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I got some free time during my weekend (somewhat) off, so here’s some little thoughts about the identity of everyone’s favourite text box narrator that pops up with every tree, rock, and ruin.

The first thing that should be made clear is that our narrator (or speaker cuz that’s what I usually call them) presumably knows about the current events in the game, at least surrounding Gus. We’re going to assume that the speaker is speaking in the present with present knowledge of what’s going on, hence suggesting not to bother the talking rock afterwards or stating that tree time~ is over. If we assume the speaker is aware and in a way present, we narrow down the options of who it might be.

At first, I thought it was just a thing that talked about Gus. RPG, text box showing up when the character interacts with things. Classic, what I’m used to. Somewhere along the line though, I realized that since in-game Gus uses second-person to refer to the player, the ‘you’ used in the text box could also be refer to the player. Heck, it could refer to both, or even more than that. But since when Rewardo shows up he calls the player by name and congratulates them on inspecting however many trees, I’m a little more inclined to believe that the ‘you’ is refer to the player. It still fits in with things like a rock blocking the player’s path even though the player isn’t actually there, since Gus is being influenced by (controlled by? acting on orders of?) the player.

The fun part is when other pronouns get thrown in. Slips of words like I and we that now separate the speaker from the audience and give them more of a voice (so to speak). At this point I really doubt the speaker is Gus, and I’m getting the feeling that Gus isn’t even the speaker’s audience, so I basically rule him out on both ends right here. What really interests me is the use of the word we, which can be used generally or in a more personal sense. Which brings me to my next point.

I see a lot of trees and lampposts and rocks. I might not have seen every tree in the demo (I’m not the most meticulous) but I wander around looking for jokes all the time. And out of all the trees and other things I see, sometimes they have very distinct tones around them. Some are very happy, some are more sullen, and some related to each other. Looking at you, whoever was calling trees weird. But I was thinking about it, and since we know that there are some characters who are aware of the player, or at least the player’s existence, who’s to say that there’s not a whole group that has some influence, and just takes turns narrating the trees and objects as the player interacts with them? I mean, probably not, but it’s a fun idea to toss around.

Of course there are the trees like ‘THIS IS A TREE’ and ‘insert tree text here’, which are just nice and fun. Though, those are followed up by a ‘huh?’ or ‘wait, wait?’ afterwards, so that there is probably a meshing of whatever is going on with the speaker and some good old jokes directly related to it being a video game. Maybe some commented lines accidentally made their way on screen? I don’t know how this code is laid out.

Also, I’m probably taking this way too seriously, I know


Chapter 19: Episode 4

           The sound of glass clinking is the only noise in the air. I sat, my face rested in my hand, staring, but not seeing, watching the precise way he cut his food. He was so precise with everything. I wondered if he was sure. If he was certain of every move he made.

           “Roen,” I said quietly and he paused, looking up. The surprise melted away quickly, replaced with knowing. “I have to ask something of you.”

           He lowered his silverware, straightening slightly in his chair. “I assumed. You’re never this quiet during dinner. You’re never this quiet,” he corrected. “Though, you’ve gotten a lot quieter over the past few weeks.”

           I raised my eyes to his. So you noticed, too?

           “What’s wrong?” he asked.

           “I can’t do it. I mean I don’t want it… anymore. The publishing job. I just have to stop.”

           “Is that what this is about? It’s too much?”

           I shook my head. “It’s not for me.”

           “I wish you’d told me sooner.”

           “Is it a problem?” I asked honestly.

           “No. My affairs at Venture are mostly done. I’ll be ready by Monday. Don’t worry.”

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Note to a Nonny

Anon - I’m still thinking about what you wrote and I just want to hug you. But I can’t, and so instead I just wrote down some of what I’m feeling in response to your message. Look after yourself this evening. 

When the Bad Day comes,
Not just a bad one but the worst
(everything hurts and your heart is dark
Over doing what you thought you never would
Never  could …)
But you did what you knew was right
And the fight now is to make yourself agree
And see the reason shining brighter than the cost.
What you’ve lost is gone now
But hope is not
though maybe you can’t see it from the Bad Day,
or the next day, or the next week, or month or year;
we never know how long the healing takes
when we break.
Dear, I do not know you, but I’m haunted by your words,
the rawness of your hurt and grief, your anger and your hurt.
I wish that I could hold you, reassure you of your worth,
Don’t let the Bad Day tell you what your future self deserves.

sunnyharley  asked:

Food related question! What's "juice" in Norwegian? Like appelsin.....? Also like, how often do you guys eat blood sausage? That's um, interesting 🙃

Jus! Unless you’re over 60 you pretty much never eat blood sausage. It’s gross.

I have never been happier than the moment your name was mentioned and I realised I had fallen out of love with you. Finally, it was like I was finally free of the chains I had tangled around my head and heart.
—  Getting over you was the best thing that happened to me.

“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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