never stop shipping this two

It was…I don’t know if you could call it love, what we had. I don’t know if we ever stopped fighting long enough to call it anything but a bad idea. But…it was kind of magic. Whatever it was, it was magic.
—  from an unfinished story #849

Do you truly think that something like “they don’t get along” or “they will never be canon” has ever stopped me from shipping two characters?

Think again, because you can try to take my ships from my cold dead hands.

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Mountain and the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson // Enough To Go By - Vienna Teng // Safety Line - Sixpence None The Richer // Compass - Zella Day // Oh My Soul - Meiko // Wanderlust -  Delays // Maybe - K. D. Lang // I’ll Hold My Breath - Ellie Goulding // Cliff’s Edge - Hayley Kiyoko // Real Love - Regina Spektor


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anonymous asked:

HC on after breaking up with Peter Parker?

Being Broken Up with Peter Parker would include …

  • Him realizing that he’s lost someone so dear to him immediately. 
  • Him saying that the breakup was mutual even though you were the one who actually ended it.
  • Him pretending like he’s okay when he actually isn’t okay.
  • Him saying that he’s over you when he knows for a fact that he’s wrong.
  • Him still knowing that you still have feelings for him.
  • You still do have feelings for him.
  • Him wanting to get back together.
  • Him following you everywhere because he misses you.
  • Him constantly rambling on about how much he misses you to Ned.
  • Ned getting extremely annoyed with him because he never stops talking about the break up.
  • People still shipping you two together even though you two ended a long time ago.
  • Him spreading rumors about you two getting back together.
  • ‘‘You and Peter are back together?!’‘
  • ‘‘What? No.’‘
  • ‘‘Oh. Well.. He said you were.’‘
  • You getting angry because he’s spreading false rumors about you two.
  • But you soon start to enjoy it because you actually realize how much you’ve missed him.
  • Lots of disappointed people because they thought you two would last, but they were wrong.
  • ‘‘Do you still love me Y/N?’‘
  • ‘‘I used to. Maybe I still do. Maybe I don’t. We’ll see.’‘
  • You confusing the crap out of Peter.
  • Him trying to figure you out, but he soon does.