never such innocence again

  • Yuuri: fist me
  • Victor: I- what the fuck
  • Yuuri: [holds out fist for a fist bump]
  • Victor: right. that's what you- right okay god jesus fucking chr-
And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment. Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.
—  Michael Jackson

I was just checking Siddig El Fadil’s Memory Alpha page to see during which episode he and Nana Visitor’s son was born and


Fear her. 

Imagine if...

Oliver never deleted Connor’s acceptance, choosing instead to go to California with him and getting a fine ass job in Silicon valley while Connor finished up law school at Stanford. Connor decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with Oliver, but first, he tells him the whole story and gives him a chance to leave. Oliver stays.

Annalise took Eve up on her offer and moved to New York where she got a position at NYU and managed to spend the rest of her life on the right side of the law. In time, Annalise drops the name Keating.

Nate is free of his toxic relationship with Annalise and continues his life as the world’s purest, most deserving detective that ever lived, eventually remarrying and becoming a loving father.

Frank never left Bonnie in that motel room and they run away with each other, living off the grid in some mountain cabin. They don’t quite love each other, but they are comfortable, and they never murder innocent teenage girls again.

Michaela and Asher continue their studies at Middleton and their relationship persists for awhile, but eventually it runs its course. They remain friends but their lives take them in different (successful) directions. Asher’s mother forgives him, and together they decide to come forward with the truth about the rape cover up. Michaela finally meets the right man (or woman, there’s no way in hell that girl is straight) and gets to make a family as wonderful as she is.

Wes and Laurel also stay at Middleton, but unlike Michaela and Asher, they stay together. They mutually decide that they are not ready for children, and Laurel gets an abortion, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have a family one day. Together, they dedicate their lives to defending the mentally ill, and despite their success as lawyers, they never become rich because they defend most of their clients free of charge. They are happy. They live.

They live.

You and The Chemicals

Summary: After Civil War, the rest of Team Cap are under government watch however, being heavily dangerous, they are taking no risks for you. You get one last call and it has to be to Bucky.

Words: 1095

Warnings: Super Angst, Language

I would love to do a part 2 for this because I know what I want to write next! Let me know if you would like to see the part 2! Love you so much! <3 Emma Xx

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Same goddamn walls.

Same cameras.

Same bed. On your own. Cold. Alone.


3 days in the same hellish room and you had slowly began to lose your sanity. The pasty white walls with their blank emptiness haunting your every move. All of your friends, teammates, were out in the world under government control. They had their freedom.

They had each other.

But god no. Had to keep this little danger under lock and key.

You’d said it over and over again. You would never hurt an innocent human. Ever. You weren’t like that.

You had been claimed as “a nuclear bomb” and “a lethal freak” by the guards and scientists; no one would dare touch you incase you would bite them. Blow their hand off or something.

Once again, approximately 8 am in the morning you guessed, they would slide in the same blue tray with a crystal green apple and three boiled potatos. You were in prison.

Face it.

“Hello darling…” called a voice from the other side of the bars. You glanced up from your position on the wall, reading The Hobbit for the fifth time.

“Hm.” You mumbled, dropping the book to the side of you and slooping down your leg. He glared at you confused as you spark a flame from your fingers in amusement.

“You don’t want to do that. Not knowing what they are going to do to you…” muttered the man, cautiously stepping through the door. That goddamn door. The way it opened was so inhuman. You had tried over and over again but the thing would not move.

“And that is…” you croaked, standing up and nearing your way to the man. He urged back slightly, weary of your power. He cleared his throat awkwardly before lifting out a piece of paper from his neat pocket.

“You are to be subjected to mental treatment and radiation for your actions.” You knew exactly what that meant but you denied it truthfully. You wouldn’t let that happen. Your friends wouldn’t let you go through that.

You needed to hear it again. Properly.

“What does that shit mean?” you snapped, tensing up, ready for your deeming.

“It… uh. It means you are going to go through a series of chemicals. Changes your mentality, supposedly. Although…”

“- There is always a fucking although isn’t there! You’re going to mess around with body until I cant take anymore and I end myself. That’s how it always happens!” you screamed, swinging the table across the room and slumping down in the corner. The man and his guards stood there blindly looking at you. You were a freak to them. “GO!” you snapped, dropping back into the corner.

