never wear t shirts with sleeves ok!!!!!!!!!!

Tales of Zestiria sunburns

This is just a small prompt I came up with and is kind of an opening thing? I might do this but in reverse later if I ever get around to it

•probably finds out by hugging you.
•this boi doesn’t know what to do…
•ok he kind of does but has never really experienced it before
•"it’s because you wear that long sleeved shit in this damn heat!“
•"it’s not that bad!”
•"I think the fuck not!“ Says you face down on your couch pointing at your lobster red back.
•he gets Mikleo to help you.

•"I told you not to stay in the sun too long…“
• he figures out by looking at how uncomfortable you look in your shirt.
• and how when you ploped on the couch your face expressed extreme pain.
• “next time you get a sunburn this bad I’m slapping aloe on it and that’s all your getting”
•you know he’s lying though
•after all that’s what he said last time.

•(slaps) pats your back.
•”*doubles over* OW"
•"I didn’t think I hit you that hard"
• he ends up having a sun burn to
•you hit him in the back.
•all in all your both in absolute agony for the entirety of two full weeks.

•"you got a sun burn didn’t you"
•"*pokes back*“
•"SON OF A-”
•"uh huh"
•he ends up having to heal you
• D A M N
• your skin is litterally R E D.
•"your not going swimming when it’s cloudy outside again"
•"point proven… OW"

~mod I still haven’t decided…

Operation Vixen: The Force, the Fetish, the First.

This is a (late) birthday present for one of our favorite human beings, @londonrainings. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Madge pouts and slumps back against the kitchen counter. “We’re going to the pub again?”

It’s December 26th—St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland—and Madge is certain she’s running on eggnog and pure sexual tension at this point. She’s stayed over at Gale’s childhood home not one, but two nights in a row, and she’s woken up next to his twelve-year-old sister Posy each time. And while Madge absolutely adores everyone in Gale’s loud, affectionate, and gloriously Irish family, she’s itching to have her brand new boyfriend all to herself right now.

Alas, alone time is not forthcoming. “We promised the lads,” Gale reminds her, slipping his hands under the hem of her sweater. “It’s Stephen’s Night.”

His hands are still damp from the washing up, and they’re cool and slick on her skin as they come to rest on her waist. “You’re not helping,” she chides him.

He really wasn’t. She’s lost count of the number of times they’d come thisclose to jumping each other whenever they had a moment to themselves. On the couch. In the bathroom. Right here in the kitchen.

“I’d rather not go, either,” Gale murmurs into her ear. “But it’s Bristel’s birthday, too. You know how put off he is that it’s so close to Christmas. We’ll just excuse ourselves early, like last time.”

Madge swallows back a moan as his thumbs start tracing circles on her hipbones. It’s taking all of her willpower not to rip his clothes off right now. “All right.”

It’s going to be a long night.

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