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I'm the shooting draft script for the move Veronicas mom reacts much more realistically to veronica "dying". She screams and even cried that she wants her baby back. But yeah, she doesn't really.... emote in the official movie..

that scene is hilarious because it’s immediately followed by a super awkward family dinner where even the cat is uncomfortable 

daniel waters said in the commentary of the movie (and i’m not going to scrub through that for the exact quote) that he didn’t think that the sawyer’s should be very emotional as a family. he said that the “well i guess i picked the wrong time to be a human being” scene where they’re all arguing was too emotional even though he described it in the script as the sawyer family being “on fire”. and that scene wasn’t even That emotional. so i’m not sure that mrs sawyer being described as being “frantic” can really be taken at face value. it’s very possible that the performance that made it into the final cut was exactly what daniel waters envisioned. it’s also possible that you’re right and daniel waters did want her to act frantic, because although that’s not really in line with the character of mrs. sawyer, it is in line with the movie’s message about the reaction to suicide

also in looking up this scene in the script i found a line that was criminally unused in the final movie which is after veronica shoots jd she says “don’t worry. these are ich luge bullets”

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Yes, I broke the water pipe on purpose.

Hello all, I am VERY glad to have found a subreddit for hotels haha. I am a morning shift supervisor, 6am to 2pm. So, we are doing construction and have been for a while now. Last night, a water pipe burst, around 4am. I get a text this morning from my night audit “Good luck today….” so I get to work and turns out one of our water mains has burst last night around 4am. SO, let me tell you the morning I’ve had. I have been yelled at, spit on (intentionally or unintentionally, gross either way) I have been accused of breaking the pipe on purpose for my own sick pleasure. I got called names. My phone has been ringing nonstop, and my comp sheet is almost full just from today. haha I have never wanted a day to end more. I just have to ask, WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS. If you’re at work having a horrible day as well, i’m with ya bro. :( Also, usually I have very thick skin which is why I enjoy being supervisor. The things people say don’t usually affect me. But today, literally within 5 minutes of clocking in, haven’t even had my covfefe (hehe) yet, I was being attacked lol.

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Woah I did not know you had kids!! Do you mind if I ask a bit about your background, like your age and job and stuff? I started, read, and finished your wandering jew and dancing girl fic last night and it was amazing! Can't stop thinking about it today, I never wanted it to end! I'm really looking forwards to your Tommy piece, whenever that happens :) x

Hello Nonny!    ASK away any time.   Anyone!  :)

Yes indeed I have three lovely little ones running amuck in my writing space now that school is out.   A boy (12) and two girls (10, 7) and they are my petit tresors (little treasures).   Currently I am a stay at home mom.   That was a huge decision for our family because I left a very good, very well paying career to be at home… but it has worked put great and was definitely the right decision for our family at this time.   My husband and I have been married almost 15 years now!!!   And he’s a bit of a badass with a heart of gold himself, because Reasons!!   I definitely have a type  ;)

I am on the other side of 40, so I rather feel like “den mother” on this site some of the time.  So much wisdom I often feel I could impart, yet I know people often have to find their own way too.   So officially y’all:   FEEL FREE to ask me anything about life, love, books, coffee…. I’ll talk about anything guys.

I’m so glad you loved Alfie and Shanna’s story!!!  Thank you for that lovely comment — we writers LOVE hearing that we kept you awake reading our stories.   LOL    It was my first fan fic, so of course they will always have a special place in my heart.   I really love Shanna’s character and I still rather think she was absolutely perfect for our tough gangster.    The story has it’s little imperfections since it was my first attempt at writing Alfie, but hopefully I got better with Nothing At All.   

Oh poor Tommy Conlon.   The troubled man is having trouble fitting into my brain while both Alfie Solomons and James Delaney are still firmly lodged in there.   Never fear - I will find a way to squeeze them all in.  I’m very dedicated to my tough awkward emotionally unstable men.   Ha. 

Thanks for stopping by - have a good one xx


We took the kids to the park today and we found out they just opened a splash pad there! The kids had SO much fun. My little Z was crawling around and laughing so hard anytime she got hit with the water😂 She’s so close to walking so she was holding my hand and walking and loved it. B was so excited the whole time and ran around for like an hour solidly lol Then the ice cream truck came by and we all picked out an ice cream (not Z of course) and we sat on a blanket and had a mini picnic on the grass. After we finished we went and played on the slide and swings for a while. We just got home and now hubby is grilling up tri tip for dinner😍 My kids are perfect, I’m so in love with my husband and I’m just so content right now. Today was absolutely magic. I never want summer to end☀️

One of the kids I’m babysitting is an 8 year old girl who plays piano (quite well for her age) and she’s learning ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and that’s lovely and cute and I’m so proud of her progess bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I HEAR THIS SONG ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO THROW MYSELF OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW 

Preference #33 Wedding Day


You were 100% nervous, more than that if possible. You couldn’t believe that in just a few hours you were going to be marrying the love of your life. You were with the girls getting ready while the boys were in another room doing the same. You wanted to follow the tradition of not seeing each other for 24 hours before the wedding. Whitney was very confused by this, she thought that Niall had gone on tour again since you hadn’t been with him for a day. She forgot all about it when she was getting her hair done and having a little bit of makeup put on her so she felt like one of the grown ups.   She was going to be the flower girl which made this day even more special. Your family flew in from the states and you just couldn’t believe that the reason they were visiting was for a wedding…your wedding. It was almost time to head down and you were just having some final touches done before the dress was zipped up. You looked amazing and you couldn’t wait for Niall to see the dress. You took one last deep breath before you were escorted down to where the wedding was going to be held. 

