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Flower child Jehan 🌺 I’ll probably make some designs for other characters soon since I (finally) started reading the brick™ (and skipped right to the descriptions of my barricade children™, i mean, duh) sooo,, yeh. I’m just enjoying drawing this pure child before stepping into the hell of cHaRACTeR dESigNS

Also smol doodle of Grantaire,, his hair is rly difficult to draw so it won’t get any better than this tbh 

im honestly crying at enjolras and grantaire at teacher parent conferences??? they’re such a scary couple because grantaire never stopped wearing ripped jeans and nail polish and beanies and even tho he’s been sober for like, 20 years he still kinda looks like he fell off the back of some rock band’s tour bus, and enjolras usually comes straight from work with his suit and tie and carefully styles hair and briefcase and he’s also known for being very,,, opinionated,, and both are fiercely defensive of their kids so most of the more conservative teachers are fucking terrified of them

Autistic L Lawliet

Okay this is a popular one but lemme just put together a list of reasons based on the Death Note Anime because this headcanon is so fricking exciting to me!! Feel free to add more.

-Speaks in a monotone voice

-Ignores common social rules of interaction, talks in a very blunt manner (“Matsuda, YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT!!!”). Not necessarily obscene but sort of macabre language?

-On occasion, extremely good at empathizing, hence he can often be several steps ahead of Kira.

-Strong morals and sense of justice. Well, questionable morals at times, but strong nonetheless.

-Literally only wears one outfit consisting of a baggy shirt & jeans.

-NEVER WEARS SOCKS. Shoes only when absolutely necessary.

-The way he sits, with his legs up. Iconic. He says it helps him think. (Sitting a certain way for specific sensory input? Absolutely a thing.)

-Constantly fidgeting.

-Holds things “weirdly” (phone, paper). Dyspraxia?

-Can only eat certain foods. Literally. The anime only shows him eat sweets, snacks, and the occasional strawberry or banana. Drinks basically only tea with loads of sugar. Probably can’t handle savoury or spicy foods at all?

-Possibly has joint hypermobility or similar collagen defects (which are common-ish in autistic people). Could be the cause of his extremely pale skin, the permanent dark circles under his eye, bad posture and also another reason for him to sit his usual way.

- 24/7 fixated on the Kira case.

-Special Interests in crime solving (he solves cases on an international level under multiple pseudos!!) and especially the Kira case.

Sweet Creature - Pink Series pt. 1

Hello lovelies! Here is part one of that angsty, slow burn, friends to lovers series I’m starting! The series will be called Pink and there will be 10 parts in total, each one inspired by/including one of the songs on Harry’s album.

Word Count: 5k

Enjoy! .xx -M

“So, you’re ready to get back into the game again, huh?” you ask around a mouthful of scone, crumbs tumbling from your lips as you speak.

“Yeah, I think I am. It’s been a long break, and I think I’m ready to really start writing again,” Harry smiles, the future career he’s planning seeming like more and more of a reality.

“Well, I for one, am excited. Always wanted to know what you’d do on your own.”

“You’ve heard some of my own songs,” he questions, sipping his tea.

“Well yeah, but like, none of those were written for your own personal album, H, they were more for fun. I wanna see you in your element,” you say.

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Is that love in the air, or just pollen? Tag your results :)!

Vilde: Lazy femme, doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, hates heels, has 50+ headbands, master of window shopping, ultimate style icon Blair Waldorf

Eva: Soft butch, her flannels always smell of flowers, has a hundred low cut tank tops (mostly in grey and dark green), BEANIESSSSSSSSS, tried to cut her hair with blunt scissors when she was little

Chris: Style icon butch, every piece she owns she is in love with, can’t leave the house without at least five statement pieces, owns 17432 SnapBacks, has lots of weed/420 t-shirts, doesn’t like makeup

Sana: Highkey femme, her makeup is always on POINT, thinks black is a femme color, owns 13 hijabs in different shades of black and textures she insists they are all different, loves Sephora

Noora: FUTCH

Jamilla: Femme, has a signature necklace she wears everywhere, has hijabs in all the shades in the world, LOVES JACKETS, also loves putting pins in those jackets

Sonja: Butch, wants everyone to see she is gay, PURSES, ripped jeans, never wears dresses

