never tell someone to go kill themselves


In light of my post trying to spread some harmless positivity towards white, straight, and male groups, and the hate I’m getting over it, I feel this needs to be said.



If you’ve caught yourself saying any of the following, please reconsider your life choices:

  • “All white/straight/male people should die.”
  • “Women deserve equal rights!” “Oh but she shouldn’t be punished so harshly for x crime because she’s not a man.”
  • “Men can’t be raped/women can’t be racist.”
  • “Black people/non-white people can’t be racist.” “You can’t be racist to white people.”
  • “You can’t be sexist to men.”
  • “Straight people don’t matter.”
  • “Your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re white/straight/a male”

If you have said any of these things, I hate to break it to you buddy, but you’re either Racist, Sexist/Misogynist, or Heterophobic (for lack of a better word). 

Lets stop this toxic mind set. Equality is not thinking this way about anyone.

  • “I hate black people” VS “I hate white people.”
  • “I hate gay people” VS “I hate straight people.”
  • “I hate men” VS “I hate women.”


  • Don’t shit on people for spreading black/non-white positivity
  • Don’t shit on people for spreading gay/non-straight positivity
  • Don’t shit on people for spreading female positivity


  • Don’t shit on people for spreading white positivity
  • Don’t shit on people for spreading straight positivity
  • Don’t shit on people for spreading male positivity

There is no excuse for this toxic behavior. If you can’t grasp that NONE of this is okay, then you have a serious problem. 

You are the problem.

It’s not that fucking hard to learn how to be nice to each other. You wanna be equal? Start by stopping hate based on these things.

And one last note, I don’t care who they are, or what they’ve said. Under no circumstances is it ever okay to tell someone to kill themselves for voicing an opinion. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO TELL ANOTHER LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING TO GO KILL THEMSELVES OR TO MAKE DEATH THREATS TO THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM.

Wake the fuck up.


The fact that Marlene actually felt the need to address “fans” who keep telling her to kill herself… wow. While these “fans” are pissed off at Emily’s choices and/or the pregnancy storyline two FICTIONAL concepts they’re telling a real, human-being to take their own life.

That’s absolute madness, and it makes me terrified to make great strides in the writing world especially as someone who has, in fact, attempted to take their own life.

I don’t care who you ship or what’s going on. You do not tell someone to kill themselves.

Words can hurt. Never forget that.

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Just wanted to say I appreciate you reblogging that post just now. What you mentioned you saw is not a new development, this has been going on for months. I don't think it was this bad during s1 but it has definitely been getting progressively worse ever since the hiatus between s1 and s2. It's nice to see that there's still SOME decent people left in this fandom after all (even though the fact that the most hateful nasty posts get lots and lots of notes usually paints a different picture). Thx!

