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Gymnastics has come a long compared to that old footage, but this difference is particularly significant for black girls! Because they have never taken seriously our abilities! Just because the color of our skin is not what they want to see!

Simone Biles’s fantastic performance has been covered by many news outlets all these years! Now we can see the real difference!


i don’t think tyra banks really got enough credit for what she did with americas next top model. she did some very progressive things way before they became mainstream in the industry. she always casted a very diverse group of contestants, she had people of all different ethnicities and sexualities, she had plus sized models, she had trans women, she had men, she had people with disabilities, and she always celebrated those differences/quirks that made people unique. tyra offered real advice as a working supermodel, and launched tons of careers through that show. looking back on it years later as an adult, ANTM was a great show that never got taken seriously because tyra is a little eccentric. but a show doesn’t run for 23 seasons without a genius behind it and she really was one

me: award shows don’t really mean a thing and should never be taken seriously

me in December when Nier: Automata gets cheated out at TGA for some Western open-world game:

Being Best Friends with the Twins Would Include...

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•Them giving you piggy back rides

•Them cheating off your papers and notes

•You not really caring since its happened too many times to get annoyed at

•Them always basically stalking any guy you’re romantically involved with to make sure they’re good for you

•If they’re not, they scare them away

•You get angry at first, but then realize their intentions are good

•If you were an only child, now it seems like you have two close brothers


Gryffindor Reader

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•Meeting through Ron and Harry

•They’re talking to Fred and George and you walk up really casually

•And they start very obviously checking you out

•Ron groans and calls them gross

•You laugh and introduce yourself after playful flirting

•And basically after that you’re inseparable

•You flirt with them sometimes, but its never meant to be taken seriously

•And they know this

•But being there for each other 100%, especially since you’re all in the same house

Slytherin Reader

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•You not really noticing them 

•And they actually take notice that you don’t notice them

•Which they thought was ridiculous because they were always pulling public pranks

•So they plan a small prank on just you

•And that sure as hell got your attention

•But once they admit they were just looking for your attention specifically, you laugh and comply after saying they could have just asked

•But you not caring that some of your fellow Slytherins disliked your close relationship with the twins, both Gryffindors

•Same goes for some of their housemates

•But none of you ever cared because you were all way too close to care


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•You meet them by them not so obviously cheating off of you

•You rolled your eyes because ‘of course they would because stereotypes’

•But turns out they actually knew a but about you so they knew you were pretty intelligent

•You confront them about it

•They don’t even deny it which makes you kind of laugh

•Like they literally say “Yeah, we cheated off of you. A bit hard due to your poor handwriting, though.”

•You lending them your notes

•You helping them with creative, well thought out pranks


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•You meet by accident, both of them walking backwards while talking to someone

•You had your head down, not really paying attention when they tumbled onto you accidentally

•You were crushed under two twins

•Your housemates rushing to get them off of you and scolding them a bit

•Them actually being really concerned and checking for bruises

•You reassure them that you’re fine and it was partially your fault as well for not paying attention 

•Them protecting you from those few people who underestimated Hufflepuffs

•Because they like tower over most students and can leer at them scarily if they needed to

The Signs as Phases They Went Through in Middle School
  • Aries: Misanthropic goth kid. "Life is meaningless, we all die some day anyway". Collected miscellaneous animal bones. Probably once tried to buy a human skull off the deep web.
  • Taurus: Was really into Pokemon. Tried to "troll" other students they didn't like on social media but was never taken seriously. Had a lot of self image issues. Probably writes their own slam poetry.
  • Gemini: Viewed themself as the most intelligent person in the world, smarter than any adult. Viewed everyone else as stupid and inferior to them. Probably spent a majority of their childhood on the computer.
  • Cancer: Was one of those middle schoolers that was far too loud in movie theatres or the library. Always said that they "had no friends" even though they were popular. Went through significant others faster than most go through underwear.
  • Leo: That one kid that drew nothing but animals. Warriors fan. Owned "how to draw anime" books. Talked a lot about how in love they were even though they were 13. Used cutesy :3 smilies and *roleplay actions* in casual texts for some reason.
  • Virgo: Constantly full of sarcasm and snark towards authority and peers alike. Wore brand name clothes and shunned people who didn't. Came out in the 6th grade and forever cemented themself as the Gay Friend.
  • Libra: Incredibly obnoxious. Really into "XD LOLZ RANDOM!" humor. Owned more stuffed animals than friends.
  • Scorpio: Caused drama for the sake of causing drama. Had scene hair. Was typically pegged as most likely to have vandalized or broken something even though more often than not it wasn't them. Not as edgy as they liked to think they were.
  • Sagittarius: Young Republican. Repeated borderline racist rhetoric they read on the internet as an excuse to be a jerk. "Do you even lift?". Wondered why they don't have a girlfriend even though they were a jackass to everyone they met. Introvert with one close extrovert friend that made friends for them.
  • Capricorn: Self identified Juggalo, facepaint and all. Really passionate about music and willing to cuss someone out for insulting their favorite bands. Occasionally volatile and didn't understand that consequences applied to them.
  • Aquarius: Glorified violence. Told offensive jokes for the sake of offending people, then gets upset when they don't "get the joke". Had a permanent "why me" complex about everything.
  • Pisces: Operated under the belief that millennials always know better than adults. Brought home every animal they found. Had a lot of big ideas but could never quite accomplish them.