“Before I go and before you undergo… treatment, you get a phone call. You can take it whenever you’re ready. Most people want to ring their lawyer or somethi-“

“Thank you. You can go now.” You spat, staring blatantly. Don’t shoot the messenger, Y/N. You repeated it over and over again in your head, fighting away the demons.


“Hello?” called his rough voice from the end of the line.

“Bucky?” You snuffled, wiping your nose. Glancing around the room of people, shuffling past, you leant into the wall awquardly.

“Omg… YN!” exclaimed Bucky, voices echoing in background as they obvious shuffled around the phone to hear your voice. “Where are you?” he asked, Steve mumbling in the background. You missed your boys so much. So goddamn much.

“I… er… I’m in a government control unit,” you replied, only just holding it together. They didn’t know what was going to happen. They had no idea.

“Can you get transported to us?” asked Steve, not quite getting the gist of your situation. You sighed, dropping into the wall slightly.

“Uh… no. No that’s not going to happen,” you finished, dodging the question slightly. You could hear the team’s stunned voices, even Nat’s echoing slightly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Bucky, clearly a lot more concerned.

“I’m in the government control unit because they are controlling me…” you explained, glancing around the room to the many guards.

Echoes of oh my god’s and whats? Sounded through the phone. God did you wish you were with them.

“Get me out…” you mumbled, urging for them to reply. You knew what the answer would be. They were under governments orders as well. Nothing like this though. “Please,” you added.

“Y/N, I don’t think we can.” Replied Steve, obviously talking for Bucky who had gone silent.

“You don’t understand.” You sniffled, ready to admit the truth to them and to yourself. “Tomorrow they are putting me into mental treatment for my condition…” you began. “And we all know what the treatment does…” you wept, a small cry echoing down the phone. Everyone on the other end was silent.

“So… er…. I didn’t really ring to be released. I know you can’t do that but um. This is my good bye I suppose.” You admitted, wiping away a tear.

“The treatment doesn’t kill you though,” finally spoke up Bucky, his voice wavering and cautious.

“No. No, it doesn’t. It could be me that does that though…” you finished, not prepared to admit defeat. All of sudden a loud crashing sound sounded through the other end of the phone and uproars of rage sounding through your ear.

“Sorry Y/N, Bucky stormed off…” picked up Wanda, snuffling awkwardly at the end. “Don’t let them do it to you, Y/N…” she stated, yells of Bucky in the background with Steve’s calming voice.

“I don’t have a choice. They will put me into prison if I don’t. The treatment keeps me in some kind of living state.” You explained, drying down your eyes with the back of your hand. Suddenly, a huge crackled sounded down the phone and huge sniff echoed in your ear.

“Don’t let them get the better of you, Y/N. You do the thing, they win. They have you dead and I might not be with you but atleast I know you are alive…” stated Bucky, his words sharp and coarse.

“Yeah. Alive and shaking and hurting. Like an elderly.” You replied slowly.

Turning down the corner, the guards marched up to you with their guns pointed towards your torso. “No! Please! Three more minutes! I STILL HAVE THINGS TO SAY!” You screamed as they dragged you away from the cord.

“Fight it.” Proposed Bucky down your ear as you were dragged away and into their bulky arms. And now you were alone.


Atleast you would have the chemicals though.


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Hi, sorry to bother you but I'm trying to remember this dramione fic. I can't remember much of what happens other than the Weasley family (+ Harry & Hermione and maybe others they're friends with) have a point system where when someone says somethings funny/smart someone else says "point" and it goes on a magic tally like house points. Any help will be appreciated, thanks

Oh sounds interesting, anyone?

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The Brightest Black By: Enigmaticrose4 - M, WIPOn that fateful Halloween night Bellatrix Lestrange decided to sate her bloodlust on an innocent muggleborn family. Life is never again the same for the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black.

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I see a lot of skeptics saying things like "Ben, get out before she ruins your career". And I think it's too late, she already has. He may get roles, he may get his mojo back and be dorky again in time. But he can never regain the innocence and the integrity that made him unique in the acting world. That was such a big part of his appeal, and now it's gone. Sad.

