never underestimate the power of friendship

Some positive messages from my favorite autistic headcanons: Autistic Sherlock knows that social interaction is hard and wants to remind you that it is not your fault and you deserve love and friendships anyway. Autistic Doctor is here to tell you that your autistic behaviors are natural and awesome even if they make you look quirky or weird. Autistic Hermione says that you should never underestimate the power of your special interest. Autistic Groot sends you good vibes and reminds you that verbal speech is not the only type of communication and that it’s okay to be nonverbal, sometimes or always. Autistic Lilo wants to tell you that your routines and habits are important even if they don’t make sense to anyone else. Autistic Matt Murdock tells you to never forget that sensory processing disorder can be a good and useful thing too. Autistic River Tam thinks that you look cute when you stim. And from all of them - hope you are having an awesome day, keep being amazingly autistic!

I never quite understood the power of positivity. I always underestimated the power of friendships and assumed that anything that made me feel something was destined to be more than ‘just friends’. I completely ruled out the idea of platonic relationships and i forgot how it felt to feel comfortable around someone or to trust so easily. It wasnt until we drove around that night, and I laughed when you got angry at that man in the carpark or you told me you cared about me, that i realised I am worthy of so much more than failed relationships. I am worthy of friendships like you and I, and me and Her, and Him and me. I am allowed to feel things and dwell on those feelings without it developing. It’s nice to feel loved and know that won’t be ruined because of some argument over some girl at 3am. Instead its a “are you busy? I’ve had a bad day” at 2pm, and a long drive that will fill ill all the empty caverns in my chest. Thats what its about. Anybody who tells you otherwise, probably shouldnt be around you.
—  This is going to be my year

A young orphan boy learns that he has powers that he never thought were possible. Upon joining a new learning atmosphere he learns that people both resent him for this power, as well as underestimate his potential. His two friends include a very intelligent girl as well as a violently inclined boy who comes from a large and well known family. As destiny unfolds, this boy and his friends must work together to defeat an Evil Snake man who, at one point, controls his best friend and attempts to taint their friendship.

Is this Naruto or Harry Potter

Imagine XANA observing the CL kids playing a game of Monopoly and is just so fucking amazed that he, an intelligent AI, can’t break their friendship apart with his plans but a stupid board game somehow can.

30 Days of Tamora Pierce - Day 17

Day 17: Favourite non-romantic relationship

I CAN’T CHOOSE so I’m going to divide this into multiple subcategories and choose multiple winners in each category. The character interactions and friendships are some of my favourite things about Tamora Pierce’s books.

Favourite friendships:

  • Kel and Neal. I’m just going to quote from Page here because I think this passage pretty much sums up the perfection that is their friendship:

‘Neal had taught Kel to know the palace the year before, assisting her with classwork and cheering her worst moods with his tart humour. In return she tried to keep him out of trouble and made him eat his vegetables. It was a strange friendship, but a solid one.’

  • Aly and Dove. Dove is so perceptive and intellectual and regal but she’s also just a thirteen-year-old who needs friends to help her through this whole revolution and then support and advise her as queen. Aly is also very perceptive, and while she maybe lacks some of Dove’s wisdom, she’s sneaky and crafty in a way that Dove isn’t so much, and she also needs friends.They make a formidable political team but independently of that they also have a very lovely, supportive friendship.
  • Kel and Lalasa, Kel and Owen, Kel and Raoul, and Kel and pretty much everyone she ever befriends also deserve a mention.

Favourite parent-child relationship:

  • Kel and Ilane. Ilane reminds me a lot of my mother; she’s also up there with Cordelia Naismith on my list of Best Fictional Parents Ever. I love how, even though she’s very protective of Kel, she also supports Kel’s ability to make her own decisions. I love how Kel looks up to her mother and Ilane’s badassery was one of the things that motivated Kel to become a lady knight. And words cannot express how much I love the scene in Squire where Kel realises that she’s having feelings about boys and so she goes and talks to Ilane and they discuss societal attitudes towards sex and relationships. And Ilane is totally frank about how fucked-up the patriarchy is on the issue of women’s bodily autonomy and the entire conversation is great.
  • Briar and Rosethorn. Their interactions can be pretty hilarious, and then they turn around and punch me in the feelings with Briar being all protective and making sure Rosethorn eats properly and things because he already lost one mother and doesn’t want to lose another, or with Briar feeling that Rosethorn is the only person he can talk to about the war in Gyongxe. Battle Magic is probably going to break my heart but I can’t wait to read it.

