never underestimate the power of friendship

Okay but can we just appreciate the fact that Doctor Who now has a black lesbian companion and they literally say that her mum doesn’t have to be worried by men, and that “you should never underestimate the power of a crush” instead of just copping out and saying “friendship” instead

Never underestimate the power of a small act of kindness. Sometimes, a selfless gesture or a single moment of reassurance, even something as simple as a smile, can be enough to save a person. After all, even on the darkest nights, all it takes is a little light to illuminate the way forward.
—  Beau Taplin // L i t t l e  L i g h t
31 Things I learnt from My Long Distance Best Friend:

1. Communication is key to not only long distance, but any relationship in life, distance doesn’t define love or friendship but you still have to fight for it

2. “The littlest things mean the most” is a phrase that only once it becomes really relevant, you realise just how true it is

3. The cultural gap may be large but in many ways no matter where you live we are ALL the same

4. That making someone smile halfway across the world is a gift that can instantly warm a heart

5. How far my heart can reach and more about my own capability than ever before

6. That hearing someone’s voice and seeing someone’s face every day should be appreciated more

7. That telling the people in your life you love them more often IS important, you must never assume they know anything

8. That the happiest days of their lives will always be bittersweet because you can’t hug them

9. How to have ambition again

10. How to trust and be vulnerable again

11. That time zones really are the worst

12. That someone has been created to love you, if they aren’t right in front of you, look elsewhere because there’s literally an undiscovered world out there

13. That England is insufficient in fast food restaurants and weather

14. But does have a better legal drinking age

15. That jamming to Hannah Montana and HSM with your best friend is always necessary, no matter where they are or your age

16. To never underestimate the power of an email or letter

17. That American adverts confuse the shit out of me but the TV shows are worth it

18. How to love myself for exactly who I am

19. New ways to appreciate the meaning of friendship

20. That words can mean everything, yet are also never enough

21. That pretty much every curse word sounds better in an American accent

22. The fact that now the alert sound on “kik” is usually her and no longer a pervert hitting me up

23. That it’s possible and wonderful to find joy simply from the happiness of another human

24. That filming yourself in public isn’t really as humiliating as you might think when it becomes an every day thing

25. That a support system is always going to be there for me

26. That it is possible to love an American dog as much as your own

27. That dedication and perseverance are essential and really do pay off

28. That small decisions and a few months can truly change your life

29. That sometimes it’s okay to put myself first

30. That our past or what we’ve been through doesn’t define us, we can always work on ourselves and move forward

31. And finally, the meaning of loving despite uncontrollable conditions

Never underestimate the power of a compliment

If you see someone with an article of clothing or a hairstyle that is cool/nice/interesting, usually it’s okay to tell them so. Just walk up, say “excuse me, I just want to say ”

Or even your friends
Tell them what you like about them, remind them of something good about them. In a world where bad things don’t stop happening, we need reminders of light and kindness to keep away the dark.

A kind word can give someone hope and that’s more powerful than you can imagine.

Some positive messages from my favorite autistic headcanons: Autistic Sherlock knows that social interaction is hard and wants to remind you that it is not your fault and you deserve love and friendships anyway. Autistic Doctor is here to tell you that your autistic behaviors are natural and awesome even if they make you look quirky or weird. Autistic Hermione says that you should never underestimate the power of your special interest. Autistic Groot sends you good vibes and reminds you that verbal speech is not the only type of communication and that it’s okay to be nonverbal, sometimes or always. Autistic Lilo wants to tell you that your routines and habits are important even if they don’t make sense to anyone else. Autistic Matt Murdock tells you to never forget that sensory processing disorder can be a good and useful thing too. Autistic River Tam thinks that you look cute when you stim. And from all of them - hope you are having an awesome day, keep being amazingly autistic!

Friendship Lessons

Know their value.

When you know how much your friends and their friendship mean to you, you’ll love them even more!!!

Always have their back.

This goes without saying, but a true friend always has her friend’s back.

Value shared memories.

Never underestimate the power a fond memory can bring.

Appreciate what they do for you.

Cheesy na kung cheesy. What’s important is you let them know!!!