You’re welcome.
I know it’s been going on for a long time, but it’s gotten out of hand in my opinion. The internet has never been a bully free zone, this part of the internet is no exception. 
I have so many people blocked on twitter, it’s not even funny anymore.
The sad thing is a large part of this fandom are sheep. And you have two types of shepherds. The “You cannot drink any other tea than Earl Grey, if you do you are evil. Why? Cause I say so.” and the “Look, you want to drink Earl Grey drink Earl Grey, you want Coffee have a cup, just don’t force me to drink it, I prefer Jasmine. But to each their own and we can still go to starbucks.”
The difference between these two is enormous. One is disrespectful, rude and sounds a lot like the president of the United States, the other is accepting and understanding, sounding like someone you’d like to have as a president.
For some reason beyond me, a lot of people chose to follow the first one. Maybe because they are louder, but I fear it’s because it allows them to not have to think about why either. And if you don’t have to think about it, isn’t life much easier? 
The second person is asking you to understand where the other persons are coming from, to let them be to not make them into the enemy. Which requires some actual thinking work.
Posts shitting on the books or a ship easily get 6K notes with very few people calling out the problems, where posts asking for peace in this fandom get 1K tops and you lose followers, though in opinion good riddance to those.
Good people are deactivating their account, putting them on silent or have successfully been bullied to the point that they are afraid of saying what they think, so they tell you in DM their thoughts, while like sheep retweet the “Donald Trump” shepherd tweets and thought. Fear has rooted itself into our fandom along with allowing hatred to exists because too few dare to speak up. And that is problematic.
This can only go two ways really, 1. Everyone at some point will have 90% of the fandom blocked or muted. Or 2. People finally learn to stick to their own lane and each other be.
The last one is not impossible. The 1D fandom after the hell that was 2012; filled with people relapsing into cutting, mental issues and suicide, changed. Finally in 2017 is a relatively good oiled machined fandom. They stay in their own lanes for the most part of it, at least on tumblr. But it took 5 years and people actually dying for that to happen.
I hope it doesn’t take this fandom as long and nobody is pushed into break downs, but it’s not impossible. You just have to want it. But for now all you can do is speak up. Use your voice when people are bullying others. Use your voice when you see people hating on a ship without actual reasons. We have all been given a voice and it’s time more people than me,  and maybe 100 other accounts started using them to defend good judgement and respect among each other.
Some people will see this message and think I’m trying to dictated how this fandom should work, but in all honesty there is never a good reason for hatred, there is never a good reason to go into someone askbox and tell the to kill themselves over a ship or preference of favourite character or over a headcanon. You should never ever justify hate.
The only thing i will say is that education is key. If you find a post problematic educate the person posting it. Just saying ‘You’re wrong’ isn’t going to help. Now yes, sometimes talking to a brick wall would have the same end results, not every person wants to become a better human being, because that means they’d have to admit they were in need of this education. But a fandom changes one person at a time and for every person you educate and win over, this will become a better place to be.

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I swear to god I am going to find a way to hunt you anons down. Tell her to kill herself is a crime, you are cyberbullying her, that is a crime. But oh noooo, you guys think you are safe because you do it on anon? It is literally pathetic, never ever tell someone to kill themselves. A year ago, I nearly lost a best friend from trying to kill herself because shitty people decide to say these horrible things. Sav don't listen to them, it hurts to see you like this but you are so strong. I love you

Thank you hun. Seriously. I promise I won’t do something like that. It does hurt, but I couldn’t do that…

Thank you for always being there. It means the world. I love you too. x

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To that one anon, Todd did the same to me so shut it! And Boo would never want someone to die because of him or suicide! So shut your trap, and fuck off!!

there was one person who told boo that he made them suicidal because we were trying to explain something to them, i think we were trying to tell people to stop making delirious so feminine and shit because theres always that stigma that someone in a same gender relationship has to be “the man” and another has to be “the woman”, i remember the person going off on a tangent about how they were gonna kill themselves even though we werent like…. telling them to die… at any point lol

How am I?

“How are you today?” You ask with a polite smile and it kills me a little inside. Those words throw my mind into a whirlwind of chaos, but I smile back and say, “I’m fine.”
I don’t tell you that I’m falling apart at the seams, and that no matter how much you sow, the scars always reopen themselves. Blood pouring out of the wound as if the cut was fresh, but the memories are old. New ones replace those that have healed, and it’s an endless cycle of repeated suffering inflicted by others and myself.
You hear my words, but don’t listen to my voice, the tone in which I speak, otherwise you would have easily saw through my lie. You acknowledged my smile, but couldn’t see that it was plastered over my mouth to cover up my frown. There were tears in my eyes and my body shook, but I had already given you my answer.
“And how are you?” I ask.


vallanoble replied to your post “I love my followers but this is the first time I’ve actively tried to…”

I definitely agree. Never send someone hate or tell them to kill themselves. There’s no need to go to someone directly and harass them for liking a specific character. However, I’ve seen much more instances of people saying they don’t like a ship/character because it makes them uncomfortable and getting harassed by people who like that thing. There’s a lot of toxicity in fandoms for not liking a certain ship/character, especially MM, because people will literally make long ass posts trying to tell you why you’re wrong and this is why you should like this character. Let people dislike things if they want. Also, if you have a problem with something a person is posting, like they’re posting very graphic gross stuff shown in a positive light (like incest or pedophilia) without tagging it, confront them off anon through a private message. Sending anons or replying publicly never does any good.

