never thought i'd be making these again


       … paraxosm. ❞

⋞❄⋟ —— hands tucked deep into his pockets, kristoffer leaned his torso over the helpdesk to try and see if he could catch sight of any employees. he never really visited libraries, not since high school at least… and in his own imagination in felt like everyone around could tell. he felt out of place, but he didn’t look like it as well, right? he could only hope. and so eventually he stood up straight again, trying a different method.

❝ uhm, excuse me? ‘s anyone here? ❞

Screaming into the void

This is the culmination of every worst fear. To be empty of trust is to be truly isolated. Without trust, the meaningless pageantry of friends, family, love falls away, and you discover the bleak blankness that underpins all things. Your eyes slide through the objects in front of them, seeing only the shifting void of emotions and insecurity each one holds. Backed into a corner, you cling to yourself in an attempt to feel, to make it stop, but your hands are insubstantial, grasping only dead flesh bereft of feeling. Maybe you are crying. Maybe you are screaming. Maybe you are dead silent, locked in the cage of fear and mistrust, reaching out in desperation to the cold, empty world, screaming silently into the void and hearing nothing in return, not even an echo.

  • sometimes, i remember us. all the times you made me smile, had me thinking that i was your entire world.
  • and it still makes me sad sometimes, but mostly i have let go. we are history, just a chapter in the book of life.
  • i am doing so well. like, wow. i am doing so well without you. it truly was for the best that we are done- completely.
  • i will always remember the feelings you gave me and the love i thought we had but it's different now, and i truly think it's all for the best.
  • i am so happy i'm single and not dealing with some boy in another country while i get ready for my senior year of high school. i didn't think this was how we would turn out... not at all.
  • but that's what life is- just a bunch of curve-balls thrown right after each other.
  • goodbye tim.