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Guilty | Park Chanyeol

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Angst | Mild/Implied Smut

Warnings: Contains themes of adultery and cheating (obviously these things are UNACCEPTABLE; this fic is not meant to promote them)

Summary: Two strangers. Two different marriages on the verge of disrepair. A sudden, elicit romance that never meant to break any hearts; but did.

Word Count: 7.6k

A/N: Inspired by the Bollywood film ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’.

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Honestly it's so freeing to be a lesbian! I'm not butch or femme but when I dress a little more feminine it doesn't matter what men think and if they're grossed or by my hairy legs/pits and when I dress a little more masculine it doesn't matter that men don't like it and it doesn't matter what straight girls think either! I can just wear what I want and know that other wlw are going to be into it and if not, then at least I'm into it! I love it! I hate men! I love being gay!

i feel the same way! it’s so liberating to not give a shit about men!! it’s such a fucking relief to know i’ll never have to be with a man or prioritize men over women ever again! being a lesbian makes me feel so happy and free and alive i love being a lesbian!! 

Man, a lot of y'all are really dedicated to this idea that Keyleth never has another relationship now that Vax has died despite Marisha explicitly saying that yeah, Keyleth waits awhile until she decides to date, she does end up dating again.

Like, it’s completely understandable that she spends a bunch of time mourning the future that she’ll never get with Vax. They experienced a lot of shit together. That’s gonna take awhile to get over.

But, I mean, a minor plot for her was realizing she shouldn’t deny herself happiness now because it’ll hurt in the future.

So this “Keyleth spends the rest of her life alone” idea kinda spits directly in the face of this?

  • The Commander: Sergeant, are you familiar with the Hungarian fencing term, 'Hosszú Gorcs?'
  • XCOM Sergeant: You must realize my answer is no.
  • The Commander: It's a strategy of letting your opponent win points early to give them a sense of overconfidence, thus exposing a much easier target for you later.
  • XCOM Sergeant: You think he's overconfident enough?
  • The Hunter: [over radio] I'm the smartest man alive! I'm never gonna die!

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Hey, so I have nothing against you HCing Grell as a gay man, but what do you have against people HCing Grell as a trans woman?? It's just an HC and you shouldn't get upset over someone else's or put it down. That's the point of an HC, it can project or reflect or imagine whatever you want, and it's personal

You totally misunderstood. (Which doesn’t surprise me tbh…)

I don’t HC Grell as a gay man.

Grell IS a gay man. Grell IS a fucking gay man and drag queen in the canon. This is a fact.

Your trans-Grell IS a headcanon. Trans-Grell is not canon.

I have nothing against the trans-Grell HC, never said I dislike it. I think it’s a good HC actually and I support it.

It upsets me when people get all aggressively obsessed with the trans-Grell headcanon and say it’s canon which is not and they openly attack other people for sticking to canon facts; which is Grell being a gay man/okama.

It upsets me when people call out other fans to be “transphobic” because they like Grell for being an okama.

It upsets me when these people come on anon and terribly insult and threaten fans who love gay drag gurl canon Grell.

It upsets me when these dipshits just won’t leave other fans alone who just RESPECT and LOVE Yana’s creation; which is gay man Grell.

Some facts about Elenion
  • When Elenion laughs, he covers his mouth out of habit.
  • When he is at the shop he will wear his glasses (you won’t see him wearing them in public).
  • His snowy owl Wren likes to sit on his shoulder as he reads. Elenoin finds Wren’s presence to be very soothing and relaxing for him.
  • Once had a heated philosophical debate with Consul Valerius. Nadia watched from afar in amusement as Elenion perfectly countered every point Valerius made, making him a stumbling fool in front of the court.
  • Before he goes to bed, Elenion likes to practice different braiding techniques. It sounds silly to some but he tries to find new ways to style his hair.
  • Elenion trims his own hair!
  • Elenion is an early riser and somehow never looks tired
  • He has a collection of rings he has bought over the years. This man just loves wearing rings in particular. 
  • One fear that he has in dark, enclosed spaces. 
  • Showing emotion is very awkward for Elenion. It’s not that he doesn’t deny what he feels but he learned to just keep a straight face and not reveal too much.
  • Always wanted to dance but never got the opportunity to practice. Though to be fair he would be a nervous wreck around any lady who wanted to dance with him.
  • Doesn’t carry any weapons but loves the rapier! He once had someone teach him to use a rapier and ever since he always wanted to get one but sees not the practical use for it cause he’s got his magic after all.
  • Elenion has a large white tiger tattoo on his back.

