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You go by Patrick Spring now but your real name is Zachariah Webb, and you made a terrible mistake.

Zachariah Webb/Edgar Spring/Patrick Spring through the decades as requested by @quingigillion

When Jeon  Jungkook turned into Mr. Jeon Spreading-Legs Cena for Jimin.

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so much in love was such a good song but it was slept on and overlooked for no reason… sebin and taewoong both got solo spotlight dances, sangho actually got some lines, woosung sang one of the highest notes we’ve ever heard him sing, and suhyun and sangil killed it like usual. this song delivered and i will never get over the fact that they didn’t get to perform a shortened version of it on music shows. never !!

For anyone going through a hard time right now:

Music has the power to help, or so I believe, it picks you up in ways that people sometimes can’t. I recently made a playlist of songs, and if people want I can make it into a Spotify playlist. But here is the songs:


Therapy//All Time Low
Never Too Late//Three Days Grace
Hospital For Souls//Bring Me the Horizon
Friend, Please//Twenty One Pilots
Crash//You Me At Six
Missing You//All Time Low
Never Give In//Black Veil Brides
Hold On Til May// Pierce The Veil
Astronaught//Simple Plan
Kitchen Sink//Twenty One Pilots
Saviour//Black Veil Brides
If I have too, then I have too (Acoustic)//One Last Look.
The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance
Goner//Twenty One Pilots
No One Does It Better// You Me At Six
Satellites// Sleeping With Sirens
Hearts and Flowers// Say We Can Fly
Nothern Downpour// Panic! At The Disco
What a Catch Donnie//Fall Out Boy
I’m A Mess// Ed Sheeran.

Here’s a few other things:

Good Songs that help calm you down or fall asleep:
Behind the Sea (Live in Chicago version) //Panic! At The Disco
Therapy// All Time Low
Fireworks//You Me At Six
Hey There Delilah//Plain White T’s
Oh Ms Believer// TØP
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)//The Script
Kiss me//Ed Sheeran

If You Have Lost Someone:
If You Could See Me Now//The Script
Match Into Water// Pierce The Veil
Cancer//My Chemical Romance
Lullabies//All Time Low
Wake Me Up When September Ends// Green Day
This Isn’t The End// Owl City
All Done For You// Black Veil Brides

Remember When/ Dissappear//Issues

When You’re Feeling Misunderstood:
I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance.
King For A Day// Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Kids In The Dark// All Time Low
Wretched And Divine// Black Veil Brides
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams// Green Day

In a Really Bad Mood? Start A Riot: [X]
Misery Buisiness//Paramore

Bite My Tongue// You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes

You Make Me Sick//Of Mice And Men
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing//Set It Off
Antivist//Bring Me The Horizon
Save It For The Bedroom//You Me At Six
Heroes// All Time Low
Desolation Row//My Chemical Romance
Juarez//Gerard Way
Fuck You//Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green Cover)


Compromising Me//William Beckett

Gives You Hell// The All-American Rejects

Some cool extras:
Princeton Ave// Issues (Abuse)
Never Lose Your Flames//Issues (Homophobia/Rejection because of Sexuality)
Mama//My Chemical Romance (Gender Identity)
99% Soul//Matty Mullins (Christian music?)(most of his album is Christian music so if you’re looking for good Christian pop I would recommend Matty Mullins or Owl City :))
Migraine//TØP (Schizophrenia)
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed For Me)//Panic! At The Disco (For people going through major changes)
Sleepwalking//Bring Me The Horizon (Depression)
A Trophy Father’s, Trophy Son (Broken Family/Home)

That’s all for now but that’s all for now, I might update more? I was just looking at all these cool songs with cool messages so…

According to the myth of Icarus he was given wings made of wax from his father Daedalus. We all remember that Daedalus told Icarus to not fly too high or else the heat from the sun would melt his wings (spoiler: Icarus flew too high and his wings melted and he fell into the ocean and drowned.) What is often not mentioned is that Daedalus also told Icarus to never fly too low or the waves from the ocean would batter him and swallow him down.

The symbol that Blackwing uses in correspondence with the codename reflects this myth. The circle in the middle is symbolic of Dirk needing to stay in the middle, neither flying too high or too low. Dirk is similar to Icarus in that they stray to flying too high or to run into danger.

