never thought this blog would work out this nicely

It’s been one entire year since I first started this blog, and I just wanted to make this post to say thank you to all the friends I’ve made since then, as well as everyone who has ever followed me, reblogged/liked any of my posts, or even taken some time out of their day to send me a nice message ^^ I can’t fully express how grateful I am for all of those things, but hopefully this conveys that to some extent.  Thank you again, for all your support.

Also, of course, thank you to BTS for their hard work as well. I never would’ve thought that they would become such a big part of my life before, but since I discovered them, they’ve inspired me a lot with their music and all their sincere efforts. I’m eternally thankful for them ;u;


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(Also a shoutout to Rae and Mia, a couple good friends that are no longer here on this site, but still deserve all the best for being the wonderful people that they are. I sincerely hope they are happy and doing well in life. I miss you guys <3 )

Hi everyone! 2016 seemed to have only lasted a minute and a half, and December is no exception! <br>

Though 2016 has constantly proven to be a super shitty year, I am glad to say I have some nice memories made both on and outside Tumblr. With the holidays coming up and this blog turning one year old not too long ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to give a shout out to those within the Tumblr community that never cease to have me killing the re-blog button. From my ethereal mutuals to the blogs I fangirl over, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday! Let’s work together to make Tumblr a safer and more uplifting environment.  <br>

Special Mentions:                      

My real life pals @angstyaf @hzlena @meglomaniax @thelowlyparamecium @hqnzo @eeddoogg @tofurkyisbae @madikisaok, thank you for being great sources of happiness and understanding. This year I’ve re-connected and grown closer with some of you, and in 2017 I hope to do the same. My ass is never at school but when I am you make the pressures of the day a little more tolerable. I love you all.

@drxgmeouttoseamy username buddy! Charlee, I know we haven’t spoken a whole lot but your presence on my dashboard makes my day. You’re so strong and I hope you can always be happy.

@futurehearttsNicole! You are the first and only person I’ve ever met in person because of Tumblr. We don’t speak much but I love it when we do. You were so helpful and patient with me at Fight For Something and your puppies make me squeal. Please give them loads of kisses and cuddles from me!

@tidalwav-s My sweet pal Ammy. You’re always so sweet to everyone and although some of our conversations have been serious, I hope you know that they always melt my heart. I hope you can soon come to a place in your life where you have genuine people around you and you can rest. I’m always rooting for you!!

Mutuals I still can’t believe are mutuals: @grxund-dweller @iwilldiedefeated @patywalters @paintingsongsintoherskin @thebrotherhoodelites @limitedmercy @kakarikoprovince @celestialclexa @hometolou @onefortheradios @cinderblockgaskarths @liveandbreatheanddiealone @jennaandbands @anchoringsailors @motheroffeminists @eloqu3ntsilence @majoroutofyourleague @callmehopelessandnotromantic @hellyeah-tonightalive @deathshands @nogutsnogloryhole @thetoxicdarkness @poppunkpasta @titsteaandterriblemusic


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Thank you all for making memories with me this year. Make sure you rest for exams and cuddle up to your pets. Happy holidays! xo - Mikaela

Happy birthday to us!

Ladies and gentelmen, this blog is one year old today. Yes, yes. It was created 365 days ago - and I must say that the weather was much better than. But, oh well. That’s not important, is it? 

Let’s have some facts now, shall we?

  • there are 574 posts in general (575 with this one),
  • there are 500 posts with things Discworld taught us,
  • which means that 75 posts were used for more or less mindless chat, oops,
  • we have 1890 followers,
  • and there are 13 posts we like,
  • the book that taught us the most is ’Hogfather’ (okay, mostly because we had the ‘Hogfather’ themed thingy back in December, but hush),
  • The colour of magic’ is the least used/quoted book,
  • and that would be it, I think,
  • oh, it’s still not settled if you like or dislike pineapple on your pizza ;),
  • now we’re done.

I wanted to thank you all for sticking with us, for following us, for liking & reblogging our posts. It means a lot. Without you, this blog would not exist. Hope you’ll stay with us & that you’ll enjoy this blog and all the Discworld things it brings to your dashes.