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Langst! More Langst!

Keith lunged toward Lance once more, pinning him for the third time in two minutes. Their sparring matches usually ended in Keith’s victory, but never this quickly.

“Come on, Lance; you’re not even trying,” he prodded. Lance’s grimace (the one he’d been sporting all day, Keith had noticed) turned into an outright scowl at Keith’s jab.

“Sorry,” he said flippantly, “I’m distracted. And tired. Can I be done with this for the day?” Shiro looked surprised when Lance turned toward him, but before he could answer, Keith was interrupting.

“Seriously? You’re just ‘done with this for the day?’” 

Lance bristled. “I wasn’t asking you.”

“You know why we train, right?” Keith pressed. 

“Keith, knock it off,” Shiro grumbled, but Keith didn’t stop his assault. 

“It’s because what we do is important. So whatever you’ve got that’s distracting you, whatever girl turned you down at the space mall or whatever conditioner you ran out of, you need to forget about it so you can focus on your actual responsibility to the universe for once.”

“Well, I’m sorry; not all of us just have this one big responsibility to the fucking universe,” Lance snapped in a terrifying quiet tone. “Can I not be cut a little bit of slack on the one day that I can’t stop thinking about the responsibility I was pulled away from?”

Keith looked shocked, his mouth falling open for a moment. Lance sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. 

“What are you talking about?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I just–I’m stressed out. Can I just go back to my room?” Lance asked.

“No,” Shiro replied, “Tell us what you meant. What other responsibilities are you talking about?” Lance often felt homesick, Shiro knew, but he had always thought it was missing the comforts of home–not some kind of fear of what he had left behind.

Lance hesitated. “I mean, my mom is back on Earth, raising six children alone, and the next oldest one is my little sister, and she’s only 14.”

Shiro softened. “I’m sorry,” he replied, “I had no idea. But you know they’re fine, right? You mom was on her own with them while you were at Garrison, wasn’t she?”

“Well yeah,” Lance admitted, “but that’s the problem. That school is expensive, and it took almost all of our savings money. I was supposed to start working over the summer as a cargo pilot and eventually get a full time piloting job to cover the expenses, but now I’m here, and they’re on Earth with all my debt and loans on one income. My sister is supposed to start looking at schools this year, but without my loans paid off, she’s not going to have any options. She’s just going to have to get a job, and that’s–I just can’t–today is–” he trailed off, but Pidge knew what he was trying to say.

“The deadline for Garrison applications,” she finished. Lance nodded, not taking his eyes off the floor. 

“Mi hermanita would have made a really great pilot,” he near-whispered, smiling sadly, “way better than me. And she’s not going to get to be one. Because I’m here defending the universe. So, yeah,” he looked back up at Keith with tears shimmering in his eyes, “I know this is my one big duty. And I know it comes with sacrifices, and I’ve made them all willingly. But I just–my sister shouldn’t have to, right? She doesn’t get to go to flight school because of her brother, who she probably thinks is dead anyway? I’m trying, but I just–today I need a little slack.” He set his bayard down on the ground and turned away. “I’m done with this for the day,” he said as he went back to his room. No one stopped him this time.

GOT7 at the Beach

Youngjae: brings coco with, inflates a kiddie pool so she can play, spends most of the time running to the ocean for sea water. Drops half his ice cream cone in the sand and begs Jaebum to buy him a new one

Jinyoung: wore a giant hat & long sleeved shirt. Kicked off his sandals and says he’s feeling crazy. SPF 80, even though he spends 5 minutes lecturing GOT7 on how anything above SPF 45 is a rip off. Reads a book with his headphones in and ignores the world

Jaebum: spends the first hour trying to play sports, gives up when he realizes Mark and Jackson are taking things seriously. Spends the rest of the day sitting next to Jinyoung with a towel draped over his head, yelling every now and then at Bambam to put the glass down

Mark: plays every beach game Jackson brought. Has a large band of followers but is too IN IT TO WIN IT to care. Turns out he can surf, even though he’s never done it before? Punches a shark on the nose but tells no one

Yugyeom: the only one able to open up the beach umbrella. Keeps being flirted with by girl lifeguards but has no idea what’s happening. Saves Bambam from drowning in the ocean, forgets to reapply sunscreen and burns like a lobster

