I swung wildly, disbelief and fear setting in as the man flickered and then disappeared.  

That was how I found out that everything you were scared of as a kid you should be scared of as an adult. Sam and Dean burned the painting the ghost was tethered to and saved me. And I’ve been in the hunting life ever since. Not really the active side of things, more as a researcher/alibi provider type of thing. Sam said to me once that only an old friend of theirs was better at remembering lore and legends. Dean was a bit more crass with it, telling Cas that I could bullshit my way through anything. And that’s how the Winchesters became my best friends, friends that I would do anything for because without them I’d have been dead a long time ago.

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June 27

It’s Lauren’s birthday!!!!

Check out birthday greetings from her dad:

Ally’s and Normani’s greeting!

She spent her birthday in Jamaica:

Many people around the world wished our girl a very happy birthday! Among these, we have some never been before seen photos of Lauren:

In other 5H related news the song is now finally added to Z100′s rotation.

The girls also did a special Q&A for their Brazilian Harmonizers, and ICYMI, here are the questions they answered.

Their interview with Vogue Magazine is out!

Dinah spent the day at the theme park with her siblings!

Check out her Snaps here:

Normani spent her day at a studio!!

While everyone was asleep, Normani did an IG live. Here’s what we have of the livestream:

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hi! if you're getting into bones now, would there be any chance of seeing an nsap fic with brennan, booth and sweets sometime? it's the one show i've never really seen anything before and it'd make my entire life (and you're a phenomenal writer- one of my favorites). hope you're enjoying the show!

I might? I don’t know that there’s much of a fandom for Bones, is the only thing, but man my brain went straight there. Especially after he moved in with them. Because like, you know Brennan would be the first one to figure it out. She’d come home one day unexpectedly while Sweets was baby-sitting, and find him sitting on the floor playing with Christine. But like, really intensely seriously playing because oops it’s not Sweets, it’s Lance.

And she gets it?? That there’s a difference?? Because psychology is beyond her so she doesn’t WHY, but Lance is all big eyed and stuttering apologies left right and center and talking about leaving and she just shuts that down. She’d come out with some anecdote like, “the [ancient tribe/culture/etc] of [place that no longer exists] used to encourage the young adults to act like children [for some reason]”

Sweets: …… I’m not a teenager ok

Brennan: Well TECHNICALLY you are younger than myself and that makes you a young adult and also Christine loves it when you sit on the floor and play with her so here have some cookies and then sit down we’re gonna read a story

Cause Brennan is a mom at heart and you know she wanted to baby Sweets while he was there; she spoils him rotten.

Finally, I want this show to capture a certain SPIRIT. For one, that youthful electricity of dropping out and hitting the open road; the freedom of wide-open American spaces. But also, EVERY road trip story – from FEAR and LOATHING to Kerouac to The Odyssey, are inherently mythic quests, hero’s journeys, real Joseph Campbell stuff. The way STAR WARS, LORD OF THE RINGS, and MATRIX are all the same story, with the same beats. So our series, too, is an epic hero’s quest – across the United States. Almost like a modern western, and our heroes are gunslingers. Or, as I like to call it – it’s STAR WARS in TRUCK STOP AMERICA.

Source: therealKripke. (2015, Dec 09). #SPNArtifact. In honor of tonight, the first page from my #SPN pitch to the studio. Never before seen. [Tweet].

From the moment we meet Sam Winchester in ‘The Pilot,’ it’s clear he has a strong desire to live a normal life, but once his brother bursts back into his life his very natural hopes and dreams are forced to take a backseat to his supernatural reality. “He’s sort of Neo from the Matrix, he’s kind of like, ‘Why me? I just want to have three kids and two dogs, and a two-car garage, and work at a law firm with my wife,’” [Jared] Padalecki elaborates. “He’s sort of the reluctant hero. He’s smart, and he’s a bit more introverted than I am. He’s very premeditative, he’s not rash, he doesn’t just fly off the handle and do things without thinking it out first.”

Source: Knight, N. Supernatural The Official Companion: Season 1. Titan Books, 2007: 126.

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If we think about Keith's shack as being his (and previously his fathers) do you think Shiro was the first person that he showed it to before the rescue mission? Do you think they hung out there? there were old VHS's in the corner, do you think Keith and Shiro hung out and cuddled on the lumpy couch and watched staticy VHS movies and fell asleep together in the shack?

I like to think so, ya! Shiro doesn’t get his change of clothes until after he gets to the shack, which makes me think he may have been over before and left them there at some point. When he wakes up, he also doesn’t seem surprised to be standing out by this little shack in the middle of the desert. He never asks “where are we?” or something like that. He does ask what Keith’s been up to when he sees the conspiracy theory board, which could maybe imply that shiro’s been there before, but never seen anything like that.

And this is more so just headcannon, but everything at the shack is old and run down except for the hover bike, which seems new and high tech in comparison (like the boy has a slab of stone on cinderblocks for a table and doesn’t even sleep on a bed, but he can afford the latest bike model for joyrides??) so anyway I like to think shiro bought the bike and they used to take it on rides in the desert from time to time.

movie nights with old tapes also sounds fun! shiro and keith sure looked comfy in that movie marathon official art a while back, I can see it kinda being their thing

Just had a mad CS dream

Some TV special never seen before had been leaked. It was at the end of S2, just before S3 began, and it was three short stories bought to you by the cast and crew of OUAT. (that’s legit what the info button on the tv in my dream said no fucking joke)

And the first story was Emma and Killian in their back to the future outfits (wench and pirate) and they were on some steam train as newlyweds… and they were just banging on that train. It was like those made-for-tv period drama’s with the suggestive sex scenes, there was fully clothed doggy against the carriage door glass, then she’s riding him as he sleeps sitting up in the booth- it was fucked up.

Then she’s having some deep heart to heart discussion about her new marriage with Snow (who had some little green hat on) while Killian was asleep still in the frickin’ train booth… it was such a weird historical soap opera type thing. 

And I was freaking out in the dream going “why couldn’t they do something like this for s6?! and if this was filmed before s3, how are Hook and Emma already together? What’s going on?!”


Someone uploaded the interview where Stone says he doesn’t even say the word grunge. Also featuring Dave A. and Jeff. I’ve never seen this before. Oh the 90s.