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I’m no expert—I’m hearing and my understanding of American Sign Language is extremely limited—so please feel free to correct/add on to this! But I was just really struck by (and loved!) Elisa’s “F U” to Strickland in the above scene, which was featured at the end of the newly-released Red Band trailer for The Shape of Water.

Here, Elisa is literally signing “F” and “U” from the ASL alphabet, but what makes this so striking is that, by doing so, she’s not exactly speaking ASL—she’s fingerspelling English. 

ASL is a completely separate language from spoken/written English, and fingerspelling is pretty much only used if there are no ASL equivalents for what needs to be conveyed, such as in the case of names. (In fact, when I was learning ASL, my teacher waited a while before teaching us the alphabet because she didn’t want us fingerspelling English instead of actually trying to sign!)

So the fact that Elisa uses fingerspelling here, when there are other ways in ASL to convey the idea of “fuck you,” says a lot. It says even more when you consider how she’s fingerspelling, since her fingerspelling here is not how a deaf person/someone who speaks ASL would typically fingerspell. 

‘Cause fingerspelling? It’s fast. Extremely fast. Each letter flows smoothly into the next. When you fingerspell, it should be an incredibly fluid motion.

But here? That’s 110% not the case. Elisa is slow and measured. She holds out each letter nice and long. It’s the kinda way you’d fingerspell to someone learning ASL—and actually, my teacher would say to not even do that. If you slow down so much for them all the time, they’ll never be able to keep up with real ASL!

So, this scene? This scene with Elisa fingerspelling something that doesn’t need to be fingerspelled, in an incredible, deliberate, slower-than-college-WiFi pace? Well, Elisa is doing more than just dissing Strickland—she’s absolutely taunting him. She’s saying, “I’m speaking your language. I dare you to understand me.”

And she knows that he won’t. She’s speaking crystal clearly, no stuttering, no hesitance, no nothing, and Strickland can’t even be damned to attempt the basic ASL alphabet because he would never, ever try to understand anything different from him.

And Elisa knows this and completely, totally rubs it in his bigoted face.

Can you believe Yuuri is going to marry his idol?? the man he has looked up to almost his entire life?? the man who he has seen as god-like, unreachable, perfect. Victor was what Yuuri wished he could be but never thought he’d be able to reach Victor’s level but then?? Victor himself proved him wrong, helped Yuuri reach not only Victor’s level but above it?? His biggest dream was to skate on the same ice as Victor but now he has skated with Victor and they’re gonna get married???

And can you believe that Victor, who has dedicated his life to skating, who has neglected his life and love for decades met a beautiful man who took his breath away, stole his heart during one night and then disappeared, left Victor pining for him with no way to contact him, finally found him?? He found that beautiful man and that man gave him everything that had been missing from Victor’s life and he didn’t even have to try. And then he slipped a ring on Victor’s finger in the most romantic setting imaginable, wordlessly promising to stay by his side for the rest of their lives??

can you believe?????

Hi guys! Here’s a little masterpost of quotes from children’s books that you can use in your bullet journal, or anywhere else you feel like!


  • “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
  • “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
  • “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” 
  • “You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them…In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.”
  • “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”
  • “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” 


  • “If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”
  • “When you will not fly into a passion people know you are stronger than they are, because you are strong enough to hold in your rage, and they are not, and they say stupid things they wish they hadn’t said afterward. “
  • “There’s nothing so strong as rage, except what makes you hold it in–that’s stronger. It’s a good thing not to answer your enemies.”
  • “If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that–warm things, kind things, sweet things–help and comfort and laughter–and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all.”
  • “Somehow, something always happens just before things get to the very worst. It is as if Magic did it. If I could only just remember that always. The worse thing never quite comes.”
  • “But I suppose there might be good in things, even if we don’t see it.”
  • “You don’t forget, but you bear it better.” 


  • “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
  • “It’s wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can’t have the one you want.”
  • “Love is a great beautifier.” 
  • “Watch and pray, dear, never get tired of trying, and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”
  • “I want to do something splendid…something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead. I don’t know what, but I’m on the watch for it and mean to astonish you all someday.” 
  • “Conceit spoils the finest genius.” 
  • “Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.”
  • “Life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom.”
  • “The only chivalry worth having is that which is the readiest to to pay deference to the old, protect the feeble, and serve womankind, regardless of rank, age, or color.”
  • “Books are always good company if you have the right sort.”
  • “The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”
  • “Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort that is.”


