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The way you draw Seabury makes me so happy omg pls never ever stop drawing your art is perfect and flawless - An asexual who doesn't really understand why she enjoys this porn blog so much (probably because the art is phenomenal)

OMMHGDGGS AAAAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! oh my god this is so sweet THANK YOU!!! im glad you enjoy how i draw seabury even if hes constantly involved in nsfw works im crying

HERE i drew him seriously and not getting destroyed for once!!


Nerve (Jikook One Shot)


Jungkook was siting quietly in the corner of the backstage room. He was just staring blankly at the floor. His hyung’s were all laughing at each other’s dorky antics, but Jungkook was sat alone. He was the first act. Jungkook had his solo and all he could think about was all the ways he could mess it up. He had always had his hyungs on stage wth him, so he felt safe and warm, but knowing he would have to go up on an enormous stage, in front of thousands and thousand of expectant fans without the support of his hyungs, it terrified him.
Suddenly he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He slowly averted his gaze up and was caught in s pair of caring, kind and concerned eyes. “Jungkookie…What are you doing?” Jimin’s gentle tone reached Jungkook and he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Jiminie-Hyung…” Jungkook had tears in his eyes and this made Jimin extremely worried. The thing was Jimin had been watching Jungkook all day. He knew the Maknae had always been good at hiding his true emotions, so seeing Jungkook looking so helpless, it pained him.

“Hey…Do you want to step outside? We have a good 30 minutes” Jimin softly placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and the younger replied with a small nod. Jimin’s hand dropped down to Jungkook’s lower back as he stood up to support him. The younger let out silent wheels as they both walked out into the corridor. Taehyung and Jin had noticed Jimin holding Jungkook carefully. Tae smirked and turned to Jin nudging him lightly.

“They’re so together! Bet they’re having a cheeky smooch” Tae chuckled mischievously showing off his perverted expression.

“Leave the two love birds alone!” Jin smiled lightly slapping Tae’s arm as he washed both the Maknae and Jimin leave. All the members already speculated about Jimin and Jungkook. They were always together, not to mention the fact that Jimin had confided in Taehyung, admiring how he found the youngest incredibly handsome.
Meanwhile, outside in the hallway Jungkook was receiving comfort from Jimin. The elder wrapped his small, warm, yet incredibly muscled arms around Jungkook. He held Jungkook close in hope to stop the tears from falling. Jimin has never really seen Jungkook cry, but all he wanted was for him to stop.

“Aish…What am I going to do with you hey?” Jimin giggled softly as Jungkook’s hands clasped into the back of Jimin’s shirt.

“S…s-sorry Hyung…” Jungkook stuttered, trying to recover from all the crying.

“Don’t he sorry Jungkook-Ah. You can’t help your emotions” Jimin reassured with his enchanting smile. “I just prefer that handsome smile of yours” Jimin admitted and this made Jungkook peer up with shocked eyes.

“Y-you…think I…I have a h-handsome smile…?” Jungkook questioned hiccuping between every word. Jimin replied with a small nod of his head, his eyes turning into crescents. Jungkook felt a warm sensation in his chest as his eyes wandered along the elders face. He found himself staring at Jimin a lot recently. It was somewhat calming just watching his chest pulsate every time he took a breath, watching his pure pupils move when he was listening to someone talk, the way he always pushed his his hair back, revealing his tanned forehead, and lastly but not least, his lips. The way Jungkook would stare at Jimin’s plump, pink lips as they moved when he spoke. Jimin was completely perfect, no ethereal to the younger, but he was just to nervous to say anything out loud.

“Can I see that smile now?” Jimin placed his small hand on Jungkook’s cheek as w noticed the younger had calmed down a little. Jungkook looked up biting on his bottom lip a little flustered. “Come on…You’ll be performing soon” Jimin continued.

“That’s the thing…I’m…I’m scared” Jungkook admitted.

“Scared? Scared of what?” Jimin asked his hand still on Jungkook’s cheek.

“Scared of screwing up. I’ve always had the support of you and the other Hyung’s when on stage. I don’t think I can do it alone…” Jungkook explained and there was a few long seconds of silence before Jimin started giggling softly. “Wha…what’s so funny?” Jungkook asked feeling worried.

“No…nothing…I just…I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just that you are incapable of making a mistake. I’ve seen you practise and practice until your hands and feet are red raw. You’re a perfect performer and even better person. Not having me or the others on stage with you doesn’t mean we won’t support you. Even if you are on stage alone, I…I mean we, would never stop supporting you. I’ll stand by the stage and watch your flawless performance in 10 minutes.” Jimin finished with his signature eye smile that had Jungkook stunned. “Come on, let’s go back” Jimin stood up and held out his gesturing for Jungkook to take it.

“I’m so nervous Jimin-Hyung” Jungkook looked down again making Jimin sigh.

