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thank you for responding to that post oh my god it was upsetting me how many ppl wanted to write it off simply because of 'peta' like. a dog shouldnt be forced to do something against its will anyways, trainer or not you can tell its terrified. also not all abused dogs will bite when scared, and just because this dog may have been treated well in the past doesnt absolve this situation is questionable and uncomfortable at best

Yes, definitely.  I do think that the cut was misleading which I guess was reason enough for some people to write it off altogether and blame PETA for emotional manipulation.  Certainly agree though, it’s obvious the dog is uncomfortable and forcing it into that situation is dangerous.  And yeah, not all abused dogs bite.  It’s usually a last resort so should never really be used as the first indicator for discomfort.  There are plenty of other signs of stress that predict biting so it’s best to look out for those instead of waiting until the dog is at it’s wits end.  Really not an okay situation :(

Why am I so needy omfgggg, like someone could tell me they appreciate me and enjoy talking to me then 10 minutes later I’m doubting it and think that they’ve changed their mind for no apparent reasoning. Its so annoying like I’m constantly worried they’re never gonna wanna speak to me again and I don’t know why??? All my friends enjoy being around me and I know that but I still feel like I annoy them and they’re gonna turn around and never wanna speak to me again cause i messaged them too much or I hung out with them too much, eugh it’s so fucked upppppppppp

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I find Gensokyo is like a counterfeit Narnia which Yukari is like a false Aslan and the Dragon God is like an anti-Emperor Beyond The Sea. Or, Yukari is like a more mellowed Jadis/the White Witch. I don't think ZUN read C.S Lewis in depth and any parallels one can find is unintentional. But nevertheless they still speak for themselves. Gensokyo indeed has a problem of being.. well.."genuine". ZUN recently called it a false paradise in Suzunaan volume 6 material, Reimu a fake compared to Izunome.

True, Touhou is pretty cynical compared to others in its genre. Honestly that’s one of the reasons I like it so much though. And despite its cynicism, it never actually makes the leap to completely losing all respect for people. Hmm, I could probably write an entire essay about that, but not now.

I heard that a large reason why Yuri on Ice is so popular in Japan is because of how realistic it is.

I gave it some thought, and I think that’s not restricted to Japan at all - it’s a genuine reason regardless of the nation.

I think that stems from the lack of typical anime tropes. It’s what makes the anime accessible to newcomers or to people who haven’t previously enjoyed anime. I know for a fact that many fans of YOI have never seen anime before or never enjoyed the concept of it but easily got into Yuri on Ice.

I think this is precisely the lack of anime tropes that adds to its realism and makes it easy to pick up for anyone. Of course, it’s not trope-free, not at all, but let’s list a few of the ways in which it managed to defy the popular tropes: it’s not set in high school, the characters are adults (but the life of those who aren’t isn’t centered around school), there are no annoying female characters, no female body related fanservice, doesn’t rely on the same gags repeated ad nasueam, the main character is considered “weak” because of an actual mental illness and not just being wishy washy and bland, the protagonist doesn’t always win gold (in fact, he never does, but sometimes he doesn’t even place on the podium), there are no villains and no heroes, all the characters are likeable in some way, most of the stunts they perform are imaginable in real life (even if not always 100% doable), the gay relationship isn’t passed off as a joke and doesn’t involve typical BL dynamics, the characters actively use social media (like most people these days) and change their outfits every day.

There’s even more that you could add to the list, but I think this shows enough already.

Of course, that’s not to say that Yuri on Ice features no anime tropes because it does, but they’re usually not as invasive or off-putting as in many other anime.

I think realism really is an important part of Yuri on Ice and why the anime was able to gain so many fans, especially among people who were nver particularly interested in anime as a whole. Through not pandering to otaku culture, it was able to show a natural, organic story, one that most people could relate to or at the very least imagine in real life.

I think it is really is the realism in it that struck a chord with so many people - it felt grounded in real life, presenting situations and conversations that could actually happen, as well as people (and their cultures) from all over the world, all with their strengths, weaknesses and motivations that were believable and often relatable. I personally think it was the anime that you should show to someone who thinks that anime is just flashy fights and pink-haired girls with huge breasts and tons of screaming.

Yuri on Ice was a story in anime form, but it wasn’t what you could call a ‘typical anime’ and I think that’s partly what made such success possible. Through not following usual paths set up by many popular anime and manga series, it was able to go beyond the otaku community and grab the hearts of people who would never otherwise watch anime.

plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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Lance absentmindedly calling Keith ‘babe’ though. they’re not even dating. he just does. 

“hey babe, you wanna go for some training?” 

“hey babe, pass the salt would you?” 

“could you - ah, thanks babe.” 

Keith is so fucking confused and weirdly pleased and the team thinks its the most hilarious thing that’s happened since the lot of them were chosen as defenders of the galaxy (which is still pretty hilarious to them.) 