  • “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” 
  • “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable…” 
  • “I have found it impossible to talk to anyone about my problems. I couldn’t face the embarrassment, and anyway I lack the courage. Any courage I had was knocked out of me when I was young. But now, all of sudden I have a sort of desperate wish to tell everything to somebody.”
  • “I’ve always said to myself that if a little pocket calculator can do it why shouldn’t I?”
  • “There is little point in teaching anything backwards. The whole object of life, Headmistress, is to go forwards.”
  • “I’m afraid men are not always quite as clever as they think they are.”


  • “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”
  • “Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully.”
  • “Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life. ”
  • “You must never feel badly about making mistakes … as long as you take the trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than you do by being right for the wrong reasons.”
  • “The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what’s in between.”
  • “What you can do is often simply a matter of what you will do.”
  • “What you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.”
  • “Whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way.”


  • “You cannot change what you are, only what you do.”
  • “We are all subject to the fates. But we must act as if we are not, or die of despair.”
  • “Every opportunity will come again.”

Hear me out:

The rangers taking turns bringing Zack snacks when they train because Zack usually forgets to feed himself, too concerned about his mom to worry about himself.

They also pitch in to help pay for her medicine and groceries. Zack hates that because she’s his mom; his responsibility, but they do it anyways. With their help, his mom slowly gets better.

He takes them to meet her when she does, and they all immediately fall in love with her and she asks them if they would like to come over again later that week and cook dumplings.

They all immediately take up her offer and on Friday night, they’re all crammed in the kitchen listening to music as she listens to Billy talk about school or how much he likes Zack as a friend. Trini and Kim help her cook and tell her that Zack is one of their closest friends and that when she’s not around, he talks about how awesome she is all the time. (Zack doesn’t even deny it, he just goes “Yeah, Mom! I let them know how cool you are everyday!”)

Jason nods in agreement, and adds, “He’s such a mommas boy.” And all of the Rangers are mumbling in agreement.

Zack’s mom can tell that Trini and Zack are really close, and for a while she thinks that Zack might have a girlfriend until Zack accidentally lets it slip that Trini has a crush on Kim. (The next time they’re over, she notices that they come in holding hands)

Zack also explains to her that Billy is autistic and she still loves Billy as much as she does the first time she met him because “He’s a very charming boy.”

Sometimes after training they go to Jason’s house and Zack teaches them some basic Mandarin so they can communicate with her easier.

She thanks The Rangers for helping her and taking care of Zack when she couldn’t, and they all get a bit emotional.

Le Petit Prince - quotes 🌠

Le Petit Prince (1943) is a novel by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, translated into English as The Little Prince.

🌟 1. Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c’est fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours et toujours leur donner des explications.

Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.

🌟 2. Quand le mystère est trop impressionnant, on n’ose pas désobéir.

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey.

🌟 3. La preuve que le petit prince a existé c’est qu’il était ravissant, qu’il riait, et qu’il voulait un mouton. Quand on veut un mouton, c’est la preuve qu’on existe.

The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.

🌟 4. Mais les graines sont invisibles. Elles dorment dans le secret de la terre jusqu’à ce qu’il prenne fantaisie à l’une d’elles de se réveiller…

But seeds are invisible. They sleep deep in the heart of the earth’s darkness, until some one among them is seized with the desire to awaken.

🌟 5. Il ne faut jamais écouter les fleures. Il faut les regarder et les respirer. La mienne embaumait ma planète, mais je ne savais pas m’en réjouir.

One never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance. Mine perfumed all my planet. But I did not know how to take pleasure in all her grace.

🌟 6. Tu as des cheveux couleur d’or. Alors ce sera merveilleux quand tu m’aura apprivoisé! Le blé, qui est doré, me fera souvenir de toi. Et j’aimerai le bruit du vent dans le blé…

You have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat…

🌟 7. On ne connaît que les choses que l’on apprivoise, dit le renard. Les hommes n’ont plus le temps de rien connaître. Il achètent des choses toutes faites chez les marchands. Mais comme il n’existe point de marchands d’amis, les hommes n’ont plus d’amis. Si tu veux un ami, apprivoise-moi!

“One only understands the things that one tames,” said the fox. “Men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more. If you want a friend, tame me…”

🌟 8. Le langage est source de malentendus.