Tumblr does have a bad habit of wording things in a “Hey, shut up and listen to this:” type of posts about characters, BUT if it’s just a simple post where that person is just talking about why you should give so and so a chance, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Unless it’s a post in response to a direct person (tagging them and etc), or a hateful message sent to someone, then just leave it alone. 

I like reading in-depth posts about characters or ships, even if I don’t really like the character or the ship. I like seeing different perspectives. In fact, reading a post about how Yoosung isn’t a horrible character actually got me to give his route another chance (and now look at me, loving that adorable baby boy).

I think with posts like that, if they’re not directed towards you (even if they’re just directed towards a general group that doesn’t like a character) and you know you’re just going to get peeved off, just scroll by it. Because whats the point of fighting over something fictional? So you can ‘blow off steam’? But even then you end up feeling pretty icky about it the rest of the night, instead of spending time creating something that makes you happy, or others happy.

I think a lot of people need to learn to just scroll by things quickly, or unfollow blogs that posts things they dislike (idk why people follow blogs that they hate anyway orz)

But with the incest/pedophillia: omg don’t follow a blog like that AAAAAAAAAA

Title: Sylph of Heart

Character Traits: Big-Hearted, Meddlesome but with Good Instincts and Intentions

Path to Ascension: A Sylph of Heart would go god tier after having their own heart shattered into pieces. Maybe a breakup with a longtime boyfriend, or a friend you thought you knew betraying you. A good example is Jane’s outrage at Jake the day before her birthday. (Such a sad part…) Whatever the cause, the Sylph would desperately be searching for an escape, a distraction to take themselves away from the heartbreak. After trying everything they could think of, they hit upon one idea: go god tier. And they wouldn’t tell anyone either. They’d go and find their Quest Bed in peace and solitude, letting the quiet loneliness heal their soul. Then without much hoopla or dilly-dallying, they’d kill themselves and ascend, almost fully healed except for the scars on their heart.

Powers: A Sylph is a magical healing witch. The aspect of Heart is concerned with souls and the joining of them (AKA love). A Sylph of Heart would have the power to play matchmaker to heal broken hearts. Just imagine it: You’ve recently had your heart broken by someone you thought you could trust. You’ve never felt so broken in your life and it’s only getting worse as you see happy friends and couples all around you. You feel indescribably lonely and can’t function properly. Then along comes the Sylph of Heart, ready to heal your broken heart by leading you to another broken soul. You instantly click, bonding over your shared heartbreak. As you both begin to heal, you whisper a silent prayer of thanks to the Sylph for bringing you together; you can finally start the healing process with your new bestie/signifigant other. Thank you. ~Scene~ A Sylph would be able to do that, fix your broken heart by linking it up with the best person to help. They’d know who it is with their limited Sylph Vision, which can see transparent bonds between two people who need each other. Then it’s a simple magic wave of the hand and they’re on their way to being healed. In the case of physical woulds, they could draw a person with the right medical knowledge to a person’s side. This would save their life and fix broken bones, deep cuts, or even sickness. As a Sylph, they would also be in charge of helping the Maid of Time fix a doomed timeline by making sure the right two people meet, sending the ship sailing down the alpha timeline.

Strengths: These players are perfect for avoiding teenage drama and angst. Instead of having months of moping and “WHY DIDN’T THEY LOVE ME?!?!”, the Sylph can just heal them by bringing them to the one person who can help heal their soul. It prevents unnecessary delays in the game and helps keep morale of the team up. These players are also naturally friendly and approachable, ready to help at a moment’s notice. They’re good people to keep near to your heart. Treasure them always.

