never what they wanted me to be

                                           “Your sins turn against you”

A sigil for curses and hex bags; to bring the sins of the person back unto them. They have caused pain and heartbreak and they will feel it in turn; causing pain to clean the wound. No more than they have done, no less than they deserve. 


Wow. All I can say is thank you, thank you for all the kind messages everyone has sent me. Whether it was on here or twitter, I’m amazed at the responses I’ve been getting. The love and support from this community is one of the things that originally drew me in. I never imagined my art would take me here but I’m thankful that I got to be apart of this charity stream. I want to thank all of those who donated or signal boosted the stream in anyway you could. You all helped an amazing cause today. I’m so proud of all of you and what this community is able to accomplish. <3

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Humans have been known to do stunts, stupid, yet useful stunts. Nearly any can and will do something if they want to, or curious, but some... some have common sense. That is, until you tell them they CAN'T do something...

Of course id never forcibly make the nuclear engine go into hyper drive that could kill us a–

Yeah dont go near that, human cane

….dont tell me what to do

*Entire ship falls apart in hyper space*

Worth it


Neha: We’re not romantic anything. We’re just friends. Jules, I would have never said yes if before we had-

Jules: I don’t really want to hear it. You can do anything you want. You are anyway. I will also continue to do what I want. 

Neha: You’re not listening to me. Please, just listen to me. 

Jules: For you to say words to make me feel again? No thank you. I was fine before you did that. I was dealing with my confusion before you did that. Is this what you like, playing with persons emotions? Showing up to this social gathering, looking like that? 

Neha: Looking like?

Jules: Socially acceptable levels of attract- listen you should just go back to your date. . 

Neha: You think I look attractive?

Jules: Have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying?

it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY 

Okay I dont want to speak to this person to start a war but I really want to address what they said because they are not the only one who comes up with such a ridiculous logic to try to downplay and deny Jerza’s moment.

I cant speak for other ships but this is stupid logic to bash at Jerza and their shippers. The act of saving people alone is never in itself a shipping moment to me if there have never been romantic development between those charas. Jellal and Erza have clear romantic development in FT for years, even you dislike them you cannot deny it unless you insist on staying blind to such fact. To us Jellal saving Erza is a shipping moment because they are in love, not because saving someone must be romantic.

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Just wanted to share For years I'm pretty sure my parents and the rest of my family thought I was gay bc I never talked about boys or wanting a boyfriend or anything, and a few months ago they all kind of cornered me and pressured me to kind of come out as gay to them. I did come out - but as ace. It wasn't their intention to upset me but it did at the time, they were all very supportive once i explained what it was and everything but I was still feeling pretty shit about it. (1/2)

(2/2) But then later I told my friend on my own terms and it was wonderful and she didn’t question it at all, she accepted it and me and treated it with respect while also not seeing me any differently. And I just am so grateful for that. I’m also thankful for this blog for helping me come to terms with everything, you guys are the best.

Your friend sounds great and I’m glad we helped <3


Jayla: Hey girl! Love that sweater, are you feeling okay today? I heard about what happened at the party the other night. 

Vivian: Thanks. I’m just trying not to think about it right now.

Jayla: I understand. Just wanted to say sorry and I can’t believe Savannah said that to you. 

Macey: She says anything like it again and she’ll be seeing me at the end of the school hallway.

Vivian: Guys, it’s really okay. Let’s just forget about it and pretend it never happened.

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Why do you think people are so..."picky" when it comes to the remakes? I mean, they are 'based off' the animation films. The same thing when movies are adapted from books. They said 'based off', yet people become extremely defensive and angry when it isn't exactly the same. Thoughts?

Nostalgia mainly. They see their favourite movie being turned in to something else that is unfamiliar to them. They’re comfortable with what they know and don’t want to see it changed. This applies to a lot of things - not just the Disney remakes. 

I honestly do not understand when people say a live action remake will “ruin” the original movie for them. They are two separate pieces of work based off the same source material. Like I’ve had people explain to me what they mean but I honestly can’t understand how it ruins the original. Like do you just never watch you favourite movie again? I don’t get it.

I think books to film are a little different because you have what you imagined in your head and see someone else’s interpretation of it. Versus you have the original movie and you know what the characters look and sound like and then someone else is taking that story you already know and changing it in to something else. So they are different but the same at once haha. Confusing I know. 

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Arkos Fluff "Taking care of Pyrrha after a long mission was never a chore for Jaune"

Taking care of Pyrrha after a long mission was never a chore for Jaune. 

He gently stroked a strand of hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. Her head was resting against his shoulder, her eyes closed. “Sure you don’t want me to warm up dinner for you?”, he asked. 