Words are the source of misunderstandings.

🌟 9. Voici mon secret. Il est très simple : on ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

🌟 10. C’est le temps que tu as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante.

It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.

🌟 11. Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé. Tu es responsable de ta rose…

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose…

🌟 12. - Les enfants seuls savent ce qu’ils cherchent, fit le petit prince. Ils perdent du temps pour une poupée de chiffons, et elle devient très importante, et si on la leur enlève, ils pleurent…

“Only the children know what they are looking for,” said the little prince. “They waste their time over a rag doll and it becomes very important to them; and if anybody takes it away from them, they cry…”

🌟 13. Ce qui embellit le désert, dit le petit prince, c’est qu’il cache un puits quelque part…

“What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well…”

🌟 14. Dessine-moi un mouton!

Draw me a sheep!

🌟 15. Quand on a terminé sa toilette du matin, il faut faire soigneusement la toilette de la planète.

When you’ve finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready.

🌟 16. J'aime bien les couchers de soleil. Allons voir un coucher de soleil…

I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset…

🌟 17. On ne sait jamais!

“One never knows!”

🌟 18. Il faut exiger de chacun ce que chacun peut donner, reprit le roi. L'autorité repose d'abord sur la raison. Si tu ordonnes à ton peuple d'aller se jeter à la mer, il fera la révolution. J'ai le droit d'exiger l'obéissance parce que mes ordres sont raisonnables.
Alors mon coucher de soleil ? rappela le petit prince qui jamais n'oubliait une question une fois qu'il l'avait posée.
Ton coucher de soleil, tu l'auras. Je l'exigerai. Mais j'attendrai, dans ma science du gouvernement, que les conditions soient favorables.

“One must command from each what each can perform,” the king went on. “Authority is based first of all upon reason. If you command your subjects to jump into the ocean, there will be a revolution. I am entitled to command obedience because my orders are reasonable.”
“Then my sunset?” insisted the little prince, who never let go of a question once he had asked it. “You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But I shall wait, according to my science of government, until conditions are favorable.”

🌟 19. C'est véritablement utile puisque c'est joli.

It is truly useful since it is beautiful.

🌟 20. ‘Où sont les hommes ?’ reprit enfin le petit prince. 'On est un peu seul dans le désert.’
'On est seul aussi chez les hommes’, dit le serpent.

“Where are the people?” resumed the little prince at last. “It’s a little lonely in the desert…" "It is lonely when you’re among people, too,” said the snake.

🌟 21. Vous êtes belles, mais vous êtes vides…. On ne peut pas mourir pour vous.

You’re beautiful, but you’re empty…. No one could die for you.

🌟 22. Les hommes ont oublié cette vérité, dit le renard. Mais tu ne dois pas l’oublier. Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.

“Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

🌟 23. Mais les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le cœur.

But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart…


the gotham girl gang because they don’t get enough love

panic attacks and p orbitals -peter parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Suffering from panic attacks is no unfamiliar action to Y/N, luckily Peter is there to hold her breath.

Requested: Yes @justsomeweirdfan

Warning: talks of panic attack, none

Words: 1862

@justsomeweirdfan requested this, I hope you like it!! Requests are open so send me some! I will be posting a new prompt list tomorrow!:) love u all<33



Another day of studying, another wave of stress hitting you like a bus. Your eyes scattered across the pages of your Chemistry book in horror, each word slamming into your brain with such great confusion your head was spinning. Nothing made sense, and it still hadn’t after six months of sitting in that class. It was as if your brain couldn’t comprehend anything related to orbitals, or atoms in general. You were utterly clueless on the matter.

It wasn’t that you had waited ‘til the utter last minute to study for your test tomorrow, you started studying three days ago. Your teacher had informed the class three days in advance to make sure you all had an advantage. You silently thanked her for the help as you watched the rest of your class roll their eyes and look off into the distance, not caring that your helpful teacher was guiding your mere urge to study in the right direction. Surprised, you had turned to your friend, Peter who was sitting in the row next to you and widened your eyes at him, signaling for him to help you out starting that day.

Peter yawned as his eyes met your sudden gaze and he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and leaned over towards you to whisper, “We’ve got this. I’ll help you out, don’t worry,” he muttered, a small and hopeful smile spread across his face as he realized your nervous state.