An incubus is a mythical figure, usually depicted as a demon or other evil presence. These creatures are usually depicted as male demons who would sleep with women, with the possibility of impregnating them. (some variations of the mythology also depict these demons sleeping with men.) Incubi usually comes to people through nightmares, thus they are said to also be agents of fear and chaos. Some of the descriptions of incubi are shared closely with vampires; seducing women, states of thrall or hypnosis, being unusually cold to the touch, striking fear in the hearts of men, etc.

The Rowdy 3 are definitely agents of fear and chaos. I believe that they are so destructive partially so that fear is heightened in their victims (like Dirk.) They then seem to feed off of a persons energy/psychic force. The symbol looks to be four figures connected at center (or head) how one would see them when prone with the four standing over them. This seems to imply that the four share the same energy between them.

The one that was the hardest to figure out was Bart Curlish. Marzanna was a Scandinavian goddess associated with death and rebirth. She is celebrated in spring by drowning a straw effigy (sometimes the effigy is set on fire first.) We first see Bart next to a body of water, later we see the biker gang about to set her and Ken on fire. Both elements of the ritual are seen.

The symbol was even harder to understand, however in similar goddesses associated with death/rebirth a theme of crossroads appear. Crossroads are closely seen in narratives about fate. Choosing a new path or old one or keeping on as you are. In fact the Roman goddess Trivia (who is very similar to Marzanna) was called “the goddess of the three ways.” The circle representing Bart is at the top of three parallel lines or “ways.”

Possible triggering!

If you are triggered by talk of depression or unhealthy coping mechanisms, don’t read please. I don’t want to harm anyone by sharing this, only help. I didn’t want to share this, and I don’t want to offend anyone when I say this, but my God told me to do this, so that’s what I’m going to do. Sometimes I think we have to go through things just to be a lesson for others to see.

Guys my heart is killing me. It’s killing me because I see so many of you, our favorite boys included, drowning in anxious and sad feelings. I hate it, I hate it so much that I want to share with you what I’ve learned about my depression.

I was 17 once too, and I experienced a few things that my brain didn’t know how to comprehend. I had spent my life looking through a perspective of a child, I’d never had to truly understand the world and what it was like from the eyes of an adult mind. I didn’t have the knowledge to know just how to face those things that had happened to me, and I chose to cope with them the completely wrong way.

By 19, I had thrown away an entire full ride scholarship by failing out my first semester of college. It’s not that I couldn’t take the work load, or do the course work, it was because I was heavily depressed and didn’t know it. By 19, I had tried every drug that was available to me at the time. I’d started out by drinking every day, and not just at night for parties, but I’d be drunk by noon everyday. Weed has never been my thing, it heightened my anxiety so I didn’t mess with it much, but I dabbled in cocaine and molly (ecstasy); and guys, I’d even done meth a few times. I grabbed up whatever I could just to escape what I didn’t want to face, what I didn’t want to feel.

By 19, I had snorted an Opana, at the time it was the hardest narcotic drug on the market apart from heroin. Pain pills were my kind of high. It gave me enough comfort to be social, my anxiety gone and the constant ugly thoughts running through my head were silenced when I was high. It became a few times a week thing until it turned into an every day occurrence, multiple times a day. In my hometown, they ran on the streets at least $60 a pill for a high that lasted max 4-6 hours. I waited tables at a local restaurant, and every dime I made went straight to pills. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, all I cared about was getting high. I was normal when I was high, I was happy when I was high, or so I thought.

I quit my job because I couldn’t work pill sick, because by then, I was physically and mentally addicted. I won’t share on the internet, or to any persons the things I’ve done to get high. I’ve been in situations I could’ve gone straight to prison for, I’ve been in situations I could’ve died.

By 20, I was admitted to the hospital after an attempted suicide. My depression had declined me so far that the only option in my eyes was to die. I wanted to die, there wasn’t any possible way I could dig myself out of the grave I’d dug myself in. I would look in the mirror and not even recognize the person staring back at me.

After doctors worked to save my life, I was confined to an empty room by myself until a psychiatrist could travel from Peninsula to evaluate me. He deemed me a harm to myself and others, forcing me to admit to a mental inpatient facility where I was detoxed and spent two months learning how to cope with life the right way.