Lance never even realises he’s doing it. nobody even tells him. he doesn’t know the team is laughing at him. he doesn’t know he’s now the reason why Keith spends all his nights awake staring at the ceiling just thinking an endless stream of ?????

so i’ve been thinking about Waluigi and how he’s never appeared in a main Mario title.

And i think the reason it’s so hilarious is all other side characters have a reason for their absence. Daisy is all the way in Sarasaland, Yoshi is probably back at his island. Wario has his business Warioware Inc. to run in some far away city. The rare time Luigi isn’t there he’s probably doing ghost stuff or taking care of the home front.

So what the hell is Waluigi doing?? Its heavily implied he lives in the mushroom kingdom, so where is he when shit goes down? Where is he when the toads are screaming and bowser’s maniacal laughter fills the air all while buildings are getting smashed up?

Is he just like- 

With the Yuri!!! on Ice dub coming out hella fast, I understand we’re all gonna have our respective opinions about its various choices while the series is still fresh; but in regards to the criticisms saying the Russian accent should be more subtle and less stereotyped:


Think about Slavic languages, or even any Eastern European language for that matter: Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian–When was there ever a time when you heard a non-practiced native speaker from any of these countries speak English and think to yourself, “Wow! I can barely hear their accent!”

Probably never. Here’s a likely reason as to why:

The phonetics of Slavic/Eastern European languages are wildly different from those of the English language. ‘R’s sound different (as do many consonants),st’ can sometimes sound like ‘sht’ (ie Budapest in English vs Budapesht in  Hungarian), vowels in general sound completely different from what English speakers are used to, and some sounds that exist in English barely have an equivalent in a Slavic/Eastern European language, and vice versa. Seems like a lot to remember, yeah? Well try speaking Russian without a full handle on their vastly different sounds, pronunciations, and intonations. You’d be speaking with quite the accent yourself!

Additionally, in the context of Yuri!!! on Ice, ya gotta remember these guys train to skate, not master the English language. Their accents are going to be thick, or at the very least, quite noticeable. Sure, if these guys spent a large amount of time immersed in an English speaking country, there’s a chance their accents could lose their intensity, but that’s not what’s happening here.

And if you still think I’m spouting nonsense, I raise you a video of the legendary Evengi Plushenko, the ‘real life’ Viktor, delivering a message in English to the ‘real life’ Yuri, Hanyu Yuzuru.

Sounds familiar, right? Hm, yeah. It sounds just like the accent in the dub. B)

I know what y’all are afraid of, but I feel pretty certain in saying that this is not going to be Hetalia Part Deux with a bunch of goofy, cartoony mischief. Funimation has really been hitting it out of the park with dubs lately, and I feel the introduction of accent work into Yuri!!! on Ice is a fun and interesting choice that will help maintain and carry the lightheartedness of the series. (Okay, not all of it’s lighthearted, but it’s there.)

As to why they didn’t give Yuri a Japanese accent, I don’t know. Maybe that would be too Hetalia-esque. Maybe it’s to keep him as the straight man that heightens the comedy within the trio that is him, Yurio, and Viktor. Maybe they figure it’s good to have one ‘default’, ‘normal’ English speaker when a bunch of other accents are going to be coming into play. Who knows?

Regardless, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge or unconstructive in our criticism. I may have appeared to ramble in this post, but a director working on a series looks into all of the aforementioned details, especially when dealing with characters from all over the globe. It’s painstaking work! As for the VAs, it’s hard to voice act, let alone use a character voice, let alone slap an accent onto a character voice. They’re merely working as directed, and even if we don’t agree with the direction, we don’t have to lose our dang minds. By all means have your opinions, but good golly people don’t freak out.