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I have school tomorrow and I’m sitting here crying (metaphorically because I have no soul) over Hong Jisoo, a man 7 years older than me on the other side of the continent because I’ll never be able to make him acknowledge my existence. HIS FACE MAKES ME CRY AND I CANT STOP IMAGINING WHAT HE SMELLS LIKE ASDFGHJKL

you’rE FOURTEEN????

me, a lesbian, mistaking a nice twink for a nice butch lesbian: [gives him the lesbian nod]

him, a twink, mistaking me for a twink: [gives me the gay once over]

me, a sensitive dyke: [calls an uber and spends the whole time misty eyed, wondering why this nice butch would look me over like i wasn’t a HUMAN BEING, like i was something to be gawked at. i ignore my Uber driver’s attempt at small talk, staring out the window and questioning everything i know about life, meaning, and the pursuit of lesbianism]

him, a confused gay: [stares at the space this twink just vacated, completely floored. a nod. does he think this is a game. does he think this is a joke. this isn’t a PTA meeting where you nod at your old friend but also secret enemy Brenda from across the room. was i not even worth the once over. have i lost my game. what does this mean]


yes i switched blogs hello

some reasons for that:

  • serifufu is basically my main blog but its a side blog on my original account which is very annoying (why did i do that)
  • literally 98% of my followers were Fucking Dead 
  • yeah that’ll do it 

what does this mean?

  • no more posting will happen on serifufu
  • however i will not delete the blog or hide it or whatever, its gonna stay public just inactive!!
  • any requests sent to the old blog are still on my to-do list and ill get to them if ever (im sorry) 
  • ill be able to interact with yall directly now that i can reply, send asks, and like as my main blog
  • my name now has an extra “fu” 

yeah thats it, welcome back!!!


