never stops being hilarious

Judy sing her babies (adoptive or not up to you) the animal version of Rock-A-Bye Baby (Rock-A-Bye Kit?) to lull them to sleep.  But when she gets to the “And when the wind blows, the cradle will fall, and down will come kit, cradle and all…” She crams “but I will catch you before you hit the ground and arrest who ever put you in a tree to fall because I love you, and you’re precious and special” into the tone as quickly, as seriously, and as much as she can.

Nick laughs so hard every time he hears her do it.

Taylor may have not liked your post today or commented on your Instagram but that doesn’t mean she never will. Please don’t stop being your hilarious beautiful selves on these websites, Taylor sees so much more than what she likes and has so much more in store than any of us can even fathom.

anonymous asked:

Everytime I see a legit SJW reblog from Troll blogs like Theultimatesjw in an unironic way, I die a little inside knowing there's people who legit think removing moles is racist, or think men owe overweight women sex simply because they're overweight...

It never stops being hilarious. It really says something about the state of things, doesn’t it?


Dear @smosh (Ian & Anthony),
I don’t know if this will express everything I feel for you guys. But I’ll try anyway, so here I go…

I cannot believe it’s been eleven years of pure joy and fun. I never thought you two would become so important in my life. I’ve spent four years watching your videos, and you have no idea how happy I feel to have known you. Just seeing your beautiful faces, make my day.

I still remember the “A Smoshy Christmas” video, which was the first video I watched of you. I laughed so hard I even thought I was going to pee myself. Since that day, your humor and sympathy captivated me so much that I wanted to know more about you.

You, as your channel, have grown and progressed so much over time. But, you’ve never stopped being the hilarious, caring and genuine guys I know. Keep being yourselves. Never change.

You have been through so many things since you updated your first video on YouTube, good ones and bad ones. But, it was all worth it because just look how far you have come. I could not be more proud of you.

You have taught me that I am never alone, that life is not as bad as I thought, and that you can achieve anything, no matter what others say. All I wanna say is thank you… Thank you for being there when I needed the most. Thank you for brightening every single day of my life, even the darkest ones. Thank you for changing my life in a positive way. And thank you for existing. I can’t wait for more surprises and memories to come the next years. I love you with all my soul, my angels 💘