I am sober, completely sober, and I am okay. I take my medication and I visit my therapist and I live. I can function enough to work a job that pays me well, I’ve made some great accomplishments in life recently that at 19 years old I nearly lost my opportunity to.

Depression is not a game, it is not to be taken lightly. If you feel your mental health is declining, PLEASE seek help, I beg you. It’s not a trend, it’s not the in thing to do and I don’t care how many people think it’s beautiful to be broken and lost. It’s not, it’s cold and scary and it can take your life from you. Please guys, I’ve been active enough on blogs that I know to get the gist that none of you would go this far, but I never thought I’d go that far either. Cope with your emotions the right way. Dive into things that are healthy for you and not harmful. You’re in control of your own life, do with it what you please, but please don’t drink or dabble in drugs to cover up your hurt; it will own you if you do.

No matter how much people can trust me now, no matter how well I do; I will never forget what I did, and the people I harmed in the process, they will never forget either. These things are lasting impacts on your life, please tread lightly with your mental health and your choices.

I love you guys, I truly do. I look to you as people who mean something, amazing people that I never want to see hurting. If you need help, reach out for it. If you need me, reach out to me. I am never too busy or too low to help someone else, even if we’re worlds away from each other. I didn’t write this for pity or sympathy or to seem like a hero, because I’m just a nobody who has as an ugly story that I’m passionate about keeping others from making the same mistakes. You are strong, the boys are strong, and life will go on, we will be okay. Stay healthy friends, I hope I didn’t bore you 💛

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Toshinori finding out his s/o has a regeneration quirk (any injuries they sustain, they can heal themselves, even lost limbs or their heart) because they accidentally broke a bone while training and Toshinori was freaking out?

lmao sure anon!

Toshinori Yagi
In his bigger, more fit for fighting form, he lets out a mighty laugh. It’s charming- that even while they’re sparring, he gets into his character very well. He tells his lover that he’s not going to go full force, but enough so that they can push their limits. He puts on a few quirk limiters.

He’s busy going through rock formations, looking for his stealth-oriented partner. He secretly wishes that he would’ve taken more stealth classes as a young pro-hero, so that he can carefully plan his attacks. He’s so used to his excessive strength that he just lets an enemy attack and then returns the favor ten-fold. But he can’t let down his guard this time, because his lover is insanely skilled

He’s in the middle of punching through another rock formation when he suddenly stops.

“Your guard is too low, never drop it, even when you’re confident you’ll get a hit.” he says mindfully and grabs hold of their ankle. They gasp in surprise, and brace themselves when he flings them across the room like they’re nothing. They were too slow to do that as well, and the sharp sound of a bone cracking echoes throughout the room.

Yagi nearly squeals like a kindergartener when the sound reaches him, and he rushes over to their side. He overdid it… damn. 

“___, A-are you alright??!” He asks, frantic. They groan, and rub the back of their head from the impact. Then they both look down at their arm– bent in a very unusual fashion.. too unusual to be okay. 

They both scream– his partner in pain, Yagi in shock. When they finally both calm down though, his lover just simply stands, and brushes the dust off their bottoms and whines in pain.

“I’m so sorry dear, I didn’t mean to do this oh god– Let me call Recovery Girl right now I’m–” He starts to ramble, and then they put their good arm and hand on his forearm to stop him.

“Don’t worry about it, Toshi–”

“Wh-wh-wh-what do you mean don’t worry??!! Your arm is broken and I–”

“No, I’m serious. Watch.” and then their arm twirls back into place. They wince at the movement, but thats basically all the reaction they give. Yagi’s eyes are as wide as dinner plates.

“It’s my quirk. Regeneration.” 

“So- So you mean to tell me, this whole time your quirk wasn’t just inhumane strength???! That’s your pure power??” He gasps, blood splattering against their cheek. They laugh, and wipe their face.

Low key just want to kiss a girl on top of a Ferris wheel
—  thoughts when the Fair is in town and something I’m patiently waiting to do leighannelovestolaugh

Title: Reconnecting

Genre: Angst/ Smut (in future chapters)

Word Count: 1608

Summary: Mia and San E have been best friends since junior high. They’re in love with each other and neither has the balls to say anything about it. It’s cliché I know but hey, it’s what I’m feeling. This is going to cover their friendship from 2008 to the current time. This will be multi-chaptered. 