“Men do not experience sexism”, Oh you are so wrong.

1 - They just get longer prison sentences for the same crimes
2 - They will more than likely lose custody of our children if a separation happens.
3 - They will never be taken seriously if our girlfriends/wives are domestically violent
4 - There are far less mens shelters to abused men.
5 - Male rape is not taken seriously at all.
6 - Male sexual assault victims (to female abusers) never get justice, they only get shame.
7 - They are always portrayed as the “villain” or “bad guy” in any confrontational situation that involves a female.
8 - In Australia we have a campaign for domestic abuse where the male is ALWAYS the abuser. Never the other way around.
9 - Misandry is acceptable in modern society. Where you are demonised as a misogynist if you dont agree with feminism.
10 - Male mental health is not taken as seriously as female mental health.

No offence but you are so ignorant it hurts.

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So I'm gay af but I'm also super femme. I understand that being femme is also a privilege bc I'm "straight passing" but it's been so so frustrating trying to justify my sexuality when people don't believe me fully or at all when I say I'm gay. bc I don't "look gay" and I've gotten the "you're too pretty to be gay." which is such bullshit. but I just wish people would believe me? I feel like I'm in a constant state of coming out. Also fuck that last anon/hater, your relationship is cute af!!!

heteronormative society trying to push boxes (honestly, cages) onto queer people and queer relationships is why shit like this is a thing.

me and my girl dress masculine at the same time? we can’t be dating. we’re bros on the prowl.

One of us dresses more masc than the other? Called “the man”, is given the check, has to all of a sudden play a role? act a certain way. behave a certain way. have certain mannerisms.

her and I dress femme? just gals being pals. all we do is have pillowfights and giggle and never fart.

Somewhere in between all of this? what’s goin on heerreeeee. facial glitch. confusion ensues.

Mind you, I’m never taken seriously as a Bisexual. I dress Masc? lol lying. I dress Femme? lol lying. Even when I typically tread in the fluid gender expression andro area I’m somehow trying to deceive people. Even my gf has mentioned pressure trying to behave a certain way being Lesbian. And honestly, the only thing to actually blame is the society that forced us to make a community in the first place. It’s no one’s fault but that. This isn’t a inter-community problem, but because we’ve allowed ourselves to be influenced by people who aren’t queer, it has become an inter-community problem.

but this is Str8 Society talking. I think we as a community need to start rejecting these pressuring cookie cutter straight goggles that have been pushed onto us and break through. Realizing there is no wrong way to look/act/be LGBT+

When people describe Oikawa with a great fashion sense, but I never forget

You know who has better fashion sense? Everyone else besides Oikawa 

So the Death Note fandom has been around for almost 15 years and a lot of fandom chatter has happened about the series over that time. Because I think keeping track of the tone of fandom debate is kinda interesting, I thought I’d compile a list of my observations over the years. Please note, these are simply my personal observations which are obviously limited by my own experiences in specific sectors of the fandom over the years, and your experience may differ.

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Know what’s sad?  Even if someone truly did manage to capture a genuine ghost, alien, or cryptid on camera, it would never be taken seriously, because it’s too easy for just about anyone to fake with today’s technology. 

People with adhd are so amazing. Most of us were never taken seriously as children, our entire mental problems mostly being boiled down to inattentiveness or hyperactivity. Y'all are amazing for everything you’ve gone through and for keeping up even now.

