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Ch 30/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (30/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black (or if you want to get tetchily specific - Jack Overland who becomes Jack Frost with Kozmotis Pitchiner who becomes elements of Pitch Black…..)
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

The Golden Age that Never Was - Chapter 30 - Ripped Open

In which Anton means well, but absolutely makes a mess of something, Jack decides to deal with the situation in…not the healthiest of ways, and finds his inner snark-puppy, and Pitch admits something important.

So I’m taking my younger brother to see GOTG Vol. 2 tomorrow and he’s told me he can’t wait to see more of his fav Yondu…

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UPDATE: My little brother cried in the theater. He never does that and he is now walking around our house listening to Father and Son on replay. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED JAMES GUNN!?

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what would the chocobros be like with a twin sister? you can do whatever's easier for you (headcanons or scenarios or anything else you want)! thank you in advance I love love love your writing! ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎

You’re welcome! Thank you for requesting! Alright, me being me, this is actually a lot sadder than I initially anticipated…

NOTE: These are written in the mindset that everyone dies by the end of the game.

Be warned: This does mention suicide. If this makes you uncomfortable, please skip over Noctis’ drabble towards the end, staring at “However, much like the news of…”


Growing up with a twin sister is one of the most painful things for Noctis. Noctis, for a long time, looks a little feminine. So, many people often mistake him for his sister and they’re not even identical. Noctis and his sister are the type to take advantage of this from time to time while they can. Noctis doesn’t wanna train? His sister takes his place. Now, this does work for a minute since,at first, Noctis’ sister isn’t interested. However, there’s that one time where she actually ends up liking it and knocks Gladio on his ass and Gladio realizes “Wait, a diddly damn minute, Noctis is shorter….and would laugh if he knocked me down.” Damn it Gladio, do your job. 

When they’re older, the princess is a lot of a tomboy and most of that is Noctis’ fault. Taking his spot in basically everything from when they were younger has turned her off from the formalities and often constricting binds of being a woman in a royal world. She can appreciate her mother for being who she was, but Noctis’ sister can’t ever see herself as the trophy wife type. 

Noctis’ sister doesn’t leave with Noctis and instead remains during Insomnia’s fall. Noctis hears about her death over the radio, much like he heard about his own, his father’s and Luna’s. 

However, much like the news of his father’s death, this isn’t a lie. She does indeed perish alongside Regis due to her stubborn behavior.   Noctis likes to believe that she didn’t go down quietly and he is right in assuming so. 

While being hauled away, more than likely being forcibly taken to Tenebrae lands, she broke free and stood at the edge of a bridge, claiming she would rather die a Lucian Princess than live to be a Tenebraen slave. She stepped back and fell into the water where she drowned. Her body resurfaced a few days later. 


Prompto and his sister would be identical for very obvious reasons. Prompto’s sister would be far more outgoing and, during their childhood years, she’d try her hardest to include her brother in everything. It doesn’t work too well. Prompto’s sister never really gained the weight that Prompto did and she often chides her brother about his eating habits. 

His sister would be the type to get into a lot of fights over him and is his biggest supporter through everything. When Prompto decides to get in shape, she runs with him, helps plan his diet meals, and is generally his coach. 

By the time they both reach high school, it is Prompto’s sister who ends up befriending Noctis first. Though she consistently gives Prompto motivation to do the same - it takes him longer. 

When they’re older his sister often has to put an end to his flirting nonsense and put her foot down as the most important woman in his entire life, period. Sometimes it causes arguments, sometimes it doesn’t. Much like Prompto, his sister keeps her wrist covered. However, her bar code is on the opposite wrist.

Prompto’s sister is not a fighter and also remains home during the trip. She ends up finding refuge in a small town far enough away from Insomnia but she has no way to contact Prompto at all since there is no cell service. While out there, his sister becomes somewhat of a country gal and, by the time her and Prompto meet again, she’s become a bit thicker, adopted an accent, and has let her hair grow long. 

