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“In this dimension, you chose ruin.”

Upsetting is one word for it, yeah. Thanks for the ask. -P

  • What JYP tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #got7 #planes #hurt/comfort #jinyoung is my fav so he ofc he lives #do i do 2young or markjae #but also JJP #because those boys are my favs #wet boys in the middle part #its defs hot ;) #diving #polyamory #aside from jinyoung #he gets none because he ded #comment and subscribe!!!
  • What he should have tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #major character death #angst #this will probably hurt #not really linear #a bit confusing #I HOPE YOU'RE COOL IF I LEAVE THIS UNFINISHED #no resolution #some people die? #or one person #i didnt make it super clear lol #you can make up the rest
Dating Jimin;

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- him loving to play with your hair
- having pillow fights all the time
- soft neck kisses
- you always squishing his cheeks
- because they’re just so cuteee
- HiS gOd DaMn ThIgHs
- him calling you 24/7
- “good morning, sleep head,”
- jimin waking up before you, just so he can watch you sleep for about 20 minutes
- whenever you two hold hands he’d just giggle and smile cheekily
- him always complimenting you
- “baby, you’re so gorgeous,”
- jimi always walking round with his shirt off because he knows what it does to you
- ThAt LiTtLe ShIt WiTh HiS gOd DaMn AbS
- him waking you up at 3 am just to look at the stars
- I think he’d get quiet emotional when he has to leave you to go on tour
- and when he is on tour he messages you all the god damn time
- he’ll tell you everything he’s doing, how much he misses you and that he wishes you were by his side
- “y/n, i miss you so much. i didn’t realises leaving you for 3 months would hurt so much,”
- him just being a little ball of fluff
- like god damn, he’s just the most adorable boyfriend ever
- whenever you’re sad he’d scrap everything and buy you chocolate just so he can watch films with you whilst you cry to him.
- “just let it all out baby, i’m always here to listen,”
- always sneaking out with the maknae line, just to piss around
- whenever he’s drunk him doing girl group dances in front of everyone
- him getting jealous of your celebrity crushes
- like really jealous
- to the point where he won’t talk to you because he thinks you want them over him
- “i guess he has things that i don’t then,”
- him getting super insecure about himself
- jimin you is beautiful and dis celebrity crush aint shit against you
- it’d take him a while to admit that he loves you
- even if he has loved you for the longest time
- whenever you get into arguments he’d cry because he hates arguing with you
- he never shouts, like ever, it’s just not him
- however he does get irritated easily
- he’d want to be the first one to say “i love you,”
- holding your hands A LOT
- him sending you “i miss you,” texts even when he’s at the studio
- i think jimin would want to get married
- he’d also want quiet a lot of kids
- he’d be the cutest father ever
- sweater paws
- jimin would buy you flowers all the time
- he’d say they were to “brighten your day,”
- tou’d always reassure him that he’s prefect and that there’s no need for him to be insecure, and he’d do the same to you.
- “jimin, you’re all i want. you’re perfect, and don’t ever forget that. i love you, okay, chim chim,”
- his raspy morning voice
- waking up to him twirling your hair slowly
- promise rings
- cute and romantic restaurant dates
- whenever he’s upset with you he’ll give you the silent treatment
- him randomly blushing when you walk into a room, even though you’ve been sating for over 2 years
- the boys teasing him for blushing the moment you walk out
- “dude, you’ve been dating for ages. you still shouldn’t be blushing whenever she walks into the room,”
- “but she’s/he’s to amazing, i still get butterfly’s every time i see her,”
- him remembering everything you two did together
- him keeping a photo book, putting in every single photo you have of each other
- skinship, skinship, SkInShIp, sKiNsHiP, SKINSHIP
- him being very lovey dovey
- pointless conversations at midnight
- “you’re my whole entire world,”
- koala jimin
- he’d lend you his hoodies all the time
- jimin would insist his phone case matches yours
- endless pampering from his end 
- whenever he talked to someone about you he’d say “my girlfriend/boyfriend,” because he still can’t believe your his
- whenever you do anything silly or clumsy, such as trip over, you’ll never forget because he’ll remind you of it ALL THE TIME
- he’d just be a adorable little shit
- giggles
- giggles
- GiGgLeS
- “you’re so adorable, i hate it so much,”
- whenever you were stressed he'd sing you lullabies
- aka your favourite bts songs 
- face timing whilst he’s on tour
- sloppy kisses all over your face
- basically, he’s just an amazing and adorable boyfriends that’ll love you and compliment you and pamper you until you die. he’d just be, in my opinion, the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.
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anyway, thanks so much for reading and i really hope you’re shook over how cute of a boyfriend jimin would be- bEcAuSe I Am!
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Every now and then I get an ask asking what happened to Sam. To be honest, she never made it to max and I wound up deleting her sometime last year.  You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to level her, but the hunter stigma just got to the point she was no longer fun.  Even my other hunter at max never, ever touches instances after a Highmaul PUG encounter that made me not touch him again for half a year and the raid never even started.  I tried to ignore it, I really did but it just wasn’t fun being /spat on the moment I zoned into a dungeon or kicked for hunter pet aggro when I run lone wolf for a reason (most of the time it was a warlock not putting a void lord away and no one bothered to look before shouting) and never, ever have a pet out in dungeons or raids and yet I’m still kicked for my imaginary pet that’s apparently still there.  