The Fair Folk 1/2

(More Oviposition, but please NO tentacles or snakes. Maybe somethin with magical orbs or similar to the sharkboy story?)

Your family had a secret, one hidden under threat of lock and key. At a tender young age, your parents told you something both wonderful and terrifying;

“Long ago, our village was under siege by a band of Fair Folk. They ravaged our homes, destroyed our crops, and violated the townsfolk in a hedonistic orgy of gluttony. This went on for several horrible years until a young girl made a bargain with the leader of the Fair Folk - they were to leave our village alone, and in exchange they could have their choice of sacrifices every ten years.”

“The Fair Folk assented. They withdrew, and we were allowed to rebuild ourselves and heal from the slaughter. But we had to keep our end of the bargain for the protection of all. One day, a boy gained a mysterious scar across his face in the shape of a rune, seemingly out of nowhere. The girl knew that this boy had been chosen as the Fair Folk’s sacrifice, so the villagers led him into the forest where he was never found again.”

“And this trend continued for at least a century. Until one day, modern people from the city came and brought their religion with them. And through their careful influence, the threat of the Fair Folk were lost amongst all but a few of the village, even if it still rang true. The few who still remembered tried to convince the others about the danger of the Fair Folk, and our debt to them, but they were never again taken seriously, sometimes prosecuted for claiming otherwise.”

“Our family is the only family to retain the pact. And it is our solemn duty to see it through, every ten years. We keep an eye out for anybody with a scar in the shape of a rune, and we lead them into the forest to be taken by the Fair Folk. That is what you’ll need to do, when you become of age.”

Ever since your parents told you of the bloody secret of the village, you kept a close eye out for any scarred faces amongst your neighbors and peers. According to your father, the time has not yet come. But a part of you secretly wished to experience these mysterious Fair Folk, and witness their supernatural presence.

Before too long, the time finally came for a sacrifice to be chosen. It was a few days after your 20th birthday, and you were having a celebratory picnic with your friends when you noticed Gweneth had a large, arrow-shaped branding that stretched from her jaw to near her nose.
“How’d you get that, Gwen?”

“Oh, this?” Gweneth scratched at the rawness absent-mindedly. “I woke up this morning with it. I must have scratched myself in my sleep.” And you made nothing more of the matter.

That evening, you told your parents about Gweneth’s fate, and they presented you with a bottle of a creamy, light-purple substance.

“A powerful drug,” your mother explained. “You’re Gweneth’s closest friend, so it’d be easiest for you to slip this into her food. After she’s unconscious, take her into the far glen, near the mushroom ring, and leave her.”

And so you did; the next day, you met Gweneth for a cup of tea, and when she was preoccupied, slipped a dallop of the drug into her cup. Within seconds, her eyes grew half-lidded and her speech was slurred.

You prodded her reaction. “Are you alright, Gwen?”

Gweneth gazed blankly at the middle of your chest, staring at nothing. She gave a small smile. “Alright? I’m perfect. I feel perfect.”

And with a gusty sigh, she threw her head back and slumped, suddenly asleep.

It was a minor struggle to cart her over to the edge of town without drawing suspicion, but you managed to follow through and lay her slumbering form within the confines of the mushroom ring. You also tied her hands to a nearby log for greater measure.

Your job done, you left, knowing that the village had been saved for the next ten years.

Even if a part of you dearly wished to stay, and witness the Fairies take your friend away forever.

But that night, you awoke to violent banging upon the front door. Running downstairs, you saw your father throw it open, but everyone fell silent at the empty doorstep. Suddenly, all the iron pots and clay flatware of the kitchen burst from the cupboards and smashed onto the floor with a mighty ruckus, the living room dining table floated inches above the floor and into the nearby wall, and the hallway grandfather clock clanged supernaturally loudly.

At the twelfth clang of the clock, an inky black shadow sprouted from the ground, right outside the door, reaching perhaps twelve feet in height and towering over your father. He gasped in horror, and fell upon his backside while your mother screamed. The shadow morphed into a dazzling figure with pale skin and black hair that pooled at its feet. Its face looked both divine and unholy, like an elf from legend turned goblin, or imp.

It was a Fair Folk. A Little People. A source of terrible evil and mischief.

And it was here, in the village. Where it should not be.

You instantly realized that something was terribly wrong. But for all you knew, the sacrifice had gone according to plan - you had left Gweneth in the right place, tied her up nicely, done all the usual things as your parents had taught you. But it obviously wasn’t enough.

