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Some of these are genuinely disturbing. Who even makes them? What are these people?

This is kind of the ultimate question, isn’t it? One of the biggest problems with getting the answer is the rampant (and blatant) plagiarism within minion meme circles. I check about 10 different pages for these memes, and all of them have the same content, essentially copy-pasted into their own format. Some even retain the spelling errors that I guess they can’t be bothered to correct. So, I’m never sure where the trail stops. Does each page only have one mod, and they all steal from each other? Do the mods accept submissions, making the pool of suspects much larger? Are all minion pages run by one minion overlord? I can’t imagine that it’s many different people making them, considering my mom doesn’t even know how to use Word, never mind photo editing software.

The best lead I have are the pages that feature original memes, made by just one person. Jewelz Gemz is run entirely by one woman. Another one, Giggle Palooza, is run by just one guy. Both are just regular ol’ grandparents with a knack for photo editing. So, my best guess is that there are just a few dedicated parents and grandparents out there who make these memes, and they then get crudely edited and passed around indefinitely by a few other people. 

Sidenote: I beg you to check out Giggle Palooza on FB, it has some of the most horrifying sh*t I’ve ever seen. Minions have nothing on this guy.

Metaphysicals of witchcraft. Very long

So this is like a huge part of witchcraft and spirituality in general. You need to know what you are doing both physically in the mundane world and what you are doing with the magicks you are using. This applies to everything from praying to God or casting bones at midnight to curse your ex. 

Ill be using a seawitch casting a storm as a catalyst for explaining everything as it fits very well. 

So witchy 101, they teach you to call to the gods, to the spirits, to the land or even to yourself. They teach you all about the correspondences of everything. EVERYTHING. That’s it usually. Sure they go over how to write a spell but who doesn’t know how to come up with a rhyme or express what they want?( alot of poeple actually lol)

So what are correspondences? I mean sure you know a red candle is love/passion/lust/sex and lighting it helps bring those energies to your work right? But why? Easy because since the dawn of time it’s been associated with those things so lighting it basically calling forth and entire worlds histories saying I need your help. But correspondences are certainly personal. Not everyone has the same, some might hate rose as being used in love spells. I love it. So make sure you think outside the box and keep them personal but make sure it makes sense. Don’t just use orange as a love spell because you like the color orange make sure it has meaning to it, your first love, second love and third all had a connection to orange so you think of orange as love. 

So you have your spell, candles, herbs all ready what do you? You say the spell right? Wrong. First you have to make sure you are in the correct state to cast spells, it’s hard to describe but it’s a state where you are shifting yourself into the magickal side of the world. This shift is the first part to truly start casting and something you may never achieve.

“What the fuck are you saying? Are you saying I might never be a true witch or magickal practitioner? ”

Yes I am. I’ve talked about this before. there are natural witches in the world, these witches are powerful and strong. They are more connected with the magickal world than other people. I’ve only met a few myself to believed included. But these people have a spark in them, this spark is just a bit stronger than a normal person. Saying that, you don’t have to have this spark to preform magick, to be a powerful witch. But it’s not gonna come as easy as it for those with this spark. It might take years of work, years of dedication, years of casting, it might even take experiencing this shift first hand and feeling how it feels until you finally get it, and you will know when you achieve it. This isn’t the “charge” or “call” that Wiccans talk about.

This is a moment when casting you finally snap into place you know it, it’s not something you can lie to yourself about. If you do it will hold you back possibly forever. So I implore you to not lie to yourself, it’s okay to not have this shift thing yet, it takes time and even to the people with the spark to master. Mastering this shift is the very first steps of becoming a powerful caster. But not the only thing it takes.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years, people from nearly all traditions. The one thing that holds them all back is lying to yourself. I don’t lie to myself, it’s a part of my craft. Ill lie to the world before I lie to myself. Sometimes casting doesn’t work, for multiple reasons, sometimes those reasons are the caster. So when you are casting you’ll eventually be able ot understand that it was a bad cast or the cast didn’t work. This is when you go over the details of your work and determine what went wrong. Was it an off day? was something distracting you? Did you cast and not get the shift right?

Now one last bit about the shift. This shift is difficult to describe. Time seems to slow but speed up at the same time, at least for me. But generally speaking it feels about the same for everyone I’ve talked to. But this shift feels heavy, the air thickens with magicks, the world dissolves around you, just to the space you are working, the spirits feel your power, the fae get curious, demons seep in and are curious. You feel the connection to the magicks of the world. This shift is the first thing you should be working on after learning the basics, without it you may never truly cast. I’m sure this shift comes in degrees because you can have this shift while casting and be deeper or more shallow. But how deep the shift goes doesn’t matter as long as you can get this shift to a degree you can truly call magicks forth.

