never try new things


You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

Jan: Kiss Me
Feb: Phamily
Mar: Dentist Kink
Apr: Shibes!
May: Love Me Like You Do
June: If I lose myself 
July: Majestic Pastel
Aug: Team Mystic
Sept: Only one
Nov: Phanime
Dec: Secret Santa

I love how all sports anime teach me everything like
  • Haikyuu : Never give up, and believe in yourself and your teammates. You are never alone.
  • Free ! : It's never been wrong to try new things, true friends always there for you.
  • And then Yuri on Ice : how to make a better tumblr post, editing, drawing. Make a fanfic and spread it around the world and don't forget, victuuri is canon u idijts

I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 

Hanzo’s modern look!

Man, it’s like, a rebellious Hanzo trying new things.

Here’s this man who wasn’t ever allowed to go through a rebellious, experimental streak in his youth. The young lord who always had to have the perfect appearance in his traditional wear- no green hair for him. No piercings, no tattoos, and certainly no unusual haircuts.

And I believe even for the decade he wandered alone, he never changed these things, because why did he deserve to try new things when Genji was dead?

But since Genji had forgiven him and Hanzo has started to forgive himself, Hanzo has started trying new things. He’s a grown man and he can make whatever decisions he wants. Like that hairstyle that girl has? Got it. Think that bridge piercing is sweet? Done. Hoop earrings just because they’re cute and match my coat? Absolutely.

I fucking love finally rebelling at 38 years of age Hanzo. I could cry.


You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I think you try to be. And I think that’s probably the point.

Affumicata Pizza (white pizza, mozzarella, smoked salmon, arugula, pomodorini, stracchino) from Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria located in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.

Relationship tips for the signs

*Check Venus*

Aries: Being selfish is sometimes necessary. But not when it involves others’ feelings, too.

Taurus: Don’t be afraid to change it up. Routine is nice, but you’ll never grow if you don’t try new things.

Gemini: When you make a decision, stick to it. It can be exhausting to keep up with you.

Cancer: Move on. The past belongs in the past.

Leo: You don’t always get what you give. Time to accept that.

Virgo: Let go of the little things. No one is perfect. Nothing can be perfect.

Libra: Be your true self. The honeymoon doesn’t last forever. And that’s okay. 

Scorpio: Trust. Not everyone will betray you. Your own worries are worse than what will actually happen.

Sagittarius: Not everything can be fun and games. Sometimes you need to be serious.

Capricorn: Open up more. You can be surprised by the good things that will follow when you show vulnerability.

Aquarius: Your emotions are valid. If you feel something, don’t be shy to express it.

Pisces: Be realistic. Love isn’t always a fairytale.

you literally can never make the claim that the new gorillaz songs don’t “sound” like their old stuff because they have NEVER had a consistent sound theyre constantly trying new stuff and doing different things. not a single one of their albums sounds anything like the others, and the songs within THOSE albums don’t even sound like each other and that’s what makes them so unique and great

Today, I’d like to share something with everyone, specially Taylor. 💁🏼

I am a 16 years old girl. My name is Joud. And I live in Jordan. 🌼

I was a normal girl who lives her boring life, refused to change and never try some new things. 😪

But in 10th of November 2012, something special happened; my twin sister (her name is Amal) showed me a music video, it was special.. so special. It was “mean” music video. In that moment I felt something strange something beautiful, new and amazing. 💕

Actually that song helped me a lot in my life, so thank you, thank you Taylor for writing that amazing song that helped me to realize that it is okay if people tried to bring you down, It is okay If you get teased, but you should never let that stop you of being who you are. ✨

Life for me was empty and meaningless but now after Taylor, everything is worth the pain. Everything I go through make me stronger. life is worth it you should never forget that. 🌸

My life, my mind and my thoughts completely changed after listening to her music. I am so grateful. 🙏🏻

I honestly wanted so many things from life, the most important thing I wanted is to be happy, Taylor brought happiness to my life, but she also made it clear for me that, it is kind of impossible to stay happy all the time and I am okay with that. 👀

That’s me on the picture I was very happy that day because I was wearing a shirt that has Taylor’s face on it for the first time, and I didn’t stop smiling even though I look idiot. 🙄

Supporting Taylor is everything to me. Thank you Taylor for everything, for everything you do for all of us. I love you, I will never forget you as long as I live. I know you are doing your best. 😭

I guess I said enough till now. I may never be able to meet you and tell you that I am so grateful for having you in my life and how much you helped me. but I will never lose hope. I promise. 🌺

Thank you so much @taylorswift for everything. I love you so much.❤️

Sometimes an obstacle isn’t a sign that God is saying “no.” It may just mean you now have a new thing in your path that you need to pray about

for example

If God has called you to be a psychologist, and you apply to 3 grad schools and you get rejected from all 3, that doesn’t necessarily mean that God is saying “no, never mind, stop trying to be a psychologist.” It’s just a new thing to pray about. Pray about a different approach. Pray about what new schools you should apply to. Pray about whether going to school now versus in a year is the best option. Pray about next steps.

Sometimes, we find ourselves spiritually exhausted by the obstacles in our way and begin to interpret our frustrations as signs that God has said no, and that we are also not good enough to achieve the goal. I encourage you to lean on God even more in those circumstances for the strength. Because you will need to push through those frustrations, get over those obstacles, and do what you are called to do

Ok so I watched Ghostbusters this week and I fell in love with Holtzmann I mean oh my gosh I am so gay and obsessed with her it’s embarrassing (I have watched the movie four times just because of her why am i like this). So I wanted to make a sim inspired by her. This sim is not supposed to actually look like her or be her, I just wanted to try if I could make a sim that’s a bit similar to her.