never underestimate france

All you need to know about French Gastronomy:

  • The popular sandwich is a baguette with ham and butter in it. It’s an important sandwich for people who need a quick meal between work times. Never underestimate its power.
  • Western France (Bretagne) has lots of crepe restaurants. These people are nuts about galettes and crepes. Never underestimate their power.
  • Mountainous regions, esp related to the ski (like Savoie) love melted cheese.
  • There’s only three fast food chains: McDonalds, KFC, and Quick. Burger King was in France for a time but bailed out and lately they came back. People hailed the return of Burger King because it’s been so long.
  • Literally no one eats frogs or snails everyday except rich Parisians.
  • We love wine so much that it should be illegal. We might fuck a lot of things up but we don’t mess with the wine.
  • If you don’t have a plate of various cheeses before desert what’s the point