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@sixpenceee, thought this might interest you. This is a metal structure located in Galveston, Texas, close to the Gulf Of Mexico shoreline, called The Kettle House. Not much is known about it, but it’s believed it was built sometime in the 50s, and for over half a century rumors, myths, and urban legends have swirled around the structure. The owner(s) have never been interviewed and even neighbors know little about the man who erected it.

Locals say that someone shows up and tends to the property occasionally, only to disappear again for years on end. They also say that around the turn of the century, the owner(s) removed the rusty old top of the Kettle and replaced it with a wooden roof. Since then, windows have been replaced, air-conditioning was added, and a mailbox was placed out front, despite the fact that, as far as anyone knows, no one has ever lived in it. Locals believe the improvements were made because the city council intended to tear it down.

Some locals also say strange figures show up late at night from time-to-time, and move about the property, appearing to be working.

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I don't get how Mads is so lean everywhere but his belly is super chubby, it's not like he doesn't exercise constantly. It's like he put on so much weight for Pusher 2 and never lost it, he was skinny before that.

MY FRIEND this question has haunted me for three years. Before I knew Mads Mikkelsen‘s chubby tum, I knew peace. Now there is only confusion, Adidas jackets, and inconvenient arousal.

Like look at this shit, look at this former professional dancer and twice-knight who, against all odds, has a soft squishy belly. It’s like Odin designed a man specifically to haunt my dreams and never let me rest.

Look at this wiry and muscular, yet still chubby, asshole, just eating his cereal as though it’s NOT supposed to keep me up all night. THE NERVE.

Look at him with his jammied-up potbelly explaining how he’s inserted himself into all of our brains and how it’s all over: he’s won.

Look how even THE GREAT LAWRENCE FISHBURNE can’t resist fondling that love handle.

That’s right, take a deep breath, take a bow. I give up. You win. Take your tum and go straight back to Denmark where you belong.

To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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Bucky Barnes x reader - dreams

A/N - Just a short one to make up for absence. :)

Plot: Reader is used to her boyfriend’s nightmares and sleep talking, but she’s definately not used to this.


I slip into bed next to Bucky, my muscles finally able to relax after a long day. Bucky has been asleep for around two hours now, and due to paperwork I couldn’t join him. I like my job a lot, but sometimes I wish I could catch a break.

I run my fingers through his hair and lean down to kiss his forehead gently. Sighing happily to myself, I sink down in my bed, grabbing my phone and scrolling through Facebook.

After around half an hour I feel the man beside me begin to stir. I bite my lip and look over at him. The fact that he has nightmares never bothered me, I know he’s been through a lot, but sometimes it gets scary. I’ve woken up to him pinning my arms against the bed, a look of rage on his features, speaking German. Like what HYDRA trained him to do. Of course I was scared, but it never put me off.

I hear him whimper and stir again, before I hear his voice, quiet at first.

“Y/N…no…I’ll save you…”

I bite my lip, is he having a nightmare? Should I wake him up? Will he be okay? Please tell me he won’t be upset when he wakes up, I hate seeing him upset. I start to panic, wondering to myself what to do, about to text Steve before the worst happens.

I look over at him quickly when he begins to mumble again.

“Get off her… you stupid Dragon…. she’s the princess….”

My jaw drops, out of all the dreams he’s had, everything he’s ever said in his sleep, this is by far the best.

“Y/N…don’t let the dragon take you…I’ll fight that stupid Dragon…”

I cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing out loud, small giggles escaping my lips. Thisbis so ridiculous, but I’d rather have a dream like this than a nightmare being described.

“Stupid Dragon….” He shifts and turns on his side.

I lay on my stomach and press my face into the pillow to try and conceal my laughter from my sleeping boyfriend.


I smile from my seat at the kitchen counter as Bucky makes his way into the kitchen. He looks over at me, his hair messed up and his eyes droopy and tired.