Bambam: wears sunglasses that are a cool color but offer zero protection against the actual sun. brings speakers, starts a dance circle in the sand with strangers. Has a pile of seashells on his towel, one of them turns out to be a crab

Jackson: brought a volleyball, boogie board, kite, two beach balls and one extra-large towel with tropical fish on it. Runs across the sand yelling about how hot it is. Runs into the waves yelling how cold they are. Runs into Jaebum and tackles him to the ground

Every Other Weekend pt. 7

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,681

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. (please message me if you want me to let you know when a new part is posted. i’m more than willing to do that.) there are three songs that i heard AFTER i started this fic that fit so ridiculously well. so check them out if you want:
Confess Cheated Liar

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The alcohol coursed through your veins and you felt the swimming feeling in your head. If you weren’t leaning against the bar, you’d have fallen over. “I’m just going to call him.”

“You shouldn’t.” Natasha attempted to be the voice of reason but you shrugged her off. It was the first time since the divorce was granted a month ago that you’d gotten a chance to go out with your friends. Your mom had the kids and you weren’t originally going to go, but Nat practically dragged you out of the house.

“I’m going to.” You nodded, your vision blurry now. “Be back.” Bucky’s number was still on speed dial. With a sigh, and some stumbles, you walked out of the bar and leaned against the brick wall.

The phone rang three times before he picked up. “Hello?” His voice was low, with a tired groan. “Y/N do you know what time it is?”

“Bucky just listen.” You swallowed hard, slurring your words.

“You’re drunk.” He sighed.

“I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. But I have something to tell you.”

“What?” He was growing impatient.

“I love you.” Overwhelmed by emotions, and the four shots you had just downed before making the call, you started to cry. “I miss you so much.”

“Y/N…” Bucky let out a sigh and you heard him shuffle around in bed. “You shouldn’t have called.”

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As a fan tribute to one of my favorite Disney Princess movies Beauty and the Beast, I animated Emma Watson singing a snippet of Belle’s song.

I’ve had the idea to make this since the audio of Emma singing “Something There” was released online, but because I’ve never done something like this before, it took me a looooong while to finish! 😅 (and I’ve gained SO MUCH MORE RESPECT for traditional Disney animators 🙌🏼 seriously, tracing Belle’s body made me appreciate all the detail and subtleties poured in each frame 👏🏼).

I hope you like it! Stay tuned to my channel for a speed animation process video of this!

To Argue

Just another YOI HC that was teasing me so I had to write it… what happens when they have a disagreement? This might not happen for each argument but it certainly does for this one… well… obviously… 

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Marrying Jung Hoseok

Series: Park JiminJeon Jungkook | Kim Namjoon | Min Yoongi | Kim Seokjin | Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by joeguk