You turned your lips up into a weary smile and sighed heavily at his easing manner and turned to face the front of the classroom. Peter was of course at ease. excelling in absolutely every subject in the book, especially Chemistry. You would quickly shoot him a text about a homework question and within two minutes, he had explained it perfectly to you, your brain suddenly becoming one with his skill. It was as if you needed Peter to explain everything that your teacher could, but couldn’t get past the wall of confusion you had up in your mind. But, just to help you, he would come over that night, and the next, and then the final night before the test to help you study for the subject you were confused on.

The final night had approached as you continued to listen to Peter tutor you the different types of orbitals the electrons could be and how the P orbital was this and the D orbital was that. Your eyes flashed to his bright brown orbs and back to where his pencil was pointing in the book, your attention snapping from thing to another.

“Okay, remember when Ms. Robins had said that the 2p, 3p, 4p can each hold six electrons because they each have three orbitals?” Peter asked you, his thin eyebrows raised in your direction, eyes scanning yours for any sign of understanding.

God no, Peter. How can you remember what Ms. Robins had said that day when all you were trying to focus on was how badly you were gonna fail this test.

Your brain searched for any memory or knowledge on the subject. You got nothing, as usual and bit your lip as a sign of hard thinking to please Peter before muttering how badly you were lost, “Uhh, not really?” you slightly questioned yourself and Peter’s eyes shifted downward in defeat as he flipped to the page and explained it all over again.

As Peter was explaining the previous lesson over again to you, his phone rang. His attention snapped before shooting you an apologetic look, reaching over and grabbing his phone off your desk.

“Oh shit, it’s May. I forgot to tell her I was here, I’ll be right back,” he mutters, getting up and making his way to the door to give you some quiet and privacy.

He points at you jokingly and then back to the book, “Study that, I’ll be right back!”

You throw him a thumbs up and a weak smile before he smiles and leaves you to read the complex work by yourself. You deeply sighed and moved the book to completely in front of you, your eyes focusing on the words and examples to try and make everything seem whole for once. Minutes went by as the slight sound of Peter discussing his antics with May muffled through your bedroom door and your mind was seen in different places. One focused on absolutely nothing, the other part attempting to scan the meaning of the words across your textbook.

The words ran together as your pulse suddenly began to slightly quicken, your mind rushing over the text in a daze. You instantly felt your body become heavy and your thoughts become agile and evident.

You can’t do this. This test is going to ruin your GPA and you’ll be fucked. You’ll never understand anything, you’re going to fail Studying is going to make it worse, because you’ll never figure it out. You’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure.

The antagonizing thoughts hurried through your clouded judgement and your body seemed to shut down on everything around you. You almost couldn’t describe it, this had never happened to you. Your nerves and confusion had never taken such a toll on your being. Your brain shutting out any noise that could possibly disrupt your thinking, you began to fall into a void of disorientation. Your mind couldn’t put the words together that hooked to the solution of the question. The words across the page became one huge blur of black ink as you felt your heart beat quicken to a rapid measure. Veins pumping with nerves and your stomach felt heavy, almost clouded with futile air.

Your pink lips became chapped and dry as the puffs of air that released from your mouth hit the space around you heavily. Nothing was a clear indicator of anything anymore, the room around you clouded with swerves of energy and countless thoughts of failure as your Y/E/C glazed over with an elusive gaze. Your chest felt as if someone had pushed a boulder on top of it, and refusing to move it for the slightest second. Your right hand flew up to your chest in a manner to attempt and stop the horrendous sense that had escalated throughout your body.

You flung yourself out of your chair and hit hard on the carpeted floor beneath you, your mind whisking away knowledgeable thoughts as your grasping hand flew over and pushed the near object across your room, hitting your wall loudly. Your breathing was definitely evident, just not wanted in any sort of way. Panic was all you could feel, think, or hear in your manner.

Everything was blurry, Peter’s figure opening the door ferociously to see you gasping for help on the floor in front of his eyes. His fuzzy body ran over to your weak one. Breaths became heavier between you two and your body felt heavier and heavier.


Peter’s eyes were filled with fear as he scanned your helpless body on the floor, heavy breaths emitting from your terrified body. He flew to his knees as close to you as possible,hands instantly resting themselves on top of your hand that was placed on your chest.