All in all, they have a happy reunion and part ways again. Prompto sends pictures and letters back, but it’s usually hard for her to respond given that he’s constantly on the move. 

Post 10 years, when Prompto has died alongside Noctis, his sister regularly visits his grave, leaving her own photos and updates in her life. She never does marry or have children but does keep Prompto’s photographs and camera. 


Dear gods, these two. They aren’t identical and the sister will look a lot more like Iris than Gladio, when Iris is actually born. They bicker constantly their entire lives about one thing or the other. They’re both hot-blooded, thick-skulled, and upfront about it. Especially with each other. When Iris rolls along, most of the bickering is tempered out by her joyous attitude. Even though she’s a girl, Gladiolus’ twin still works to protect the royal family alongside her brother. She is often more even headed with Noctis and spends more time with him. Noctis tends to listen to her more than Ignis sometimes. 

When it is time for Noctis to get married, both Gladio and his sister tag along. It should be noted that during the time the boys push the car to Hammerhead, she sits in the backseat, refusing to do a thing, since she’d told them that the car should’ve been taken to an Insomnian repair shop before they left. 

Sadly, none of them can refute the claim since…she did say that. 

In combat, where Gladiolus is heavy handed and hard hitting, his sister is lithe and lethal. She is knowledgeable about anatomy in general and knows places that will instantly kill anyone..or anything. Obviously, executing on said knowledge is a lot harder in battle than it is to say. 

She and Ignis collaborate really well and she gets along with him grandly. Romance may or may not develop between the two. It is more likely that no established relationship ever really happens, but it is obvious that they care deeply for each other regardless.

Post ten years, Gladiolus’ sister has tasked herself with watching Iris like a hawk and occasionally visiting Gladiolus’ grave. On the off chance that something did pop off with her and Ignis, she and her toddler son will often talk about his father and uncles and their amazing feats. They will live close by Iris, who visits alot. Iris and the remaining half of the Amicitia twin duo will be closer than ever. 

However, it is more likely that she throws herself into work as often as she can and begins building a reputation for ruthless one shot kills. She inherits Gladiolus’ sword - which she keeps on display on a wall in her home. 


Ignis and his sister are so identical it’s almost frightening. However, their attitudes couldn’t be anymore different. His sister is the opposite of everything he is. It’s almost comical. Ignis’ sister stays out of royal affairs and has no interest in anything concerning Insomnia and its royal family. While they are young, she tries her hardest to get her brother’s attention and wants nothing more than to spend time with him. 

As she gets older, her attitude towards the royal family doesn’t change. She actually detests them completely and blames them for her distance from her brother. Once they both reach a certain age, there is little to no hope of Ignis reconciling the distance between them as his sister has become extremely cold and goes out as much as possible to avoid coming into contact with Ignis. 

They both have the same snark though. That is one thing, other than looks, they share. Ignis’ twin sister develops a scathing attitude and a sharper tongue than her brother’s and uses it against him whenever they are together. 

When Ignis leaves with Noctis, his sister doesn’t call, wish him farewell, or acknowledge that he is leaving. They are so distant at this point that none of the boys even know that Ignis has a sibling - much less a twin. During Insomnia’s fall, Ignis calls his sister hoping that she at least cares enough to pick up the phone. 

She doesn’t answer. 

Ignis constantly worries about her state. He doesn’t know if she’s dead or alive and the suspense kills him inside. He just wants an answer. When the boys reach Lestallum his question is answered loud and clear. She’s alive. 

Not like it was him who found out first. 

As a matter of fact, Noctis ran into her, thinking she was Ignis since her hair was short, she was wearing heels, and he wasn’t paying much attention to anything but her hair color. When he calls her Ignis, she’s angry - even more so when she recognizes him as the boy who stole Ignis away for 21 years

She slaps him. 

It is around this time that Ignis comes back, walking up to his furious sister spouting her usually stinging remarks and a shell shocked Noctis who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. 