Get silly in the name of friendship.

Who better to get crazy with than with friends, right???

Show them you enjoy their company.

Tag them in your posts or tell them personally — they’ll appreciate it either way.

Imagine XANA observing the CL kids playing a game of Monopoly and is just so fucking amazed that he, an intelligent AI, can’t break their friendship apart with his plans but a stupid board game somehow can.

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16 or 22 from list#2 with George please please please X

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You were lying on one of the couches in the Gryffindor Common room, looking at your friends, George, Fred and Lee, laughing and shaking your head. 

“You can’t possibly mean that!” you exclaim, laughing some more. 

Lee looks at you and raises his eyebrows. “Of course we do!” He says, looking over at the others.

George and Fred both nod. 

“Yeah, Y/N, friendships, relationships, all that is fine and dandy…” Fred begins.

“…but never underestimate the power of a good bromance!” George finishes, winking. 

You shake your head, smiling. 

“So, what you’re saying is that a bromance is just as good as a relationship?” You ask, grinning.

“Well…” Lee starts.

Fred picks up. “…that depends..” 

“…on what you want to do.” George finishes.

“That finishing each other sentences this is getting strange…” you mumble, smiling. 

“Well, I’m going to bed.” Lee says. 

Fred gets up too. “Yeah, no use staying here, with you making fun of our wonderful bromance!” he says, grinning. 

George just waves. “Go ahead, I’ll catch up” he says. 

The two other boys shrugs, and head to their dorms. 

“So,” you say to George after the others leave, “Now what?” 

He smiles, shaking his head. “Oh you know…” he says, moving over to your couch. 

“I can’t wait until we can tell everyone, and stop being so private!” he says, as he lays down on top of you. 

You make a *oofh* sound, and laugh, pushing him off so he ends up on your side, barely saying on the couch.

“Well, what to you suggest, Weasley?” you ask with a smile. 

“Well,” he starts with a smug grin,  “you want to go somewhere and talk? Or not talk?”

I never quite understood the power of positivity. I always underestimated the power of friendships and assumed that anything that made me feel something was destined to be more than ‘just friends’. I completely ruled out the idea of platonic relationships and i forgot how it felt to feel comfortable around someone or to trust so easily. It wasnt until we drove around that night, and I laughed when you got angry at that man in the carpark or you told me you cared about me, that i realised I am worthy of so much more than failed relationships. I am worthy of friendships like you and I, and me and Her, and Him and me. I am allowed to feel things and dwell on those feelings without it developing. It’s nice to feel loved and know that won’t be ruined because of some argument over some girl at 3am. Instead its a “are you busy? I’ve had a bad day” at 2pm, and a long drive that will fill ill all the empty caverns in my chest. Thats what its about. Anybody who tells you otherwise, probably shouldnt be around you.
—  This is going to be my year

Anonymous said: A senario where you’re forced to date one of the member of Monsta X to gain popularity for each group (you’re in a european band and you must date IM) But you don’t feel good with this idea (but ends good tho) sorry for the very long request btw, i love your writings!

Thank you for the request. I’m really glad that you like my scenarios. I hope you will enjoy this one as well. I feel like I could have opened so much more with this but I was afraid it will get too long if I did!’s some I.M for you all. Enjoy. 

You disagreed. You strongly disagreed on this. (Along with the rest of the group of course.) You knew something was up as soon as your manager said that they wanted you to promote in Korea. Which European group ever promoted in Korea. Usually, if they have big enough fan base, they make a concert or two (three if possible even) but not promote there.