Emma: Femme, never leaves the house without makeup and at least five pieces of jewelry, loves cozy knitted sweaters,

The Prince

for @wrathofthestag who said she could really use some sweetness today

(I’ve prompted this to other people but it hasn’t bitten yet, so I’m gonna do my best to fill it myself)

tw are all relative to The Hockey Prince  episode but doesn’t go too hard on the details of the OD, still be careful though!

set between Playoffs I and Playoffs II, the night that Jack walks out of Jerry’s - very quick, slight reference to Holster being into Bitty

on AO3

It’s a dangerous thing, the news tab in a search engine. It’s often drawn Jack down a hole of seeking out nothing but the worst things hockey commentary has to say about him. 

After opening tonight’s twentieth browser tab, he had mechanically reached over to turn on his bedside table lamp just so he could indulge his misery even longer. Even if he found the strength to put his laptop away before dawn, sleep was simply not going to come tonight.

The guys had all been warned off by Shitty from trying to bring Jack out of his funk. There were three stage whisper voices in the hallway about an hour after he’d left Jerry’s until Shitty’s lone voice murmured, “We love you, man, fuck everyone else,” against Jack’s door.

Which is why Jack is startled out of a deep blue reverie when a tentative knock comes at about 1:00 a.m. For a moment, Jack thinks Holster might have time traveled as his ten-year-old self into the present day before he realizes that Bittle is the small blonde standing in his door way. His sleep clothes are hanging loose and huge off his frame, and the dim light obscures his face. He mostly realizes that it’s Bittle because of the slice of pie in his hand.

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I’m heading for a The Pretty Reckless concert so I tries to dress the part

My Babe's Impressions of FFXV Characters

So my babe @actualdannyfenton knows nothing about Final Fantasy and they gave me their impressions of Final Fantasy XV characters that I sent them and had me crying. Here they are~ 

Noctis Lucis Caelum: “Look I know I said I outgrew my emo phase but MCR just released that new logo and MOM LISTEN TO THE NEW LOGO”. 

Prompto Argentum: This man spends at least half an hour every morning doing his hair like that. If he doesn’t have time he slaps some gel in it and sticks his head out the window for a similar effect. He shops at Hot Topic but would never own up to it. Probably got those gloves from his emo little sister’s closet. He’s constantly saying he’s not gay but anytime ‘BUT MOM IT’S MCR’ shows up his heart melts a lil. 

Gladiolus Amicitia: “Look man I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars”. He probably acts super tough but he has a pack of Capri Suns in his bag at all times and probably had like seven Tamagotchis growing up. This man is the Mom Friend. He kept his old DS and still checks on his Nintendo Dogs at least once a week. 

Ignis Scientia: “Alright class please turn to page 284. Jordan, turn to page 69 (;”. Me, an Intellectual. He probably stabbed a fork into a socket on a dare in middle school and kept the hair because some chick said it looked cool. This dude got bullied so hard in middle school and every night he said to himself “I’ll be their manager some day” and now he works at the local CVS and gets into fights with people on the internet over mundane things. 

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: This girl keeps trying to impress 'BUT MOM MCR’ by faking to like his interests but in reality only 'Me, an Intellectual’ likes her and she’s PISSED. She has a septum piercing and anytime someone breathes in her immediate vicinity she feels the need to talk about it. “I’m Vegan.” “Okay coo-” “I’M A VEGAN EVERYONE SHOULD BE VEGAN VEGANS ARE THE ONLY DECENT PEOPLE ALIVE VEG-”. 

Ravus Nox Fleuret: He wears a really long cape that gets in the way of everything he does and anytime someone asks why he keeps it on he says “it’s for aesthetic” very dramatically while flipping his hair. He cares more about how he looks taking over the world than his actual plan. He didn’t start trying to destroy everything until his hair was at the perfect length and wound up missing a perfect opportunity but he passed “my bangs are so uneven I can’t be seen ruling the world with imperfect hair!!!”. He puts on eyeliner every morning without fail. 