A/N: I feel like I should change my URL to emotional ass broad because that’s the majority of what I write. Anyway. I hope y’all enjoy this. I’m going to go listen to some sad music and try to write some more.



It was the night before he left. This was Mia’s last chance to be in the same room with the guy she’d come to view as unfortunately, her best friend. It was beyond cliché and something she was not at all willing to share with another living soul. She, Mia Trinae Thompson, was in love with her best friend Jung San. She had been for years if she was honest with herself. She just refused to acknowledge it. Mia and San both moved to Atlanta around the same time and met in homeroom. The kids in the class were being typical 13-year-old assholes and teasing San about his accent. Mia stood up for him simply because she could relate. She was teased for her lack of an accent. Mia had grown up in the Midwest and was constantly called “white girl” because of the way she talked. Luckily, she had a little more back up than San. It paid to have older cousins in the school. Especially, when they were known for knockin people out. She’d invited him to sit with her and her cousins at lunch that day and the rest had been history. They’d been inseparable through high school and college.

Mia assumed it was only a natural progression her part. It made sense that eventually she would end up falling for him. Except that it didn’t make sense. She was sure at this point she was supposed to view San like she did her older brothers. He should be mentally linked there just an asexual being that she deeply cared for. She’d done an excellent job playing it off though. She never let on that she was jealous of his girlfriends. Never once shouted “No, me! You idiot! It’s supposed to be me!” when he asked for her opinion on why he shouldn’t date a girl. She simply answered his questions and gave the best insight that she could. She kept her screaming internal and never once shed a tear or let her smile falter. She kept herself busy with other guys and did the best she could to notice how bright his smile was or the way his entire body ceased up when he laughed. She refused to acknowledge how right the weight of his arm felt on her shoulder or how the pressure of his hand on her back either comforted her or gave her the reassurance that she needed. His hand never dipped too low no matter how much she mentally willed him to let it slide and rest in a way that would declare her his. San had it right. Mia was a sister to him. He never let on that she could be anything more. That was Mia’s place in his life.

They currently laid in Mia’s apartment on separate couches staring up at the same textured egg white colored ceiling. This was going to be the last night they’d be able to do this for a very, very long time. San was going to back to Korea. His mixtape caught on and he was going to go join a group of MCs. Mia had faith that San would take off and make it big. She knew he had it in him. They spent the evening going down memory lane and gorging themselves on junk food. Mia was taking him to the airport in the morning. He’d made her promise not to cry until he’d have to board the plane. Something that up until today she’d thought she’d be able to do.

“San?” Mia asked quietly in case he’d already fallen asleep.


“Don’t go over there fuckin up.” She said matter-of-factly.

There was a rustle of the blanket moving and his confused reply of “Huh?” He’d propped himself up on his elbow and was looking over at her on the couch.

Mia rose slightly and mimicked his position. “Don’t go over there fuckin up. Keep focused and don’t those labels get their greedy ass hands on you. Read it twice before you sign anything and don’t let those broads distract you either. I know how you get when you think you’re in love. Most importantly, don’t make me come over there and slap some sense into you. You have a real chance, San. Don’t blow it.” There now she could rest. She’d been all positive affirmations and words of encouragement up until this point. She knew she’d be too emotional to get it out tomorrow and she didn’t want him to get on that plane without saying.

“Feel better?” He asked trying not to smile. Mia rarely asserted herself like that and it was too cute to him. He knew she really cared in moments like this. The problem was she didn’t have a very authoritative voice. She was too soft spoken and sweet toned for him to feel threatened but he had to give her props for trying.

“Shut up, San.” Mia replied and flopped back on the couch chuckling softly.

“Love you too Mi Mi.” He said in a slightly mocking tone,

What he didn’t know was that the words stung more than they should. Mia knew San loved her. Just not in the way she wanted.

Morning came far too quickly. San had to be at the airport by 5:30. So they alarm going off at 4 am was an awakening of the rudest kind. They’d shuffled around the apartment quietly neither wanting to really admit that he wouldn’t be coming over tomorrow to complain about her not having the snacks he liked or why she still put the remote on the wrong side of the coffee table. He wouldn’t be there to pass out on her couch and snore loud enough to wake the neighbors up. Neither of them wanted to admit that things were going to be very different for them in a few short hours.