“Y/N you’re having a panic attack! I need you to slow down for me!” he yelled breathless at you, with little knowledge of what to do in this type of situation. His eyes scanned your huge Y/E/C ones and he felt every horrid emotion flood his body once again.

Everything happening so fast Peter’s mind wracked for a solution, his time running out as he began to look around the room for some kind of quick solution. His heart dip flips and his stomach somersaults, his love for you being so evident that his concern was was overdone.

“You’re gonna be okay. I promise you, I promise,” Peter rushed out, your anxiety hitting him like a truck, his words attempting to calm your hyped demeanor and flood your ears in hope of your state dropping to a placid state.

You need to stall her breathing.

The solution switched to the front of his mind and his eyes flashed with nerves and concern all at once as he looked at you once more, your eyes wide with terror and bewilderment. His thoughts ran with pictures of you and ways to help you stop the attack.


“I need to stall your breathing!” Peter fumbled out to you, his figure limp with concern as you felt your mind slowly begin to shut out everything around you.

You shook your slightly in any way to communicate with him. Your captivating eyes slowly began to shut as the attack worsened second by second. Peter witnessed your daze slowly turn from a wide eyed one to a dreary eyed, almost unconscious one. His hand reached forward and grabbed your face and brought you close to his, eyes fanning over yours for some sign of click back to reality.

He bit his pink lip anxiously before whispering against your dry, chapped lips in a fumbling manner, “Y/N..” he mumbled as his thumbs rapidly ran over your cheeks in a soft yet distressed way before practically flying over and smashing his lips against your open mouth.

As his lips hit yours, the breath that was lodged in the back of your throat skipped backwards, a “zip” type noise emit from your occupied lips. The near closed setting around flashed back to soothing and calm once again, your heart beginning to storm back to the normal and erratic beat it always had whenever you were with Peter. The blood in your veins slowed, your brain opening back up to a suddenly quiet state as the thoughts that had been swirling around in your mind and the breaths emitting from your mouth for the past minutes had diminished to their accurate ways.

Peter felt his heart drop into his stomach as the sound of your uneven breathing was paced back to normal and the feeling of your lips on his filled his thoughts. The sparks that hit him danced up and down his veins, and the sparks of stopping your panic had hit your heart in several ways.

His breath sucked in tightly before slowly pulling back, savoring the last few moments his lips were barely grazing yours. Both pairs of eyes fluttered open and were hit with a matching pair of captivating stares. Your mouth remained open and his closed tightly at the sight of your surprised yet delighted sudden demeanor. Nerves jumbled through his mind while admiration and affection danced around you at the sight of the boy before you.

“Y-You stalled my breathing. You stopped it,” you gently let out, your voice sweet and soft as it filled his ears.

His face turned rose red as he looked down at the floor and the then back up to meet your loving gaze, “Y-Yeah,” was all he could mumble out.

His nerves proved upon his face, your normal breathing reminding you that Peter had graciously stopped your horrid and nerve-wracking panic attack. Your mouth dared to mutter three words as they arrived at the front of your mind.

“Do it again.”


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


anonymous asked:

Why are you so in love with science? (not meant in a bad way, I'm just curious)

I guess it’s because science just sort of makes sense to me, on a fundamental level.

The processes of science and scientific analysis are very in line with how I see the world and how I think. I’ve always been a very sort of analytic thinker. Like I was the kid who always had to know why and was always questioning everything and always tries to explain everything (to the point that I was, at time, a very obnoxious child). 

I like facts. I like seeing how things fit together. I like sorting through things and finding the bigger picture and then seeing how the individual details slot into it. 

It’s how I make sense of the world I guess. Trying to find an explanation for things I don’t understand. It’s why I was never good at being religious but am fascinated by the history of religion and how it creates and is created by society. 

And it goes beyond the purely natural and physical sciences. I feel similarly about the social sciences and history and anything that relies on critical analysis. 

On a fundamental level I want to know why. And science, at it’s core, is an attempt to answer that question. 

jesse/hanzo, fluff, rated e. featuring autistic jesse! 

jesse comes home. hanzo is waiting for him. 

Jesse steps off the plane so tired and overstimulated the whole world feels like a personal affront. 

He adjusts his hat, wraps the serape more tightly around his shoulders. Agents are clustered on the landing deck and Jesse scans the crowd for one face in particular, a flash of gold in the wind. It’s easy to find him  - standing adjacent to the crowd, speaking quietly to the cyborg leaning on his broad shoulder. 