I grin, “Good morning, Prince.” It takes everything I have in me not to laugh here and now.

He furrows his eyebrows at the new found nickname, “Prince? That’s new.” He notices my grin, and how obvious I am when trying to hide my laughter. “Y/N….what’s going on?”

I press my lips together, “Okay, so, I understand the whole nightmare thing, and that you talk in your sleep a lot…”

He nods in response and sits down, his brows furrowed.

“…but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I was involved.”

His eyes widen, “I-I was sleep talking? Are you joking?” He leans back, his face flushing, running fingers through his hair, “Jesus Christ….”

I burst out laughing, “You don’t even understand how funny it was, Buck…”

He bites his lip, “What….what was I saying?”

I giggle, breathless from laughing, “You…you kept saying ‘stupid dragon’ ….a-and telling it to stay away from me…” I laugh loudly again at the thought of it.

He sighs, his head in his hands, “This is so embarrassing….”

I shake my head and run my fingers through his hair, “Sweetie, don’t think like that. It was so cute.”

He lifts his head up and raises his eyebrows, “Y/N, I’m the winter soldier. I am NOT cute.”

I nod and get up, making my way to the bathroom, “Whatever you say, cutie.”

All that could be heard was a groan In return

{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

tags:  @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover @alienboymax @hamilbroke @tailored-shirt-tails @wolfphantom-m @moonchildcharm @shadowthepiratecat @english-muffin-top @iamivyfeather @louisianaspell @lastfallenstar @thataudreydork @moonqueerr @niixxo @sarmar29 @a-mistake-tbh @notquiteanobsession @me-idiedforhim @ghostieatemymoxie @arostrolgy @martapetrovic @thomas-jefferdad @justwannaseesomegoddamnlolfanart @that-gay-fangirl

t/w: smut, some cursing

a/n: last part! thank you guys for reading this!

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Thomas took you out to get your nails done and anything else you wanted in preparation for the party. He offered for you to get your hair and makeup done, but you insisted, it was okay. You’d be fine doing it on your own. 

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The Growth of John Murphy

This season has been incredible for Murphy. Meeting Emori and falling in love with her gave him a faith in humanity that he never really had before and therefore, this season he shows a trust that we’ve never seen from him. From his days on the Ark, he was taught to live life, every man for themselves, since there was never anyone there to help him and his family and his father trying to save his life cost him his family.

Even though Murphy still shows some signs of looking out for himself and Emori over everyone else, he also shows he’s willing to put his trust in people such as when he chose to stay at the mansion with Clarke and crew. He trusted the sky people to put his name in the raffle for the bunker and try to get Emori in too.

He also shows signs of wanting to have close friendships, with his constant support of Raven and the pure joy expressed on his face when Monty hugs his and claims to “not hate [him] anymore.”

The growth Murphy has shown in terms of personal relationships is phenomenal and this was his best season.

Meant to Be
  • Lafayette x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: So I’ve had this idea for an au soulmates thing and was hoping you could maybe write it? So you know the whole “the first thing your soulmate says is on your arm” thing? Well, what if this set of soulmates had like a group of mutual friends and they were introduced but never actually /spoke/ to each other and this keeps happening and their friends are hella upset bc they were sure they were soulmates? And then they’re just chilling and final speak, if it could be lafayette x reader I would greatly appreciate it!

A/N: Here’s another one. I think this could be better but I wanted to give you something. I’m sooooo close to being free to write. Just not yet. Friday is the end of classes. Anyway, I’m at 3,000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much!!! And now, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,114
You tugged your sleeve down. You figured if you covered the words on your arm, you could pretend that they weren’t there or they were something different.

Non, mon amie.

Alexander helpfully informed you that they were French. That didn’t help anything though. You were left with the information that your soulmate was French. That wasn’t helpful at all. The words on your arms were the first words that your soulmate would say to you.