I really wanted to give her a chance but it fizzled out so fast. Maybe one of these days I’ll re-roll her as a new class to give her a second chance, but until then, have one last picture of Sam.  She may come back in the future though, never know.  Maybe I was just super unlucky with my instances.  But yeah, that’s kind of why Samaana dropped off the face of the earth last year lol.

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  • He probably sees how she is from a young age and he knows that genetics are doing their terrible work.
  • He never ever shouts or gets angry at her. The thought of scaring his own baby girl makes his stomach turn.
  • Even when she turns into a rebellious, shitty teenager.
  • Calls his mum up and apologises because now he understands her suffering. 
  • She is so calm and loving towards her granny tho. He just sits there like ???? while his mother showers her with love and affection and then they both turn to him and stick their tongues out.
  • Takes her to some kinda martial arts/kick boxing/self defence classes. Anything to wear her out and give her a sense of achievements.
  • Knows the different between her general grumpiness and her actually being genuinely upset. 
  • Gives her super ultra amazing daddy cuddles when he knows that there’s something wrong. 
  • Gets so hyped up when she’s ranting about some tool at school and honestly his partner is going to have to be like “honEY! Don’t encourage her to murder them.”
  • That’s okay though because if the issue is someone being mean to her then he’s going to murder them himself.
  • Honestly even if they’re having some kinda blazing row he still calls her princess and keeps his cool.
  • Suggests being a hero so she can put all that passion to good use. 
  • But she could turn around and tell him she wanted to be a ballerina and he’d respond “Fuck yeah you’re going to be a ballerina. You’re going to be the best dancer on stage. Let’s go find some classes for you. Also would you like ice cream on the way there.”
VIXX  Leo 'Despair'

@kim-shinya asked: Hello! VIXX reaction “You’re in critical condition” is excellent! That’s exactly how they would react according to my opinion. And I feel so deeply for Leo despair. T_T May I please request a drabble expansion with him?

A/N: Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I hope you like this as well sweetheart. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

His manager broke the news to him and he sat there not moving, not reacting as only certain words filtered through. It was almost like being underwater.

Your name. Accident. Critical condition. Life support.

Taekwoon’s shock lasted until he could wrap his mind around the implications and once he did his only thought was of getting home to you. Abruptly he stood from the table and started listing things he would need and asking the manager to schedule his flight back. Mentally he was calculating the hours it would take to get to the airport and for the flight when his manager’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“Taekwoon, I’m sorry but you can’t go back. You have to stay here for the concert tomorrow.”

Slowly he turned back to his hyung, someone he’d joked around with but always been respectful. The blood in his body turned to ice. Leo didn’t even recognize the voice that grated out the following words. “I’m going home. I’m going back to her.”

