never thought i'd end up shipping these two

listen can i just say how glad I am that sethkate /didnt/ kiss in an episode where seth jokingly wished kate should be at prom where she belongs? the show respects that an age difference has to be dealt with carefully and slowly, and they value that relationship enough to want to do it right. they left it open ended, but with enough there in canon that we weren’t left with any doubt of what these two mean to each other. 

like it clearly shows that they’re invested in continuing a well-done story about them in the future and I, FOR ONE, LOVE THAT.

ihavemanyeverythingfeels-deacti  asked:

im not sure why people find the don't hug me i'm scared videos so frightening. i personally am barely bothered, although i do admit that some of the images in the video are somewhat disturbing. can you explain why people think it's so scary? or are you just as clueless as i am? (love the art by the way; i never thought i'd end up shipping clock/notebook but that comic strip you posted convinced me)

I find them a little disturbing with the visuals, although not as much as some (I loved dissection in biology and I’ve grown up with two doctors for parents, go figure), but what I do find really disturbing is the honest and wonderfully brutal messages that they convey and explore; the corruption and control of ideas that is present in our society. The idea of guilting children into believing they are not being creative in the right way- that there *is* a right way to be creative, and therefore a wrong way. That time just exists and cannot, no, should not be questioned; that any questions that a person asks which can’t be answered are met with defensive shouting or plain violence. Originality is condemned, curiosity is maimed, the farce of education is present but nothing is taught, only fear is learned. Those ideas are what I find frightening, because they are truly horrifying, and exist as real threats to the minds of everyone in the world.

( p.s. thank you very much and I am so so sorry for dragging you into this vortex I don’t know what happened either .__. )