Non, mon amie

No, my friend

The first words your soulmate ever said to you was calling you a friend and also denying you something. Perhaps you were thinking the worst is because it was your habit. You worried about your soulmate not being perfect because then you wouldn’t focus on the fact that he was French. Where were you supposed the meet a man from France?

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Them Seeing the Girl They Like  but She Doesn’t Know They’re in Mafia: MONSTA X


Would probably be the most sensible one and therefore would not approach you at all, simply observing you from afar, where you never knew and wouldn’t be put in danger.


Approaches you as if it’s a normal thing to do and doesn’t show even the slightest thing about his `occupation`, pretending to be a normal salary man and slowly seducing you.


Would recklessly approach you anyway and throw his hands over your shoulders, laughing and singing and wooing you to him, then later he would blurt the fact that he’s a mafioso out on accident without actually realizing it.


He would be the careful one. He’d first spend some long time evaluating you before actually approaching you. He wanted to make sure that you were not associated with any opposing groups, so he might follow you around, tape you, or anything of the like. And even then, after approaching you, he would make sure that you would never find out his little secret.


He would lying straight out, but the problem was the fact that he started to lie about it all. He felt as if since he lied about his actual `job`, there was either no point in telling you the truth in anything, or he simply couldn’t be bothered and a couple of small lies was just a minor inconvenience.


After approaching you, I think he’d find it harder and harder to keep that particular fact about himself away from you, since he was so head-over-heels for you, and in thee end he would simply set you down and explain everything the way it was, hoping for the best.


Hey-ho to another reckless man. Though, I think ChangKyun would be a little more on edge, and would go to far lengths to keep you by his side. He was the man to give all of his into something he wanted; and the relationship with you is what he truly desired.

alright kids listen up because i’m going to explain why anyone who feels sara “hotlips” “the biguar” lance or dinah “tina” “her?” drake is more true to comics black canary is wrong and their arguments are wrong

and also, no disrespect to sara or dinah, this is really about realizing them as separate characters of their OWN merit and how frustrating it is that people try to shove them into what they believe is comics canon because they’re uncomfortable with laurel. i don’t want to see dinah or sara hate on this.

and let me preface by saying that comics? comics are bad. i want us to all go in with an understand that some comics are good, but comics are bad. and i also want us to remember that arrow, arrow is bad. arrow is so bad.

one more preface this is super anti arrow’s oliver queen so just skip on ahead if you don’t enjoy the taste of me always being right. long post under the cut

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i think my favorite thing about the middle name reveal from today is the sheer volume of the reaction to ‘daniel kenneth jacobi’:

#K E N N E T H#NO#wolf 359#I DONT LIKE IT#K E N N E T H#oh my god this is the funniest fucking thing#i love jacobi so much man#wolf 359 fav#KENNETH  #KENNETH?#the others are great but i Hate the name kenneth   #GOD THIS IS WEIRD BUT GOOD WEIRD#can’t believe my poor boy’s middle name is KENNETH#Kenneth#KENNETH#K E N N E T H#I CHOKED#STILL NOT OVER IT#NEVER GONNA BE OVER IT#i just can’t believe kenneth means#handsome#I ALWAYS FORGET HIS MIDDLE NAME IS KENNETH#/KENNETH/#KENNETH

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Can you imagine human Tae just going out to pick some fruits&flowers but one of them smells danger approaching so they literally go out running while transforming and their wolves just instinctually surround Tae but it was just a sole nymph passing through and Tae never fails to bring it up but he's secretly happy he has the best protectors as his boyfriends& also just imagine him baking and it's kinda bad but they pretend its delicious so that they don't make him sad. man anons back me up here

why must you hurt me like this? this is my new favourite concept istg i will pay money for this (lmao i won’t because i’m broke) but still!!

i can’t get over the idea of wolf pack bts adopting human tae like maybe tae was ‘rejected’ by the human world, his human family didn’t accept him, society doesn’t approve of him so he finds a new welcoming home with a pack of wild wolves in the forest and he’s never been happier. 