Now here are you, with the rest of your group (seven members in all) in front of seven Korean guys when your managers decided to drop the bomb.
“Date?” one of the girls from your team asked.
“Fake date, technically,” your manager replied.
“What is the difference?” you said angrily. You knew that there were many fake relationships for fame in the music industry but you never believed you would be the one who will end up in such a thing.  Besides, these guys where Korean. You had no idea how to speak that language.
“Listen (Y/N), this will help a lot the group in general. Korea is a huge country and to gain fame over here would make you more successful. These guys over here a quite the big thing, even in Europe and America. So it will just be a bonus for you.”
To you it seemed as if the members of the male group where currently arguing with their managers as well. However, regardless of your arguments you got nowhere (quickly using the contracts against you) and you ended up standing next to your fake boyfriend I.M. ‘I.M? What the hell is that name?’ you thought to yourself as you sat next to him, glaring at everything and anything around you. You main problem was communication, because regardless of how good of actors you both where, no one would believe such a lie if you could not even speak to each other.
However, that thought was erased from your head as soon as the youngest from the male group turned to talk to you, “Hello, my name is Im Changkyun,” he said, offering you his hand. At first, you where determined that you would not talk to him, however, you understood that he was in the same situation as you are and he hated this just as much as you did.
“You speak English?” you asked him slightly surprised about that fact. Korea was like the moon to you. You had no idea about what to expect.
“Ah yes,” he said. He seemed a bit flustered about the whole situation, “I lived abroad for a few years.”
You nodded at him until you realized that you had not yet introduced yourself, “oh. I am (Y/N). I would say nice to meet you but this is not such a nice situation.”
“This is all new to us. We’re usually banned from dating and not put into relationships.”
“Banned?” you asked frowning. This was a completely new level or controlling.

Before he could answer you, the managers came in front of you again. “Now, we know that it will be weird if we just say that you got in a relationship. So we’re just going to make you have group dates first, take a lot of videos together and allow you to be seen in public, sometimes as a whole group, sometimes as the couples which you where put into. Then, one by one we’re going to be introducing you as couples.”
“Whoever believes that, is the biggest dump of the world,” a member from your group said.
“Never underestimate the power of coincidence,” your manager quickly told her.
“Only idiots believe in coincidence,” you replied.

It ended there. Both groups exited the studios together and once outside you were told to take a group selfie together, which was later, posted to your respective social networks. The selfie was quite an uproar from both fandoms. People asking who the others where and some who liked both groups seemed to be very excited about your friendship.
“Wait till you learn that I’m dating your Changkyunie and we will both see who the cute one is sitting next to him!” you groaned reading one specific comment.
In two days you where supposed to meet him along with another girl from your group and Hoseok for your first date together. Twitter and tumblr had a heart attack with all the photos posted by people who spotted you around.
“I don’t think I can do this,” you said once you where in the building, looking though the comments and photos posted.
“I don’t know how I’m doing this,” Changkyun said from beside you, hiding his face in the palm of his hands. You huffed and turned off your phone. “Maybe it will be over soon.”

However, it was not. You two had been told to go on more dates, more frequently making it obvious that you would be the first couple, which they would ‘prove’. During this time, you had actually gotten closer to the Korean artist, making this somehow easier to the both of you. It was fun chatting with him during your dates. He was a person who could easily carry a conversation when he is comfortable with the other person, making the situations between you less awkward.

It had not been a month since the speculations about you and Changkyun started when both your company and his told on social networks that it was actually true. They even posted a picture of the two of you sitting close to each other on a couch while you were showing him your latest Music Video. You had no idea that someone was taking pictures of you during that time. You found yourself staring at the picture noticing how happy the two of you seem. You did not realize it then, but seeing the photo now it seemed as if you where truly dating. You turned off your phone as soon as you noticed that you where staring at him for quite a while.

Chaos began. Hate comments, people saying it’s fake, others arguing with each other. You suddenly felt guilty about the whole thing. You felt as if you where playing with the fans’ hearts and minds and restraining Changkyun from having an actual relationship. You mind suddenly ran to the fact that Changkyun could have someone he likes…maybe even someone from your same group!
“(Y/N)…” Changkyun had come up to you without you even realizing, “anything wrong?”
You looked up to him, “do you like someone Changkyun? Maybe there is someone you would like to date?”
He looked at you confused, “why are you asking me this?”
You sighed and opened up your twitter, showing him all the comments you have been getting. “I really feel guilty right now. We are fake dating for fame while you could have a crush on someone or something. Or maybe even a relationship which you hid!”
Changkyun sat down next to you. “First of all you’re in the same situation as me, so you probably need to worry about yourself too. I am not hiding a relationship right now. However,” he paused for a moment, looking away from you and sighing softly, “there is someone I like.”
You looked at him surprised, and somehow sad (?). “There is? Oh, I am so sorry.”
“You don’t have to be. First of all, this is not your fault. We where both forced into this.”
You cut him off, “but I still feel bad! Who is she? I promise I will help you get her as soon as this is over!”

