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I don't know if this is something you'd be interested in writing, but I would really like to see you write Alex and Louis' first time! Love your writing by the way 💕

Hi. I was reading all of your alex and louis drabbles again and I really loved the one where you wrote about their first kiss and the first time they realized they liked each other as more than friends. I would really love to see a drabble of the first time they slept together

Oh boy oh boy. Okay so, these prompts are two months old, that’s how I’ve been working on this. Not to be dramatic, but I love these boys so much, I wanted to give them a really good first time. Idk if I did it entirely right, but, well, here it is nonetheless. 

This is part of my ongoing OG Alex/Louis series, and you can find all the other parts here. This is the second flashback I’ve done in the series, and it takes place three years before Alex goes to war. Of course this contains adult content, and also some references to period typical homophobia and some references to religion if you squint. Also, (probably) poor prepping methods. Forgive them, they live in the 1940′s and don’t have much practice. Anyways, as always, forgive my editing mistakes and enjoy xx 

Autumn going to be the end of Alex.

He normally liked the colder weather. They were far enough away from any factory centers that the leaves still turned red, and normally, the grocery store sold cider and hot chocolate throughout the day, which gave him an extra excuse to see Louis.

But it had gotten cold fast this year, and he no longer even needed a hot drink as an excuse to see Louis.

Now, Louis was always at arm’s reach, like he was now. Louis was tucked into the far end of the couch, and Alex had settled his head on the other man’s chest. There was a thick blanket draped over both of them, but the fabric kept steadily slipping off Alex’s shoulders. Louis kept lifting his hand to pull the blanket back up, and sometimes when he would, he would also drag his hand through Alex’s hair and hold his fingers there.

“Alright, petal?” Louis asked now, reaching up to draw a hand through Alex’s fringe. Alex nodded, his eyelids fluttering but not opening, and he pressed his cheek down the fabric of Louis’s shirt, hoping Louis couldn’t see how his mouth twitched.

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