The Fairy raised one unnaturally-long arm and pointed directly at you. Its voice rang throughout the house like from the bottom of a well, “You’ve made a mistake.”

Clearly you have, but you didn’t know what.

Upon your mother’s gasp, however, you began to realize - she was looking right at you, and her gaze spoke of a horror beyond the terrifying figure on your doorstep. On instinct, you raised a hand to where she directed her gaze, and felt the unfamiliar texture of raised skin upon your cheek that certainly wasn’t there before.

It was a rune. You were the one that was chosen, not Gweneth.

Gweneth’s scar must have been an honest one, you realized. And thinking back, it was clear that the scar was too long and imperfect to look like the runes in your father’s sketchbook. Your scar, however, you could feel it carved with purpose and a steady hand. From the shape, it was something like a spiky ‘B’, and you knew it was a letter that could be taken to symbolize ‘purity’.

You knew what you needed to do. With shaking steps, you approached the Fairy.

“NO!” Your father cried.

“The pact has been recognized by your brood, and if honored, we will not swoop upon the people tonight. Unless you wish to withdraw your hand?” The Fairy asked your father, and you couldn’t help but shiver at its oily tone.
Both of your parents fell silent. There was no choice, if you refused, everyone would suffer. You had to go with the Fairy.

As soon as you stepped outside the door, the Fairy gave a sharp grin, showing perfect, white teeth. One iron-strong hand grabbed at your shoulder, while another clamped itself over your mouth. You didn’t even get a chance to struggle before darkness took over and you fell unconscious.

When you awoke, it was to a strange pale light above you, and a flowery scent in the air. You shifted and groaned, an unnatural sleepiness still clouding your brain. You sat up to relieve it faster, and to gain your bearings.
Around you was darkness, and you lay in a circle of light that streamed in through a hole in the ceiling. The surface underneath was soft and springy, and a blanket had been placed over you while you slept. The walls appeared to be wood, and built in a circular rotunda.

You were inside of a hollowed tree trunk, you realized. The softness underneath you was in fact moss, and the blanket that covered you was a sweet-smelling pink thing that must be a flower petal. Whether this meant you had shrunken, or were currently in a world with giant flowers and trees, you didn’t know.

There were no openings in the trunk other than the hole several feet above you. And nobody else apart from you. You could hear the chirpings of birds, and the rustle of leaves echo from the opening above, but no voices, or footsteps around.

You sat up, and realized with a start that your clothes had been removed, leaving you bare skinned. You quickly grabbed the large pink flower petal, and wrapped it best you could around your torso.

You called to the opening above. “Hello?”

There was no answer for a few seconds, but a pointed face eventually revealed itself over the edge.

“Hello!” It shouted back.

It wasn’t the same figure that kidnapped you from your home. This one had shorter hair, and bigger eyes, but it supported a similar, sharp smile, lined with pointed fangs.

You shouted again to the Fairy, “Where am I? And what do you plan to do with me?”

“What do you plan to do?” The Fairy shouted in response, still smiling.
You fell silent. Would this Fairy only repeat your own words? It’d make things a lot less convenient.

Fairies are strange creatures, you decided.

The echoing Fairy jumped down the hole with a graceful leap, and landed noiselessly upon the soft moss. It was nude, and featureless, with a flat chest and nothing between its long legs but a strange lip-like nub, like something had been tucked away within it. It had no bellybutton or nipples, only that soft nub in the middle of its pelvis.

You backed up, wary and nervous. No one has ever returned from the Fair Folk, so you can only imagine what they had in mind for you. Going by what your parents had said of the horrors inflicted upon the original villagers of centuries before, there was no ending of possibilities for a painful future, and a painful end.

The Fairy certainly looked capable of force, if it was driven to. Although it was a slim figure, it stood several inches taller and had long, spindly fingers that looked brittle, like metal hooks. Perhaps it was hungry, and was preparing to make you its next meal.

It turned its predatory gaze upon you, and started to inch closer, its posture stooped and menacing.

“Stay away.” You managed to say.

The Fairy only grinned wider. From a wrapped satchel on its back, it retrieved a handful of something soft; light purple flowers, with a color similar to the cream you had been given to drug Gweneth. Seems like years ago, now. The Fairy crushed the flowers within its palm, making them crinkled and slightly moist.