The manager shook his head and sounded truly regretful. “Taekwoon-”

“I’m going home!” Leo never, ever shouted. He always got his point across just fine without it. But he felt his rationality slipping away as panic was starting to set in. You were lying in a bed. Dying. You were the love of his life, he had dreams of you being the mother of his children. What else could possibly be more important than being by your side? Compared to that what was a little volume he thought distantly. “I don’t care if I have to buy my own ticket! I have to go home!”

The tension in the room ratcheted up as the other members of VIXX were caught off guard by the outburst. Leo loved these men like brothers but right now he didn’t give a damn.

Softly, as if he wasn’t ripping out another man’s heart the manager reminded him, “I have your passport, Taekwoon-ah.”

His hopes of leaving evaporated and the reality hit him he could never see you alive again. Rage. Pure blind rage consumed him and he shoved the table as hard as he could. Wonsik and Hyuk sprung up and grabbed his arms to keep him from hurting himself. It took both their combined strengths to hold onto him and finally all Taekwoon could do was vent his grief and futility with a guttural scream.

Sinking to his knees he felt the arms around him change from restraint to embraces and he wept bitterly. He lost track of how long he sat but he heard Wonsik sniffling beside him and was grateful. There simply were not enough tears in him to do his sorrow justice, he would take those of others as well.

Suddenly Hakyeon’s face filled his vision. “I spoke with her parents. She’s had some transfusions and she’s stable although she’s still in critical condition.”

He nodded and felt the chaos in his head start to settle. You weren’t lost yet and he was stronger than this. Pulling himself together mentally and physically he rose to his feet as he gently shook off the grip of his friends. The news had caught him off guard and not being allowed to see you had pushed him over the edge. But now he knew he had to get it together.

He would be strong, and believed you would be too.

Messes and Make-ups [Sehun SMUT]

This is my first ever published smut, so I hope you like it. 

It’s about you having a hard day and when you come home Sehun, your long term boyfriend turned your flat into a gigantic mess.

I really hope you like the story! if you have any requests for texts we will happily take them and try to fulfill them in future posts xx :)

- admin L- 

I walked upstairs, one of my colleagues was sick, so I took her shift as well, being happy to get that extra money. I still had to babysit in the evening so I rushed there straight after work. Normally the twins were very easy but today they didn’t want to go to bed and they threw tantrums and it was really exhausting. Even just the very short way back home made me think about my sofa and how I just wanted to collapse on it and never ever get up again. I opened the door and saw Sehun in his joggers, his jeans next to him on the floor, like he just took them off and threw them on the floor. It was no surprise to see him in my flat, he stayed over often especially on his free days, some people would even say that we lived together. There were several cups in front of him but I didn’t bother to say anything. I was too exhausted so I walked to the bedroom only to get another surprise. Nearly half of Sehun’s clothes were thrown somewhere across the bed and the floor.

‘Don’t kill him, you are too tired to have an argument’ I said to myself breathing deeply. I knew he was a messy person and I wasn’t too tidy myself but this was to messy for anyone’s liking. I walked back to Sehun, collecting the plates and glasses in front of him and brought them to the kitchen.

‘The hyungs were here today, I mean Chen and Suho were’ he said while I walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was not a single bit better. The whole sink was full with plates and glasses.

‘Why didn’t you put the things in the dishwasher, Sehun?’ I asked trying to stay calm.

‘Because the dishwasher was full’ I rolled my eyes.

'Did you started it then?’ he didn’t respond which was a clear no. Sehun had tried to make ramen. There was powder and raw noodles everywhere in the kitchen. I sighed collecting the broken noodles, trying to clean up the messes he made.

'Jaaagiiiiyaaaa, what’s for dinner, I am hungry, I just had ramen for lunch’ he asked and I walked back to the livingroom, looking at him, trying really hard not to kill or yell at him right now.

'I saw that you had ramen you left everything in the kitchen’ I said calmly.

'So what’s for dinner?’ he asked again and I looked at him shocked. He never behaved like this, he sounded serious.