bts pack as so smitten with tae, they love him to bits and they’re sooo protective of him (bc even though tae is capable they have this idea that all humans are weak) so they’re constantly by his side and even though he teases them about being overly protective it means the world to him that he’s finally found a family that cares about him :’^) 

pretending to like his subpar human cooking!!! i’m crying, they are so whipped for him. they literally tell him it’s delicious because they want to see him smile <3

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Word prompt: Jealousy

He doesn’t have the right to feel jealousy, and he knows it. Jesse isn’t his.

Gabriel goes over that logic in his head a thousand times. Jesse isn’t a thing to be owned, Jesse is a grown ass man who can make his own choices, Jesse would never -

He feels silly then, for even entertaining the idea of Jesse as a lover. Jesse won’t ever look at him the way Gabriel wants him to. Jesse is young and handsome and charming, far better with relationships than Gabriel could ever hope to be. There’s no reason Jesse would even consider it. 

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s Gabriel’s subordinate. That’s the worst part, he thinks, that the very reason Jesse’s in his life at all is the main reason he can’t have him.

He aches thinking about it. He longs for Jesse to glance his way even once, to press a slow kiss to his mouth, to take his hand, to touch him. 

He has no right to it, not really. He can’t ever ask because of his position, can’t imagine Jesse would feel safe if he wanted to say no. Gabriel can’t stand the thought of that anyway, that Jesse might say no, that their current relationship might be ruined because of it. 

Still, he feels jealousy churning in his stomach whenever Jesse leaves base with someone else, and always feels guilty right after. Jesse isn’t his and won’t ever be, so he bites his tongue and tries to quell his longing, tries to be satisfied with what they have already. 

It hurts.  

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One - gender neutral- wedding coming right up!


Who ever thought that the Murdoc Niccals would ever get married, let alone fall in love with someone? He was never really a man for love, so it was a surprise to everyone when you managed to win his heart over unlike anyone ever could. There was just something about you that he loved on an emotional level. He’d never felt that way about anyone else before, so obviously it was something truly meaningful to the bassist. He was so sure of the idea, that he had went right out one night and asked you to marry him.

Of course, when the day of the wedding finally arrived, he had been the most nervous he’d ever been for as long as he could recall. He couldn’t figure out why so he was stuck contemplating for a distant answer. He refused to meet with you, because he didn’t want to see you in the breathtaking grown/tix until you would walk down the aisle to be by his side for one last moment before you’d become one.

As he stood at the altar, small traces of sweat formed on his forehead, thankfully covered by his raven black hair. The small group of close friends you and the band had were gathered for the occasion, standing up as it was evident that you were ready. Murdoc’s jaw dropped to the ground when you stopped at the end, his stomach filling with butterflies as he had been taken away with how you looked. You sent him a warm smile and he had to return it.

You slowly walked down, not letting your eyes drift away from him. You stopped next to him and whispered “I never knew you could clean up so well,” you softly chuckled to yourself, trying to keep the conversation to just the two of you. “I love it.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself, love,” he returned the compliment, taking your hands to hold them in his larger ones. The marriage officiant went on to talk, but the both of you were lost in the moment to pay very much attention to him.

“Do you take (Y/N) to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband?” The officiant questioned Murdoc, who nodded with a large grin formed across his face.

“How could I say no?” He winked at you, taking the ring from the small ring bearer’s ring pillow, sliding it gently onto the correct finger, cupping your hands again.

"And do you take Murdoc to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

"Forever and always,” you smiled at Murdoc, taking the ring and sliding it into his finger as well.

"You may kiss the-” the officiant was cut off when you took Murdoc into a passionate, suave kiss. Murdoc hasn’t expected it, as he thought that he’d be the one kissing you, but he was deathly wrong. He sunk into the kiss, letting his tongue battle with yours. Knowing the two of you, the kiss went on for a long while.