“Hanzo,” Jesse breathes, as reverent as a prayer, and lets his feet carry him home. 

Hanzo’s face lights up when their eyes meet, and he opens his arms with a smile. Jesse goes to him, easy as breathing, and buries his face in the shoulder of the man he loves. 

“Hey, darlin’,” Jesse says. “Missed you.”

“And I you, Jesse Mccree.” Hanzo says warmly. The block of ice that’s been forming in Jesse’s chest starts to thaw when Hanzo squeezes him firmly around the middle. They sway gently, content to be safe and basking in each other’s presence. Genji claps him on the shoulder and says something low and friendly to Hanzo before taking his leave. 

“Do you wish to retire?” Hanzo asks when they finally let go of each other. Jesse takes his hand instead, reluctant to give up the touch of the man he’s been away from for weeks. He’s missed him so much. 

“Please, darlin’.”

After his shower, Jesse pulls on clean underwear, a clean shirt, and a clean serape from his laundry. He feels Hanzo’s gaze on his back and tries to ignore the anxiety he gets at putting it on in front of another person. But Hanzo has never been anything but understanding. Kind. And after today, he needs it. Needs the weight of it, the soft texture, the familiarity. It’s been a long journey. 

He turns around and sees Hanzo lounging in their bed, covers pulled up to his waist, watching him with a fierce sort of longing. And deeply, unquestionably, Jesse knows: he needs Hanzo more than anything.

“Come here, cowboy.” Hanzo says, and Jesse doesn’t need to be told twice. He goes. 

The sheets are soft and clean and Hanzo is warm and smells of Jesse’s favorite cologne - his cologne, which makes him flush with a powerful surge of affection. He snuggles up as close as he can, soaking in the comfort that only skin on skin provides, and tucks his head under Hanzo’s chin. He hums.

“Missed you.” Jesse says. Just to be sure Hanzo knows. 

“I missed you, too.” Hanzo murmurs, lips pressed to Jesse’s hair. “It is …. too quiet when you are gone. No cowboy at my heels, trailing like a lost puppy.”

“Woof,” Jesse replies, and Hanzo laughs. 

Jesse closes his eyes. He’s home. He’s home.

Help Me {Soulmate AU} {Part 2} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1267
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Soulmate AU where whatever Y/n writes on her skin also appears on her soulmate’s skin. Draco is determined to find the girl who is begging to be saved from herself.
WARNINGS: Do not read if you are triggered by depressive thoughts.
Other parts: Part 1 Part 2
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it
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He swore to himself, glaring down at the ink covering his hand. His heart was pounding, but maybe that was just a side effect from finally finding out the identity of his soulmate.

Why did it have to be you?

He pulled his sleeve down, trying to hide the markings, hoping somehow this was all a misunderstanding, that it was a joke. He knew though, he knew it was real.

How could this be happening to him? A muggleborn as his soulmate, whoever heard of such a thing? His heart clenched at the idea.

What would his parents say?

He thought of you, and the way your hair fell, framing your face perfectly (though he’d never admit that out loud), and the way your eyes used to sparkle, but lately they’d looked dull.

He’d had an insight to your thoughts through the messaging back and forth, but never had he even dreamt that it would be you on the other side.

At least now he had an idea of why you hadn’t seemed like yourself for the past however many months. He had meant what he said - he wanted to help his soulmate out.

But now he knew his soulmate was you, did he still want to help?


Your thoughts swarmed around your head like wasps, shutting you away from the rest of the world. Each separate thought felt like a sting on the inside of your skull, a painful reminder of how awful the world really was.

You couldn’t focus on anything going on around you; it was as if there was no sound, and many distorted figures moving.


“Huh?” You looked up, suddenly aware of the fact you were sat in the Great Hall, surrounded by your housemates.

“Are you okay, you looked out of it there,” a girl asked, frowning a little. If you were more focused, maybe you’d be able to remember her name. You nodded, sighing under your breath before standing up and walking in an almost ghost-like manner to the exit.

What you weren’t expecting when you left the Hall was to see the platinum blonde that you had been trying to abstain from being in the company of. Your heart jolted as you ducked behind a pillar, hoping he hadn’t seen you.

“Y/n! Will you stop avoiding me? You can’t do this forever,” a voice said. You close your eyes and sighed, feeling defeated. “I can try,” you replied as you moved back out into the open.