'Are you crazy?!’ I lost it. 'I come home after working hard the whole day, working double shifts and babysit the twins and help them with the homework and when I come home late you managed to turn the whole flat into a fucking mess. This is not how this works Sehun’

'Aaaah can you please stop nagging me, it’s my free day Y/N. Please’ he said annoyed.

'Are you out of your mind. Sehun I really don’t want much but you could at least try to not turn the whole flat into a mess. Why are all your clothes on the floor, do you think that they will fold and put themselves back into the closet? And why didn’t you put away the plates or at least start the dishwasher? And if you change don’t put your jeans on the floor.’

'Something else?’ I was about to hit him, sure he was bratty but this was not his usual self. This was just simply rude.

'Yes. I have no problem with you staying here or doing your laundry and cooking is fine as well. I just want a little bit appreciation and not you just sitting here doing nothing.’


'Fine then go to the dorm. GET THE FUCK OUT SEHUN’ I shouted and started to pack his things in a bag, grabbing everything from his closet. I was too angry to even cry or comprehend what was happening right now. I threw everything in his bag walking to the bathroom to get his shower-gel and other things. I even got his dirty laundry, getting every single bit from him that was in my apartment.

'Y/N’ Sehun said softly and I ignored him, I didn’t want to see him. I was so mad.

'Babe’ he tried again.

'Don’t fucking babe me, Sehun’ I said angrily, closing the bag and pushing the bag into his chest, waling past him, collecting his stuff in the livingroom.

'Babe really??’


'I AM NOT LEAVING’ he shouted back and I looked at him.

'THIS IS MY FUCKING FLAT AND IF I TELL YOU TO LEAVE THEN YOU FUCKING LEAVE’ he looked shocked. I picked up the bag, pushing it into his chest again. But instead of grabbing the bag, he grabbed my arms and gave me a kiss. He caught me of guard, so it took me two seconds until I pushed him away, hitting his chest hard, making him push out air. The kiss messed with my head but I tried to keep up my guards.

'ARE YOU TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR MIND?? I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING LEAVE SEHUN AND YOU KISS ME, GET THE FUCK OUT…. NOW!’ I grabbed his bag and walked to the door. Sehun ran after me. He pushed me to the side, trapping my hands over my head kissing me hard, pushing his body against mine, pinning me hard against the wall, so that I couldn’t push him away or even move a little bit. 

I whimpered rather aggressively, trying to wiggle free but he just pushed harder against me, making sure I couldn’t escape. He softly let his tongue brush against my lips but I clenched my jaw. I didn’t want him to give him his victory…yet. Obviously I didn’t want him to move out but he really pissed me off and I was still really angry. So even the fact that he tried to shut me up like this made me very angry. Sehun tried again, pushing his lips more aggressively onto mine. After a few seconds I parted my lips a little bit. He hungrily kissed me, biting my lip and moving my hands above my body, pushing one of his arms across them, still pushing them down while his other hand was moving down my body. I kissed him back, pushing my chest away from the wall towards Sehun, whining a little bit to make him get closer. 

His free hand reached my pants and opened them easily. My hips darted forward into his hand, trying to give my body what it wanted. Sehun grinned while kissing me, letting his finger run slowly over my underwear. A little moan escaped my body and he rubbed a bit harder. It turned him on that I couldn’t do anything, being trapped and having to endure all his actions. He moved my wet panties to the side, making me push my hips more into his hand, wanting to feel him inside me.

'Plea…’ He let his finger slip between my folds, making my voice rise and shake. 

'Plea..’ I tried again, rubbing myself against his hand. He chuckled and let his finger slip inside me.

'Se..Hun’ I moaned in a high pitched voice. He massaged my clit with his thumb while pumping into me. Kissing me deeply, he sent me closer and closer to the edge, making me whimper his name and letting my legs twitch with every thrust that send me closer to climax. Sehun knew I was close and pulled his lips away whispering into my ear.