As soon as the traditional music began playing, all heads turned in your direction. Whitney was leading the way and Niall was tearing up. The boys smiled at you, giving you reassuring nods. You couldn’t help the smile on your face as you made your stride down the aisle with your father. Whitney reached the alter and was now in Harry’s arms, you were just steps behind and your father gave you a kiss and shaking Niall’s hand. “Take care of her” your father gave Niall a wink and Niall nodded. The ceremony didn’t last too long because you really didn’t want to drag it out. All you wanted to hear were the words “You may now kiss the bride”, as soon as they came out of the priests mouth Niall dipped you down into a deep kiss. Everyone was clapping and cheering for the two of you. As you were walking back down the aisle you had Whitney in between the two of you holding hands. This day couldn’t be any more perfect to you.


The well-known song began chiming through the room and the doors opened revealing you standing arm in arm with your father. You made the slow stride down the aisle noticing how Liam’s expression changed to a look of lust in response to how beautiful you looked in your dress. You gave him a shy smile and he did the same. You could see how nervous he was, he was tapping his foot and his hands were beginning to get shaky. You couldn’t tell from the outside but on the inside you were panicking, this was really happening, you were going to be getting married in a matter of minutes. When you reached the alter Liam whispered to you that you looked beautiful and you blushed. He took your hands in his and nodded as if he was trying to say that you guys had finally made it to the moment you had been awaiting for months. Just as the priest was about to speak, you heard a voice interject. None other than Louis’; “Y/N are you sure you really want to do this, I mean Liam can be quite weird!” the crowd laughed and so did you but Liam hit him on the shoulder. “Kidding, kidding! You guys are so lovely together. Alright, carry on, let’s get this show on the road!”, Louis always had something funny to say or a comment that he had to throw in even when it was completely unnecessary.

After everyone got over the outburst the ceremony began and it was actually quite lovely.  The words you had been waiting to hear for 11 months were now finally being said. “You may now kiss the bride.”, Liam took you in for a kiss and whistles, cheers, and claps were echoing through the grand room. You were finally Mrs.Payne and you couldn’t be any happier.


Walking down the aisle you could feel all eyes on you, Louis was at a loss for words at how beautiful you looked in your dress. When you finally reached the alter your father gave you a kiss and gave Louis a firm handshake. Louis took both your hands in his and gave you a smile in which you returned. You finally heard the words “You may now kiss the bride”, and before you had a moment to think, Louis had dipped you down into a deep kiss. The boys were whistling and your families were cheering. You were finally Mrs.Tomlinson, it seemed quite weird to think about that you were now married when just a day or so ago everything was completely different. 

You and Louis were standing behind the doors for the reception waiting for your names to be announced. “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on Mrs.Tomlinson” you blushed and he gave you a kiss. “I guess you’re not to bad yourself Mr.Tomlinson” he laughed and then moments later you heard noise coming from the room in front of you. “Please welcome the newlyweds; Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson!!” the voice was booming throughout the walls and the door swung open revealing you a Louis holding hands. Once again everyone erupted in cheers and claps. This was definitely the best day you’d ever had and you never wanted it to end. 


Today was the day you had been waiting for for months, you were going to be getting married to the man who has been through it all with you. You were about to start the walk down the aisle with your father and already you were getting teary eyed. As soon as Harry saw you he smiled and wiped the corners of his eyes where tears were beginning to form. Your son Eric was carrying the rings a few steps behind you. All eyes were on you as you went up the two steps to face Harry at the alter. “You look lovely in your dress” he whispered to you and you blushed. After Eric delivered the rings Louis took his hand and brought him over to stand next to him. The ceremony began shortly after and everyone quieted down, listening to your heartfelt vows that both of you wrote yourselves. Both of you had tear stained cheeks and finally you heard the words “You may now kiss the bride”. Harry immediately captured your lips and the room erupted in cheers for the two of you. 

The reception immediately followed and it was full of laughs, dancing, and amazing memories. Eric was enjoying every moment of it, you were so glad that your whole family was able to be apart of this special day. You knew that this was just the beginning and that there would be many more amazing memories to come.


“You may now kiss the bride” were all you heard before you were brought into a deep kiss. You were finally married and hearing Mrs.Malik would definitely need some getting used to. The two of you turned to face your friends and family as you grabbed each others hand and walked back down the aisle. 

The reception was amazing. Everyone was having a great time singing and dancing. All the boys asked to dance with you and you politely obliged to their requests. After your dance with Harry, Zayn stole you away to have your first slow dance as a married couple. It was so romantic and you wished that it could last forever. “I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what life brings us in the future” Zayn whispered to you as you both continued to spin slowly around the room. “I love you too” you said as you gave him a light kiss. When the song ended the atmosphere quickly changed and people were laughing, drinking and having tons of fun. It was around 1 when Zayn was carrying you bridal style down to the limo that would take it you back to a hotel. This day could not have been any more perfect to you. You had the most amazing wedding and you married the most amazing man.