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supercat appreciation post: 

Ms. Grant, I need you now more than I ever have. Oh, I’ll be back.

Hello everybody!! :D How are you all? ^^ Hope you are doing well hehe! :) *hugs tight in you all* ♥ So, as my blog is still quite new, so I was not sure if I would do it or not, anyway i’m honored to present you my first follow forever, and motivation to make a this is i reached a new follower goal this week and i want to celebrate with every single one of my followers and mutuals. ♥ Life has been difficult for me cause of university but yeah… its going quite well :D I want to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with me still and for being part of my life ;U; Whithout you I couldn’t get so far in many many things! Not only here but in my life, you always help me to carry on, to stay strong and have loads of fun in the end of a tiring day ;U; Every single you mean a lot to me ok? Even if I dont talk much to some of you, you all are very precious to me and I’m glad we are here and know each other, sharing our stuff and putting a little smile on everyones face :D PLS NEVER CHANGE GUYS!! <33 hehe I wish you all BEST LUCK for everything and may all your days be filled with happiness and love :D You deserve anything good! ♥ sorry for the simple edit lol

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I hate the whole women cooking = duty versus men cooking = art

It’s such a shit thing to live by. One of my friends has a single dad for a parent and everytime she mentions that he does the cooking everyone is all like “omg that’s so cool! He’s amazing omg” but if she had a single mum, no one would bat an eyelid. Two things to take away from this:

1) Stop infantilising grown men. They shouldn’t be praised for basic skills.
2) Stop treating women like every household chore is easy and natural to them.

Women have been making art out of food for centuries and people need to realise that real quick.

I will live and die on the avowed-Anglophile-Dirk-Gently train, but I also think it would be hilarious if it turns out that he has no real opinions on tea? Or that he’s absolutely shit at making it?

He’ll either take the teabag out after ten seconds or he’ll overbrew it by leaving it in for fifteen minutes.He can’t taste the difference between Earl Grey and English Breakfast. He adds milk to green tea, and sugar to chai. He assumes that tea works the same as coffee and adds every single flavoured syrup under the sun. Todd and Farah are beside themselves trying to brew tea properly (”he’s from England, he probably has tea in his veins”) and Dirk’s happily sitting in his wheely chair taking shots of something lukewarm and vaguely medicinal that he threw in the microwave.

One time he throws a handful of leaves from Todd’s cupboard into the kettle and drinks the results, and that’s how the rest of the agency end up discovering what boiled parsley water tastes like (”the universe did not bloody well want us poisoned, Dirk!”).

so I went to see panic! at the disco the other day & I am Purified 

  • misterwives
  • me to zoë: “ok ok if I get the shirt with their symbol on it , is it worth it with the amount of old people who are gonna think I’m tryna summon something” FOLLOWED BY THEM HAVING A COUNTDOWN WHERE EVERY 2 MIN. ONE OF THE TINY SYMBOLS LIT UP BC WE WERE LITERALLY SUMMONING THEM
  • brendon singing gratuitously high notes & runs throughout the night like how does the boy still have a throat but Also Thank You
  • “What a shame the poor groom’s bride is a–” crowd: “W H O R E” brendon: “WHO SAID IT , NOT ME”
  • brendon: *singing don’t threaten me with a good time* “who are all these people ??” *turns to the crowd* “WHAT’S UP”
  • also his lil strut when he got to the “but I make these high heels work” part gave me 3 more yrs of life
  • brendon is a shambling mess of floppy arm/ shuffly feet/ flippy hair dancing and some truly unwholesome hip movements & I am wholly grateful 
  • flames . there were so many flames . the stage kinda caught on fire for -2 seconds & what a journey it was
  • brendon playing the piano on a slowly turning & rising podium surrounded by cellphone fairy lights & cascading glitter for “this is gospel”
  • girls/ girls/ boys & bohemian rhapsody as Pride songs , with rainbow lights in the crowd (he also mentioned it was a fan idea to have the lil rainbow heart cut outs to make rainbow lights & he was having feelings about it it was lovely)
  • brendon plays drums ?? he plays drums to Bitch Better Have My Money
  • brendon: “saying thank you just isn’t enough . soooo ,,, wanna makeout ?”
  • so many unnecessary spooky skull graphics & I adored every dam one of em
  • look
  • look
  • 12 yo me & 22 yo me’s tiny dream came tru in the span of two hours & one small part of my heart has been salvaged
It's 5:00 AM and my Thoughts are too Loud to Sleep

Take a deep breath. It will all be ok.

I made this playlist for all you wonderful people that struggle with life every single day. 


