#ok so obviously i’m turning the tags into a rant about peyton specifically but female friendships n rob thomas shows #like women have strong female friendships #that’s a thing #and they’re just as complex and full of interesting ups and downs as any romantic engagement #so i don’t see why we have to focus so much on major and major and liv’s relationship when peyton is someone from liv’s past #who wants the old liv back so same as major #and has an important job that’s closely aligned with liv’s #AND YET SHE’S NEVER THERE #like on the first season when Liv ruined Peyton’s big case and then saved it #that was a good example of what could be a regular growing storyline and they dropped it #and vmars had the same problem with mac and veronica #basically i feel like these friendships are treated as barely more than props for the heroine’s character #when they should be treated as major relationships within the heroine’s life that nurture and hurt and challenge and MATTER #but they’re not #the gifs were just an excuse for my rant honestly #BUT MORE NON ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS PLEASE (requested by anon)


this never happened {a series}


Ezekiel Jones Appreciation Week | Day 2: Favorite Scene
 ↳ Interesting lecture for a man who can’t decide whether he’s going to be a thief or a Librarian.