She’s a little taller than Ignis remembers and not because of the heels. She’s adopted a crisper, chic look - contrary to the casual girl he’d left back in Insomnia. He wants to hug her. But, with the way shes looking like she’ll commit murder in plain daylight, Ignis decides not to. 

She leaves, still seething. By some horrible coincidence, they are staying in the same hotel. There’s a forced sibling talk initiated by Ignis, who wants nothing more than his sister back. It seems to work at least a little since, at the very least, she’s no longer so wrathful. 

Turns out, his sister actually lives near Galdin Quay and is visiting Lestallum on business. She’s turned into quite the savvy businesswoman without him. She, much like Noctis, is also engaged. She’s engaged to a high school sweetheart Ignis knew nothing about. 

He is now realizing how much he missed. 

By the 10 year time skip, their relationship has mended itself. They are both older and wiser. Ignis’ sister has two daughters - also twins. They adore their uncle, who they keep in touch with as much as possible. They are master storytellers and enjoy telling Ignis everything they can about…well everything. 

Post time skip, Ignis’ sister has had two more kids - one boy and and one girl. She names her boy and girl after their uncle they never had the chance to meet and she wistfully tells stories about how great he was and how fooslish and unappreciative she was of him until it was too late and he was eventually gone. 

She wears his glasses and keeps his gloves and other belongings that she could salvage safe. 

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time

Wow apparently the setting of Free! is before 2008. According to the Free! Creation Notebook vol.4, that’s the reason why the characters don’t use smartphones and the animators took special care to avoid electronics such as computers and tv that could date the story. And it’s because long jammers are banned in tournaments since 2009 and men’s swimsuits can only maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, so Rin and Makoto and Sousuke couldn’t have been wearing them in the anime.

We can still kind of date the series by the phones they use though. Mobile phones became ubiquitous in Japan since the 90s, much earlier than the west. But 1999 is when they first have internet access and color screens.

This is Nagisa’s phone from season 1 episode 9, with color screen and internet access, so I’d say it’ll at least have to be 2000 or later for a high school student to casually own one of these models.

Can we talk about how dreadful Rei’s phone looks lol.

Makoto also uses a generic slide phone that dominated the Japanese market along with flip phones (which peaked at 2007 before smartphones took over).

Haruka has a similar phone too but in a different color.

In the next screencap you can clearly see there’s an ipod-looking music device:

The first generation ipod, first design of its kind, was released in 2001. And that model looks like it’s an ipod nano from 2005.

So I think we can conclude that Free! and Free!ES took place some time during 2005-2007 (or 2001-2007 if you assume that ipod is first gen). UPDATE: Apparently the tournament Rin and Haruka competed in was the 2009 World Aquatics Championship at Foro Italico in Rome, where long jammers were last used in an official tournament. Here’s a comparison post of the venue by @matsuoka-lin (thank you!). So there’s a good chance that they graduated in 2007 (since the notebook specifically noted that the show is “before 2008″) and competed as pros in 2009. :)

So if they were 17-18 in 2007, the youngest possible age they can be, they’d be 26-27 by now. :)

Also honorable mention of these playstation wired dualshock controllers from 1997 (Makoto probably never updated his console lol):

And the fact that Makoto DOES own a smartphone! The first iphone was released in 2007 so it’s entirely possible :)

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hey, I'm looking for a fic where Klaus and caroline are somehow linked and shes at his house, in the kitchen, when elena comes over for Klaus' help with something and caroline cuts her hand by accident while shes cutting fruit. Klaus' hand obviously starts bleeding too and Elena sees. Thanks!

Sorry had trouble trying to find this. Does anyone else know the fic?

Update: Never mind, literally after I posted this it came back to me! It’s Bleeding Out by SnowBird1452


Can’t imagine him riding Edgar haha! I hope Edgar likes his hole, because I really do. [Process]

Taking requests! 


7 Surprising Signs of a Womanizer.

The tricky thing about womanizers is that they usually have their game down pat, which mean it’s easy to get sucked in.  They seem totally sweet and charming on the surface - who’d ever guess they were secretly scoundrels?  We narrowed down the more subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia.  If he exhibits three or more of these, watch out.