  • You were about to go to bed after a long marathon of all your favorite kdramas, which had subsequently led you to laughing, smiling and crying simultaneously, when knuckles rapping loudly against the door made you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. 
  • “W-Who is it?” You asked cautiously, walking towards the door with slow steps. 
  • “It’s me” 
  • “Hobi, what’re you doing here so late?” Your hands reached for the door but you stopped yourself, “We aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding, is everything okay?” 
  • “Yeah,” His voice was unsure and you leaned against the door, “I-I was just wondering if you were, I don’t know, having second thoughts?”
  • His question caught you off guard, worry and anxiety striking your heart
  • “I’m not, are you?” You replied back, voice steady and calm
  • “No but I just,” You could hear a stifled cry, “I just don’t want you to regret this, to regret being with me.”
  • You scoffed at his words, god if only you could open this door, you’d yell at him for even suggesting such a thing.
  • “Baby,” You cooed softly, knowing that yelling wasn’t going to do either of you any good, “I love you and one day, maybe after a few years of being with you, I want to look in the mirror and see someone like you, someone capable of sacrifice, courage and love.”
  • “I could never regret marrying you, Jung Hoseok and I can’t wait to get married to you tomorrow.”
  • You could hear a soft laugh mixed with a sob and smiled softly to yourself. If only you could open the door and hug him, it would’ve been perfect.
  • Damn you and your stupid superstitions.
  • “Ugh, I’m supposed to be the one making you cry, not the other way around.” He chuckled and you could feel his weight pressing against the wood of the door.
  • “Sadist, aren’t you?” You giggled, “Well, I’d stay and talk but I need to go to bed if you don’t want your girl to have raccoon eyes tomorrow.”
  •  “Oh hush,” He remarked, “Fine, sleep well, I’ll be waiting for you at the altar.”
  • “I’ll be the one in white.”
  • The next morning, you woke up calmly and were making yourself a nice cup of tea when your best friend came barging in with a few other girls trailing behind her, no doubt holding multiple bags of make-up, shoes, accessories and whatnot.
  • And when she saw you sitting calmly by the counter, sipping tea.
  • She took a deep breath, willing herself not to yell at you and spoke to you in the most sarcastic of tones
  • “Will your majesty please go have a fucking bath so she can get dressed for her fucking wedding?”
  • “Can’t even speak a full sentence without swearing, can ya?” You chuckled, putting the mug in the sink before going to do as she asked, “God, I should’ve never picked you as my maid of honor.”
  • “Hush,” She replied, pushing you into the room, “The dress is on the bed, please try to hurry up, won’t you?”
  • After that it was a blur of getting dressed and letting her have her way and putting on your makeup and fixing you hair
  • Although you had to admit, the end result was more than worth it.
  • “Thank you so much,” You spoke softly as you neared the venue in your car, your hand gripping hers as she was on the phone, checking with her husband if everything was going well on the groom’s side, “For everything.”
  • “Anything for my best girl.” She chuckled as the car halted to a stop, stepping out before you and helping you with the dress as you walked towards the elevator.
  • Unsurprisingly, your wedding was on the rooftop of the hotel, with enough people there to make it memorable but not messy
  • “Ready to go?” Your father asked, holding his hand out and with a nod, you linked your arm with his as you walked down the aisle.
  • You saw Hoseok, standing under the makeshift arch, looking absolutely perfect and ethereal in his suit with his smile so bright, you almost felt your eyes squeezing shut from the brightness
  • Once you reached him, your father let go of your hands, giving Hoseok an approving pat on his back as he held your hand.
  • And then the priest began reciting all the cliché lines, Hoseok repeating it with fervor and as much as it painied your pride to admit it, you did too
  • And then comes the time for the vows
  • And for you to sob like a three-year old who dropped their ice cream
  • “Baby,” He cooed softly, “I don’t even know where to start, gosh,” He was frazzled, millions of thoughts running through his mind but he settled on a few, “Yesterday, when I was at your door all terrified and scared, your words calmed me down instantly, just like how you help me feel at ease every time I get stressed at work.”
  • “And I just want to say, that you’re the only one in front of whom I can break down, bare myself with all my weaknesses without the slightest bit of hesitation because you, you are the only one who can put me back together.”
  • “And that’s because you make me whole.”
  • In your mind, you’re already remarking, oh great, I won’t be able to say anything because I’m dead, k thanks, peace out
  • So, after a few minutes of sobbing and your cheeks stained with tears you manage to speak:
  • “I may not be the best of people, hell, I’m probably even the worst but you, you make me so unbelievable happy and warm and just so happy. When I’m with you, everything else is secondary to me because to me, you are my priority. You are my sun, moon and stars, shining oh so brightly in my life and illuminating the darkest of my days.”
  • “And even though I doubt I can make you as happy as you make me,” You paused, taking a deep breath, “I will, for the rest of my life, try to love you the best I can.”
  • You can already hear your best friend cry, her husband, Jimin, comforting her in his arms as you leaned in to kiss Hoseok, both your cheeks wet with tears as they pressed against each other yet you had never felt so warm, so happy.
  • Once you break away from the kiss, the priest himself shedding a tear at your vows, officially pronounced you husband and wife, the guests burst into an applause and you smiled embarrassedly as you leaned against Hoseok who has his hand wrapped around his waist.
  • The rest of the evening goes into attending to your guests, engaging in conversations with your friends and receiving some really emotional yet mildly amusing toasts from all of them.
  • As they begin to leave, you and Hoseok head for your room in the hotel, having booked one of the most amazing honeymoon suites that they had to offer.
  • So, you go into your bathroom, putting on the most ridiculous piece of lingerie you had ever seen, yet you had let your best friend convince you into buying it, saying something about how good your ass would look in it.
  • And so, you washed your face, ridding it of the makeup, brushed your hair and put it on, eyeing yourself warily in the mirror but after a few minutes of contemplation, gave up and walked out.
  • Only to find Hoseok lying on the bed in one of the fluffy white bathrobes with a rose in his mouth that hilariously dropped to the floor when he saw you.
  • “Oh, dear lord…”
  • You shifted uncomfortably where you stood, hands flying up to cross at your chest before yelling, “I’m going to go change!”
  • “Don’t you dare, baby girl,” His deep voice grabbed your wrist, pulling you back and slamming you against the wall, “I like it.”
  • And that’s when you realize that domseok has come out to play.
  • But you’ve never been one to back down from a fight.
  • Leaning back, you look cockily at him before speaking in a stern tone
  • “Why don’t you,” Your fingers pulled his chin up, kissing the length of his throat, “Show me how much you like it, babe?”
  • And let’s just say the rest of the night goes rather spectacularly
  • With you whispering about how much you love your husband when he’s begging for you and him whispering back how much he loves his wife when she’s screaming his name at the top of her voice.
  • But in all seriousness, once you’re done with your night’s celebrations and you’re lying comfortably in each other’s embrace holding your hands
  • Your fingers running over the gleaming silver adorning each of your finger’s
  • You can’t help but feel happy, like everything is just the way it was meant to be
  • And you have nothing short of an eternity of it with each other.

