never too old to watch spongebob

what your favorite dont starve character says about you
  • Wilson: makes too many dad jokes and laughs before the punchline
  • Willow: likes really hot showers and eats spicy food to prove their dominance
  • Wolfgang: watches wrestlemania for the sweaty men in skimpy clothes
  • Wendy: jokes about their own emotional problems through shitposts
  • WX-78: sends memes to their friends at 3:07am and surfs the weird part of youtube
  • Mrs. Wickerbottom: drinks hot tea when stressed and loves scented lotion
  • Woodie: actually enjoys going outside and has breakfast food for dinner
  • Wes: has no soul
  • Wigfrid: eats too much and fantasizes about being punched in the face
  • Webber: never kills the spider and wants their friends to be happy
  • Walani: listens to chill music and laughs at weed jokes
  • Warly: is someone just trying to get by and stay positive in this terrible world
  • Wilbur: can never watch movies where the dog dies
  • Woodlegs: wants the old spongebob episodes back
  • Maxwell: reads nsfw fanfiction in crowded places
  • Charlie: loves movies that have sad endings and generally loves to cry