'I know you are close… cum jagi. Cum for me’ He pumped into me while kissing my neck and with a long moan I threw my head back, tightening around his fingers, reaching my climax. He pulled out and I pushed him to the bed, wasting no time I opened his boxers to be greeted by Sehun’s big bulge in his boxers. I laid my hand on his bulge, looking him in the eyes, grinning at him, licking my lips. I pushed Sehun back, making him lay flat on his back. Sehun groaned the moment I touched his bulge, outdrawing the lines of his erection. I pulled down his boxers letting his member get free. I lightly brushed my fingers across his length, making Sehun move his hips towards me. I placed my hands on his abs, slowly taking his tip. I brushed my tongue against his skin. Making him groan louder, I slowly moved up and down his length, getting a lot of satisfied moans from him. His hands found his way into my hair, softly playing with my hair. Judging by his quick breath and messy moans, he was close to release. I pulled away, making him dart up, sitting straight.

'WHAT?!’ he shouted shocked and I grinned up at him. 

'Promise to be nicer and don’t make messes’ I said and he looked at me like I’ve gone crazy. 

'What the fuck, now?’ He asked and I took his member in my mouth again moving down.

'FUCK Y/N’ I pulled away again, making a small pop sound, looking at him grinning.

'Promise you won’t make messes anymore. Or I won’t finish!’ He looked at me. Seeing that I was dead serious, he nodded desperately.

'Say it’ I demanded brushing against his length with light fingers.

'Fuck yes, I won’t make messes ever again…. Jagi please’ he said with a shaky voice and I continued.
It didn’t take long until he reached climax. Cumming, he buried his fingers in my hair, pulling them slightly. Looking at him, I swallowed, taking off my shirt and pants. Sehun smiled at me, still heavy panting.

'Aren’t you taking of your clothes as well?’ I asked, unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the ground. Sehun looked at me for a few moments, then quickly took of his clothes. I walked towards him, placing my hands on his shoulders. Kissing him, I pushed him back onto the bed. He sat down on the bed and I sat on his lap, grinning at him.

'Ready to go 2nd round?’ I asked and he smiled.

'2nd round?’ he put his head to the side, giving me a gorgeous grin.

'Proper round?’ I suggested, laughing at him, stroking his abs, lightly moving down to more southern areas. I gripped his length. Pumping a few times, Sehun was ready to go second round. I raised myself up, gripping his shoulders, looking at him. I lowered myself onto his length, looking into his eyes, which made him bite his lips. He grabbed my hips and soon I started to move my hips, riding him slowly. Sehun pushed and pulled my hips, guiding my rhythm, trusting into me. Putting my head on his forehead, we quickened our rhythm, breathing quickly, moaning each others name, giving each other pleasure. Riding him and with him trusting into me, I quickly reached my peak.

'Sehun…I’ He nodded knowingly, gripping my hips tighter and grinding harder, he made me scream his name, reaching orgasm once again. Sehun shortly reached his release after me, kissing me sloppily with a long groan. 

I looked at him. His chest rose and fell quickly, all glistening with a thin layer of sweat. Looking at him I once again realised how much I loved this bratty boy. I smiled at him, giving him a peck, getting off him and collapsing on the bed. Sehun pulled me into his chest, kissing my head. For minutes we just listened to each others, slowly going back to normal, breathing, holding each other. I was so exhausted. I took a quick look at Sehun. His eyes were closed with a satisfied grin. He was slowly drifting to sleep as well, his hair all over the place, only making me assume I didn’t look any better. I closed my eyes. Finally giving in to exhaustion, I fell asleep.      

Hiccups [Jin]

Summary: Jin lashes out at you when he’s stressed

Genre: Little bit of angst & fluff

Words: 0.7k

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“Jin oppa, do you want anything?” I asked him as I peered into the room from the hallway. He’s worrying me a bit. He’s been in there for the past 3 hours, repeating his lines in Bangtan’s new song.

“No.” He replied without even turning around to look at me, and continued to practice the chorus. When he didn’t reach the high note, he angrily threw a nearby pen at the wall, heaving out loudly.

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