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~Admin Sangria (who hopes this killed her wife, Midnight) 

hamilsquad + modern hobbies headcanons


  • obviously, he writes.
    • a lot.
  • and he writes everything. essays, letters, conspiracy theories, poetry, short stories, long stories.
    • hes even tried writing novels and screenplays, but they werent as good as his other work.
  • he spends a lot of his time writing, but if hes not writing, he could be reading.
  • and if hes not reading or writing, hes either hanging out with friends or sleeping.
    • he also loves sleep
    • (although he doesnt get enough of it)
  • hes tried learning guitar before, and can play a few songs 
  • (but only sings if hes drunk)
  • and, he occasionally plays video games
  • (but only if johns online too)


  • john is a dancer.
  • he can dance any style of dance and it looks nearly perfect
    • hip hop is his specialty, but hes also surprisingly good at ballet.
  • hes very expressive, but at the same time, follows choreo to a T and never misses a step.
    • (unless hes nervous, but even then, his mess-ups are miniscule and detract nothing from the overall perforamnce.)
  • he also plays both acoustic and electric guitar 
  • (he taught alex how to play, after a lot of struggles)
  • and while he plays, he sings!
    • like, he loves singing so much. hes almost always singing. even when hes dancing, hes probably singing the song hes dancing to.
  • he also plays video games a lot. when he gets home from dance classes its the first thing he does
    • (sometimes he stays up too late playing them oops)
    • (if you look through his room, there are video game posters and books and papers everywhere.)
      • (he like rpgs best, but also is always down for some mario party with the guys.)


  • hercules sews, of course.
    • he also has an affinity for knitting, and it seems like every week hes made a new scarf for john or mittens for lafayette or a hat for himself.
  • he rarely makes alex anything because alex never texts him back on what he would want
    • because hes too busy working
  • but if hes feeling nice, he normally likes to make alex socks to keep his feet warm.
  • besides making clothes, he also likes…. pottery?
  • seriously, that man can make a mean vase
    • (if he doesnt get angry and smash it before its done)
    • (hes destroyed too many bowls because they didnt have the right lip too many times).
  • he likes to make lil cozies to wrap around his pots once hes finished them….
  • he never runs out of things to do. hes always improving one skill or another


  • lafayette is, first and foremost, a baker.
    • you touch his muffin tins or his cake pan and he will literally cut you.
  • when hes not baking, hes reading baking recipes, watching baking videos, or eating baking.
  • (he brings food to school every day and sometimes he doesnt let the boys have any just to watch em squirm)
  • he also likes to cook, although he prefers savoury food to sweet
    • his specialty is pancakes. they’re always so perfectly round every single time.
  • he also really really enjoys painting!!!
  • he is very good with acrylics, watercolours, and everything in between…
    • he gets new canvasses at least once a week but sometimes leaves them on the kitchen table when hes baking and spills oil on them. ooops
  • he, like john, plays guitar, but not as well and he certainly doesnt like it as much..
  • but he also loves harmonizing when hes freckled friend is singing.

