The only thing that hurts more than having scoliosis itself is the fact that nobody understands/wants to understand the pain I’m in everyday. They will say “you always feel like that.” or “what else is new” Like shit, excuse the heck out of me. I’m sorry I don’t get to chose when I’m in pain? It hurts to think that the disability that’s affecting me physically & mentally is such a burden on those who have no clue what kind if pain I’m in. Nobody would last a week in my shoes.

Gauntlet part 2

If you don’t know what is going on

Cute, wonderfullybadjokes

i took a day because I didn’t notice your tiny ass. Throwing around stats like the nerdiest kid in class. HAH 2 years, 4 jokes and you’re still trash. I’m the compactor at the crematorium because i’ll smash your ash. Though I must give you kudos for keeping this rhyme thing trucking. But much like a chinese made hoover you are the suck king.

If you keep this up I’ll ask my school to reimburse. Because you’ll be living proof evolution can go in reverse. I hope you can face the music and you won’t be a whiner, But i’m afraid you’re ending up as A-flat minor. Too much to bear? i’m having a field day! I hope you know what a will is (It’s a dead give-away).

Now as a last line, just for kicks: chortle on a veritable cornucopia of dicks.