One Life Stand

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“You’re like a puzzle, I have all the pieces it’s just a matter of putting them all together.”

 "And have you finished the puzzle yet?“ 

 "No, as I put the pieces together, they display things I’ve never seen before; new things. But those things are only fragments of the big picture. If I’ve finished the puzzle, it means our story’s done.”

 "I hope you never finish it,“ "I don’t think I ever will.” She answered, honestly.

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who is that?

Lydia wasn’t really paying attention to what the teacher was going on about, she was too busy picking at her nails. Suddenly, she felt Stiles jab a finger in her shoulder and she groaned, turning around to face the spastic boy. “What the he-” Sh pointed to the front of the room and saw someone she had never seen before, and wasn’t disappointed. 

“Who is that?” 



If you loved Disney’s “Hercules” when you were growing up-You will love this!

In honor of the film’s 19th anniversary, Disney has released this never before seen, behind the scenes, look at the “zero to hero” song sequence.

Check out this video of the transformation from storyboard to screen here

also my opinion on it is that both jasper and lapis were abusive to each other but that doesnt mean theres no hope for either of them

people can change. ppl can understand their mistakes and grow from them. im sure the crewniverse has smth planned where lapis and jasper will reconcile and become friends again

which on tumblr is gonna cause a shitstorm, bc all of you love being bitter and never moving on from the past and yall think once a person did a bad thing theyre gonna be evil til they die. 

but. im actually excited abt this leaked episode bc we saw a side of lapis weve never seen before, before she was just a scared abuse victim, but it turns out she ALSO perpetuated abuse. which is a lot more common in relationships then people think

Mapplethorpe’s “Kitchen Sink”

One great aspect of LACMA’s “Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium” is the exhibition of early sculptural work, altars and artifacts that most people familiar with his photographs have never seen in three dimensions. When he switched his focus to photography in the early 1970s, after a brief go at jewelry design, the sculptural work found its way into custom frame design. 

Mapplethorpe understood the limitations of art photography, both curatorial and financial. Using frames to create a specific objects around photographs increased interest and potential value in a market where photographs were worth very little. The exhibit has a good number of these works, the most significant examples are Tie Rack and Untitled (Nude with Spool).

“Kitchen Sink” from 1975 is a Mapplethorpe photograph I had never seen before and would never guess its creator if you had shown it to me. I don’t see mention of it in the catalog. On the web, seen flat, it’s not very remarkable.

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The Cure - In Between Days
In Between Days. The Cure in photographs 1982 - 2005by Tom Sheehan.

New photographic treat for all us Curefans :)

“The Flood Gallery is proud to announce the second book from the archives of celebrated music photographer Tom Sheehan. Having worked with The Cure for over 20 sessions across 3 decades,“In Between Days” offers a stunning photographic journey, shown in chronological order, of one of the most important and successful UK bands of the last 40 years.
The book includes many photographs never seen before, all carefully scanned and retouched to show Tom’s work at its glorious best.”