bonus aaron

  • he likes to work with charcoal the most, for whatever reason, and his drawings are really good!!!
    • he also sometimes uses chalk on black construction paper!!! 
  • he has a pencil or a drawing utensil in his hand almost every second of every day
    • and his love for drawing has gotten to the point where, if hes explaining something, he almost always needs to draw a diagram to make people understand more.
  • he paints when he wants to, although he prefers watercolour to anything else
    • but he would rather draw than paint any day
  • he has a knack for piano, but its kind of his special thing that he hasn’t told anyone about
  • sometimes he even writes his own songs…
little comets (1/?)

okay so this is a tumblr-exclusive ficlet for the kids who came with me when i had to jump ship on my old blog and move to this one. 

like in 12″ by 8″, Kara and Lena have been canon through s1 in this story. i’m sure this prompt has been done a thousand times, but i promised fluff, and i’ve always wanted to do plotless fluff on this prompt lmao.

it’s mostly just little snippets.

The night is alive around them, neon lights flickering in city windows and creating the illusion that they are surrounded by quiet fireflies. 
Kara stares at the pod, J’onn’s hand on her shoulder, the cold air hovering like a lookout, watching over them. There is a moment – an infinite moment that is somehow also far too short – where anything could be in the pod, anyone.
Her mother.
Her father.
Her best friend from school when she was young. 
A complete and total stranger who shares her culture and history, and has come to lessen the ever-aching weight on her spine.
She wants to stay frozen in that world of possibility forever, where nothing ever must be real or unreal ever again. 
But she can’t, so she uses her super-speed to rip off the band-aid, and tears the pod open in a fraction of a second. The faster the less painful. 
She looks down, bracing herself the renewed loss of all the people it turns out not to be. 

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So one time my sister asks me if I want to watch a movie, getting more specific until she gets to PoA. When we put it in she asks if we can skip to the Knightbus scene and I agree. immediately after the scene ends she gets up and leaves. I seriously laughed for five minutes after that before shutting of the film, and it remains one of the funniest things my sister has ever done. I will never understand(nor care) why she needed to rope me into her convoluted plan to watch that scene.

effie-w  asked:

Can I request #12 with Dean? :) Thank you! :)

Thank You!!!

Hope you like it! :D


You’d spent all day locked in your room, literally.

The only thing you’d done to while away the time was read… and work your way through the stash of snacks you kept under your bed. At some point you’d have to restock, because so far you’d finished the 5 bags of M&Ms you had, as well as 3 bags of chips and several bars of chocolate.

This is what Dean Winchester has reduced you too: stuffing your face with calories while indulging in escapism through your favourite fantasy novel.

Ugh, you wished you could hate that man.

It was only when you were confident that the older Winchester had gone out for the evening that you ventured out, collapsing at Sammy’s side on the sofa and causing him to jump slightly at the sudden weight beside him. The confusion was quickly replaced with a knowing smirk as he returned his attention to the TV.

“You’ve been quiet today.”

With a roll of your eyes you pause his Netflix show and folded your arms across your chest. “I know you know, Sam, so spit it out” you grumbled, still determinedly staring at the stationary screen. You really did not want to see his cocky face.

“Hey, I’m not one to judge…”


He chuckled lightly, shifting so he was facing you. “Dean’s been going manic all day. It’s been really funny watching him get up and down out of his chair, debating whether or not to knock on your door. Kinda looked like he was trying to do some sort of dance. And then there was the hour or so he spent pacing up and down the corridor outside your room…”

“Please shut up.”

“Seriously, Y/N, I never knew sex could mess with him this much. You’ve really done a number on him.”

You moaned and buried your head in your arms. You’d never meant to sleep with him, it just sort of… happened. One minute you’d been bantering like any other night out when the two of you went to a bar, the next you were both in the backseat of the Impala. Naked.

Before you were able to respond you heard the loud, metallic grating sound of the Bunker door opening, and your breath caught in your throat as your eyes went wide.