As I look back on today, I can’t help but smile. Today marks the one year anniversary of when I met #SebastianStan. I will never forget how excited I was to meet him and how utterly satisfied I was from that weekend. I drove over 6 hours up to Tulsa, Oklahoma just to spend one day with this man and it was the greatest decision ever. I made sure to have gotten VIP tickets so I’d be one of the first people to meet him that Saturday. Even though it was a LOT of money, it was WORTH IT! I remember waking up that Saturday morning, barely getting much sleep the night before, and preparing myself both physically and mentally, to meet the nicest little cinnamon bun ever. When I arrived at the venue, there were already tons of fans there, queuing up to get their goodie bags and their VIP passes.  Once I received my bag with a free poster of Sebastian, my passes for the photo op and the autograph session, I stood in line alone, and the excitement only grew from there. The amount of fans who were waiting outside the conference room to go in for the panel, was more than I had ever expected. There were two girls who stood behind me, talking about how excited they were for the day and I turned to talk to them too. Little did I know, they would be the one’s I’d spend the entire day with and would be there to help me with my fangirling. The panel started around 11am and when Sebastian took the stage, I was in awe of his presence. Something about him, instantly drew me to him, and I hadn’t even met him yet! The first thing he said to us, after saying hello, was “I made it to Tulsa! This is where Chandler got in trouble!” Everyone cheered and I laughed at the Friends reference. I regret not standing up and yelling, “I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE” like Captain America, but I was too nervous. For my first Comic Con, I wanted to behave. The questions from the interviewer and the fans were really amazing and I’ll never forget the girl who got a hug from Sebastian because she was so nervous to talk to him. He ran off the stage and up the aisle, right by me and my friends, picked her up, and hugged/spun her around. I’ll also never forget what he said to my Dad. My Dad was on his phone, playing Solitaire, and before Sebastian made his way back to the stage, he saw my Dad playing on his phone, said “That’s what I’d be doing right now.” And the entire audience broke out laughing! For me however, I was hyperventilating because he was talking to my Dad and was standing right next to me. After the panel, one of my new friends had the first VIP group to meet Sebastian, so she had to go get in line. However, my other friends and I walked around, checking out the booths and everything Wizard World had to offer. There were a LOT of different comic books, and photos and paintings from different comic book characters and those from Marvel & DC. We all were having a great time, until it was our turn to queue up for the second autograph session. Once again, we stood in line, waiting for Sebastian to come back from his lunch break. We were told we could take picture or videos of Sebastian but when he was signing autographs, we had to put our phones away. Now I’ll share the video I took in a second post, but let’s get back to Seb. When my friend and I approached the table, we both smiled and asked him how he was. It was a bit awkward because we didn’t know what to say and he is very focused when he’s signing but he was still so nice when he talked. It was my turn to meet him and after he signed my picture, I told him I had a present for him. I picked up the MASSIVE Marvel gift bag that had red, white, and blue tissue paper (for Captain America of course) and when I set the bag on the table, Sebastian’s eyes grew really wide and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He didn’t entirely open the gift bad, but he moved the paper around to see what was inside. I had made a collage for him, of his most recognizable characters he’s ever played, but his reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. He said, “oh no, no more pictures of me please.” I was kinda hurt hearing him say that because it took a lot of time and money for me to make that collage but I told him the best thing I could think of. “Well I made this for you because I’m really proud of you and I want you to be proud of yourself.” I explained. And at that moment, when he looked at me and smiled, said thank you, I knew he was okay with it. I also had to make sure to tell him about the 3 page letter I wrote for him that was at the bottom of the bag and he said he’d look for it. We said our goodbyes and that we’d see him shortly and he smiled as we walked away. Both my friend and I were freaking out because we got to actually talk to Sebastian Stan and we got his autograph! We had more time to kill before we had to be back for our photo with him so again, we went around, looking at all the booths the vendors had to offer. The whole day, I met more and more fans who all loved Sebastian just as much as I did and we all became fast friends. When it was finally time for photos, we were all exhausted from the day and just wanted it to be over. From 9:00 in the morning, we had one thing after another going on. As soon as we stood up to prepare to meet him again, my heart was racing; I was so excited to see him again. I walked up to him, smiled and said hi, I asked if he could hug me from behind for the picture and he said sure. Later I was told by my friends who were watching us together, they said Sebastian had hesitated where to put his arms because it seemed like he didn’t wanna hit my boobs; a total gentlemen. I waited for my friends to take their pictures and then we all picked our printed pictures up. We made sure to get something to put the photo op picture and the autographed picture in before we left. It was around 5pm when we all had met Sebastian and were ready to call it a day. We said our goodbyes and exchanged Facebooks and said we’d keep in touch. When I got back to my hotel room with my Dad, I was on such a high that all I could do was look at my picture with Sebastian and be totally in love. Sebastian was the nicest man I have ever met and the way he interacted with all of us, was truly extraordinary. So on this one year anniversary, I say thank you to Sebastian for coming out to meet us. Thank you for flying from New York, to Atlanta for a layover, then to Tulsa and getting there at 4am. Thank you for giving us your all even though we knew you were exhausted. Thank you for all your hard work as an actor and as a human being. I can’t ever put into words what you mean to me but I will try to tell you and show you everyday for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to be reunited again one day. I love you to the moon and back my Romanian Prince



Lazy Evening (II)

Moving in to the kitchen Greg fetched tea making supplies. The week he had spent there waiting for Mycroft to return had allowed him to navigate around the house without much difficulty. On auto pilot, he prepared tea whilst his mind went over the date at the park.

