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Such beauty, such grace………. *sigh*

Why are so many people assuming that Ian’s success in s6+7 is due to Mickey’s absence?

I’m so confused as to why I keep seeing that Ian is better off without Mickey and the only argument I can assume people have for this is because Ian achieves some socially accepted position of success (which is wonderful and I am super proud of him for it, don’t get me wrong). HOWEVER, why do people automatically assume that Ian’s success is in response to Mickey’s departure? I’m sorry that Mickey was trying to focus on one thing at a fucking time and was trying to get Ian’s meds balanced before moving on to any other subject, but I do honestly believe that they both were on that road anyway. I’m also sorry that Mickey didn’t have a problem with or judge Ian’s job at the Fairytale but since it seemed to make Ian happy and was a relatively harmless job (coked out state of being before Mickey found him besides) I personally am glad that Mickey supported him in being there.

Quit trying to imply that Mickey’s presence was holding Ian back when all he ever did was support Ian in whatever career decision he made and held Ian’s health and happiness of higher value than the social acceptance of his job.

I want to make love to your mind.
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It’s really hard not to see the parallels between Jaime giving Brienne his sword & waving her off at Riverrun and Jon giving Sansa the North & getting waved off

Hey what’s up everyone Bahorel can’t actually get muscle definition even though he’s strong as hell cause that’s just how bodies work sometimes, he’s covered in stretch marks everywhere and honestly feels no specific way about them cause they’re just apart of his bod, he has a tummy that sticks out and thighs that rub together and a chest that won’t get very flat even when he binds, and he will be taking no shitty comments about those things because why does it even matter he’s happy and loves himself