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omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.


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The Perfect Two

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Spencer Reid x Reader

For anon who requested - “Can I request one where the reader works with the team and Spencer falls for her but doesn’t know how to work up the courage to do something about it?” I changed it a bit because I was kind of stumped! If it’s not what you want just let me know so I can write another one for ya!

Y/N’s Outfit

It was the evening of the Annual FBI Gala. It was a night where the Bureau members got together to let loose. They bid on baskets that each Unit had made and they willingly utilized the open bar. Spencer had been both looking forward yet anxious for this night. It was going to be when he introduced his girlfriend Y/N to the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Spencer and Y/N had been seeing each other for the past couple months. He ran into her at the Smithsonian, where she had been with her third-graders. He had been reminiscing about Gideon, seeing that the weekend before was when he left his note for Spencer. He had gone to the museum as it was the one thing Spencer could remember his old mentor by, other than chess of course. He walked into the Hall of Human Origin where he saw her for the first time. She was beautiful. She looked exhausted yet as if she was still having the time of her life. He noticed her reprimand a student named Jimmy when he heard a child’s voice say, “UNCLE SPENCE”. He looked to the rest of the kids to see his godson Henry running towards him. He crouched down so that Henry could easily jump into his arms. Spencer set down Henry to see his teacher come up to him. She scolded Henry for running away from the group before introducing herself to Spencer. And that was the moment he met the girl of his dreams.

He had just knocked on Y/N’s door when she opened it. She was wearing an elegant black dress with silver accents and a high neckline. She took a step forward, revealing a tantalizing slit that showed off her toned legs. He could smell her perfume; a blend of roses, musk with subtle hints of magnolia. Looking at her he felt so out of his league. He couldn’t fathom why this gorgeous woman, this selfless and loving woman, would ever want to be with him. He was unsure as to why this intelligent and emotionally charged woman could be with an obnoxiously smart man with the emotional range of a teaspoon. Pushing the negative thoughts out of his mind, Spencer escorted her to the Gala where he was sure that his date would capture the eyes of men much more worthy of her than he could ever be.

The Gala had yet to start when Spencer and Y/N made their entrance. The valet took Spencer’s car to the parking area and a man guided them to their seats where the rest of the BAU was already seated. Spencer introduced Y/N to the people he could easily call his family.

“Oh my gosh. You are so beautiful. We have to get to know the girl that captured our genius’ heart!” exclaimed Penelope, who was wearing a gorgeous sapphire blue dress, before hugging Y/N.

“Look at you pretty boy, how on earth did you score her?” asked Derek, who looked dapper in a black suit with a tie that matched Penelope’s dress.

“It’s nice to meet you Penelope and Derek, but to tell you the truth I scored big time with Spencer here. He is everything I could have ever wished for” voiced Y/N before taking Spencer’s hand and squeezing it.

“It’s lovely to see you again Y/N” said Jennifer before shaking Y/N’s available hand.

“It’s great seeing you as well Ms. Jareau” responded Y/N, wanting to be polite to the mother of one of her favorite students.

“Call me JJ outside of the classroom” replied JJ before the others went on to introduce themselves.

Throughout the dinner Spencer’s insecurities shone bright. When the waiters came by with the drinks, Spencer couldn’t help but notice that the men, and some women, gawking at the cutout revealing ample cleavage on Y/N’s dress. As Y/N walked to the restroom with her newly made friends, JJ and Penelope, he noticed eyes ogling at her well defined legs that peered through the tempting slit of her gown.

Spencer let out a sigh before taking a sip of his drink.

“What’s wrong my man?” asked Derek.

“Nothing, you wouldn’t understand” said a perturbed Spencer.

“Try me” replied Derek before taking a swill of his Old Fashioned.

“You’ve never been the unattractive one in a relationship. I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous and I don’t deserve her” mumbled Spencer, embarrassed that he had revealed one of his deepest insecurities.

“Pretty Ricky, what have I told you? Your face is your best asset and some chicks dig the lanky teacher look! All joking aside, Spencer, that girl loves you. You could weigh 375 pounds and wear a trash bag and she would still love you. I can’t ever see her leaving you and you are everything to her. Y/N is probably just as insecure. She’s dating a genius who catches the eyes of all the single female agents and interns” declared Derek before slapping Spencer on his back.

The women were on their way back and Y/N couldn’t help but gaze at Spencer from afar. He was extremely handsome. When Spencer told her about what his teammates called the “Reid Effect” she couldn’t believe it. He loved his godson and couldn’t wait to have children of his own. He was so loving and considerate. He constantly reminded her to love herself which everyone, especially Y/N, struggled with. And the sex was mind blowing, pun intended.

As the night went on Y/N got to know Spencer’s family better and they all made plans to meet up for dinner at Rossi’s once the caseload was lighter. The Gala turned out to be better than either Spencer or Y/N could have imagined. The BAU ended up loving Y/N and thought she was the best match for Spencer. She even knew how to play chess. They were the perfect match.

Y/N dragged Spencer to the dance floor when one of her all time favorite songs, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” started playing.

“So aren’t you glad you came?” asked Spencer, placing one hand on her lower back, her hand touched his shoulder, as their free hands met.