what YOUR dunmer house says about you!
  • hlaalu: you love money and think you're hot shit because you make a lot of it. you are frequently called a 'cuck', but you don't care because you think you're rich. you have many friends, all of whom secretly hate you. you would sell your family to satan for half a corn chip.
  • redoran: you love rules. you love playing by the rules. someone once offered to remove the stick from your ass; you reported them to HR for harassment and had them put on disciplinary leave. when its your turn on the aux you put on an audiobook. the only reason you have friends is because you're the one who bails everyone else out once shit goes bottom-up, but they still hate you bc you never stop gloating about it.
  • telvanni: you think you can do whatever you want and then you do it. everybody hates you but you don't care because you hate them more. you probably describe yourself as chaotic neutral; everyone you know describes you as a dick. you make garden decorations out of doll parts and collect books you'll never read because they make you seem intelligent. you think "ethics guidelines" are holding science back, consider yourself as an intellectual, have made at least one 'triggered' joke at some point in your life.
  • indoril: you're a teacher's pet and damn proud of it. either you're a member of your religious sect or you're outspoken against religion on humanitarian grounds (but only gently because you consider yourself to be exceptionally tolerant.) you participate in charity and make sure everyone's aware of it. you're distantly related to a popular military leader and you think that's proof that you're the glue holding society around you together. you either have been or at some point will be hung from a flagpole by your underpants. also, you destroy everything you love
  • dres: let's be honest, you're kind of a redneck. like telvanni, you think you can do whatever you want, but 'whatever you want' for you usually involves a gallon of vodka and a puddle of mud. you start a lot of shit but somehow manage to not be blamed for any of it because while everyone else is dealing with the outcomes you're out in a swamp wrestling lizards. this uncanny talent allows you to start all sorts of drama and you do so with wanton relish. you're the one who called hlaalu a cuck.
  • dagoth: you're a goth, you know you're a goth, everyone else knows you're a goth, and yet you still insist that you aren't a goth. you're a hopeless romantic and you cry easily. sufjan stevens is your favorite artist and you feel as if he's the only one who really understands you. you're still obsessed with your first grade crush and you're proud of that because you think loyalty is the most noble trait one can have. you own far too many candles
  • sadras: you're the most unremarkable person in the world. the only reason you're successful is because you're a snitch and redoran thinks that makes you responsible
  • mora/clan ra'athim: you are a MESS. you're an absolute disaster. you're wildly successful in the same way that a tornado is successful. you're unstoppable, you do what you want, and nothing will be the same once you've finished throwing trees through houses. you love having sex with politicians. you're the extrovert on all those introvert vs extrovert memes. 'live fast die young leave a pretty corpse' is your motto. everybody loves you but you're still going to get stabbed in the back and honestly you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • sotha: everybody loves you, you don't know why, also you're probably dead
  • dwemer: you don't really fit in with your social group, but you're lumped in there anyway because nobody understands you. you enjoyed c0da. you have complex theories on philosophy which you're never going to share with anyone because nobody else is intelligent enough to understand them. one day you're going to disappear mysteriously and will go down as the most famous unsolved paranormal case of the 21st century

So - American Wizarding has gotten a lot of feedback in the last couple months both in expectation of and in reaction to JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I won’t lie to you, loyal followers, we have been sort of dreading the release of this movie for a lot of different reasons. While we have never claimed any sort of ownership of Harry Potter or the vast, wonderful, wild world of its Fandom, we hope you can understand that we’ve spent years working together to build what we think is the most accurate and “realistic” interpretation of what the magical population of the United States of America set in the Harry Potter universe would look like – for probably more than a decade before this blog even got off the ground. It’s been a labor of love, and I hope you can understand and forgive how we have grown very attached to these ideas and head-canons. And why, after viewing Fantastic Beasts, we won’t be giving any of them up.

So I guess that’s the first official announcement: American Wizarding will not be altering any of its head-canons to fall in line with Fantastic Beasts. This blog will continue more or less unaffected by JK’s new Canon, and will stand as an alternative for anyone who wants to join us in our sandbox, or use our ideas along with some invented by JK or other fans to create their own marvelous, wonderful worlds of American Wizarding (we certainly hope you will share with us in turn).

The rest of this post will be a response drafted by yours truly (Admin. John – Laveau Academy – Class of 2006, Juris Doctorate of Magical Law, The Randolph-Poythress Institute, Class of 2010) to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Please note this review will be about as SPOILERIFFIC as you can possibly imagine – hence the jump cut below and the tags. Please also note that this will not be a critical review of the film on the merits of cinematography or from a filmmaker’s perspective – I greatly enjoyed the movie for its own sake, and thought it was a lot of fun and well worth seeing and discussing.

No – this review will be solely a response to JK’s new canons about American Wizarding Society and the new magical elements for the wider world introduced in the film or, more specifically, the many, many reasons we won’t be adopting them and what we disliked, and liked, about the ideas. This will, of course, touch on what we consider some plot holes and problems with storytelling, but as I feel there are a hundred critics better equipped than I (including my own co-mods whose opinions were of course taken into consideration when drafting this)  to give you feedback on the film itself, I won’t be doing so.

So! Spoilers beneath this lovely cut.

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when I was young, about 10 or so, my parents let me watch the TV version of “Alien”, but for some reason made me go to bed after Ripley used the escape pod and detonated the ship, so I never actually saw the ending. I never saw “Aliens” until a couple years ago, but somehow I HAD seen its ending somewhere along the line. So I spent years thinking that the ending to “Alien” was that Ripley escaped the Nostromo with a cat, blew up the ship, the cat transformed into a young girl, and they both went to sleep.

Which I thought was kinda weird.

