never tell me i don't show affection

More Facts for Rapple!

I was watching a few episodes and I saw that Apple, throughout the series ever: 

1- Never Demonstrated affection for Daring, just the fake smiles. 

2- Never gave a hug to Daring. 

3- Never gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

4- Never holded his hands, only the arm. 

5- Never showed fear of losing certain forms as friendship or whatever it is! 

6- Never ran after him. 

7- Summarizing never showed him the affection that was supposed to demonstrate how “girlfriend” or something of the genre.

While with the Raven: 

1- shown much affection, even too, genuine smiles full of warmth and affection. 

2- Huged her so much that … wow! more than … 5/6 times? more than made up for anyone! in almost all episodes they give a hug!

3- gave her a kiss on the face, Spring Usprung. 

4 - ??????

5- Cried for her !!!! totally not sleep !!! She cried, with fear and pain of losing her !!! And do not even want to know if the Raven signed the fucking book! just  wanted the “friendship” of them to came back! pffff please people! crying whit  the image of them? pfff normal! Sure! pfff. 

6- Dragon Games tell you something?! 

7- Almost eats Raven whit the Eyes.