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I saw that t-shirt on amazon and poof, this happened. *shrugs*

nightwing1536  asked:

Mar'i Grayson D5? Or Pandora (trinity of sin) E3?

this is a millennia late but i hope you still like it…!

Aphobes are seemingly unable to just let gay aces live.

Between “Gay/lesbian aces aren’t really gay bc you have to be sexually attracted to the same gender to be gay/lesbian” and “You’re inherently privileged for being ace so the oppression you face is not as bad :/” and “Don’t say homoromantic ace just say gay/lesbian you evil SAM users”

It’s pretty clear aphobes hate all ace people and seem to hate gay aces in particular as of late. 

Speaking of which, hey look a thread with all three examples shown! (heads up, there’s an N.s.f.w. image in the thread)

‘cute bunny thats actually not cute ™’ was never really funny so can they stop being a thing in 2017, and besides they should’ve stopped after 1975 because it will never be topped