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If you haven't unlocked the secret Wynonna Earp tumblr don't read below

Oh my gosh. THAT BLOG. NICOLE AND HER THOUGHTS. I can’t believe Emily gave us this. And with MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! And we’ve never really seen her be her little snarky self with Waverly. Just her heart eyes self. And I love that she’s still so snarky with Waverly. “Dude. Your sister banged Dolls” I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And then you know there’s the part where SHE IS LITERALLY TOO GAY TO FUNCTION. And then the TEXTS. OH THE TEXTS. “You were SHOT” “I was GRAZED” “I don’t know what I would do without you” AND THE UNICORNS. ALL THE UNICORNS THEY TEXT EACH OTHER UNICORNS. OH MY GOD. AND KISSES. THEY TEXT EACH OTHER UNICORNS AND KISSES GUYS I CANT. And then the last entry. OH THE LAST ENTRY. “Maybe have a future” NICOLE IS WRITING IN HER JOURNAL ABOUT A FUTURE WITH WAVERLY. GUYS. GUYS. MY EMOTIONALLY CLOSED OFF SELF DOES NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO DEAL WITH ALL THESE EMOTIONS. I just can’t believe Emily gave this to us. I am just so appreciative. I may or may not have cried multiple times today because I’m just so grateful for all the things she’s given us and continues to give us. Just…agh. Emily is a goddess. And the best showrunner to ever exist on this earth. Oh and lastly. 😺🍆🌸✈️ And of course 🦄



My apathy is so incredible right now that all I want to do is smoke and listen to Dresden Dolls while I give into self-loathing. I never thought I would be this guy, but at the moment, I am that guy. This is not my essence, but I have allowed it to become just that and I don’t know why. One thing is certain, I will not be satisfied with my life until I have regrouped the things that are meaningful to me and I start embracing them again. Until then, my existential tendencies will have the better of me. Here’s to hoping I figure it all out soon though.

Today marks FOUR MONTHS on this blog, and I never thought my Carl would get so much love. There over over a thousand of you following me and it’s a brand new record for me to have one of my blogs get this kind of attention. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the baes and those I stalk, and thank all of you for helping this blog last this long <3

@klllerwithin is such a doll, in character and out. If you aren’t following Rain, you’re missing out on an amazing Carl and some incredible headcanons, threads and even fandom trash posts. I love you.

@ofparasomnias hasn’t been on tumblr much but that doesn’t mean Satan means any less to me. I can’t explain the love I have for him and his muses. You will forever hold a special place with me and all of my muses, no matter which blogs we’re on.

@lastprcttygirl is another of those I love to harass (although, Marie does her fair share of poking as well.) Her Beth is one of my absolute favorites and I love all of the threads and aus and memes that we have going on between us.

@ofredisms I didn’t know which blog to tag Arya on, but she’s my salt buddy. The Bonnie to my Clyde. If I ever stop having fun with you, it means I’ve lost all sense of just what fun is supposed to be. Wonderful writing and so many great muses.

@toosweetforthisworld Again, didn’t know which blog I should tag xD I love Kezzy and I’m so happy to have her back again (even if we don’t do much yet.) I will never forget that you were my first Sophia, and your muses are always so on point.

@hastodosomething @zenofrping @fallenkiingdoms we go way back and you both mean the world to me. thank you for being my rock, my friend (and, for Zen, my mommy <3) 

@thisisaninsaneworld @dcntopen @kxllercolt @officerdxddy @thecondemnedandhunted @theiirfather @ingriimes @deputyricktator @theres-us-and-thedead are just amazingly written Rick blogs, with some of the greatest muns that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with ooc (or just plain stalking.) I love you all so much, and your attention means more than you know to myself and Carl.

@mightybigpill @gottapay @its-negan-bitch @gottapick @easystrxxt @sancct @illbetheirgod @ruledroost I didn’t know I had this many Negans on my radar omg. Well, they all deserve to be followed because there is so much talent in these blogs. The muns understand their muse so well and have brought my dash to life with their brilliant portrayals (seriously. peek at my blog. it’s like Negan heaven – or hell – and it’s all these lovely people’s fault xD and there are actually more Negan blogs below that I stalk)

@sufferawiitch @fadedliar let me bother them at will and make far too many eye jokes than should be allowed, but I love them both lots and wouldn’t give them up for anything.

@obituariies @s-a-m-m-y Why does Carl get me into these weird crossover ships? I can’t get over how hard I ship him with each of you, and he has no intention of leaving either of your muses anytime soon.

@caxineadh @callsbullshit @righthandstache @dcadtastic @abittangledup @shrinemade @goldcrcwn @thebetatohisalpha @lastmonroe @imgccd @keepliviing @ccntkill @strongerthanchaos @likeachamp @halfyourshit @causeimadick @castiellisms @tobeblamed @universapatrem @universamatrem @notimminent @jesus-fromhilltop @elevenmccall @noctuatim @withusnow @warforger @butscrewmefirst @brokenragdoll @brokenbirthright @daryliisms @ncttcblame @creatingxdragons @unholyhunter @saviorsprincess @fuckinsavior @motheriing @grccnc @bcthgreene @bcrnedaway @quidprcquo @thequeenbennett @fissarsi @fiercerebekah @theirangel @drcpalmer @splitthroat @antiihero @aniimediverse @oneeyedson @steadyfire @killeriinstincts @kiramillerx @likepapertowns @outdccrcat @infectiocs @heroicheartx @justsurxvive @stillamemberofthisfamily @saltliicker @fxrechild @kidgrimcs @afewmistakes @fragilcminds @you-wxll-be @demonbitch @whispercr @scarredanger @sceadugcnga @comiiics @painxknives @yovlookshitty @nosouthpaw @sluggernegan @lilasskiicker @savageslugger @ruthlessnegan @mcnstrvm @posxisms @cheatsyouback @prxmroseeverdeen @poolstorybro @zenredneckarcher

If I missed anyone that I usually talk to, come bitch at me on skype xD I really do love all of my followers and i wish I could interact with ALL of you <3 thank you for making this blog feel like home for me.