Pitfalls: There are three things to address here. One, hubris. The Sylph may end up thinking that they are the best thing that’s ever happened to the team and be cocky and obnoxious, purposefully delaying the healing process by saying “Don’t worry, i know then the time is right.” Even if they don’t. Two, loneliness. After healing many broken hearts, they could feel lonely and insecure, thinking that they’re not good enough to have a friend, only good enough to make other people friends. Three, cockblocking the process of growing up. The Sylph needs to know when not to heal. Angst and sadness in a part of growing up, and if the Sylph heals that right away, the person will lose valuable experience for later in life. It may pain the Sylph to see, but it’s important to understand when not to use their powers. If they trust their instincts, they should be fine. 

Inverted Title: Prince of Mind


all right sit the fuck down this might take a while

I love shipping. It’s fun. It’s especially fun when people aren’t assholes about it, which people tend to be. But there are times when they go too far.

Disliking a ship is fine. I’m cool with people saying they don’t like it because they think it’s dumb, or don’t like the character’s dynamic, or it makes them uncomfortable, or even if they just don’t really like the characters together. What I’m not cool with, is people saying things like “I HATE THIS SHIP AND PEOPLE WHO DONT HATE IT SUPPORT ABUSE/RAPE/ETC” or “PEOPLE THAT SHIP THIS HATE WOMEN/GAYS/POC/OTHER THINGS” because that’s what I see a lot of nowadays especially after chapter 11 in rwby and The Force Awakens. This makes me angry because no, not all of the people who ship that thing are like that, and no, liking two fictional characters together doesn’t make you a terrible person, just like liking a straight ship more than a gay ship doesn’t mean you’re homophobic cough @ bumbleby and stormpilot shippers cough

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ships that I find gross and in my mind I’m like ew how could anyone ship that ewewew but you will never see me go and tell people to KILL THEMSELVES (seriously wtf you guys) over a FICTIONAL PAIRING?? Like?? Hate a ship you see as abusive all you want and you may even be right about the abuse part, but under no circumstances is it ok for you to tell someone to drink bleach over it. Because doing that is honestly as bad as the abuse in the ship. 

Don’t go into that ship’s tag and yell about it. Don’t go on that pro-thatship blogs and send anon messages telling the shipper how much of a terrible person they are. You may think you’re doing some kind of internet justice, but in fact your being a self righteous asshole. The amount of hate I’m seeing in different fandoms right now is unacceptable. 

Stop telling people to kill themselves over fictional stories. Stop telling people to kill themselves period. Don’t tell someone they’re a horrible person and that they deserve to die over a ship they like. Just fucking don’t. You immature prick.

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please go do something important with your life, this is just sad

p.s. never tell someone to kill themselves  

okay listen.

Tumblr tag 3. Yes, there was a controversial drawing. Yes, Dan and Phil saw it. And yes, tumblr is (once again) overreacting. 

The artist is apparently getting “death threats” because of this drawing. Why is that, Phandom?

Dan and Phil are some of the nicest, most considerate people in the world. They’re always looking out for each other and their fans, and they would never tell someone to go kill themselves because of a fucking drawing.

So why are you?

I mean, if we’re being honest, they’ve probably seen fanart just as vulgar as that, and maybe even more so. And just listen to the fan fiction they read on Dan’s tumblr tag. It’s not like they’re incredibly innocent or anything. I mean, for fuck’s sake Dan actually watched porn with Tyler Oakley for a YouTube video.

The fact that they didn’t edit out the censored version on the video means that they’re probably used to it by now. If they weren’t comfortable with it, they never would have portrayed it on Phil’s channel. They left it in as somewhat of a joke, because they wanted viewers to see their reaction to the fanart. And I’m sure that they never wanted any of this.

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Hey I'm sorry to bother you again,but I'm really enjoying this "discussion" about Clarke and Lexa's characters. I'm curious, how do you think Clarke should have dealt with her people this season? Because I'm torn; her loyalty to her people is one of her core character traits, but I can't reconcile that with the fact that the sky people have some massive colonialist undertones and are never punished. And I love Clarke, but we're on s3 and it still looks like she values grounders life less

you know what earlier i said i thought they did clarke’s story right this season but i just took a few minutes to think about it and im aggressively taking that back

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Katie Ramblings: A Step In The Right Direction

So, I was super excited to watch Jack’s vlog, because hello–20 minute volg means one happy Katie! And after watching it, I’m even more happy because of the topics he touched upon. If you didn’t watch the vlog already, click here to watch.