Aranea Highwind: This is Camilla from Fire Emblem but with gray hair. Loves with a burning passion but kills just as easily. “Oh you’re sad sweetheart? Who do I need to kill to make you feel better? I’ll go get the axe”. She’s a great friend and gives excellent advice but should anyone cross her she makes them wish they were never born. She probably has a thing for MCR Boy too but he’s not too happy about it. 'Me, an Intellectual’ probably thinks he’s so much smarter than her but she could wipe the floor with his whiny mansplaining ass in chess. Best friends with 'I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars’. 

Regis Lucis Caelum: Probably MCR Boy’s dad who just needs a break. He thinks his troubles are finally over until the new P!ATD album drops. He has never seen a child wear jeans so tight. Rumor has it that if you hear a loud rumbling noise from the castle it’s just him sighing because MCR Boy just found a new FOB song. He doesn’t know what a Tumblr is and everyday he thanks the lord for that until his son comes in and says “dad if I get 10,000 notes on a post will you take me to Warped Tour”. 

Ardyn Izunia: Gwaine from Merlin but with purple hair. Probably has some fancy European accent. Every character is in love with him except for 'Me, an Intellectual’ who hates how he so flawlessly gets everyone to love him. Kicks ass while still having perfect hair. He probably sold his soul for the hair to stay so well sculpted in battle. “L'Oréal: Because I’m worth it”. 

Iris Amicitia: “Sure, Jan”. She just came here to see her friend 'Septum Piercing’ but 'Me, an Intellectual’ showed up and is complaining about how women are taking over and she just has this fucking face. She has so much restraint but her bullshit limit is almost reached and she’s about ten seconds from punching 'Me, an Intellectual’ in his fedora wearing face. Always a sweetheart but she has her limits. 

Cindy Aurum: “Call me whatever you want for having my tits out but you’re the one who was looking”. Self-confidence goddess who inspires everyone around her to love themselves. A literal sunflower. She’s like 79% gay. She might seem a little dim to some people but get her talking about something she cares about and holy hell is she a genius. Let’s people make their own assumptions about her so she knows who her real friends are. 

Cid Sophiar: Old Man Jenkins. He acts like a super grouchy old bastard but deep down he cares about his misguided MySpace grandchildren. Probably makes them care packages for the road but says they’re from Lesbian Self Care Goddess. “ TAKE YOUR ATTITUDE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS have fun on your adventures kids be safe call me when you get there AND GET A DAMN HAIRCUT”. 

Cor Leonis: A girl broke up with him once ten years ago and he’s been locked away writing sad emo poetry about how nice guys finish last ever since. Watches romance anime exclusively and has a Hatsune Miku body pillow. Probably a Brony tbh. MCR Boy needs help finishing a quest but he won’t stop talking about how he was “so CRUELLY friendzoned and how LIFE IS POINTLESS without the LIGHT OF LOVE I mean I bought her dinner and wasn’t a total ass WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT”. 

Nyx Ulric: Gray haired Draco Malfoy. Rich boy spoiled and groomed to be evil all his life but he’s really just naive. Has no idea what’s going on 99% of the time but he’s just trying his best. Doesn’t really agree with the shady things going on but he’s smart enough not to question Old Man Aesthetic Cape. Eyeliner Villain is probably his dad. Also probably a giant douche canoe but if you call him out on it HIS FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS. 

Gentiana: Her dad is also Old Man Cape Aesthetic. She’s trying so hard not to slap the shit out of his overdramatic ass and take over the world herself but she has appearances to keep up. Also probably tried to recruit MCR Boy to the Dark Side with her magic womanly wills but he’s too gay for Hot Topic Lord for that to work. Probably the only one in the entire game with half a brain cell. 


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Pinky Promise

Summary: It was supposed to be a typical morning… until you suddenly decided to ask Ned a question about Peter Parker. 

Words: 1791

Warnings: None (except dis shit is straight fluff)

A/N: Hi! After days of reading Peter Parker imagines, I figured I’d try writing my own. It’s currently 3:30 AM, and I just imagined this lil situation up a few hours ago because I was thinking of doing something very similar as the reader does, but irl LOL. Also yay bc the GIF matches the plot and his outfit in the story 

It was a chilly October morning, half an hour before the first class of the day would begin. You walked through the main entrance of Midtown High, letting out a sigh of relief as you felt warmth immediately engulf you. Thank god for central heating. 