He blushed as he realised how needy he must have sounded, but Myc had been so kind, not at all scathing. 

As Greg heard Mycroft entering the lounge he rose, to make him tea.

“I didn’t want to disturb you with tea before, let me get you some fresh now.“ As he passed by Mycroft, he left his fingers flit lightly over the mans back…. mmm … the tingle stayed on his fingers whilst he made tea… and Greg wondered if there was some sort of physical residue that could be picked up in some sort of imaging. He laughed to himself realising that he had never laughed as much as he had with Mycroft. It was as though a weight were lifted.

"Hey… I wanna be lazy with you…. let’s order takeout  and watch TV?” He needed an activity that would quench his hormones some…  a hot curry might just do the trick.

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*appears in a cloud of glitter* pls consider reincarnation au Anakin and Obi-Wan's first date when they meet again.

Obi-Wan stares at him. The golden curls, the way he hides his hands in his long sleeves, the way he bites his lips when he’s nervous. Even the scar he has in so many incarnations, the one over his eye, even that is the same. Anakin. His Anakin. Back from the death, and still, still he doesn’t remember all those other lifetimes. Will it ever stop hurting?
‘I’ve never done this before,’ he says, his eyes fixed on the cup of coffee he’s holding.
'Going on a date with a man.’ He wraps his hand around his cup and then looks up at Obi-Wan. 'But you know? It’s not so scary.’
Obi-Wan’s heart jumps for just a second. 'So how does it feel?’
'As if…’ He laughs and brushes a lock of hair behind his ear. 'It’s gonna sound stupid.’
'No,’ he replies. 'Tell me.’
'As if I’ve done this a thousand times before.’

i watched the hirunaka no ryuusei movie (in japanese, since there’s no english subs out yet) and even though I already knew what was gonna happen I still got sad af ;___; 

it was more like a compilation of all the cute moments from the manga so it made the format kinda weird and rushed but i understand the limitations of putting a whole manga story in the span of like an hour and a half, but yeah.

she still should’ve ended up with shishio man. i’ll never get over it ugh LOL. 

Sit down lads and listen to my tired fueled rant on why Steven Yeun is a pure man and loves Keith!

So, its been bugging me for a while (especially with the new season just being released) about the fact that almost all the voice actors promote the show and how much slack my boi Steven gets! We all know how much Jeremy Shada, Bex T-K, Josh Keaton, Hell, even AJ whos new to the team go full out and are full of thoughts and words to say about Voltron and their charterers, SO, I am here today, ignoring every piece of homework i have due four weeks ago to tell y’all why none of the slack he gets is deserved!

Way back when in may of this year, a local (ish) convention guested Steven Yeun as a guest, and even though I may be a Lance stan before a human being, I cried cuz I loved this boi since the walking dead. 

I had saved all my $$ just to get this boi’s autograph (on top of picking one up for my friends sister) and waited in his line for almost 2 hours just so i could be first.  And as I sat in line, i noticed that the growing amount of walking dead fans where starting to get extremely high (i don’t think a single person in that line even KNEW what Voltron even was!).

So, b/c i am smart and don’t want to make a rash choice, i sneak a pick at the photos he has lined up before hand to see if they had any rad Voltron for him to sign. and OF COURSE there is no Voltron or Keith anywhere on that table.  But Worry not fellow nerds!  I did the smart thing and printed off a picture of Keith at home!  But my printer is shitty and the quality wasn’t the best

So after almost two hours and him being 20 minutes late ( i could never hate, my boi was on his lunch break) the line starts movin.  So here i am, about to meet Steven FREAKING Yeun, dressed as Kim Possible (not relevant but anyways) and I have practiced over and over what im gonna say to this man.  

“Talk about the Walking Dead, you can do it, tell him you love the walking dead”

So i get up and pay for my autograph, and they let me have two photos and his manager, when he gets to me, tells him that he can only sign one.