When Jack talked about his new editor in his past livestreams, I was actually really happy to hear. For one, Robin is doing an awesome job! I think Jack’s videos are great. It is super important to remember what Jack said, do not ambush him. He is not here to give Jack your messages. Be respectful. It is so super important to remember this. For example, Mark’s editor, Matt has addressed time and time again that he is not your personal messenger. Do not treat Robin like he is.

Although some may feel like this is a negative thing for the channel, it truly isn’t. If anything this is super positive. Jack is now going to have more time and essentially have more of a life. It can take a toll on a person when all your life is “wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat.” 

It’s not like that for Jack anymore, I mean look what he got at a restaurant today from a little kid! 

Him having time and going out to have a life made that moment possible. Do you know how happy and excited that precious child probably was to see Jack? 

I already see a huge difference in Jack in both the content and just through social media. He seems happier, more energetic and more excited.

It’s also good because Jack doesn’t enjoy editing at times. I understand this 100%. Editing takes tons of time up, especially when you have hours of footage. It’s not easy and can be tiring. There are days when I have to stop myself from smashing my laptop (think Mark’s controller in I Am Bread) because Adobe Premiere has me so crazy and frustrated. If you are constantly stuck doing something you don’t enjoy, it makes you resent it. So while Jack has even said he still will be editing some of his videos, it’ll make it easier on him that it’s not a constant thing for him.

Unless you are a YouTuber, which I know some of you on here have channels, you don’t understand what happens behind the scenes or how much work truly goes into it and how tiring it can get. I will be the first to admit that while I personally don’t, I am aware. I know like any job, it cannot be easy. There’s a lot that happens that just to get the content all set and ready. There’s a lot that can go wrong. So if having an editor to help is something that can bring Jack some ease and release some of the burden of the pressures that come with the channel, I’m very happy.

Jack is happy with it and we should be too. It doesn’t mean he has changed as a person. It doesn’t mean the channel has changed. If anything it’s better. We have a more energetic Jack putting his all into the content. Happier Jack, Happier Community. Ultimately, trust Jack. He wouldn’t do anything this big if it was going to hurt the channel or the content. He hasn’t steered us wrong and the best thing we can do is be supportive and trusting.

I’m really happy Jack also addressed the tone of the comments. He took notice to how aggressive the comment section is and the terrible thing being said to one another. For someone to type up a nice message and get a response telling them to kill themselves is not okay. It will never be okay. It is something Jack doesn’t want to see and something he doesn’t tolerate. 

Honestly, the tone of the comments section is what keeps me out of it. I don’t want to post about something I may have found funny or even give my thought about the content in actual fear that I’m going to be attacked over it. That’s why a lot of the times I’ll post my thoughts on here, to share with you guys and to share with him. I know that Jack takes advice about games and suggestions into consideration in the comments and at times it does suck that I can’t give back to him about his content, but the comment section is just too aggressive for me to be active in.

The aggression on here with anon hate is also a problem. Your words have the power to truly hurt someone. Proceed with caution as you type. Pretend Jack is sitting next to you as you type and see if you would still send it then. This community has been wonderful and has so much power to remain wonderful, don’t turn on one another. 

I really like that Jack takes the time out to share things with us having to do with the channel and also puts on the dad pants when he needs to. He is always so involved in the community and I swear it really does making the community so much stronger. I say it all the time, but I’m very thankful for all he does and how much he cares. He is truly a genuine, kind person.

Now that I typed a novel, it’s food time cause food is the best! And Jack thinks he rambles long, he should see my ramblings :P

Friendly reminder:

Jim Moriarty isn’t a rapist, no matter how you whine “he is evil!” or “he is twisted!”. That’s not a fucking  reason to make someone a rapist. 