“Take my hand Kookie” Jimin continued to hold his hand out with a heartwarming smile. Jungkook looked up a little unsure whether to take it. He hesitantly took Jimin’s adorable hand and was suddenly pulled up into Jimin. They were mere inches apart.

“J-Jiminie-Hyung!” Jungkook gulped, his cheeks flaring at the closeness.

“Pull yourself together Jungkookie…Here” Jimin puckered up his lips and began to leave in closer. Jungkook was frozen in his place. He had no idea what to do. Should he pull away before anything could happen, or just continue to stay still till the inevitable kiss…? His mind was screaming no, but his heart screamed yes. He couldn’t decide. Then he felt a pair of soft, wet, yet oddly satisfying lips on his cheek. Jungkook felt somewhat disappointed. “For good luck!” The elder finished leaving the younger craving more. “Now let’s go back before we miss your cue” Jimin grinned briefly before turning to the door. He started to walk away and without any control of his body Jungkook reached out his hand and took hold of the elders wrist stopping him from leaving. “Jungkook-Ah, Wha” Jimin started, but was interrupted by a very agitated Jungkook.

“Cou…could you it again…?” Jungkook asked in a nervous whisper.

“Hmmm? Sorry I didn’t hear you” Jimin replied leaning forward.

“Will…will y-you kiss me again..?” Jungkook repeated much louder and more in detail. Jimin seemed a little surprised by the so called ‘manly’ Maknae’s question, but non the less the cherry blossom haired boy smiled with a simple nod of his head. Just as Jimin was about to kiss the younger cheek again, he stopped him.

“Something wrong?” Jimin asked confused as he couldn’t help but feel saddened that the younger had stopped him.

“No!..Not at all…I umm, well I thought maybe you could kiss my lips instead…” Jungkook finished, his heart pounding over 100 beats per second.
On the other hand Jimin was stunned. He couldn’t believe Jungkook’s request. Yes, the elder had always found the Maknae somewhat adorable and extremely handsome, and sometimes he would catch himself staring, no, admiring the younger, but never had he contemplated the thought of kissing him. “I’m sorry! It was just a sugges…” Jungkook panicked, but before he could finish his sentence Jimin instinctively mushed his lips against Jungkook’s, causing an unexpected moan from the younger. At first touch of the elders lips, Jungkook jolted a bit, but it didn’t take long before he melted into it. The youngers hand fell to Jimin’s chest and he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment even more. Jungkook tilted his head a little to allow Jimin to deepen the kiss and Jimin immediately knew what to do, soon their tongues were swirling around each other’s.
It wasn’t a heated or pushy kiss anymore…it was sweet, slow, and sensual. The younger felt Jimin’s hand move from his waist up to his neck, as Jungkook’s own hands grasped on the elders shirt tightly. It would be classed as a perfect kiss, in which both boys would remember for a very, very long time.
Although neither of the boys wanted the kiss to end, just like all things it had to come to it’s inevitable end as the need to breathe became to unbearable. They both parted their lips and Jungkook’s eyes were still closed as he was to caught up in the moment to even care about anything else going on around him. Eventually he opened his eyes and he caught Jimin staring at him licking his lips almost seductively. “…Jimi…” Jungkook started, but before he could even contemplate on what he was going to say next, he felt a hand grip his shoulder.

“There you are! You’re on now!” Namjoon pulled Jungkook away leaving Jimin frozen. The elder stayed in the exact same position for what felt like forever. He felt replaying the spontaneous kiss in his mind. He was so lost in his own mind, the only thing he could think of was how the youngers lips felt against his own and how the youngers tongue tangled beautiful with his own. He wanted to do it again and again , he wanted to do it all the time.
Suddenly my Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and he gasped as he remembered it was Jungkook’s solo. He practically sprinted through the backstage room and made his way as close as he could to the stage without being seen. He sighed in relief as the younger has only just started to sing and the audience screamed excitedly. Jungkook felt so confident as he proceeded to hit every note perfectly. The smile on the youngers lips never left as he moved into his contemporary dance. Although his mind was occupied with the kiss he has just shared with Jimin, he still managed to finish his solo without a single fail.
As the younger finished and waited for the fans to cheer, he began to the exit the stage. Once he reached the side he saw Jimin waiting eagerly for him. Jungkook smiled as the elder approached him, his heart thumping once again the closer he got.

“You were so good Jungkookie! I knew you could do it!” Jimin praised making the Maknae show his bunny teeth smile.

“It was all thanks to you…” Jungkook replied now smiling sheepishly.

“Well, you know always here to help” Jimin replied giggling a little awkwardly. The younger looked around for a few seconds before declaring it safe to pull Jimin into him. Jungkook’s hands rested on Jimin’s waist making the elder blush uncontrollably. J-Jungkook!“ Jimin stammered making the younger chuckle.

"It’s ok…no one can see” Jungkook reassured, lightly caressing the elders now bright red cheeks.