“I don’t understand why you’re trying to stay away from me. Obviously you’re not happy about this, but neither am I! Do you know how this will affect me? You’re a mudblood! This isn’t fair at all! My soulmate is a mudblood, who has barely any friends! You don’t understand what this will do to my status!” Draco complained like a child, looking exceedingly irritated.

I don’t understand? You’re the one who doesn’t understand, Malfoy. You’ll never understand anything. So your soulmate is a muggleborn? So what? At least your soulmate isn’t a condescending git who doesn’t care about anyone but himself!” You grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Of all the people it could have been, why did it have to be you?” He asked, as if you knew the answer, “It’s not fair. This is by far the lowest point of my entire life.”

“Oh give me a break, you spoilt little rich boy! You’ll never know what it’s like to have a hard life! You’ve always had everything done for you, and you’ve ruined everybody else’s happiness. Do you know how excited I was when I first started Hogwarts? Imagine, you’ve spent your whole life thinking magic isn’t real, and then suddenly you’re told, ‘hey, you’re a witch!’ So you pack your bags, and you head to this giant castle, and you’re happy.

Then you arrive, and you realise there are people that actually think you’re not as good as them, because of something you can’t even control - who your parents are. And you get called a mudblood, and a blood traitor, and you have no idea what you ever did to deserve it, but apparently you’ve done something because the blonde boy who everyone seems to bow down to seems to hate you!

Fast forward a couple of years, and you’re close to a breakdown, you’re on the edge. You cling to the one good thing you have left, the last good thing - your soulmate - and they turn out to be the person you hate most in the world, that same blonde boy who encouraged everyone else to hate on you in your first year.

So no, no this isn’t fair. And I’m sorry I’m not who you wanted me to be, but you’re not the victim here, so stop acting like it,” your voice dropped to nearly a whisper by the end, as you turned around and began to walk off.

“Wait, Y/n!” You heard him shout after you, but you ignored him as your pace quickened to escape his company.


I’m sorry, okay?

You had been staring at your hand for almost 10 minutes now, your heart thumping hard as you read the three words over and over.

How were you supposed to reply to that?

The quill hovered over your hand as you contemplated the best response.

Doesn’t matter, it’s okay.

It was a lie, but it was the best you could come up with at this moment in time.

It’s not okay though

You didn’t respond, you just watched as the words suddenly disappeared, as if they were being wiped away.

Meet me in the Astronomy Tower. Properly, this time. I wa need to talk to you. In person.

You pursed your lips and sighed. There was no harm in going, right? With any luck, he’d apologise in person. You shook your head to yourself. Best not get your hopes up.



The silence was almost overwhelming, and you wondered whether it was just a prank, that he wasn’t actually going to show up. You almost felt relieved when you saw the familiar head of blonde hair emerging from the darkness.

“You came,” he breathed out, sounding a little on the shocked side. “Yeah. Now what did you want to say?” You asked, trying to get straight to the point so you could go back to bed.

“Look, I know I was a git before, but please just overlook that. I was shocked, okay? I didn’t.. I mean I hadn’t accepted that you were soulmate yet. What I asked you here for.. was to ask you… well, can’t we work this out? It’s not going to be easy, I know, but we can do this. You’re my bloody soulmate, after all! The universe clearly wants us to be together, for whatever mixed-up reason. I’m willing to try, if you are. I know you hate me - I’m not exactly fond of you either - but we can make this work. What do you say?” Draco suggested, looking directly at you.

You looked away, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth as you debated the options in your head.

He had helped you out a lot in the past few weeks, though he didn’t know who you were. Was there a chance he’d be able to help more?

With that in mind, you looked up into his blue-grey eyes and nodded, “Okay. We can try and work it out.” He smiled at you - a real, genuine smile that almost - almost - made your heart flutter.

Maybe, against all odds, you could work this out after all.


doggett/scully + relationship

“He’s worth the effort.”

hopefully this goes without saying, but please remember not to blame or feel bitter towards somi for this. no part of this was her fault. just be grateful that wooshin is able to take care of himself.



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Teen Wolf 6x14 and 6x15

-I find it so adorable how Scott is with Scott. He really did learn so much from Derek. It’s so cute how we saw Derek him to go school and Scott wasn’t even his beta ever but Derek always wanted to protect him, always ALWAYS looked out for him. I think because so much has happened and how much Scott has grown he really has appreciated everything Derek did for him. Bonus: He’s passing on those lessons to his beta. I love that. 