“I don’t want you to get up.”

“But I can make you-”

“Jaune, if you leave now…”


“Know what you can do for me?” 

“Everything you want.”

“Wrap your arms around me. Hold me close. Don’t leave.”

He chuckled and pulled her into a warm embrace. 

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I know you said you wouldn't answer any more asks but i really want to know- when your friend messaged her about it did she SAY it was fake? Because....

/last answer bc im?? Confused????/
None of my friend messaged her??? I messaged her. I never talked about any of my friends what?? And she didn’t say it was fake??? She sent me the screenshots. Then I asked if she can give me an other proof and she didnt open my snap. So for me its still not a legit proof but anyway.
If u have questions dont ask it anonymously or i cant answer privately!

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Have you ever thought about showing your kids certain blog posts about them somewhere down the line? I read them sometimes and think "I wish I knew what my parents did for me/thought about when I did all that stuff as a little kid." I don't know. Might be neat somewhere down the line. Just a dumb, random thought. You're a great mom, and it shows.

Honestly I never thought about it. I mean, I worry about them finding my blog on my phone or computer because I might accidentally leave it open. Eventually…maybe. I just would never want them to know my money problems or anything I go through with them. Like when it comes to d-bag: I don’t bad mouth him infront of them or (try) not to bitch about child support infront of them. It’s came up before but one of them brought it up. Yea, it would be nice to show them some posts eventually, but for now I post things for me. And thank you💕

5 Things

I was tagged by @buckys-fossil to do a thing. Thanks Sam!


  1. Lipstick/gloss
  2. Lip balm 
  3. Old receipts 
  4. Wallet
  5. Phone


  1. 1. Clothes
  2. My lil gold elephant!
  3. Books everywhere
  4. Makeup
  5. Me, majority of the time


  1. Have something I’ve written published
  2. Travel
  3. Live in NYC, even if just for a little bit
  4. Find a career that I’m passionate about
  5. Be more fearless


  1.  Marvel
  2. Marian Hill
  3. What’s Your Number
  4. Tumblr
  5. Moana​


  1. organize my life
  2. that’s it that’s all
  3. oops
  4. i’m a mess
  5. it’s a big task


  1. i’ve never been in a relationship
  2. I’m Puerto Rican and Filipino on my mom’s side
  3. I can bake pretty well
  4. I’ve been writing since elementary school
  5. I’m constantly daydreaming

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A lot of people disliked the dress though and tbh when an actor starts telling the crew members how to do the job that they trained for and have been doing for years they automatically loose my respect. It is the height of arrogance and extremely insulting to the effort that the crew puts in to their work for an actor to assume whatever whim they came up with will trump the professionals' expertise and years of experience.

I know a lot of people disliked the dress. I’m just saying I didn’t mind it and that I felt like it didn’t need a corset either? I never said that Emma’s “diva fit” - as it was referred to as - was a good thing? Like I don’t know what you want me to do about it haha. All I was doing was saying my opinion in that I didn’t mind the dress.

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okay but just for the sake of fairness, Knight (as well as others I'm sure, probably) were also in high school when they joined the national team

Oh yeah all the high school seniors they’ve asked are on the U-18 team, it’s just funny to me. Picture a teenage girl sitting down, going through her email, seeing what USA Hockey sent her, then tweeting out that she’s turning them down? Not only is that a funny visual for me, it’s also pretty impressive. These girls (who are like my age btw) are turning down what could be their only shot to be on Team USA and represent their country on an international stage. That takes guts, bc they are probably going to face some consequences for that, like never making the team at all, even if they could. So, it’s funny, impressive, and it’s great how USAH is getting told to shove it by teenage girls who want to be paid when they get on the national team, dammit! 

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So I was wondering.... I had an idea for what would be like a headcanon(I think🤔) and would you want me to send it to you as a submission or as an ask?(Sorry, I've never done this kind of thing before😅) Also I don't know if someone has already had this idea and what your opinion about it is, so I'd just leave it up to you whether you wanted to use it or not.

Asks are ideal if you want my input, submissions are better when you just have a completed headcanon yourself

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Instead of accepting it maybe people like you should actually try to do something instead of idolise hatred

“People like you” will never understand what its like to be “people like me”

To have to deal with being on the lowest level of degree 

You send me anon hate, telling me to change and do something 

While you sit back and judge, effectively fixing nothing 

I don’t idolize hatred, but I guess you see what you want to see

u kno i believe what ppl say really easy and people will say i’m gullible and yeah sure i guess i am but the only reason i believe people all the time is there’s so many times in my life where i was telling the truth and someone disbelieved/dismissed me and it felt shitty so i never want someone to feel like that ever

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