The drive to the airport and subsequent waiting at the airport passed without much of anything to note. They laughed and joked around like normal. The moment of truth had arrived. The plane was boarding at it was time for very long see you later. There were tears in Mia’s eyes. She’d held true to her promise and kept her eyes dry until now. San saw the worry and early grief for their friendship reflected in her mahogany brown pools. He wanted to yell at her for not asking to come with him. He wanted to tell her she was stupid to think that she wasn’t supposed to be getting on the plane with him. How dare she think it was okay for her to not be standing next to him when that plane touched down in Seoul. He wanted to know why the hell she was content to stand there crying for him instead of hopping her happy ass up and buying on the next thing smoking to be with him. How was he supposed to stand strong and stay focused when she wasn’t there to reassure him and keep his head on straight? He said and asked none of this.

He stood there with his arms wrapped around his best friend and tried to ignore how soft she felt pressed against him. He didn’t want to admit how good and right it felt to have her where she was supposed to be. He didn’t think about the smell of coconuts permeating from curls. He didn’t pay attention to the pressure of her soft hands squeezing his shoulders. He didn’t let his arms drop low to her hips no matter how badly he wanted to lay claim to who he felt was his. He wouldn’t let his mind wonder about when the next time he would see her face light up with that dazzling smile. He didn’t let his thoughts drift to questions of who was going to keep her from walking into doors or tripping over furniture. She was such a klutz. He thought with a shake of his head. He wouldn’t wonder of who’s shoulder she was going to cry on when the next idiot broke her heart. He wouldn’t wonder who was going to love his Mia the way he wanted to love her. Mia, had it right. He was a brother to her. She never let on that she needed anything else from him. That was his spot in her life.

He pulled her closer to him and squeezed as hard as he could without hurting her. “Alright, Mi Mi. I gotta go.” His voice was thick and his gaze was watery.

Mia reluctantly let him go and nodded her hand. “Okay. You call me as soon as you get there, San. I ain’t playin with you.” The last part was cut off by a hiccup and held in a sob. It’d been the two of them since they were 13 and it was going to be a hard change to accept.

He nodded and stroked her hair pulling her close one final time. His brain yelled at him to speak up and say something. Just admit it before it was too late. All San did was give her another watery smile. “I love you Mi Mi.” I just can’t tell you how. He left unsaid.

Mia offered the same smile back. “I love you too, San.” It cut her deep not to tell him how. She knew yesterday was her only chance to really tell him and she let it slip by. She let him go and watched him walk to the gate and she knew deep in her soul things between them were going to get really different, really quick.

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you're my favorite ask blog and i love you i will stay true no matter the shenanigans you throw at me

// GHHHH im glad you will consume my trash afhskjg so many kind followers i dont even know what too say im sorry aaaaaAa

Sometimes i just think of before Persona 5 came out and i saw all the trailers and i was like DETECTIVE BOY IS MY FAVORITE and i just assumed he was a party member and i was always going to use him and he would be best character… and then I actually played the game and welp sad timess

“A Space Tail”

A late, late, late entry for Phanniemay Day 15, ‘Sci-Fi.’ Predictably, here’s some Space Au Danielle.

Space did funny things to people. 

Then again, people did funny things in space. Strapping themselves to rockets and blasting themselves across the big empty. Even though everything they were was tailor-made from millions of years of evolution for one tiny world, they still had to ride off to all the other ones. Transplant themselves to a foreign body that would always reject them. It tended to make people a little crazy.

Dani could sympathize. Everything down to her blood and her bones endlessly craved a place that wasn’t, anymore. Always a mismatch. Never a someplace that ever clicked into her incompatible links.

Space stations were the real dens of crazy. Built to accommodate everyone and succeeding with nobody. Gravity too high or too low, never the right temperature, finicky air composition. A place with dozens of different species, nationalities, clades, gangs, and corporates like a box of mismatched pieces. The bad edges crushed together.  

Not a single sentient belonged there, Dani especially. She was okay with it. The bar was offering half-off drinks for gals and gal-identifying.

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