You weren’t looking forward to this particular hump day – today was the first day it actually felt like fall, and it was especially hard to leave the warm confines of your bed and get ready in an apartment that had yet to turn on the heat. Not to mention that you had a Spanish quiz later that day that you may or may not fail, and a six-hour shift at the local bookstore almost immediately after school.

As you walked down the hallway, you noticed Peter Parker already at his locker, shrugging off his jacket to hang it up on the hook. After a quick cursory glance, you noticed that he was wearing his typical outfit: a dark green sweater with a plaid shirt underneath, pants, and scuffed sneakers. For some reason, you’ve never seen Peter wearing normal jeans: his pants were always some dark and unassuming color, occasionally cuffed at the ends, and once or twice you could’ve sworn you saw atom-patterned socks peeking out underneath…

Suddenly, you snapped out of your reverie, your eyes darting away from Peter’s figure as you quickly shook your head. Okay, how exactly do you know all this? Oh god Y/N, you need to stop staring at him, you creep. Still, you couldn’t help but glance at Peter one last time before passing by, just as the wire of his earphones somehow got caught in his jacket zipper, pulling them right out of his ears and landing with a clatter on the floor. You let out a soft laugh as you heard him mutter adorably before bending down to pick them up.

You wouldn’t consider yourself to be very close to Peter Parker, though you guys had been in the same Spanish class for the past two years and had been project partners a few times. Peter was definitely an introvert, choosing to spend most of his time with Ned and occasionally his other academic decathlon teammates. He was also so quiet in class – he usually never spoke unless the teacher called on him, but you were pretty sure he had said the right answer every time.

When you were first paired up, you learned more about him. Though he was a little awkward, it was hard not to warm up to him. He had a tendency to blush really easily (even at the smallest and most offhanded compliments), but those blushes were always followed with a crinkly smile or a stuttered “thank you” that reassured you he appreciated the comment. Plus, not only was he smart, but he was also hard-working and focused – so basically, he was the perfect project partner.

From then on, you always liked working with him. But Ned was also in that class, and only an assigned partner situation could ever split those two up. 

That was Peter Parker in a nutshell: shy but nice, incredibly smart, and a bit dorky. But in an adorable way, your mind teased.

Shut up, conscience.

You finally reached your locker and shoved your backpack in, pulling out the books you needed for the day. You were still lost in thought when Ned sidled up next to you, the clattering of his combination lock making you jump and snapping you out of your thoughts for the second time that morning.

Ned noticed your little spasm and turned his head. “Morning, Y/N. You okay?” You didn’t know Ned very well either, but after a few months of small talk by your lockers every morning or afternoon, you found out that he was just as nice as Peter.

“Morning Ned! Y-yeah I’m fine. Just… thinking,” you said hesitantly.

“Oh, about what?” He asked, shooting you a curious look.


You couldn’t very well tell him that you were just thinking about his best friend, could you?

“Um Ned, can I ask you something? But you kinda need to promise me something first. Pinky promise,” you added quickly. Oh god oh god, what am I doing?

Ned’s face morphed into one of confusion. Y/N wasn’t usually so… worked up, especially this early in the day. In fact, he was pretty sure she wasn’t a morning person, if her radio silence and huge cup of coffee she carried every morning was any indication. “Uhhh… sure?”

“No Ned, seriously. Pinky promise.” You held out your pinky towards his.

He held out his hands, almost as if in surrender. “Okay, okay. I mean, I haven’t really done this since the third grade, but okay.” He dropped one of his hands and linked his pinky around yours, sealing the deal. “Wait – what am I pinky promising exactly?”

“Well, not to tell Peter anything about what I’m about to ask you,” you said imploringly, looking up at him with wide eyes. “I know you guys are best friends, but please don’t.”

Ned seemed a bit taken aback, motionless until he shrugged his shoulders slowly. “I guess a pinky promise is a pinky promise. I won’t tell him anything, Y/N.”

You nodded, relieved. “Okay.” You paused to take a deep breath, still in disbelief that you’re about to go through with this. “So… uh, do you know what Peter’s type is? Like, in girls?”

“His type? In girls?” Ned repeated. “Wha – Y/N, are you… into Peter?” You felt your face flush slightly.