Flatsound - You Said Okay 

Dandelion Hands - Invisible

 Hotel Books - I always thought I would be okay

 Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You 

Twenty One Pilots - Kitchen Sink

 Listener - Wooden Heart 

Front Porch Step - Drown 

Bon Iver - Skinny Love 

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 

Flatsound - I exist I exist I exist 

 Brand New - Jesus Christ 

The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Matress

Twenty One Pilots - Addict With A Pen

Dandelion Hands - How To Never Stop Being Sad 

Citizen- Sleep 

Brand New - Good To Know that if I ever needed attention all I have to do is die

TSSF - Navy Blue 

Old Gray - Wolves 

Modern Baseball - How do I tell a girl I want to kiss her? 

Twenty One Pilots - Goner 

now i’m emotional so imma rant like i know baekhyun is really loud and literally thrives on attention but no offense he is always first to cheer the others on when they’re on stage etc he’s always encouraging them and like. other than that he is more than just a loud mouth piece he is really sweet and nice and wherever he goes people compliment him for being a sweetheart like his entire cast was in love w him and everyone who knows him only sing praises and like. he’s talented but he really works hard yknow??? like he always talks about how he wants to be an all-rounder and he went out and tried to do it last year and he’s improving with every step and he’s just ! he really cares about his band and his fans and people in general?? like he literally out here believing his purpose in life is to bring others happiness like im gonna cry but he genuinely just wants to be a bright light but other times he’s also reserved like when he hides away and spends time by himself like he said he likes the detachment and that levels his head…..he’s such a good guy i hope he never stops being happy and healthy

BTW I’m not even trying to be hard on Dipper here, he’s a sweet boy but he’s been taught by society and media that this is how a boy is supposed to act when he has a crush on a girl. 

But it’s also so important that the narrative calls out this behavior as bad and that Dipper learns his lesson.


after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 


Last weekend was the absolute best and I should also stop taking all selfies from the same angle cause it’s getting old

Kindness isn’t inherent. Kindness is a choice. When you choose to be kind, recognize the power you hold in each situation to continuously be kind. One isn’t born evil or good. Each moment shapes our actions and allows us the opportunity to further grow and blossom to become better than we were yesterday. And when you stop criticizing, stop blaming, stop looking outward, and start searching inward, you will find there are endless opportunities to practice kindness. Never stop seeking. Do good.

Y'all are still sleeping on Iida Tenya, and ignoring his existence and every time I think something’s gonna happen to make the fandom acknowledge him, it continues to pass on by my poor son

Too the genuinely good/nice people in this world:

Don’t stop. Never stop being good no matter how many people take your niceness for granted and shit on you. Don’t you dare stop being nice and good the world needs you.

Autistic Archie Headcanons

In honour of my new URL I want to share with you all my most favourite and treasured headcanons. (Also I’m sorry this is so long with no read more I’m on mobile lmao)

- Archie stims by hand flapping
- Archie: Hi let me introduce you to my one-billionth Special Interest
- Doesn’t go non verbal, but used to when he was little. Still sometimes automatically replies in ASL
- Can remember random conversation from seven years ago about the way Jughead likes pie. Can’t remember what Jughead told him two minutes ago about something important.
- If You’re Not Talking About My Special Interest I Don’t Want To Know
- Main special interests include: Music, Football, LGBT+, His Friends, Superheroes, Space/NASA
- (After seeing Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts) Archie: I have never related to a character more in my entire life.
- Don’t forget his hand flapping. Always hand flapping. He’s excited? Flapping. Anxious? Flapping. Bored? Flapping. Happy? Flapping.
- Will get distracted by a spiny stim toy for Hours
- He loves stim videos. Especially paint mixing ones.
- Glitter jars are his Favourite Thing
- I Got Motivated At 3am And Cleaned The Whole House
- Archie: Hey could I have a glass of water?
Ronnie, jokingly: Nope, of course not.
Archie: Okay.
Ronnie: ?? Dude just go get some water.
Archie: ????? But you-? Okay.
- Person: It’s a stim blanket.
Archie: It’s a blanket full of balls??
Person: Yeah.
Archie: How would that be good for stimming???
Person: Try it!
Archie: *uses it* Holy Shit.
- Struggles with eye contact
- Hates when people change the rules on him, eg:
- Fred: Hey Arch, I thought you could use a break so I did the dishes tonight.
Archie: ???? But that’s MY job?!!?
- Petting Vegas is a BIG STIM
- Archie: Sometimes when I pet my dog I forget the world exists
- Constantly checking his friends actually are his friends because honestly how can anyone be sure???
- “But as friends, right?”
“So friends who wants to go to pops?”
“Good morning friends!”
“So my good friend-”
Kevin: Archie please I will never stop being friends with you just please stop using the word friends.
Archie: That’s fair.
- Social situations??? Beyond him.
“You were just doing it as a favour to me, right??”
Took him 4ever to realise the Blossoms were trying to buy him and that it was a Bad Idea
Doesn’t even realise his music is Sad Time Music
- High Empathy, Low Emotional Control – doesn’t like people hurting and always tries to defend them, sometimes to his own detriment (confronting Reggie, the bar scene), apologises for things whether they’re his fault or not (Jughead, Betty, Valerie, Veronica, Fred)
- Won’t wear pyjamas to bed but will wear them all day if allowed.