No coherent thought went through your mind, your body just reacted of its own accord. You slid from the seat and onto the floor, staring up at Sam, hoping he could work out your unspoken plea for help.

Sam grinned down at you and got to his feet, intercepting Dean at the bottom of the stairs.

“You’re back early,” he said, and you ran a hand down your face. He was clearly making absolutely no effort to hide the glee in his voice.

You knew your cover was blown at once.

“Where is she, Sam?” Dean’s gruff voice asked in a monotonous voice, though you thought you could hear a hint of nervousness in it.

She’s hiding behind the sofa” and with that, you heard Sam pat his brother on the back and dart off down the hall.

Never before had you wanted to hit Sam more than in that moment when you saw Dean’s head appear over the back of the sofa, brow furrowed as he stared down at you.

Well, your evening just took an unexpected turn…

anonymous asked:

Hi there, just a question on your last post you made. You said how dogs were being seriously neglected, saying this is abuse, and the dogs had serious injury. I'm just wondering that if any of this is in regards to raisingopal, how is any of that true in her case? An accidental pregnancy isn't ideal, of course, but if her dog and the pups are healthy and cared for, and the pups find good homes how is this abuse, neglect, or harm to the dog at all? Just looking for clarification is all.

Under the cut b/c long af

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DAY 3264

Goa                          Mar 6/7,  2017                   Mon/Tue 12:32 am

Birthday … Ef Vishal Bokare .. all our wishes to our Ef wishing him the very best always life and in eternity

Living and breathing the words of my Father still and putting them to some semblance of creative tone .. the original always sounds the best and it is most difficult to break away from it .. yet we persevere and hope to reach some conclusion that gives pride to the listener ..

This particular work takes time and a sense of understanding what the poet is delivering .. we ever are trying to understand the poets mind .. the circumstance of his writing, the subject and its validity to time and place .. all ..

The effort then is to be able to replicate an emotion that is found hidden in the words of the poem .. but are we able to decipher the reality of each verse and poem ..? I think not ..

The beauty about poetry is that each of us need to find ourselves in it, rather than the other way round .. or so many writers feel is the essence of rhythmic verse .. the philosophy and the indicative text conveys .. it is up to the reader to find that little space in it which he can identify with personally .. and you have a great poem .. and a great listener ..

We battle the entire day today trying to establish that very feel .. whether we succeed or not is not important .. what is important is that we attempted to live with him and his work for so many days .. ! And we find that to be a divine honour .. divine because the invisible cord that connects our souls with the Almighty, is visible to those that construct the chords .. and they are seemingly excited and happy ..

Modern technology utilised for the music world is astounding .. it would require a mountain of page writing to merely explain what methods are used these days for the end result .. it is simply the work of great minds .. there can be no other alternative ..

And gadgetry is of immense presence here there and everywhere .. one gadget is barely understood and another appears, almost ghost like and usurps the market like never before ..

Solutions are simple in such cases - buy all the brands - buy all the carrier sim and done .. you are set  .. for the next 3 months .. for after that shall come an advanced version and the competition shall take place and vie for the first spot ..

Happens ..

We all aim for the top .. some get there most do not .. but it should never tire them of not trying .. and so .. ?

Seriously though the joy of setting up a fresh new contraption, spending valuable time finding out its complicated usage, is what life is all about these days. And there are well wishers and friends that begin their campaign to use or switch to their machine .. !!!!

Good night and wellness ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Why your art isn’t getting attention from professional clients. | Insight from a client’s perspective.

So a lot of you guys don’t know this, because I don’t like to show my hand, but I am actually an author and the leader of an independent business [we’re JUST getting started so nothing too flashy]; but we’ve got 2 major projects in the works and we’re going to work closely with a lot of artists/designers in the very near future.

As someone who’s been on the “other side” of it, actually seeking professional artists for quite some time, I thought I’d share some insight as to why you’re maybe not getting the responses you want when you submit your portfolio for jobs. 

