never to be sent letter

It wasn’t until I saw you again that I realized that I didn’t miss you, at least not really. I missed the person you used to be. When I saw you again, after everything that had happened, you were a new person that I had never known and never would. And in that moment I realized you can’t miss someone you never knew.
Gorillaz Album Aesthetics
  • Gorillaz: Dens made in garages, bass speakers, fairgrounds, magic 8 balls, battered Converse, group chats, the city at night, burning cigarette stubs, spilt beer, being high, giggling
  • Demon Days: Insomnia, newspaper clippings, basement nightclubs, light peeking through grey clouds, cracks in the pavement, purple silk, TV stores, the nerves of a first date, handwritten diaries
  • Plastic Beach: Sunburn, bright red sunsets, eerie silence, burning plastic, weightlessness, sharp rocks in the sand, fruit cocktail, denim shorts and sunglasses, smiling with chapped lips, love letters that were never sent
  • The Fall: Rain on the pavement, skyscrapers, black coffee, leather diner love seats, oversized coats, despondency, Autumn, cigarette smoke, spinning vinyl, silent car drives, music tapes, fallen leaves
  • Humanz: House parties, glow sticks, smeared lipstick, cocktails, running fast, uncertainty, leather skirts, glitter, fist fights in alleyways, protest signs, iPhone 5Cs, a smashed disco ball
What Each House Collects

Slytherin: Paper cuts and old parchment with ink stains. Love letters that were never sent. Cardboard shoe boxes of bottlecaps. Old family jewelry, coins from other countries, and coats with elbow patches. Broken shards of handmade pottery. Clippings of newspaper headlines and leaves that were pressed in place of flowers.

Ravenclaw: Sheet music and books with dog-eared pages. Silver spoons. Broken watches. Candles and old typewriters with sticky keys. Glass jars full of colorful pebbles, the silver chains of necklaces, and old train tickets. Journals brimming with empty pages. Feathers and empty inkwells.

Hufflepuff: Patterned socks and dusty buttons. Flowers pressed between book pages. Photographs stuffed in envelopes. String and the gold parts of candy wrappers. Chipped mugs, skipping stones, and family recipes. Bark from the tree in front of a childhood home. Maps and wire-rimmed eyeglasses.

Gryffindor: Old Quidditch brooms and fraying quilts. Broken wands. Shoes with holes at the toes. Brass bells and memories of laughter. Scars, empty bottles, and cozy sweaters. Unused tea bags. Mirrors that fit in the palm of a hand and seashells that sound like the ocean.

when summer is feeling soft: warm milk and honey, willowy silhouettes, flowers pressed into your favorite books, car rides at night with the windows down and the hum of the radio, seashell lockets, the ocean feels like home, all of the love letters that you never sent, the moon is at ease tonight

Advice I wish I got told while my heart was breaking.
1- Stop pretending like you’re happy all over social media just because you think he’s going to see it, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
2- Please don’t keep letting strange boys into your bedroom, they will not make you forget him, maybe temporarily but when the lights are off and you’re all alone, the ache will be back and it’s only going to come on stronger.
3- Learn to survive alone, you only need your own self stop depending on others to make you happy.
4- Stop checking on his Facebook page, he hasn’t posted anything new.
5- He isn’t going to text you, leave the house without your phone every once and awhile instead of gripping it so hard in your hand waiting desperately with agony for him to miss you.
6- It’s okay to cry. You’re not pathetic for still being stuck on him, it only makes you human.
7- Write, write until your wrist is aching, find peace within the ink and paper share your thoughts freely until your heart is throbbing, write his name over and over, explain how angry you are, burn it, tear it up. You have every right to be mad, as long as you’re not taking it out on yourself.
8- Learn to do you, use this time of freedom to explore yourself, find out who you truly are. Give yourself time to breathe, you owe it to yourself.
9- Wing your eyeliner, wear that dress, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I deserve to be loved, I am here and that is enough” over and over, memorise it, yell it, sync it far into your mind, remind yourself there is only one you and there is nobody who can replace that.
10- Smile more, laugh until your lungs hurt, sing so loud your throat starts to dry out, dance in front of the mirror, treat yourself, take chances don’t be embarrassed to be yourself.
11- Break something, scream, your feelings are valid and it’s okay to explode sometimes.
12- Stop looking at photos of her, stop comparing yourself to her and beating yourself up because your beauty is different to hers, stop despising yourself for having shorter hair or a different body shape, it wouldn’t change the reality that he’s with her now, so don’t waste your precious energy wasting away at the thought of him and her.
13- Take your broken pieces and build a fucking castle, don’t let them knock you down, you are stronger than them.
14- Just because he stopped loving you doesn’t mean you have permission to do the same, you are worthy of all the love in the world and you deserve no less, don’t let him leaving determine your worth. You are loved and you deserve to be here, don’t let them convince you of the opposite.
—  B.L letters I never sent
Go outside, take a breath
Spin around, and let out a laugh
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Hum on the subway, text them first
Smile at strangers, it could be worse
And it’s never going to feel this way again