“Er, maybe, a little bit? I-I don’t know, I mean he’s… such a good guy and everything, it’s kind of hard… not to?” Your voice lilted up at the end as you stuttered. Meanwhile, your face grew even redder, creating a very good impression of Peter Parker himself.

“Oh… oh. Oh. Wow.” Ned was stunned. He didn’t say anything else as he crossed his arms and stared off as if in thought, making you shift uncomfortably as an awkward silence fell upon the two of you.

“Um, so… do you know?” You finally said. Now it was your turn to jolt Ned out of his thoughts as his eyes snapped back to you, then past you further down the hallway, and back to you again.

“Okay, Y/N. You have to pinky promise me this time – what I’m gonna tell you, you’ll never admit you heard it from me.” Out of nowhere, your heartbeat went into overdrive as you nodded and pinky promised again.

“Okay.” The odd sense of déjà vu hit you again as Ned braced himself to answer you. “You’re probably exactly his type because Peter’s actually liked you for some time now,” he said in a rush.

“Wait, what?” You thought you heard Ned right, but… did Peter actually like you too?

“Yeah, yeah. He does! This like, really works out well. You should go for it. I keep telling him to talk to you more, but he’s just too scared to, I guess.” Ned shrugged, smiling slightly. He couldn’t believe Y/N actually liked his best friend back. This was the best thing to ever happen since he bought that Lego Death Star.

You were still in shock, but a smile began to grow on your face. “You know, I think I will. Thanks, Ned.” Shooting him a grin, you turned back to your locker to grab the last few things you needed, feeling so much more at ease. He actually likes me.

Right at that moment, Peter suddenly appeared, standing in between you and Ned. “Hey, man. Ready to go to Chemistry?” Hearing him greet Ned, you felt your face flush again, hiding your face behind your locker. Your body hadn’t yet calmed down from all the excitement of the past five minutes, apparently.

“Oh, hey Pete. Yeah, I’m almost ready, hold on.” Ned shuffled things around his locker, not having done much before he and Y/N began talking.

You were still hiding behind your locker, absentmindedly rearranging the magnets stuck to the door. Come on, Y/N. He actually likes you. Talk to him, dummy, you thought, trying to psych yourself up. Glancing at your watch and noting there was plenty of time left before the warning bell, you nodded slightly to yourself and finally eased the locker door shut.

“Morning, Peter.” You greeted, smiling slightly. Peter turned to you, brown eyes widening comically.

“Y/N! H-hey. What’s up?” He replied, trying to sound nonchalant. Jeez, Parker. Way to be smooth, he berated himself.

You shrugged, trying to prevent your smile from growing larger as you noticed his nervousness. “Nothing much. Are you ready for the Spanish quiz?” You asked, falling into step with him and Ned as the three of you began walking towards the classrooms.

“Uh, I’m not sure. I did study for it but honestly, I still don’t know what a subjunctive actually is,” Peter confessed, laughing slightly as he tried not to grow even more flustered by your proximity. You had situated yourself close enough that your hand brushed with Peter’s every now and then. He gulped as you suddenly turned to look up at him. Peter took in your Y/E/C eyes, the sweet smile on your face, and your slightly pink cheeks that must have been from the cold weather.

“Oh, please. Knowing you Peter, you’ll probably ace it,” you teased lightly, patting his arm reassuringly. You were a little surprised at the firmness you felt, hinting at muscles hidden underneath the sweaters and hoodies he always wore. This guy keeps on surprising me. Without pausing to think (and probably wimp out), you added sweetly, “We should study together sometime – I might actually be motivated to study then.”

Now Peter fully blushed, going into full-on awkward mode. “O-oh. Yeah, sure, if- if you want. I can help you. De-definitely.” You smiled, heart melting as he ran a hand through his hair nervously, tousling the brown curls. By then, the three of you had reached your classroom so you stopped walking, the guys stopping as well. You glanced over at Ned, who had stayed silent the entire time observing the two of you with a cheesy grin. “Well, this is my stop,” you said, gesturing to the doorway. “See you guys in Spanish. We’ll figure out our study date then, yeah Peter?” You shot him one last smile, moving to hug him quickly before heading inside.

As you walked away, you heard them whisper hurriedly to each other.

“Ned… What just happened?”

“Dude, you just got yourself a date with Y/N Y/L/N, that’s what!”

You smiled. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad after all.