never unattractive

jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

I’ve never met a...

I’ve never met a mean/bitchy Aries 

I’ve never met an emotionally open Taurus 

I’ve never met a stupid Gemini

I’ve never met an overly emotional Cancer 

I’ve never met a conceited  Leo 

I’ve never met a weak Virgo

I’ve never met an unattractive or talentless Libra 

I’ve never met a heartless Scorpio 

I’ve never met a unfunny Sagittarius 

I’ve never met a back-stabbing Capricorn 

I’ve never met a boring Aquarius 

I’ve never met a manipulative Pisces 

No Shame Day, you say?

I mentioned to you guys before about my super awesome, non curable skin disease? Hidradenitis Suppurativa?  Yeah. It leaves cysts and scars and bumps and lumps in sensitive places. I get them in my armpits and my inner thighs and very very very very rarely on my butt. I’m lucky though, since some people get them on their breasts, on their faces, on their genitals. And some people get them much much worse than I do. So bad that sometimes skin grafts are necessary. Now, mine could get better or it could get worse or it could stay the same forever. So fun and unpredictable, right?

I’ve had this since I was about 14, hid it from everyone in my life. It hurts most days. Some worse than others. It’s physically and mentally exhausting. It makes me feel really unattractive. I never wore tank tops or shorts or bathing suits. I’m pretty sure most of my depression stemmed from the shame and chronic pain.

But today, I will have no shame. This is me, and this is what I deal with and sometimes it hurts and I will always have it and that is okay.

All you silent sufferers, I’m sending you love and support because I know that pain is not always visible.  I love you all.

don’t call me chunky what do you think I am a can of chicken noodle soup

Imagine beating Bombur in an eating contest


“You’re done already?” Bofur asked as you set down your fork.

“Yup.” You washed down the meal with a hearty swig of ale. Truth be told, you could easily polish off another plate. Despite what they said about the appetites of dwarves, at the end of the day you were human, twice as large, and you were more than ample at that. Now that you lived as an honored guest in Erebor, the rich food, fish roasted with butter, potatoes whipped with cream, cakes as light as air, had expanded your belly. Dwarves liked their ladies soft, and your husband Bofur assured that you never felt unattractive or undesirable.

“You beat me!” Bombur laughed around a mouthful of food.

“It was a busy day, I was hungry!” You claimed.

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Do you ever just snort when you laugh and end up laughing even harder?

  • austin: i think jason likes me
  • jason: i can't believe they tried to make me kiss that ugly bastard
  • jason: i've never been so unattracted to someone in my entire life
  • jason: i can't look at him at all it burns my eyes he is so foul looking
  • jason: he is the most disgusting person i have ever seen in my life
  • jason: my shaft shrinks when i look at him

someone get me that clip of jason telling everyone about austin lying and yelling in the DR about how much he does not trust austin 

and then get me that clip where he refers to austin as an “ugly bastard” and says “i have never been so unattracted to someone in my entire life”