Not every ship needs to be gay and if they aren’t it shouldn’t be the reason to hate it. Not everyone is gay and you need to accept people’s opinions. Edit: It’s not Homophobic to ship a straight ship. 

Hating someone because they ship something is wrong. They’re fiction. 

Making someone’s headcanon against them is not fucking cool. For example “X would totally have some kinky plays with Y” you can’t go and say “Yeah but Y doesn’t enjoy it and after that he goes to cry to Z”. 


Jim Moriarty is not a rapist. 
Telling someone the ship is toxic without it being toxic is fucking childish.


So, I recently started following @theplumbobpost. 99.5% of the time, I have no idea who the posts are about, since I’m not very active in the Sims community and only in the TS2 corner of it, but even so, I like every. single. post. from them I see on my dash.

Why? Because in a “community” (I put the word in quotation marks because sometimes, I honestly don’t think we deserve the moniker) where it’s perfectly acceptable to make up a vitriolic SimSecret about someone, or worse, go on anon and tell them to kill themselves already, just because you don’t like their CC, or their image editing style, or their legacy, or that they make the occasional personal post on their own blog and don’t just talk about Sims, or you want to make them feel like shit just because you can and it’s the Internet so they’ll never know who you are, the Plumbob Post’s effort to promote a positive  atmosphere amongst simblrs should be applauded and encouraged.

Keep up the good work, @theplumbobpost! This community needs blogs like yours!

I have never been more ashamed of humanity,
Someone admits they are a pedophile but ARE GETTING HELP AND THE THERAPY THEY NEED and that they SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION and are getting THERAPY FOR THAT TOO and all these people tell them to go kill themselves, they hope they die, or they are glad that they are dead, these people that say that once said they wanted equality for all and suffered from depression, they know what being told to kill yourself will do yet they relentlessly tell A HUMAN BEING THAT IS GETTING HELP to go kill themselves

You will be missed ph4u57

Never tell someone to go kill themselves no matter how much they have angered you. That is just fucked up. Even when I am at my most angry I do my best to distance myself from everything so I don’t say something I don’t mean. God that pisses me the fuck off.

Girl Meets World

I can truly not even fathom the fact that in the year 2016 people are still telling other human beings to go kill themselves–all over a rivalry of fictional relationships–and I don’t believe that these blogs actually think before they type. Suicide is a serious, SERIOUS, thing and simply telling someone to do it like telling someone to go get you a water bottle is so sickening to me. I don’t care if you ship the grossest pair on this entire earth. Never, ever, will I tell you to kill yourself. Please learn love, everyone. Please treat other shippers (no matter what the pairing) as an equal. Because it doesn’t matter who you are, you are not better than anybody else.

y'all wanna hate chris brown so much but lemme just make a MASTERLIST of celebrities that have been charged with domestic violence just so y'all have ALL y'all facts straight. cause if you hate one you gotta hate them all just saying.

  • Charlie Sheen
  • Carmen Electra
  • Mel Gibson
  • Emma Roberts - you guys probably use her as a fc right? mhm.
  • Sean Penn
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Steven Seagal
  • Tommy Lee
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Gary Busey
  • Slash
  • Christian Slater
  • James Caan
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Vince Neil
  • Axl Rose
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Stormy Daniels 
  • Steve Austin
  • Tonya Harding

and the list goes on and on. by no means whatever is domestic violence okay so let me make myself clear by saying that. we are all human, we all make mistake and we all sin. it’s never okay to put your hands on anyone. but if it happens to you, you learn from your mistake and you grow from it, it’s apart of life. forgive but never forget. because if this was one of your family members or loved ones that went through this how would you feel towards them? would you slander them daily and tell them how worthless they are etc etc? stop contradicting yourselves everyday talking about oh everyone is only human and people deserve second chances and people deserve forgiveness if you don’t actually go by what you say, because what you guys do to celebs on here is bullying and you’re against that too right? push someone so far they might kill themselves, yeah so how bout you stop and think bout shit y'all say before saying.