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The Moment you realized Fandom was racist...

So, what was the show that made you realize how racist fandom was? We all have that one show/movie/book that made us realize that this “geek haven” we thought was for everyone really wasn’t.

Mine was Young Justice. Now, I’d read a lot of fanfic before YJ (mostly white slash, and I never thought too much about it) I was still becoming comfortable with my sexuality, so slash was pretty comforting for me. I read a lot of Merlin/Arthur, but I noticed that there wasn’t that much fic for Gwen or her brother Elyan. I pushed it out of my mind.

Then Young Justice happened and with it, Kaldur'ahm. And he was EVERYTHING fic writers loved. He was strong and compassionate, had an interesting backstory, had a difficult love life, etc…

I was expecting TONS of fic for this guy, he was great! But Kaldur didn’t really get a lot (or any) appreciation compared to the rest of the cast. He was judged harshly. Fans would crap all over him due to the mole situation (Alpha) while giving other characters a pass for doing things that were worse (often times, those horrid things were done TO Kaldur) I’m still pissed abot Miss Martian leaving Kaldur in the desert to go coddle Superboy. Like really? And all people wanted to do after that episode was cream “OMG SUPERMRATIAN!!!!”

When Kaldur became a  double agent, and pretty much led the charge in the fight against the light, most of the fandom responded with a resounding “Meh."    

And the more I looked into this instance, and others in ther fandoms, the more upsetting it became. Those same patterns were repeated in EVERY fandom regarding black characters.

That was my wake up call.

What was yours?