How in the world did i manage to get 900 followers!? I can hardly believe it! This is absolutely amazing, and i don’t have the words to describe how i’m feeling right now. I am all of my followers eternally grateful for following me and enjoying my blog! I do the best i can to make my trashy Muse blog at least a bit entertaining! When i started this blog back in November i would’ve never thought i’d manage to get to 900 of you!? LIKE HOW!? I never believed i was worthy enough for this. I thank Muse as well, for inspiring me to make this blog. If it weren’t for this amazing band i would have never gotten this far, and i would have never met all of my lovely tumblr friends!

I want to give a few people a special thanks, either for being a friend, being kind to me or bringing a smile to my face each time i see a post of them on my dash :

@starlightdeadstar @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @rocket-baby-dolls @thatcrazyfangirlwhohasnolife @miniidrones @exogenetics-symphony @tagtra @souls-wont-be-exhumed @nolongerafraidtowalkalone @orchestralmonster @youshallcallmesquishy @coffeensympathy @lovecoffeeandmuse @may-whore-es @spiral-static @mathew-stb @muse-stole-my-ass @muse-is-my-life @jean-geniee @killerdrones @peace-will-arise @a-twentieth-century-bitch @citizen-falling-down @sing-for-dansolution @transcendentalsouls @matt-bellambooty @rasberryhall @the2ndpaw @pau093 @microbellamy @ripglitterati @the-screamager @dissociative-hysteria @pizzazzer @thekiereneffect @im-batt-mellamy @drkshines @matt-smellabee @aweepingdoctor @originoftrash @musifications @gothicplagueofficial @1001141029hey @orignofsymmetry @hyper-muse-music @killedbydrcnes @vanishingborders @heiko-landers @pwoperhullabaloo @nightliam @green-day-dad @chriswolstenbeast @a-sky-full-of-drones @cydoniasnewborn @knights-of-absolution @bluesketcher @hullabahoodoo @endlessly-chasing-the-starlight @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @mori852 @uglybellamy @themproject00 @swiss-manson @athenalovespie @bellamyhandler @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @twentyonemusers @dwatson @haveabiscxitpotter @showbizuno @knights-of-invincible @randommusedoodles @dronesforhands @why-should-i-make-a-username @xxyasuxx @starlight-of-cydonia @lovedominichoward @alienmancy @ink-fills-silence @eternalweirdfeeling @eternallyblackout @makoyana @muser64 @chwis-save-me @ohbelldomismine @cydonianleo @howardswife @aaronsaxon @shrinking-dark-shines @timkork @panicstaticn @panic-station-drones @dome-howort-2020 @mttbellamy @followmetocydonia @cakelocked99 @deadstarhowell @drones-of-cydonia @guiding-lightning-strike @i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful @moigraine @phantasmfairy @submarx @mary6873 @raxicon @wolstendrones @weirdmuse @toxicwritr and of course @musedotmuofficial

it seems like demon matt is happy too

I hope you’ll continue sinning with me!

*hugs* have a great day/night all of you! <3

anonymous asked:

Literally everything you said about polyamory was grossly ignorant and offensive. You don't have to want it for yourself, but you can have preferences without talking shit about the relationships of others you know nothing about.

Literally everything I said was referring specifically to my personal life and specific people that have propositioned me in the last 3 months.  At no point did I say “all poly people and all poly relationships are like this”.  At no point did I “talk shit about relationships of others I know nothing about”.  However, since that was apparently unclear, let me specifically spell it out for you:

I wrote that post about 5 minutes after getting off the phone with my friend who was trying to set me up with a poly guy named Aaron who is dating two girls who can’t be in the same room with each other because they HATE each other and who I would be in direct competition with if I accepted his proposal.  Also in the past three months I’ve been propositioned by a married couple on OkCupid (Kyle and Maria) who wanted me to be around “to spice things up on special occasions”.  They made it clear that I would be a secondary partner who they would fuck only when it was convenient for them.  They also suggested that a situation like this was likely to be the best I could expect “given my situation” as a trans woman over 30.  And let’s not forget Allison who is also married and has kids and is dating at least 3 partners in addition to her husband.  She made the generous offer of “fooling around” with me when all of her other partners are busy.

THESE are the specific examples that I was upset about.  THIS is my personal life that I thought it was obvious I was referring to.  I wasn’t talking about the vast majority of my close personal friends who are all poly.  I wasn’t talking about my poly friends who have expressed affection and attraction to me but have never acted on it.  I was talking specifically about the poly individuals and couples/collectives that have assumed I would be delighted to be there occasional plaything.

Now, if I am accomplishing nothing at all with this blog besides offending people with my apparently disgusting desire for a relationship in which I am an equal partner rather than an interactive sex doll, maybe it’s time for me to delete the fucking thing.