“I really am. Tonight was wonderful” said Y/N smiling up at the man of her dreams.

The pair danced the rest of the night away. Never breaking the gaze they held. Their heartbeats in sync with the music. The rest of the team looked on in awe of the flawless couple. They saw how much Y/N had changed Spencer for the better, without realizing that he did the same to her. They complemented each other in the best way possible. They truly were the perfect two.


A/N I hope ya’ll like this piece, I was stumped and kind of went with it! My requests are still opened so help me procrastinate! Also did anyone notice my Harry Potter reference?

I’ve never met a...

I’ve never met a mean/bitchy Aries 

I’ve never met an emotionally open Taurus 

I’ve never met a stupid Gemini

I’ve never met an overly emotional Cancer 

I’ve never met a conceited  Leo 

I’ve never met a weak Virgo

I’ve never met an unattractive or talentless Libra 

I’ve never met a heartless Scorpio 

I’ve never met a unfunny Sagittarius 

I’ve never met a back-stabbing Capricorn 

I’ve never met a boring Aquarius 

I’ve never met a manipulative Pisces 

Being sick is hard. Chronic diseases strip you of all your dignity. I already considered myself a “big girl” before I was diagnosed with MEN1, but in the past year, I’ve experienced such a terrible drop in my self esteem. Having a pituitary adenoma means your body thinks you’re pregnant, so it’s incredibly hard to keep weight off. I’ve gained about sixty to seventy pounds, which means my clothes are too tight, my skin is riddled with stretch marks, and I feel out of shape and ugly no matter where I go. My prolactin level is through the roof, so my breasts are swelling and producing milk, making it hard to want to wear tight and ill-fitting bras. Not to mention my bladder’s failing more often than not, so all my clothes have to fit over an adult sized diaper. Last night, I tried to look nice for a friend’s play, and I ended up in tears because all that would fit was jeans and t-shirts. All my nice clothes, my church clothes, my sexy clothes, nothing worked. And no matter what anyone says, I can’t help but feel like I always smell like piss. I’ve never felt so unattractive in my life.

So because of my handful of tumors, I’m fatigued, I’m aching, I’m nauseous. I feel weak all the time. Now I feel hideous and gross on top of it all. And my anxiety disorder reminds me of it every minute. I didn’t think it would be this hard, but it is.

But thank God for my boyfriend. He’s been through every up and down, every doctor’s appointment and test, every mood swing and sick day. And all the times I’ve failed to zip a zipper on something and cried. Zippers on Sunday mornings and zippers before work. Zippers in stores that don’t cater to women who wear sizes larger than a 12. And after last night, he’d had enough. He told me he was picking me up from work, taking me to the mall 45 minutes away, and buying me clothes at the plus size store that’s amazing but too expensive. I protested, I told him he didn’t have to, I felt burdensome and embarrassed. But he said he was tired of seeing me cry because of clothes that weren’t fitting, and if a couple weeks worth of pay put an end to it, it was worth it. He took me shopping, carried my choices, made me try on things I’d never even try because of the price tag. And at the end of the day, he paid for my favorites.

A couple of outfits aren’t going to fix my disease. They won’t make my tumors disappear or make my job pay more or make my anxiety go away. But it’s a little step towards having dignity again. To feeling like a human being, much less a woman. Even though the dressing room was sweaty and hot and loud, I couldn’t stop smiling. Because I’m not materialistic. I don’t need fancy clothes. But the love he made me feel, the fun I had, and the prettiness I so craved were gifts I can’t repay him with money.

Being sick is hard, but thank God for my boyfriend.

jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

taco bell

request: “could you do one where you’re josh’s high school friend’s little sister and he sees you again for the first time in like ten years and he’s like “what the hell shes hot now?”

author’s note: my first josh fic! i had a blast writing this out and i hope you all enjoy! thanks to @rosekgold for being a doll and helping me edit this out. feedback would be greatly appreciated, xx.

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my two (only) home friends are being heterosexual with their serious boyfriends and working and going to school like normal people do and are so busy they don’t have much time for me anymore lmfao god i’m lonely

No Shame Day, you say?

I mentioned to you guys before about my super awesome, non curable skin disease? Hidradenitis Suppurativa?  Yeah. It leaves cysts and scars and bumps and lumps in sensitive places. I get them in my armpits and my inner thighs and very very very very rarely on my butt. I’m lucky though, since some people get them on their breasts, on their faces, on their genitals. And some people get them much much worse than I do. So bad that sometimes skin grafts are necessary. Now, mine could get better or it could get worse or it could stay the same forever. So fun and unpredictable, right?

I’ve had this since I was about 14, hid it from everyone in my life. It hurts most days. Some worse than others. It’s physically and mentally exhausting. It makes me feel really unattractive. I never wore tank tops or shorts or bathing suits. I’m pretty sure most of my depression stemmed from the shame and chronic pain.

But today, I will have no shame. This is me, and this is what I deal with and sometimes it hurts and I will always have it and that is okay.

All you silent sufferers, I’m sending you love and support because I know that pain is not always visible.  I love you all.

don’t call me chunky what do you think I am a can of chicken noodle soup