Changkyun laughed softly, “trust me, once this is over you cannot help me get her.”
“Why not?” you asked him, “I will do it no matter what it takes.”

He turned around to face you completely. He stared at your face, making you feel embarrassed about the way he was looking at you. “Because I like you (Y/N).”

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A young orphan boy learns that he has powers that he never thought were possible. Upon joining a new learning atmosphere he learns that people both resent him for this power, as well as underestimate his potential. His two friends include a very intelligent girl as well as a violently inclined boy who comes from a large and well known family. As destiny unfolds, this boy and his friends must work together to defeat an Evil Snake man who, at one point, controls his best friend and attempts to taint their friendship.

Is this Naruto or Harry Potter

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I've got an art question but it's not a style thing, it's more motivation. Hope that's ok. I'm only 15 but I've been drawing for 3 years, I've tried really hard to gain a sort of following in these three years, but I've never been able to get more then 100 followers. I know following isn't everything and I should just draw because I love it but it makes me feel vary alone and insignificant. Any advice on dealing with this/ solving it? I'm sorry if I'm being an inconvenience

 Hi friend, any kind of question is cool!

As a new artist, it’s a huge struggle to gain a following. You’re pretty much starting from zero, and just have to rely on your own perseverance to work your way to a following. It’s even harder now that community sites like deviantart and tumblr have been popularized, because it’s hard to not compare yourself to the people that get an upwards of 1k notes for something they consider a “doodle.”

Every artist that has a following now has been exactly where you’ve been. To put some context, I’ll talk about my experiences for a little bit.

I didn’t have any kind of following for a really long time, so I can seriously sympathize. You can check out this old page in my gallery, which was about 4 years after I seriously started trying to draw digitally. All my original work has a maximum of about three favorites. I distinctly remember this piece:

Which took me two days to finish, got one favorite. Two of my friends commented on it because they’re very kind. But that kind of feedback for such a level of work is so disheartening.

(more under cut bc idk how long ill make this)

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the thing that’s the most irritating, or predictable perhaps, about shulkiegate is this prevailing argument that the superheroines created in decades past cannot be feminist or even real characters because they were created by sexist creators for a sexist market. it’s the same logic that says susan storm is weak because she’s a wife and mother, that janet van dyne is frivolous because she designs clothing, that jean grey didn’t do much in those early years because her codename included the word “girl.”

because putting all of your current prejudices and misogyny into a box and shoving it back three or five decades is so much easier than admitting you might be wrong, and you might be grossly underestimating what women are capable of.

others have already put it better than i can, but jennifer walters, at her core, isn’t a male fantasy–she’s a female one. she does what bruce banner has never been able to do– she turns power and rage into confidence and conviction. the hulk might be a hero, but the core of his stories is what he gives up, humanity-wise, to reign in his powers. shulkie may be big and green, but she has a successful civilian career, friendships that carry over between her life as jennifer and she-hulk, and a rocking sex life that includes consensual one-night stands and long-term relationships.

in essence– jennifer gets to have what bruce doesn’t, and i’d argue a large part of her ability to reign in the mindless rage we associate with hulkishness is because she’s a woman. she’s well-versed in accepting all parts of herself, rather than denying them. and a woman who doesn’t want to limit herself to one label, or cowtow to male expectations? yeah, i can definitely see why goyer was threatened by a character like that.

just look at the upcoming man of steel sequel– it’s called batman v superman. the versus, the conflict, is inherent in the title. male fantasties glorify conflict, they give us events like avx and the rebooted justice league, that sell copies based off of how hard batman can punch superman or cyclops can blast captain america. and that isn’t to say that every story with that premise is worthless, but the fact remains that we’ve seen them before, ad nauseum.