With a quick pounce like a spider, it grabbed the back of your head and slammed its hand into your face, and the momentum forced the flowers within your mouth. You cried out and tried to pull away, but the Fairy was too fast. Before you could properly grasp the situation, the flowers were sitting upon your tongue, tasting strangely warm and sweet.

The Fairy immediately forced your chin back and used its other hand to press hard upon your throat with a thumb, and the pressure made you gulp on reflex. All but a few metals remained in your mouth, and when the Fairy finally released you, you wrenched yourself away and spat them out violently.
You hoped with all your might that they weren’t poisonous. The Fairy simply continued to stare at you with its vicious grin as you wretched and coughed. As you moved, the petal wrapped around your bare body slipped and fell from your grip.

You eventually began to settle down, and as you were catching your breath, you noticed that the Fairy was still staring at you, as if waiting for something. You tried to cover yourself with your hands and shield yourself from its gaze. But it wasn’t looking at your nudity, and instead at your face.

Suddenly, a bubble of warmth blossomed from within your lower stomach, quickly traveling throughout your chest and extremities, up your cheeks, and into your brain, fogging any complex thought. Following the warmth was an intense wave of happiness, the likes of which you’ve never felt before, like pure unadulterated joy and contentment spreading across your mind and body. Your eyes grew misty and weak, and you felt your body relax muscle by muscle as you slowly sunk back to the ground. You couldn’t help but allow a small, contented smile grace your lips.

There you knelt, riding out the waves of happiness that washed over you like warm sun rays. You no longer cared about the Fairy watching you. You didn’t seem to care about anything, anymore. All your existence was rendered so unimportant and simple compared to the contentment that bathed you.
Through the haze, you realized that the purple flowers must have this effect upon the victim. The drug you gave Gweneth were probably a constructed form of this very effect, distilled from the flowers themselves.

Gweneth probably experienced this same ecstasy before passing out. As you recall, she had worn a similar smile of pleasure even after she was unconscious.

But unlike Gweneth, you didn’t fall asleep. Instead, you remained awake, still lost in the joy and uncaring about the Fairy who simply turned back and clambered up the tree trunk and through the opening once more. And there you were left.

It might have been many hours since you next saw company, but you were much too drugged to be sure. The echoing Fairy was back, followed by a large group of other Fair Folk who all leapt down to meet you upon the moss. By that point, you were lying on your back and sighing periodically in happiness, still smiling and eyes half-lidded.

They conversed amongst themselves in a high-pitched, syllabic language that sounded like music. It was beautiful to your ears.

Everything seemed beautiful and perfect, now. Simply the moss against your bare skin made you let out loud moans from the novel sensation.

One Fairy reached down to peel apart your eyelids and examine your pupils closely. It continued to reach down and squeeze a nipple, massage your stomach, and eventually made its way to your groin, where it pried apart your opening and looked inside with interest.

Its attention made you grin unabashedly, and you could feel yourself get warmer from its long, cool fingers. It continued to gently examine and prod you, awakening a drive; you weren’t capable of complex lines of thought anymore, but you still instinctively craved for one of those long fingers to explore deeper within your hole.

More chattering, and you watched as two Fairies crowded around another and began to gently stroke upon the lip-like nud of a third one using their hands. The attention seemed to stimulate the Fairy, who began to tremble upon their feet and let out strange keening noises, its mouth open and showing its sharp maw. Some other Fairies were busy rummaging through cloth satchels, while the rest continued to examine your nude body.

The Fairy being patted eventually revealed a slimy, puckered protrusion from the tucked lip, perhaps a couple inches in length, like an oversized nipple. The Fairy swatted the others away and held its own two fingers around the loose skin of the nub, while the other hand fished a finger within the hole near the tip. The intrusion made it moan, but it poked and dug earnestly, the nipple-like appendage dripping more clear slime.

You continued to watch with clouded interest. The Fairies nearby were currently stretching your inner walls with what felt like sticks, holding them open for a few seconds before re-arranging the sticks to stretch the adjacent sides. The Fairy busy prodding itself eventually let out a string of high-pitched shrieks and began to buck its pelvis forward as it removed what seemed to be a single, small pearl from within the appendage. It panted slightly as it raised the pearl to its eye, turning it this way and that, examining it closely.

Within seconds, the small pearl began to smoke, and it quickly dissolved into white dust. But the Fairy didn’t seem discouraged, and instead turned to talk with the ones currently stretching you. A few words were exchanged, and apparently a consensus was reached - leaving the sticks still within you, the group of Fair Folk surrounded you with purpose.