-Chris Argent will always go to great lengths to protect Scott, the whole McCall pack really. He’s grown so much. 

-Gerard is filled with so much hate. That hatred was taught to him by someone. He’s never tried to understand anything else, never tried to hear reason. That hatred has grown stronger and stronger. This hatred applies to real life issues going on right now in the United States. The Guidance Counselor is almost worse. She’s blindly following this man she met in the woods and he’s giving her all this free range and power. She thinks she knows the pack but she only knows one side of things. Hatred has consumed her. The same hatred that consumes Nolan, even the wolf he knew in the jail cell-he’s judging him because of what he is and not the person he is. 

-Kudos to Coach for stepping in and helping Liam. My heart broke when the students were holding Mason back it broke my heart. To see the science teacher just do nothing upset me-you have all this power and you just decided “I’m going to let you all handle it.” You shouldn’t be a teacher. Coach has always been there, maybe he knows more than he lets on. Regardless he saw what was happening and he acted. He saw the wrong and he corrected it. 

-”I have never told Scott to run and hid and I’m not going to start now.” Melissa McCall is such a strong, wonderful mother. 

-Okay Lydia Martin in jeans. Damn. Plus with that black tank top and leather jacket combo. Lydia Martin owns me. That scene with her and the guidance counselor I was clapping. 

-Malia and Scott are such dorks. They really do like each other. Malia was so cute when she like covered her face. Reminded me of when Melissa did the same with Chris last episode 

-Scott’s all “I’m going alone” and then Lydia and Malia come crashing through like “bitch you thought.” They’ve got each other’s backs. 

-Liam just collapsing into Mason I mean just so cute. The way Liam just reaches to wrap his arm around his friends neck and lays his head on his chest in complete relief. He feels so safe. 

-Kudos to Liam for not turning when his classmates were beating him. He just kept saying “The sun. The moon. The truth” He just kept remembering everything Scott has taught him. Such strength. 

-The scene with Liam and the guidance counselor in her office was so tense. The way Liam figured it out and how quickly his facial expression changed. Strong acting skills. 

-Malia and her comedic timing. Shelley really doesn’t give herself enough credit, she is the absolute perfect Malia. Also Malia laughing at inappropriate jokes is me.  

-But Scott being all “You ready?” and Lydia is next to him and then Malia and Liam are behind him and even Theo has his claws out. THEY ARE IN FORMATION AND READY. 

-Scott/Lydia/Malia holding each other in the Sheriff station my babies 

-The Sheriff and Parrish were so great and I was just so excited when Noah was like “Lock him up” because Nolan sucks but that whole scene was great. 

-Theo always deserves to be punched 

-”SHOW ME!” Complete and utter chills down my body I am so proud of Alpha Scott McCall 

-I knew they weren’t going to run. So relieved to see them all at Deaton’s. They are ready to fight and take back their town. 

-Overall pretty great two hours. Linden did a beautiful job at directing 6x14. It was the perfect balance of all the characters. The McCall pack were amazing tonight. 

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When ya mom say some transphobic as fuck stuff

anonymous asked:

What do you think of No Fear translations?

I’m not very keen on them. I don’t think a modern-language translation is ever a match for the original because there’s no way of changing the wording and keeping all the nuances. It won’t be possible to judge how you feel about Shakespeare based on those translations. My worry is that the so-called ‘translations’ of No Fear Shakespeare are so misleading and dumbed-down that if you start with it, you might actually end up having to relearn the plays when you come to read it in early modern English.

I think it’s worth just jumping in at the deep end and tackling the text using a well-annotated edition (footnotes, not endnotes, for your sanity and comfort) instead of depending on a translation. You’ll familiarise yourself quicker with Shakespeare that way, and it’s more rewarding in the long run because you’ll actually acquire the language skills that will help you enjoy his writings. If you need help, it’s better to watch productions and listen to someone who knows how to speak the verse: it’s more helpful than an approximate translation.

Having said that, if No Fear Shakespeare does help someone to get into Shakespeare, use it by all means. No one can tell you what’s right for you personally, and it might be just the thing that gets someone into the plays. I would only warn people to use it with caution, and with the understanding that what you’re reading might not be entirely accurate.