“Tha…that’s not the problem” The elder replied “You were amazing…” Jimin added looking down a little embarrassed by his reaction.

“All thanks to you…” Jungkook stated before moving one of his hands to Jimin’s chin. The younger gently took hold of Jimin’s chin and lightly moved it upwards, so Jungkook could see his ethereal face.

“As…I-I said…always here to help” Jimin answered and Jungkook shook his head in response.

“I was kinda hoping you could help me…well help me forever” Jungkook finished looking desperately towards Jimin.

“Wh-what do you mean?” The elder questioned feeling extremely heated.

“I mean…maybe you could be mine and, and I could can be yours…” The younger explained biting his lip as he waited for an answer. A few long seconds passed and Jimin just stared at Jungkook with wide, swollen eyes. This only made the younger panic. “You don’t hav…” Bam, Jimin connected his lips with Jungkook’s as fast as he could to stop the younger from worrying.
Jimin’s soft hands brushed against the Maknae’s cheeks as they parted their lips resting their foreheads against each other’s. “I take that as a yes?” Jungkook asked and the pink haired elder in front of him just nodded chewing on his bottom lip that was now all red and swollen.
“Don’t think I’ll have to worry about nerves ever again…”
The End

[So this is the one shot I decided to write as a thank you for reaching over 100 followers! Also as an apology for the late update of My Little Mochi. Hope you enjoyed and as always thank you for reading!! 💜😇❤]

Dear Stelena,

there is something I have been trying to tell you for some years now, so here it goes - none of this is your fault

I remember the good old days when your show was good. Tolerable. Watchable. Back when storylines made sense, when scenes moved me to tears, when I had to cover my face with a pillow because I could not handle how absolutely adorable you are, when writing was so good, inspiring and motivating it made me want to write too. After you left us, things started going downhill. I started scoffing at the storylines, plot holes multiplied in number, nothing made me wonder, nothing made me smile, nothing made me cry, and everything made me angry - until, finally, your show became too unbearable for me to watch, so I stopped. Which is when I realized, your show was never flawless, it was you who made it flawless.  

I remember the day I was finally pressured into watching your show - it was the day I fell in love with you. The show already had two seasons, but I knew nothing of your relationship, I was absolutely spoiler free. But I loved the way you felt, and moved, and looked, and smiled, and talked. I was told you are not a very popular ship, that you have some pretty heavy competition, and to this day I have zero idea why since none of your competitors are worthy enough to compete with you. It took me only 10 episodes to love you, and 14 to know I’m never going to stop loving you, and there were twice as many episodes that made me regret that decision - with you, I have learned what love is, but with you I have also learned what pain is, both good and bad kind. Despite it, I do not regret loving you, supporting you, standing up for you, because you were a ship that made me happy, and safe, and satisfied for as long as they allowed you.

I am not going to tell you how absolutely wonderful you are, because you already know that. I am not going to tell you have good you are, how right you are, or what a better choice you are - I already said that in numerous posts prior to this one, and it makes no sense to point it out anymore since it has become obvious that no one is listening. This is for your ears only. For years, I had to defend you against numerous attacks on various subjects, and I was more than glad to do so. People would describe you as safe, like it is a bad thing, and they would label you boring, cliche, they would say you are only meant to be remembered as a first love, and that your love story always felt more like a friendship. But I assure you, as someone who remembers every kiss, every hug, every word you said to each other, every look you shared, as someone who has your smiling faces embedded in their mind, I assure you were so much more than that. You were the future. You were always gentle, and kind, and challenging in all the right ways. There were so many bumps on your path, but that never made you bitter, or angry, or harmful. People would say that you are too real, too everyday, too real-life scenario, and that you do not belong in a fictional show. Relationship like yours should be everyday, and they should be real, and they should be a norm, but they happen so rarely. And that is why, even after you left us, I kept watching, hoping for your return.

You never did come back, and it took you a long time to actually and completely disappear from your show. I remember the day you left us. I knew it was going to happen, but I never knew it was going to happen in such an ugly way. I never knew that they are going to tear down everything that took them years to build. I never knew that they are going to replace you with something so ugly and rotten. How could have I? They didn’t only take you away, they took your characters away as well, and they kept taking them bit by bit until the only thing left of you to love was a memory. I keep calling it your show, because it was. You did not own it, it was not only about you, yet you fit into it so nicely that you made it yours, that every time I would hear its name, I would think of you. And now, when I see what a mess it is, I am kinda glad you are not a part of it anymore, yet I can’t help but wonder if they allowed you to stay, would it even ever turn into a mess it is?

So, here it goes - it was not your fault. They made you too perfect, too strong, so when they decided that they do not want you anymore, the only thing left for them to do was destroy you. Set you on fire and leave you to slowly burn. They made you to last forever. And in a way, you will, because they never really gave you a proper ending. You will always remain an unfinished sentence.

This is my way of saying goodbye. You deserve a soft epilogue, my loves, you have suffered enough.