Groups were formed amongst them, while one crouched down and remained between your legs. The other Fairies all began either stimulating themselves, or others, each gently petting at the tucked lips upon the groin. Some were touching themselves, their hands in a flurry while they squat and bucked uncontrollably, while others were exchanging strokes with the Fairy next to them in a train of hands.

The sensation of repeated pressure upon their nubs seemed to be very intense, whether in pleasure or pain, or a mixture of both, you couldn’t tell. One after another, they all revealed the nipple-like appendage that slipped from the skin, dripping with mucus. The hollowed tree trunk was filled with high-pitched, animal-like cries and shrieks as the Fairies began to puncture themselves in search of more those strange, small pearl-like things that were hidden deep within.

You lay there, barely lucid from the drugged flowers, surrounded by a wall of shaking legs and dripping groins. Eventually, one managed a pearl, and immediately handed it to the Fairy between your thighs who wasted no time in reaching deep within your opening and placing it there, making sure the pearl didn’t smoke and dissolve away. The pearl was small and wet enough to rest on the tip of its finger, which dove upwards into your body and stuck the pearl firmly upon your inner walls, where it sat.

“Ohh!!” The sudden penetration of the Fairy’s finger was surprisingly intense to your drugged body. Again, another Fairy produced a pearl, and again the finger dove within to plant it. More and more pearls followed, each inserted within your flesh like stickers upon a wall, the applicating Fairy creating rows and rows of pearls as if it were sewing a delicate embroidery.

The repeated friction of the Fairy’s finger, along with the supernatural orgy surrounding you and the drugged happiness still rolling in waves throughout your body eventually took you over the edge. You let out a joyous cry that mingled with the Fairy’s chittering as the pleasure in your body increased to truly impressive levels, lighting the surface of your skin with divine glow.

The Fairies continued to plant rows upon rows of pearls within you, until eventually they reached the opening and couldn’t fit anymore pearls. You could feel them, if you clenched gently, the layer of pearls dotting all throughout your inner walls like jewels. The surrounding Fairies seemed exhausted from their effort to produce the pearls, panting with open mouths like dogs.

But they seemed satisfied. They eventually turned to leave, and the Fairy between your thighs removed the sticks and allowed your pelvis to rest. You could feel the clink of the pearls as your muscles were allowed to relax.
Before the last Fairy left, it pried open your lips and inserted more purple flowers into your mouth, which you chewed and swallowed without hesitation. And with that, it left with the others, and you were alone once again.

You were tired yourself, from the whole ordeal, and closed your eyes to sleep.

When you awoke once more, the drugs still held their effects. As you shifted yourself, you could feel that the pearls had grown in size, from small rhinestones to larger bulbs. You sat up, and immediately moaned when the fullness of the grown pearls stretched and rubbed upon the walls within you.

In your half-conscious state, every physical sensation was multiplied in intensity. You felt so filled and stretched by the pearls, and every shift of your hips seemed to rub them deliciously together in a decadent sensation. You writhed, crying out in pleasure, legs kicking and your head tossing from side to side.

Within minutes, the pleasure plateaued, and you arched your back as you moaned loudly, and you could feel yourself squirt slightly involuntarily. The repeated clenching of your pussy as you came clinked the pearls together in quiet, metallic rings.

As you rode out the pleasure, you felt the inner pearls travel from your slick pussy into your relaxed cervix from the momentum of your climax. As every wave came and went, more and more pearls slipped deeper within your body, and you knew that they came to rest within your uterus.

When you finally came down, still many pearls were attached to the inner walls, and you began to rock yourself again to stimulate further. Through this process, you came several times in succession, and eventually all the pearls came to penetrate you.

The adventure in pleasure was too much for your body, and you slipped into unconsciousness once more.

(To be continued)

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I feel like the name hawkfrost if it wasn't canon would never fuckin be taken seriously if it was someone's oc or something

Hi my name is Hawkfrost and I have brown tabby fur with a white belly and a long fluffy tail and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look just like Tigerstar (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m Tigerstar’s secret sing and i’m glad I am because he’s a major fucking hottie. I was born a rogue but I’m also a clan cat and I live in a clan called RiverClan. I’m a warrior (in case you couldn’t tell). For example today I was walking on the border. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of cats from other clans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.