Drink it in and hold me tighter
Because this world keeps getting wider
And it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to sit back and let life fly away
I want to touch it, breathe it, carve it in my bones
I want to fall hard, crash and burn
Under city skylines and stars and birds
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Buy that new book you’ve been adoring
Take that dare you’ve been ignoring
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Take a train, call a cab
Lean out the window and grab his hand
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to be restrained to a vanilla life
I want to taste it, hold it, savor every drop
I want to jump off cliffs and freeze and fly
Fill up every second until I die
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Let your heart be young
Let moments sing, and always be listening
Because they’re never going to sound like that again

Lean in, kiss quick, then slip away
Sleep in, ride your bike far away
Go on adventures, leap and run
Don’t be afraid to love someone

Because it’ll never feel this way again

—  It’s Never Going to Feel This Way Again

I think I wanna do a sad Warden x Alistair story where he leaves her for Anora because they could never have kids only she is pregnant and he doesn’t know about it and she just disappears just like Morrigan did but she has these journals she always writes in and they are all letters to Alistair about her life and their children…. Should I?

(Spoiler, I did post a sneak peak of it up already. It’s called “The Letters She Never Sent”)

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Dear Middle School Me,
In these three years of your life, you are going to go through some pretty crazy highs and lows and ups and downs. You’re going to hit rock bottom a couple of times, but you’re also going to find that the rainbow comes right after the hurricane and you’re going to be really really happy. I promise. I know that it might seem like you’re worthless compared to your friends or that no one pays enough attention to you to notice how sad you really are or you’re untalented and won’t ever be good enough or you’re undeserving of love. You’re not. I promise you that you are not. For a long time you’re going to surround yourself with people who don’t believe in you and people who care more about themselves than your feelings and people who you think are saving you, but are actually just numbing it for a while. You are going to feel so so so lost and alone and you’re going to leave middle school a little smarter, but with no idea who you are or what you want or where you are going. But you also leave middle school knowing who to keep around, who to part ways with, and most importantly, who will support you and make you feel loved and happy and wonderful all the time. Even at your worst. High school is going to open your eyes to who you are and what you’ll become and it’s so freaking exciting. I know you may not see a clear or realistic direction for yourself, but there is one. And spoiler alert: you won’t find it in middle school. You see, everything that seems so big and so wild and so important in middle school really aren’t. They’ll seem so huge and momentous and life-changing, but once they’re over and your world gets a little bigger, those things seem so trivial. You’re going to sob your eyes out at graduation because you will never talk to most of those people again, and you’re right. You won’t. But the thing is that you won’t need to, and won’t even particularly want to. Because when you’re forced to step away and look at your life from an even further perspective, you don’t need a million people to like you, or even love you- you only need the ones who matter. And the people who matter to you now will be so different in a year and two years and three years down the line, but that’s for you to discover. Just remember that middle school is not your peak and it is not the most important part of your life and the people you consider family will be strangers within a year or two. Maybe that’s sad and maybe it isn’t, but I promise that it’s okay and it’s exciting and it’s not as horrible as it probably sounds to you right now. Know that there are people that love you and people in your future that will be so worth meeting. Know that you’re loved and even though you’ll do a lot (A LOT) of really stupid things, you won’t regret a single one because they’ll make great stories someday and even though they’ll make you cringe, at least you know that you’re an original and not just another vanilla human being. Enjoy not having to worry about finals or college or your future ahead of you, because once you hit 9th grade it all comes crashing in at once. Enjoy not being old enough to stay up after 11 and enjoy not having to be at 14 hour rehearsals and actually having free time. Enjoy not having braces. Enjoy being a kid, actually a kid, without having to worry about *dun dun dun* looming adulthood. You’ll be okay, even when you don’t think you’ll be and the best is always right around the corner. Always. Even if it’s a really long corner.
Love Always,
—  A Letter to Middle School Me

So I’ve started working on the sad story about Alistair leaving my Warden for Anora, I’m calling it “The Letters She Never Sent” I’m wondering if I should post a little of what I have and get some feed back on it, if you guys want that, that is cause so far it’s gotten a lot of attention 😅