Favourite sibling relationship:

  • Tris, Sandry, Daja and Briar are THE BEST SIBLINGS EVER and I don’t even have anything coherent to say about them because it all dissolves into capslock and keyboard-smashing. I really want more books about these four post- Will of the Empress.
Things I’ve Learned During My First Year Away At School:

I’m sitting here on the grass, the main area of my school, surrounded by students among me; laughing, singing, listening to music, conversing, reading, writing, studying. As I sit here in the late afternoon/evening sun, the cool air, the beautiful flowering trees with the breeze blowing through them above me, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect upon what I’ve taken away with me this first year away at school…

Number One.
Hard work will always pay off. No matter what. Whether it comes right away or comes a little later than expected, never underestimate the power and potential of your hard work and discipline. Whether it is in the classroom, in athletics, in your hobby of interest, in your body, in your friendships, or in yourself. Where you invest your effort and time, you will get results, be patient.

Number Two.
Never lose sight of the fact that something or someone amazing will be affecting your life very soon. When you least expect it, someone or something is going to come into your life, completely flip it upside down, and become one of the most amazing things you have ever experienced. When you least expect it, you are going to have one of the most amazing people or opportunities before you. Remember that.

Number Three.
You are always changing. Always. Your body, your mind, your hair, your skin, your personality, your goals, your interests, your character, and more. Don’t ever think for one second that where you are right now is where you are always going to be. Things change in weeks, hours, minutes, seconds. While you may not be happy with yourself at the moment, it isn’t going to be this way forever. You aren’t static. Your body changes. You change. Every day. You always will be and you have to learn to love yourself every step of the journey.

Number Four.
Shit happens. Really shitty things happen. Bad things happen, and unfortunately, the best explanation I can give is, “That’s life.” However, in the midst of these unfortunate situations, these obstacles, setbacks, losses, defeats, there comes incredible growth. From the crumbling of your goals or what you wanted to become, comes rebirth, comes a new flame. Your mistakes aren’t failures, and your struggles do not define you. While you may not ever know why something “bad” had to happen, well, it may not be very “bad” after all. There is always something at work, and endings make room for new beginnings. Beginnings better than you could have ever imagined. Stay hopeful and faithful.

Number Five.
Stay true to you and remember your roots. While it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the moment and what is happening in front of you, you must always remember who you are and where you came from. Remember the lessons your parents gave you to take with you. What your siblings taught you, your best friends back home, your childhood sweethearts, your coaches, mentors, teachers, grandparents. When things get tough, you’re going to miss home sometimes. Remember to always appreciate your past. While you shouldn’t dwell on past things, remember the lessons it has taught you, the wisdom it has given you, and the strength it has bestowed in you.

Number Six.
When you hit rock bottom, it is going to be a test of your character. You are going to be tested at one point or another. Remember that even on the mornings you don’t want to get out of bed, remember that on the nights you cry yourself to sleep, remember during the afternoons when you are sitting and feeling lost, it will pass. Remember you at your best moments. Remember you during the days of your biggest accomplishments. While you may be at a low point now, that doesn’t take away anything you’ve been proud of and all of your happy moments. While there may be sad moments now, there are many more happy ones ahead.

And that’s all for now.

Never underestimate the power of a Tumblr friendship:

  • If you´re happy, I will be happy for you.
  • If you´re sad or upset, I will care and I will do my best to cheer you up.
  • If you need to rant, I will listen.
  • If you´re freaking out because of something Taylor did or said, I will be there to fangirl like crazy with you.
  • If you need to talk, I´m here. 
  • And if you were wondering: Yes, I do love you!