Now the second thing, this is the thing I think everyone fucks up at. This is what to do with the power you have raised. These magicks are primal. These magicks are powerful. But when you raise it these magicks aren’t flowing naturally in the land or world, you have called to them. The magicks don’t know what to do. You need to tell them, in detail on what their job is. This is where science and knowledge of the mundane world come into play.

I always say in order for magick to work you have to give it a path. Magick isn’t there to poof a spot in the company you want to work for and place you there. The company needs to have a free space, you need to shift yourself into the position the company needs, make the company want to hire you.

Science is important. It’s how the world works, no matter what you believe we know this world was created a certain way. We know about quarks, atoms, the water cycle, how people die and why they die. These are the keys facts that are gonna determine if you are a true powerful force to not trifle with.

Now a seawitch conjuring up a storm. how does that work? So once the witch has achieved the shift, this shift for example could be shift into the oceans powers, powerful ancient magicks that shape the world and determine it’s future. What does a sea witch do? Does she just say “let there be a storm”? No. She needs to cause the changes in order to call the storm forth. 

What changes? Well what’s the first thing a storm needs? Clouds right? So she has to tell the magicks she’s called forth to cause the ocean to release water into the air and form clouds. 

What’s next? She needs the clouds to move. How does that work? A lower pressure system over the areas the clouds needs to travel. So she needs to lower the pressure of the area of the world that she wants the storm to be called to.

This is important. This is why I don’t believe in white or black magicks. Because the law of conservation of energy states “nothing can be destroyed, only change form” so  by doing this you are creating a high pressure system somewhere else in the world, causing them to loose the storm that was gonna be there to not be. There are unseen complications of every spell. There’s a finite amount of magicks that run through the universe and a finite amount of energy in the universe. So whenever you do something you never doing simply what you want you are causing and equal and opposite reaction somewhere else. 

So what did the sea witch do? She went through steps. She needs the ingredients and a proper spell to call the magicks forth. She needs to shift to the magickal world for the magicks to listen. Then she needed to take control, she needs to tell the magicks exactly what it was doing.

So this is my basic idea of metaphysics. there are steps to every spell. these steps all have important roles. Like attracts like hence the corespondents, even the shift magick isn’t come to a mundane person for no reason make yourself kin to magick and magick will listen. She than needed to take control of the magicks and tell the magick the steps it’s doing. This can be achieved by visually seeing the processes happening.

Following these steps and not lying to yourself, being true to yourself and accepting that you didn’t do anything. until you do. Are keys to how magick works. there many ways to achieve the shift, and to achieve deeper levels of the shift. But the first is practice, and being true to yourself. Don’t lie. 

So yeah that’s the basic idea of how metaphysics are super important to any spellcraft or ritual you are doing. Obviously things are gonna differ between types of spells and working with gods, spirits..etc. And as you go you’ll see how complicated these get. What are the processes of making someone fall in love? How exactly are you cursing the person? how are you gonna get them fired? How are you bringing prosperity to yourself, who’s giving up the money for you?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask ill explain more if you don’t understand a part.

expect a part 2 eventually

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I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on accurately and authentically rendering a character's voice when the character's background is different than the writer's. By that I mean, what should one do when their character would logically speak using creole, pidgin, AAVE, some sort of regional dialect, etc. or has an accent that includes some grammar that English-speakers don't commonly use? Is there a way to do this respectfully, or is it better to just avoid the issue entirely?

Writing Other Languages and Dialects

I’d say treat the use of other languages and dialects like seasoning; don’t “over-spice” the dialogue lest you overpower us, yet don’t deprive us completely.

First things first: Research.

As with learning any language, it takes practice, so to actually write in this language, you’ll need to study it well and feel it from the inside out before you’ll be able to communicate it truthfully and effectively. If you just browse a couple vids and things here and there then try to mimic that, or go on just the knowledge that you think you have, you’ll likely end up with something contrived and indecipherable.

To be honest, if something is dipped entirely in a dialect or language I don’t really understand, I start skimming over it until I place the book down completely. My attention-span just won’t let me keep working at on something I know i’m not gonna decipher. I think most readers are like that.

I mean i’ve read books that took place in different countries, and while it’s obviously written in English, it can be assumed the characters of the book aren’t actually speaking in English, and though there were some declarations of words in the story’s language, the book was written an English because that’s what the author wrote it or had it interpreted to. It’s a different matter when it’s just a character or two who speak a different language and/or dialect, though.

I personally wouldn’t recommend a book be written entirely in dialect or any language that isn’t yours. If we don’t know the dialect, we’re sure not gonna understand it either. I do think there’s a balance to achieve here, though. Enough to illustrate how the words are being spoken, which may not be exactly as they appear on the page, and enough where you’re not totally erasing the authenticity of said words spoken.