i think that idea resonates with the hulk– he’s always mad. anger is his strength and also his weakness. violence is frequently his answer, because while bruce banner has a brain and can use it for heroic ends, it’s far more likely to open a comic and find the hulk punching away a problem.

jennifer walters straddles both lines. she can be the muscle, she can punch out a bad guy. she frequently does, but she can also deliver a flippant one-liner, negotiate her way out of a problem, or take you to the cleaners in court.

i don’t care that jennifer walters premiered in 1980. or that wonder woman came on the scene in 1941. women were vocal then, and they’re vocal now. they were part of the audience then, and they are now. using a timeline as an excuse for your perceptions of a character is lazy and quite frankly disgusting.

saying that jennifer walters exists to be fucked says a lot more about the speaker’s sexual fantasies than jennifer herself. surprise, surpise– a woman can enjoy sex, and be a lawyer, and be a hero, and be a hulk. it seems like these days it’s the male heroes who are limited to one thing– punching their way out of their problems.

plus, shulkie’s had the answer to this argument for years:

so the alarming thing is, really, that goyer’s position in the industry makes him relevant, when his opinions shouldn’t be.

Things I’ve Learned During My First Year Away At School:

I’m sitting here on the grass, the main area of my school, surrounded by students among me; laughing, singing, listening to music, conversing, reading, writing, studying. As I sit here in the late afternoon/evening sun, the cool air, the beautiful flowering trees with the breeze blowing through them above me, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect upon what I’ve taken away with me this first year away at school…

Number One.
Hard work will always pay off. No matter what. Whether it comes right away or comes a little later than expected, never underestimate the power and potential of your hard work and discipline. Whether it is in the classroom, in athletics, in your hobby of interest, in your body, in your friendships, or in yourself. Where you invest your effort and time, you will get results, be patient.

Number Two.
Never lose sight of the fact that something or someone amazing will be affecting your life very soon. When you least expect it, someone or something is going to come into your life, completely flip it upside down, and become one of the most amazing things you have ever experienced. When you least expect it, you are going to have one of the most amazing people or opportunities before you. Remember that.

Number Three.
You are always changing. Always. Your body, your mind, your hair, your skin, your personality, your goals, your interests, your character, and more. Don’t ever think for one second that where you are right now is where you are always going to be. Things change in weeks, hours, minutes, seconds. While you may not be happy with yourself at the moment, it isn’t going to be this way forever. You aren’t static. Your body changes. You change. Every day. You always will be and you have to learn to love yourself every step of the journey.

Number Four.
Shit happens. Really shitty things happen. Bad things happen, and unfortunately, the best explanation I can give is, “That’s life.” However, in the midst of these unfortunate situations, these obstacles, setbacks, losses, defeats, there comes incredible growth. From the crumbling of your goals or what you wanted to become, comes rebirth, comes a new flame. Your mistakes aren’t failures, and your struggles do not define you. While you may not ever know why something “bad” had to happen, well, it may not be very “bad” after all. There is always something at work, and endings make room for new beginnings. Beginnings better than you could have ever imagined. Stay hopeful and faithful.

Number Five.
Stay true to you and remember your roots. While it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the moment and what is happening in front of you, you must always remember who you are and where you came from. Remember the lessons your parents gave you to take with you. What your siblings taught you, your best friends back home, your childhood sweethearts, your coaches, mentors, teachers, grandparents. When things get tough, you’re going to miss home sometimes. Remember to always appreciate your past. While you shouldn’t dwell on past things, remember the lessons it has taught you, the wisdom it has given you, and the strength it has bestowed in you.

Number Six.
When you hit rock bottom, it is going to be a test of your character. You are going to be tested at one point or another. Remember that even on the mornings you don’t want to get out of bed, remember that on the nights you cry yourself to sleep, remember during the afternoons when you are sitting and feeling lost, it will pass. Remember you at your best moments. Remember you during the days of your biggest accomplishments. While you may be at a low point now, that doesn’t take away anything you’ve been proud of and all of your happy moments. While there may be sad moments now, there are many more happy ones ahead.

And that’s all for now.