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Hi may I have shufflemancy please? I'm wondering if I have a chance of meeting L this year? 8 shuffles If we do, how will our meeting go after seeing each other for so long? Like how would he feel & think? 10 shuffles

sorry for taking so long but here goes:

‘I’m wondering if i have a chance of meeting L this year?’

Wasting- ludovico technique: divided by days/and the stranger this face

i walk alone- tarja: I was never far from you

everyone says hi - david bowie: said you took a big trip/don’t stay in a bad place

Kinder dieser Stadt- blutengel:  We’re the angels of the night/We’re the children in this town

love is pain - joan jett: I’ll never quit you/admit you’ll never go

she drives me crazy - fine young cannibals: what i had for was truth/things go wrong they always do

Seeman- apocalyptica feat. nina hagen: where do you want to go/who will hold your hand

serenity- mortal love: man….u may wanna listen to the whole song

‘if we do, how will our meeting go after seeing each other for so long? like how would he feel & think’

moonchild - feild of nephilim: a righteous dream/and i’m waiting

siren- theatre of tragedy: wistful, wistful/chancing to lure

you walk away- blutengel: you keep all the memories in your heart

adorned in ashes - virgin black: instrumental track

twist of cain - danzig: drives my brain/makes me come alive

lost in forever- P.O.D.: seemingly endless waiting/a lifeless time its never ending

new angels of promise - bowie: we are the fabulous lovers/i am a blind man she is my eyes

girl - danzig: lets climb too high/for the world to reach us

change of heart- tom petty: I fought for you/ i fought for you too hard/ i’ve got my turning point

manhattan skyline: i’ll never see her face again/how can you say that i didn’t try?/my love’s run dry