It’s the difference between saying “Ya’ll gunna be leavin’ soon?” vs. “ya’ll gonna be leaving soon?”

The sentence might surely sound more like the former aloud, but as readers, we can fill that in. (Note an abundance of phonetic spellings isn’t required. It’s also a bit othering.)

It’s alright to use the correct grammar the speaker would use, as well as word choices that they’d likely use. We can get a lot out of context from surrounding words, as well, especially when encountering a word we might not understand. As a kid watching Hey Arnold, I never knew exactly what “criminy!” meant, something one of the characters would say in exasperation, but I got the message just from her tone and apparent frustration from whatever the situation was.

Noting that the character is speaking Creole, a regional dialect and so on may be helpful as well.

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~Mod Colette

I got a bunch of prompts asking me to “fix” what happened last night. Here it is:

Holly had answers. She always had answers or she knew how to find them. She had exhumed and solved at least twenty of the most high profile unsolved homicides in the metro area. Her books were used in medical schools across the world. She never had to write down Undetermined under cause of death. She never met a wall she couldn’t pick apart.

But now, pacing in her living room with a tumbler of scotch in her hand, Holly could not decide a course of action. She couldn’t figure out what to do or what to say. This wasn’t a matter of science. It was a matter of…it was Gail. Holly continued to pace and drink until her phone rang.

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Hi! Would you actually consider revising the confession's grammar and spelling errors? So it could be actually understandable sometimes. Or maybe not in order to have the confession be authentic as possible. Idk, just wondering.

well I’ve never had a problem understanding any of the ones posted so I’m not even sure what the issue is

but we do correct major errors, unless it’s accidentally a typo of our own or we somehow just miss it, and we reform sentences from confessions where the confessors first language isn’t english if we need to… not sure what it is we’re not doing thats bothering you, sorry

Not Outlander

This is a story that a friend of mine shared on Facebook and I know a lot of you are writers out there and some of you are these trolls who correct people’s grammar and spelling.

“A little story.

We’ve all done it. 

We’ve all laughed at people who can’t spell properly and/or who post grammatically nonsensical nonsense online but… what are we really doing?

My mother was the child of an immigrant. She was raised speaking German. Because she didn’t speak English she was ushered through school, passed through grades even though she understood none of the subject material and next thing she knew she was out in the world and she barely spoke a word of English.

She learned, slowly but surely. But one thing she never mastered was written English. To this day she struggles with it but you know what I remember?

I remember her sobbing because she was too scared to write a thank you note but she knew she had to. She’d have me write it for her (when I was 7-8 because my English was better).

I remember her being terrified because she thought people would mock her bad writing. I used to encourage her to just DO it. I promised her no one would make fun…

I lied.

All people do is make fun. 

She’s better now than she ever was and she has the confidence to post online now but people STILL make fun because her English still isn’t perfect.

Shame on you all.You don’t know the story behind the person whose English soooo offends you. You don’t know the bitter tears they cried because they were too afraid to communicate in written word… because they just knew someone would mock them.

Somewhere a little girl is sitting beside her mom saying: It’s okay! You can’t learn if you don’t try. Just write! It’s really okay. Nobody will make fun of you…

And somewhere else you’re making that little girl a liar.”

-N. Tupper

Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier and Sebastian Stan

Like many people who were fans of Captain America before the film came out, or who became fans after - I’ve enjoyed the explosion of Bucky/Winter Soldier and Sebastian Stan related posts on Tumblr.  That  said, I’ve noticed a number of unsettling trends and I’ve been wanting to say something for a while now.

Let us start with Bucky/Winter Soldier and get to the Sebastian Separation later.  One of the things I find most upsetting is the staggering number of posts that relate to torture, injury, and worse.  Listen, I get kinks.  I grew up a Nine Inch Nails fan seeing things like The Broken Video (beyond nsfw).  “Fist Fuck,” is nothing new to me - Trent Reznor put it on the map.  The Torture Chair?  We had one in the early 90s.  So while I understand seeing a man with his shirt off in bondage can be a nice thing to see - I’ve been pretty freaked out by some of the fan art out there.  And there is so damn much of it!  I’ve seen scores Rumlow rape and torture shit, the Pierce drawings with blatant references to child molestation, and the number of notes this kind of work gets - what the hell is going on?  I mean really - how many times do I need to see a beaten up and bloodied Bucky Barnes on my dash in the morning?

I see the same blogs who reblog these things stand up against the Rape Culture in America.  We don’t like seeing the rape of women romanticized on TV or in fan art, so how is this any different?  Why is this character being treated in such a way?  Why is this accepted?

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