Charles: You’re lovely and beautiful, you know that?

You: *Blushing* Can you stop being so good with me?

Charles: Never *Smiling*.

Not my gifs.

You’d probably be in the middle of changing, all exposed trying to remove that damn sweater you decided to wear today. Arms all tangled in sleeves you’d turn around to find Namjoon staring at you with a smile on his face. 
Embarrassed you’d try to cover yourself only to have him walk over and embrace you, tangled mess and all. 
He knew all along but that never stopped him from loving you. You being just you was good enough for him
“Baby girl, I love ALL of you”

You and Tae would be playing some video game, maybe Overwatch (since he’s a total fanboy). The both would become super competitive trying to see who would get “Play of the Game”, it’d be neck and neck. 
Finally you’d win over him by one more and he’d lose it, tackling you against the couch tickling you with no mercy. 
Immediately you’d go to block your tummy to which he would remove your hands and lay on it.
He wouldn’t really know why you made it such a big deal, he doesn’t care, you’re his.
“Don’t do that Jagi~, you’re so soft and I love it”

Both of you would be in bed since Hoseok decided to sleep over, telling each other about your day and how it went. Turning over his side to look at you better he’d smile slightly and brush your hair away from your face. 
He’d utter how beautiful you were and you’d blush and shake your head, admitting that you had flaws like your tummy wasn’t flat like all the other girls. 
Chuckling at your statement he’d poke your cheek bringing you close enough so your head was laying on his chest.
He didn’t want you to compare yourself to what you think you should look like. He loved ALL of you
“But you’re MY baby! That’s what makes you different, I don’t want those other girls!”

Jimin was wanting to go out with you today, except he wanted to go out to the beach. He was bouncing up and down desperately trying to get you to go, he wanted to know why you didn’t want to go. 
Already seeing the sad expression coming up on his facial features you’d quickly mutter that you’re insecure about your tummy/it’s not flat.
Quickly looking you over he’d pout, taking your hands in his he’d kiss them softly and touch foreheads with you.
He wanted you to feel confident in your own skin because he loved you that way.
“Princess, you are beautiful in your own skin!”

It would have been a looooong day for kookie, so after he finished practicing he’d practically beg to come over for cuddles. Once arriving he’d find you sitting on the couch watching one of your favorite dramas, immediately he’d dive into the couch while you weren’t paying attention and land gently over you.
Shook as all hell you’d stare down at him in horror realizing his head was on your tummy. You’d wait for him to comment on it only to feel him nuzzling deeper into you.
He wouldn’t care if your tummy wasn’t “flat”.
“Jagiya, you’re so warm!!”

Sleeping. You two would be sleeping, like babies actually, until some noise stirred Yoongs awake. Blinking around hazily he’d realized that the window was still open and would get up to close it. This of course woke you up as well, cold and confused. Looking around you would notice your shirt had ridden up all the way and now your tummy was exposed. Gasping quietly you’d look at yourself and back up at Yoongi who was also staring. 
Looking into your eyes and back at your tummy he’d get back into bed and cuddle you close to him. 
Yoongi would definitely not care, what mattered to him was you and not what society wants you to look like. 
“(Y/N), baby don’t try hiding it. You’re gorgeous, now lets go back to sleep”

Jin would be cooking away in the kitchen making you your favorite food ever. 
Then slowly you’d count all the food he was making and subconsciously clutch your tummy. You’d walk up to him slowly with hesitant steps and tug on his shirt. Catching his attention he’d look over at you and smile asking what happened. You’d mutter something about you maybe not eating as much anymore. Immediately mom mode Jin would activate and he’d look at you as if you had three heads. Placing his hands on your cheeks he’d squish your face and make you look up at him.
Your health would be first to him and him finding out that you had a “tummy” wouldn’t change a thing.
“You are healthy sweetheart, starving yourself isn’t beautiful!”