NOw, before I got on, my boi looked tired.  Like HELLA TIRED.  idk what he be doing, but he was doing his best to fake a smile and get through another line.

And when i get up in front of him, I FROZE!  like, BItcH, What you DOIN?!?!?  anyways, i shake his hand and all i manage to say is 

“I loved you in Voltron!”

And the look on his face gave me ten years of my life back!  This boi (whose entire autograph photo selection is just walking dead and head shots) hears Voltron, and i saw a smile that was genuine rush over him.  And the MOMENT i notice this, I just go back to talking about Voltron with him

Anyways, he signs my friends photo (which was hella aesthetic) and he looks over at my two and i explain to him the deal 

“So, heres the thing: i only have enough money for one autograph and you are my favorite character in the walking dead (bitch was already dead at this point too) but I got really sad when there was no Keith photos. SO i printed this out at home and I want you to decide.”

he looks at the two photos and tells me

“heres what we’re gonna do.”

and he reaches for the Keith picture and he starts to sign it.  I’m already close to tears at this point, and he is just signing away.  And then he glances over at his manager and quickly signs the other one, pushing both towards me before she had time to react and pull the other one away.

ANd at this point i am IN TEARS.  Crying in the con, god bless this random lady who gave me a tissue or my makeup would have been a mess.  

My friend and I sit down and we look at the pictures and he FUCKING SIGNED THE KEITH PHOTO FROM KEITH!!!!  I might be a Lance stan, but jesus fuck do I love Steven Yeun and everything he is!!

And this boi loves Keith! all the stories I heard from others who met him said that when they mentioned Voltron he would become ten times more happy.  Steven is a gift and I want nothing but happiness for that man.

Oh, and also…

Stevn Yeun loves Keith, he cares for Voltron, and I will NOT tolerate hate towards him any longer!

I rest my case

At first, the people thought him gentle and kind. Powerful. The most powerful. But soon, they learned not to be wary of his magic, but of his silver tongue and the madness therein. The Mad King slipped into existence as the sun sunk below the horizon. 

Well. Two years in the making, and finally my King’s project has come to a close. Quite a ride! I enjoyed it a lot. I had thoughts to add Jeremy, so I’ll throw him up on the list in case I get an itch some day… but for now! It’s all done :) Thank you everyone!

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan | King Jeremy

total chris pine moments in wonder woman
  • stealing something from evil dudes and then just booking it
  • cooly dropping a bomb onto a building while flying away
  • ..then proceeding to crash said plane and drown
  • needing to be saved by others
  • ACCIDENTALLY bringing his problems into other people’s lives
  • just the fact that tons of dudes want to kill him (like same)
  • his face when the lasso of truth
  • claiming to be an expert in stealth and stuff yeah right
  • giggling as he swishes his feet around in the hot tub
  • casually talking about his dad’s watch while nude
  • seriously he was standing there for like 8 minutes put somE CLOTHES ON (he was just pretending to be embarrassed okay he wanted to show off)
  • being confused 99% percent of the time
  • sighing whenever diana does anything
  • giving others fashion advice
  • but also the impatient “it’s been 2hrs can we get outta here??” husband
  • not wanting diana to steal his spotlight
  • that dramatic ‘ow that hurt’ hand shaking post epic punch
  • remus lupin: don’t do the thing!! chris: i’m sorry did you say dO IT?
  • but is a total hypocrite cause he continues to nag diana NOT TO DO THE THING!
  • “you’re breaking up, i can’t hear you sorry BYE!”
  • makes a big fuss about not taking the drink but then ends up taking it anyway
  • ripping off jacket to reveal a whole new outfit and excitedly jumping into a stolen car
  • the pipe and the german accent (was that even acting cause all i saw was chris)
  • wooing all the ladies
  • …by buying them ice cream and doing stupid impressions
  • dramatic goodbye but his gf can’t even here him
  • grinning as he blows himself up
  • just a bunch of questionable life choices okay?