I’m at the point where I’m saying GET OUT BEFORE SHE RUINS YOUR WHOLE LIFE. If he’s not careful, he’ll be left trying to explain how he’s a widow without any kids.


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

January 27 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. 

In 2005, the United Nations General Assembly designated this day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day (IHRD), an annual day of commemoration to honor the victims of the Nazi era.

From 1940 to 1945, more than 1.1 million men, women and children were killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp. 90% of them were Jews. All were innocent. Today, we remember

Never Again.

(a torn and crumpled page lost among piles of reports.)

Sleep will not come. Too much. Buzzing. Buzzing and I can’t stop moving– trained for so many hours and it still. won’t. It’s like the first time but so much worse. It always is, why did I think–

(a furiously crossed out line followed by a puncture in the parchment.)

and I can’t stop remembering I let him into my head. And for what? To ease the pain

I ignored every instinct. Reminded myself of how unkind those thoughts were, how paranoid, how cruel– how paranoia had hurt so many innocents in Kirkwall and how it could never happen again. I let my guard down. I let him in. And he saw–

How much did he glean from walking in my dreams? How much of the Inquisition’s information did I betray in my moments of weakness? How much of myself?

Was all for nothing anyway.


“Death to the Covenant! Never again shall innocents fall to my blade!”

The Spirit of Alluvion, a custom built energy sword wielded by Oru ‘Mdama, a Sword of Sanghelios and member of the Arbiter’s Honor Guard.  It is named for the UNSC colony Alluvion, which was glassed early in the Human-Covenant War.

I’m still really bad at digital art so this has really sloppy linework and no shading.  But I’m pretty happy with the design as it is.  I wanted something that reflected the character’s choice to leave the Covenant and seek redemption, as well as something with more traditionally heroic color choices (without just straight up being red white and blue).

If it were a REQ weapon in Halo 5, it would be Ultra Rare, REQ Level 6.  It would have about 175% energy and double the wielder’s shielding.

You know, even when you’re not around I still like to pretend that I have that chance to talk to you despite what has happened and what it has caused between us. But.. I can’t help but to write you these imaginary letters that you’ll never read.”

“So, here it goes.”

“Its been a bit since I’ve last spoken to you, and I can’t say that I remember your voice, but I oftentimes pretend to know every pitch and tone that resembles yours to make it feel like you would be excited to hear my stories. But its okay if I never hear your voice again, because those same endless whispers and innocent jokes that we’ve shared, I’ve learned to share with someone else now. ”

“I remember a time when I would constantly check my phone for the slightest indication that you would call me or message me to let me know that you were thinking of me, when in all honesty you never ceased to spiral around my head at, I’m embarrassed to say, but at almost obsessive rates. But now I find myself carelessly spending the hours dwelling on what I enjoy the most, and now I barely even check my phone; and you should know how much of a feat that is for me!”

“Remember that issue I had with consistency and how much I was so enthusiastic about starting things but I would soon get burned out and sort of fade it off into the background? Well, I don’t do that anymore. I try my hardest to give it my all and things have actually gotten so much better and I’ve picked up many positive habits that I love so much. You know, you were my inspiration, and as silly as it sounds you were the first thing I would strive so hard to be consistent for, and when I felt the urge to quit and fade away in the background, your kind words kept me pushing forward. And you know what, I’m so glad you helped me realize the ambition in myself.”

“I don’t cry as much anymore. My poor little sensitive heart still pulls at the smallest romantic gestures that I witness when I walk the avenue or gaze upon a couple in the coffee shop sharing a croissant and a cappuccino, and when she wasn’t paying attention he would scoop a bit of cream and place it on her nose. And they would laugh, and I would laugh, as if I partook on their small intimate moment along with them. How in the past my heart would weigh a ton, but now I feel like its grown lighter, and more hopeful, that someone else will come along and laugh with me just how we laughed together.”

“I oftentimes wonder how you’re feeling, and is if everything is going okay in your life. I wonder about how you’re feeling late at night when you’re all alone and the weight of the world is sitting on your chest and you feel like you can’t breathe; I really hope you’re breathing..”