1. All of His Exes Are “Crazy”:  
Be wary of a man who refers to his former girlfriends as crazy, psycho, or clingy — because what’s the common denominator here? Him. The dude’s either looney-bin glue, or he never really wanted the relationship to work in the first place.

2. He Plans Ultra-Romantic Dates:  
A cozy candlelit dinner is nice and all, but if he only takes you to secluded places, it could be a tip-off that he doesn’t want other women to spot him on a date. Next time he asks you out, suggest hitting up a busy restaurant or popular bar and see how he reacts.

3. He’s Hot and Cold on the Phone
:  He’ll text you 10 times in a night, then go MIA for days. He’ll chat on the phone for an hour, then ignore your messages for the rest of the week. Wondering what the hell is going on? We’re going to be brutally honest: He’s mostly likely busy dating other women.

4. He Guilt-Trips You:  
It’s normal for a guy to be jonesing to sleep with you from day one. But this behavior is a red flag if he a) lays the pressure on thick, or b) tries to make you feel bad if you choose not to have sex — like by giving you a sob story about blue balls.

5. Stuff Is Missing from His Facebook Profile:  
Has he untagged any photos of you and him? Does he post updates often, yet never mention hanging out with you? Is his relationship status hidden? We smell a rat. A guy who’s leery of commitment will make sure there are no traces of you on his page.

6. His Buddies Act Distant:  
Even though a player’s bros may be friendly enough, they probably won’t ask you many personal questions about your job, interests, etc. The ugly truth: They don’t want to invest time and energy getting to know you because they figure you’re not going to be around very long.

7. He Says You’re Soul Mates
:  Okay, we adore the idea of love at first sight — but too much too soon could also indicate sketchy intentions. If a dude comes on super strong right off the bat (we’re talking the first couple of weeks), telling you things like that he’s starting to fall in love with you, just make sure you play it safe and trust your gut. Those powerful words might be rolling off his tongue so smoothly because he’s spoken them so many times before.

  • sources: William July, PhD, Author of Confessions of an Ex-Bachelor and Jenn Berman, PsyD, Relationship Expert for Cosmo Radio / Niki Evans / Cosmopolitan
  • photos: Sheila Marquez & Christopher Abbott photographed by Guy Laroche for Free People Feb13

i hope namjoon never stops updating #RMusic and sharing his playlist with us.

not only does it show that he’s committed to growing and developing as a musician by constantly expanding his library, it really is a personal way for him to share a part of his life when he doesn’t have to.. and a huge part of his life at that, because music actually is his life.

also it speaks volumes to me that he’s able to support and love so many different artists from all over the world and respect their art, while traversing genre, language, and time barriers. music truly speaks to our souls when words and actions fail. so thank you namjoon for speaking to us. stay inspired we love you

Bring Him Home
Colm Wilkinson and Ramin Karimloo

Bring Him Home- Colm Wilkinson and Ramin Karimloo January 11th 2014

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My store’s hours changed over FOUR YEARS ago because we are smaller than other locations in my city. We were losing money because sales didn’t justify us being open as early or staying open as late. The opening time doesn’t cause problems anymore, but wow, the closing time does. We still have people who confuse us with other locations (there are 5 in a town of 2.5 million people) even though our addresses are completely different.

At closing someone has to guard the door to stop people from coming in while we empty everyone else out. Every weekend, I get people who try to weasel their way in the store. Sometimes they pretend they don’t see me standing there with a nametag, hoping I won’t stop them. Most of the time I’m stuck arguing with them about our hours.

“But I just need this one book. I know exactly where it’s at.”

“My clock says it’s 9:58. I still have 2 minutes.”

My favorite response: “It’s only 10. Google says your open until 11.” Ok…well my door says we close at 10 so…bye. Google doesn’t set our hours. It’s not my fault Google never updated after our website did, because our website does have the correct hours. Who even expects a book store to stay open until 11 anyways???