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ok merman au: sidney thinks he's gotten out of the water fine and mathias would never dry out to come find him except mathias does and it's right after a game and mathias shoves through the media scrum to "rescue" him

and immediately kisses sidney after he knocks over the reporters 
he becomes known as “crazy man who frenched sidney crosby” and its a pr nightmare

And actually one of the things I don’t think atlus addressed well & what bugged me about ryuji at first but what makes sense in hindsight IS LIKE

he approaches situations where abuse is involved very guns-blazing indelicate no-tact HEY YOURE BEING ABUSED ADMIT IT & atlus def glossed over victim reluctance & potential negative consequences of that approach but Ryuji strikes me as someone who was very aware that his dad was abusive to him & his mom, so the problem was getting other people to acknowledge it. He never developed the instinct to protect his abuser, and he didn’t end up resigned to his abuse, so his approach was probably how he would’ve wanted it to be handled. Direct, frank, open acknowledgement. Which wasn’t successful because most of the abuse victims they were talking to needed more support & assurance & talking it through. MAN I WISH ATLUS ACTUALLY ADDRESSED THAT

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Asian Monroe headcannons?

  • “Asians are smol” sterotype-broken James Monroe is almost 6ft (which his historically canon I’m fairly sir) 
  • ”Feminine” stigma broken- masc af/ athletic (works out with Thomas)
  • He is the kinda guy to be real nice upfront but internally wished you never came over
  • He’s part of the “don’t fucking talk to me” squad with Thomas and Madison
  • Unlike Madison he is never sick; and has amazing luck
  • Always has change for a 20$
  • Smiles but has the patience of a twig
  • Will fight Alexander and will probably kick him
  • Is the only one that can fight
  • Is an honorary Southern man
  • Among Thomas’s crew Monroe has the most charm
  • He is all about that respect, disrespect him once and he will literally make it so you never have a good day for as long as you breathe beside him
  • “I don’t do trends, I’m not a broke B” 
  • Is all about good vibes
  • Is a theater boy; acting skill 10/10
  • Is the type to smile even if he’s pissed, he’d probably smile while plotting murder

The next day, Velvet had invited over her grandmother. She needed her approval to meet the man who had abandoned them all those years ago and to make sure seeing him wouldn’t offend her. A part of her wished her grandmother would go with her for moral support but she could never ask her for that.

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Hey, I was wondering if you could do a post on the relationship between John and Lizzie? I love them and it breaks my heart that there isn't any fanfic of them out there. I also wanted to thank you for your insightful commentary and discussions on Peaky Blinders. I love your analysis.

Hello anon! Thank you so much for your kind words. Of course! Please never hesitate to ask anything ever. I don’t have enough to sink my teeth into right now and I’m hopeless at self-motivation so asks are very welcome. John and Lizzie, well. 

I think there’s something quite humble about them, and sweet despite everything. Lizzie has a touching faith in John’s humanity and continued largely to see him as a good man. John on his part seems to love her in his slightly cramped, frustrated way. He sees her as a person above anything else too and I can only imagine his distaste at Tommy bending her over that desk for the umpteenth time. However, series 3 recontextualised John’s sentiment into something of jealousy and possessiveness. If John isn’t allowed to share his life with Lizzie, he won’t let anyone else either, to the extent that her happiness doesn’t come into the equation. That’s the essence of the John vs Angel plot, although I do think John’s strategy involved quite a bit of grandstanding for Lizzie’s attention and appreciation. Whether she noticed or not never came up though - indeed once 3.02 had come to its nadir in Grace’s death, the entire plot was confusingly, (for me anyway) discarded.

