never will i be sorry

When will people learn that you can’t “sneak” a picture of Harry, he will always know that you are there taking an image of him during his downtime without his permission with the intention of sharing it with thousands of people on the internet. Do you I guess, but understand that he sees you and he knows. And while I’m sure he’s gotten used to it, he probably doesn’t enjoy it very much.

I might be working on another story. I’m not dead, not really on hiatus, I’m just reflectioning and setting everything up. Anyway, if you want any sims of my previous legacy, tell me! If you have anything to ask, don’t be shy either. :)

have a lovely day  🌵

also shoutout to @simsomedia and @ssecret22 for their sweet words   ❤️


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I mean I'm on board w curly hair glasses lance but like you can't convince me he would wear ordinary specs and wouldn't buy the most fun glasses ever. Like from thick rim hipster to just the CRAZIEST patterns and loud colors and he would wear em proud

You are tearing me inside out and I can’t stop it because I let you in the first place

Happy 22nd birthday, Jeon Wonwoo! Thank you for all the hard work that you do for Seventeen and us Carats. Thank you (along with your fellow members, whom you work so harmoniously with) for providing us with a constant source of joy and motivation. Watching you achieve your dream inspires us to work hard towards our own, seeing you smile (with that beautiful nose crinkle) brightens our own moods. For all that you’ve given us, we wish you happiness in return. We admire that you are able to pull through after times of sickness and adversity and are always open to learning new things. Although an “idol,” it is the everyday admirable human traits that you possess that are what make you awe-inspiring in our eyes. That your success was mostly due to blood, sweat, and tears, along with love and passion for what you do. Stay healthy and may your birthday wishes be fulfilled ^^.


This was supposed to stay a doodle…

I was so blinded by my love for you that I didn’t see the gun you had pointed at me until it was too late.
—  Day 168