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should post this, but I figured that after two years of keeping this in my folders I might as well. There are two panels missing because I had no idea what to put there, which was one of the reasons I didn’t post it right away. Anyways, enjoy! (link to the song on youtube)

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what ppl think hearing voices is always like: kill your family…make them suffer….all must pay….kill yourself….hail satan

what hearing voices is often like: uptown funk gonna funk you up!! (repeat 16 times) *internal squabbling* shut the fuck up and give me the remote

You know, maybe the reason Roadhog and Junkrat have never been caught is because the police in Overwatch take one look at a man whose launcher is filled with bombs and who carries mines on him and has a vest of grenades he wears constantly and a giant tire bomb strapped to his back and think, hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t be shooting bullets in his general direction just in case he takes out the entire block with him. Just a thought.

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wow, the amount of abuse and harassment the sterek fandom is forced to deal with on a daily basis just because they happen to love their otp and prefer other fictional characters/actors over scott mccall/tyler posey is truly astonishing... and disheartening. there should be more anti-antisterek events to fight hate with love

Oh, I think the reason the trolls hate Sterek so much is because Sterek is already winning. It’s bigger than any other TW-related ship. In fact, it has almost no current connection with the show that spawned it, and it’s still going strong. 

Derek Hale leaves Beacon Hills? Nope, say the fans, not on my watch. 

Sterek isn’t canon? Canon? say the fans. We don’t need your stinking canon. 

Sterek has outgrown its origins. I can name people who love Sterek, but have never seen the show. I read my first Sterek fanfics without ever having watched an episode. I’ve spoken to people who had to google Stiles and Derek after reading a fic to find out what they look like. I think I wrote my first Sterek fic before I saw an episode of the show. 

The hatred directed at the Sterek fandom is jealousy, pure and simple. 

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i’ve been feeling rly :/ about my sexuality lately? and i know ive said for like 4 years that im pansexual but tbh i think im a lesbian

Voltron Crew by McElroy Product

Shiro - The Adventure Zone. Shiro is a total TAZ fanatic. He’s listened to it from the start (because he misses the campaign he used to run with friends from the Garrison.) Has cried over Taako many times, feels a deep spiritual connection with Merle (Shiro wishes he could cast Zone of Truth sometimes), but when it comes right down to it, Magnus is his favorite. #ShiroRushesIn

Keith - Bunker Buddies. Keith is a total survivalist, and he listens to Bunker Buddies both for ideas and to critique Travis and Andie’s recommendations. Tries to get the rest of the team to listen to select episodes to help them in the fight against Zarkon.

Pidge - Car Boys. Pure mayhem and destruction (plus Pidge has spent way too many hours figuring out how to… “improve” the code of BeamNG.) Busto 2.0 is their favorite thing in the universe, and they’re lowkey trying to use alien tech to bring him into the real world. (Pidge, no.)

Lance - My Brother, My Brother, and Me. MBMBAM is the only truth in the world, as far as Lance is concerned. Has listened to every episode twice. Quotes it randomly and at every possible occasion. Life goal is to become Griffin McElroy one day.

Hunk - Sawbones. Finds both medicine and history legitimately fascinating, and is always hungry for more information on the weird-ass ways we’ve tried to treat diseases in the past. Loves Pliny the Elder and actually owns a copy of Natural History that he uses to keep the rest of the team supplied with weird and entertaining factoids. (Coran got a hold of it once and thought it was a legitimate guide to how to heal humans… Things did not end well.)

Allura - Monster Factory. She uses it to get ideas for her shapeshifting abilities (because who ever said she could only shift into real species?) Pidge and Lance both died a little when Allura made herself look like the Final Pam. (Honestly, though, Allura thinks it’s sweet that Griffin and Justin get so into the scenarios they create, and that they legitimately love their monster children.) ((The Final Pam is her favorite, though.))

Coran - Still Buffering. He finds the insight into human culture fascinating, though everyone agrees that the universe it just going to Control-Alt-Delete itself if he says, “You’re really on fleek today, paladins!” one more time. (They all unironically love that Still Buffering taught Coran to dab.)


Matt - Griffin’s Amiibo Corner. This child is a living shitpost. True, he listens to TAZ with Shiro, and Hunk got him hooked on Sawbones, but Griffin’s Amiibo Corner is legit one of the most hilarious things Matt has ever encountered. Has been known to show it to random aliens with zero context just to see their reaction. (This has led to everything from shock and deep offense to the locals cooking the paladins a celebratory dinner filled with large, hard, pointy seedpods–because humans like putting that sort of thing in their mouth, right?)
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“The fact that it’s so good when its good is kind of the reason it’s so bad when it’s bad.”

“What are you thinking about?” The very boy turns his head a bit on Even’s pillow, shoulders bare and eyes even more so.

Isak’s eyes holds all of the secret to the universe, Even thinks. Always open and trusting Even to never let him down. So he tries not to. Because letting Isak down is like letting the earth shatter around him.