never wake up again

My crush reblogged some sappy “I wanna get drunk and makeout with you” kinda post and hashtag “ #her ” and I’m just like????? Who is HER???? You’ve never spoken of HER??? It’s day one of my crush and I’ve already been defeated

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Sleepy Ticcidrowned hcs? uvu

yaaasssss so manyyyy

Toby probably has night terrors but doesnt want to wake ben up so he just cuddles up to him and hides his face in his hair

Ben has the biggest thing for crawling into peoples hoodies and sleeping there.

Toby gives Ben forehead kisses when he wakes up in the middle of the night

Ben has a lot of really nice dreams about toby and in the morning he likes to very poorly describe them to him with slurred words and a dumb smile on his face

Ben falls asleep in tobys lap like a cat and now toby is obliged to never move again because he’ll wake him up.

“i come down to the kitchen for a scone and i’m welcomed by UNWELCOMED hands around me.” the lady threw the pan down on the grown before letting a shudder run over her spine. “please forgive me, i just—i’m pretty sure he’ll wake up hopefully with the recollection of never touching me like that AGAIN. –scone?” she picked up the platter of blueberry scones to the other. “not made by him i promise.”

And so, you just do it.
You get up, and you say to yourself,
“I don’t care if my heart is bleeding. I don’t care if thinking of him touching someone else’s skin hurts so bad that some days I can’t even form sentences. I’m not going to let this ruin my life anymore.”
And just like that, you move on.
You get out of bed. You look in the mirror and whisper his name until it doesn’t mean anything anymore as it rolls off your tongue.
You wear his favorite dress and you accept that compliment from another man in the grocery store.
You get in the shower and feel his fingerprints rinse from your skin.
You lick your lips without tasting his mouth.

And baby, you move on with your life.
It will take a long time. Don’t expect to wake up one morning and never think of him again.
You’ll move on, but there will be days you still miss him.
And that’s okay, love. Some days will hurt more than others.
But you live.
You visit beautiful places, and you meet beautiful people, and you live.
You learn that he isn’t the end of everything.
You learn to be happy on your own.
And God, it is beautiful.
—  God, it is beautiful

Tfw when you expect to be able to work on stuff or be otherwise productive, and then for whatever reason things keep happening to prevent you from doing that


Headcanon where Naruto and Sasuke don’t actually do the relationship thing the way you’re supposed to.

Instead, it hits Sasuke one day that Naruto has been coming to his house every single day since his return. And that they’re always together, sparring, cooking meals, even washing the dishes together.

It also hits him a couple weeks later that Naruto starts making excuses for wanting to sleep in his house instead of his own apartment. And the first couple of nights Naruto sleeps on the couch, and one morning he “magically” (according to Naruto) wakes up next to Sasuke on the bed. He never sleeps on the couch again.

Sasuke wakes up a couple weeks after falling into the routine of sleeping together on the same bed only to find that now naruto has taken the habit of cuddling him. So he sighs and wraps a lazy arm around his waist, bringing Naruto closer to him.

A little after that, they’re getting home from sparring and Sasuke goes to take a bath. And Naruto fucking joins him. In the most “pretend-it’s-no-homo” way possible. And sasuke’s pretty sure this is getting really fucking gay, but he doesn’t say anything, because it’s Naruto, and he doesn’t mind.

Sasuke confronts Naruto about this the day the blond holds his hand like it’s nothing while they’re sitting on the couch, on a rainy day. Naruto freaks out, sputters non sense and leaves the house, Sasuke doesn’t see him for two weeks.

Then Sasuke leaves for a very dangerous mission, and the fact that he’d been sulking at the loss of Naruto’s warmth next to his every morning, and the loss of Naruto’s vibrant voice and smile, makes him loose focus a couple of times.

The mission is supposed to last for a week. Sasuke and his team don’t return for 16 days and they lose communication with Konoha because of complications.

When they do return, Sasuke wonders if Naruto has missed him. It’s been a month for god sake. He doesn’t have time to think about it, because as soon as he sets foot on his house a teary-eyed blonde that hasn’t slept properly in weeks grabs him by the vest and kisses him.

Things aren’t so confusing after that.

Pearl strikes back.

I have a lot of gay fluff to get out of my system, clearly.