“Do you still wear the same sweater and tennis shoes? I know they were your favorite combination in the winter time, and how you would jokingly mock me for wearing that same exact sweater partially for the warmth, but selfishly for your scent.”

“Is that group still your favorite band? I remember you saved up half of your paychecks so you and I could take a road trip to the biggest venue they were having a concert, but then I remember you couldn’t go anymore, and you were so bummed. But then we ended up rejoicing because that same concert was cancelled. Funny how that worked out, right?”

“I’ll admit, when we drifted apart a piece of me selfishly wanted you to stay and bare the burdens with me. I would twist my own arms to rekindle the flame, but you just couldn’t stand to watch me waste so much of my potential time, at least that’s what you told me. And you know.. I’m glad you told me to stop. I’m glad you didn’t just think about yourself, I’m glad you made me stop hurting myself trying to make it work. Don’t take it as I’m blaming you, but over time I understood just how valuable time was and how great you have been to me. And in return, I learned to be great to myself.”

“I really hope you still smile wholeheartedly and never freeze over. I hope that you still snort while you watch cartoons. I hope that you meet the girl of your dreams and you drown her with hugs and kisses and remind her that you love her endlessly as if it were the first time every time. I hope that you never forget me as time goes by, and we both continue on with our separate lives. But I don’t want you to miss me as your heart aches and the pain begins to set in. No, I want you to miss me and smile at our moments and how much we’ve grown with each other and hope that I’m enjoying my life and grinning from ear to ear as I did with you.”

“Because I surely am hoping for the same for you.”

“Really, I am.”

“I’ve never been so good with goodbyes, but I believe this is where the letter should end, right?

—  N.N // Clumsy Lovers #37 - Open letters
Not taking stances. Just observations.

I’m honestly so appalled at the behavior of some people. I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a website like Tumblr, but this is what I see after thinking people can be decent for a little bit. 

One girl writes a long, emotional post about how she was raped by Toby Turner and immediately everyone turns against Toby.

Some animator writes a very, very biased letter about how horrible RoosterTeeth is for “crushing Monty’s dream” and almost everyone’s stance is “I’m never watching RWBY again, RT is trash”.

Does innocent before proven guilty even mean anything anymore? Or not taking sides? What if everything turned out to be completely false? Then what?


“So that’s the hottie you’ve been talking about all the time.” she smiled, offering a hand to Dean.

You blushed and reminded herself to tell her off when nobody’s around. You told her that Dean has no idea about your huge crush on him and  that she has to keep quiet.

“I’m Y/S/N.”

“Dean. And I had no idea that your sister talks about me so much.” he shook her hand with a chuckle and winked at you.

“You have no idea.” she joked, big grin on her face.

“Y/S/N!” you said, playfully punching her in the shoulder.

“What? It’s not my fault that you talk about him all the time.”

x; Y/S/N= your sister’s name

UtaPri 5th Stage set list

-The Dice Are Cast
-Maji Love Revolutions
-Tsukiakari no Dearest
-Innocent Wind
-Saintly Territory
-Poison Kiss
-Pirates of the Frontier
-Bloody Shadows
-The New World
-Komorebi Diamond
-Emotional Life
-Mellow x2 Chu
-Subete o Uta ni!
-Secret Lover
-Original Resonance
-Maji Love 2000%
-Thank You
-Maji Love 1000%

Unearthing of a Banshee P1

Original Imagine: Imagine getting aroused after saving Lucien from the Mikaelsons

Author: Asteria Summers

Reader Gender: (Female)

Word Count 842

Warnings: Mild Violence, Self-Lubrication

You never thought that it would come down to this, Freya’s spell to extract the power from the Ancestors through essentially killing Davina your best friend was successful, because you knew that her power wasn’t what it was when she was under Dahlia’s tutelage. Regardless, you learned one crucial lesson from watching the Mikaelsons all of these years as they faced off against numerous powerful enemies that threatens them. Anyone who is not an Mikaelson is ultimately doomed to be left out in the cold even if you sacrifice a bit of your integrity by fighting so hard to protect them.

One thing is for sure, you swore to yourself that you would never let another innocent person be executed for the Mikaelsons’ mistakes ever again, and that includes their enemies as well.

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