On her part, alas Lizzie’s affections have always lain at least half with Tommy over John. She betrayed John’s trust for him/ the money the very first time we met her in 1.04, John tells Tommy later that he’s discovered she’s still seeing other regulars too. As far as her quite minimal plot went in the first series, I think it’s clear that although she does indeed want to marry John, it’s because he’s a ‘good man’ and because such an alliance will increase her security, not because she really loves him. She’s moved on to Tommy in a bigger way in the second series, the script for 2.01 even says after their passionless shag ‘we see she now has feelings for Tommy.’ Those feelings are emphasised again and then shattered in 2.06 when he barely notices her dress or conversation then abuses her loyalty by putting her into the situation with Russell where she is raped. The one moment I felt like John and Lizzie really might have had something was the quiet scene they shared following that incident. Lizzie welcomes John’s hand on her cheek after pushing Tommy away; she still thinks he’s good, that he cares, that he wouldn’t use people the way his brother has no compunction about. He does flinch at the idea of getting out though and maybe even wishes he did have what she saw in Tommy’s eyes. While I’m on that, I think the line from Lizzie is a subtle suggestion that she herself isn’t free to do the same. She’s in too deep to escape what now supports her; she’s swapped prostitution for more security but has no respect in her life or the capacity to leave it even should she want to.

(A little parenthesis: Peaky is becoming renowned for telling stories without showing them but John and Lizzie, for all the effect their feelings have had on the plot, have shared literally ONE scene, and quite a short one at that. In nearly eighteen hours of television. That’s pretty extreme, and I can’t decide if I admire there are so many gaps one can fill in reasonably satisfactorily despite that being the case, or if it bugs the hell out of me. Truth be told, it’s a bit of both…)

Anyway, after the events of Epsom it only makes sense that Lizzie would finally try to find a relationship beyond a Shelby. And indeed she does. With the emotionally legitimate but strategically dubious Angel Changretta. Another lover of power as heir to the Changretta empire (which might not be as big as the Shelbys’ but is nonetheless substantial; getting a Camorra assassin to Birmingham shows serious influence). But then his restaurant is torched and he’s attacked by John with a razorblade before finally being offed in hospital. Lizzie is now free to be bent over a desk again to stop Tommy’s heart from breaking, hooray. John recedes to his marriage before throwing himself with gusto into an evening of utter debauchery, and that’s really it.

All of it boils down to that classic Peaky Blinders dichotomy of Love and Business that runs through everything like a dirty great sewer of Meaning. I’m still unsure why the two cannot co-exist but it has been demonstrated thus far that they are incompatible. Love has been shown to make the Shelbys (and the Grays) less than rational, perhaps that is a luxury too far with so many people waiting for an opportunity to take them down. Constant vigilance and all that. 

What might be coming up? Well, I think Lizzie doesn’t love John and has a preference for men with power. She also likes money. The lack of anything between them, even by implication, for the last four episodes of S3 suggests it’s done as a plot. And Esme was pregnant. The door to the possibility of something more is still slightly ajar though, what with Lizzie’s disgust at Tommy even attempting to pay her in 3.06. Perhaps (other current theories about s4 notwithstanding) Esme will liberate herself to get lost in France and John and Lizzie can finally take a deep breath and see what’s in front of them… Here’s hoping. 


PS - this is a great little post about Lizzie at inthebleakmidwinterblog: x

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Au where everything is the same except Lego Las is always creeping in the background and never interacts with any of the characters. But he's there. Watching. Waiting.

Legolas stood at the edge of Tokyo, his platinum locks billowing in the wind. His elf eyes darted over the city, seeking. He was here for a purpose.

And that purpose was really fucking important.

At last, finding the object of his search, his eyes narrowed: a small house, where a group of people sat on the front porch enjoying each other’s company. A dark-haired young man sat emptying a bottle of sake before the blonde boy next to him snatched it away. On his other side, a young girl in a school uniform laughed.

Their happiness sickened him. He felt his elf stomach twisting with rage.

“Soon,” Legolas muttered.

By the time the next breeze found his lonely hilltop, it was as though no one had ever stood there.