never boring

the reason why fake dating fics are so enjoyable is because they are a combination of slow burn and established relationship fics. the reader is able to picture what a relationship between the 2 characters is like, but there is still an element of suspense and a chance to develop this relationship because they are not actually dating. in this essay i will

Everyone out there making these into cool owls or gryphons and I’m just here drawing them as flying chickens…

one underrated thing that i absolutely adore are allura’s dorky impersonations of other people? crossing her arms and pouting while she’s playing keith, thinking like lance by using a pickup line he told her ages ago, trying to pass as a galra soldier by leaning against the wall and asking: “what’s your bloodthirstiness on a scale of one to five?”….what a cutie, she’s so funny i love her

AU yeah AUgust

I’m a slut for AUs and it’s literally in the title of the month.  What can I say?  I saw an AUpportunity and I took it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Celebrate August with a month of Miraculous AUs - any pair don’t care - we’re here to bask in coffeeshops and alternate timelines.  They’re enemies, they’re neighbors, oh my god they’re roommates. 

This calendar may be boring but AUs aren’t!

Tell your friends!  Tell your co-workers!  Tell your local barista!

because we’re about to get alternate universe up in this bitch.


Hobi may not spit as fast as suga, or as powerfully as rapmon, but his rap skills are so unique and his verses are so multi tonal. You could never get bored listening to him because he uses his voice in such varying ways. I’m in awe of him.

(not to mention how attractive I find his voice)


What if Tony found Steve on his own and helped him with adjusting to the new world? (and Steve fell for him terribly fast)

My part of 2017 Captain America/Iron Man Holiday Exchange, a gift for @diabla616

I had so much fun making up this story and drawing the whole thing! It’s also on ao3:

“ I-I would immediately go to the throne room as fast as my legs can run if I were you…”
“Huh? Why is that?“
“ Errr—-Because…”

me and @gravityfying have been trying to explore more of Marco’s personality aside from the sweet, dorky and silly side of him that we all know and love about him. We went for a negative route for character experimentation–-angry King Marco is where we ended up landing and hoo boi you don’t wanna be that person he’s gonna be mad about cuz things are gonna get—fiery as you can see…