1: You’re too young.

| When I tell my graphic designer to find an artist, one of the requirements I have is that you must be 18 years or older. I don’t do this to be “ageist”, but there are a lot of things we’d have to take into consideration if we were to work with a minor. Here are just some of my personal reasons why I don’t work with minors.

| +Do you have your parent’s permission? Yes its just drawing, but it’d be frustrating to have to constantly go through your parents every time we wanted to work with you. You are not able to sign any sort of legal documentation [such as a contract to grant us rights to the work] and therefore they’d have to sign for you. 

| +Time vs Workload. In the United States you are legally required to attend school until you are 16/17 years old. You being in class for 8 hours a day, then having homework plus whatever other obligations leaves you a very small window to work for us, vs someone who does artwork full time or controls their own schedule. 

| +Ethics. When adults interact with minors there is a certain set of boundaries and power dynamics that need to be observed. I require anyone who does ongoing work for us to provide a secondary means of communication other than email; this is to make sure we can reach them if there’re any problems. It’d be inappropriate for a high school student [you] to exchange contact information with us, 25-30 year olds. While I know my team and none of them would ever behave inappropriately, this is to protect both us and you. 

So I don’t work with minors period.

2: You require payment up front, but don’t want to sign a contract. 

| When I purchase something online, whether it be from a store’s website or Amazon, I don’t have any problems paying up front. This is because I know it is an accredited retailer with a lot of people and systems in place that ensure I receive what I pay for within a certain window, as required by law. There is also quality control which ensures that I get exactly what I was promised. 

There is no entity that holds you legally accountable aside from me. Even with a contract, the legal process is a strain on time, energy, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. I’d have to get a lawyer. They’d have to review the contract. They’d have to determine if we have a case. We’d have to wait months for a reply and a court date, then we’d have to show up, and then pay said lawyer: meanwhile for all the time and money spent I could’ve just hired somebody else.

It’s time, its money, its an entire ordeal that isn’t even worth it for whatever work we’re getting 80% of the time anyways. “I promise!” is not sufficient for me to give you a portion of our very limited budget.

If you require your clients to pay anything before you start drawing: expect to sign a contract. 

3: You have no variety/You look just like everyone else.

| I have personally looked through over 140 portfolios submitted to me and I can tell you all but maybe 8 of them: Looked. Exactly. The. Same. Both to each other and to all the other work in your portfolio.

For example: I said I was looking for an anime-style artist for my dark fantasy novel. Every single artist except 8 who showed me their work only had cutesy doe-eyed anime girls posing with pastel colors. They had the same faces, the same body types, the same poses, etc. Which is fine if that what you like to draw. But if you submit to my ad and I’m wondering “okay, but can they do a fight scene? Can they do a different style [chibi? shounen? shojo? etc] What about clothes? Weapons? Different facial expressions? Poses? Different genders? 

[Seriously, why do so many of you only draw young girls/women? 

If I have any male characters (like the protagonist!) then you just disqualified yourself right off the bat! 

Please think about this when you’re putting your portfolio together!] 

Different ages? Different skin tones? Different body types? Hair Textures?” 

- Then I’m going to pick someone else.

No matter what kind of artist you are, variety is so important. Because even if someone says “I need somebody to draw a lamp!” and all you literally draw is lamps- somebody else just submitted a portfolio that looks like an Ikea catalog. Why should I pick your lamps? Especially if all your lamps look the same. If all you draw is one thing and you have no range, it looks amateurish compared to someone who can do what you can plus more.

Telling me “I can draw guys!” when your portfolio doesn’t have one guy in it, vs someone who has male and female characters at the very least- right away I’m looking at them over you. 

| +You never know what someone is looking for. Don’t show them only what you think they’d want to see. It’s always best to show them a little bit of everything you can do. Your portfolio speaks for you. No matter what you tell me, the evidence is right in front of my face. Make sure your portfolio is always an accurate reflection of your skill and range. 

4. You come across as unprofessional.

| This one is a little bit harder to define, but please make sure you present yourself as a professional. Even if you’ve never done this before, approach it like a job interview because it essentially is. 

| +Always use proper spelling/grammar to the best of your ability. At least at first, then once you become more familiar feel free to relax a little. But you want to show people you’re taking this opportunity seriously. Someone who puts effort into their communication vs “lol ok xD” simply looks better. Your personal page/website can have whatever, but the important question you should ask is “how do I want to present myself?” If you come across like you don’t care about whatever you’re doing for me, I’m going to assume you don’t.

| +Keep your page/website active. If your page looks dead then you may get passed over for someone who appears more “present”. It can be as simple as having a blog update every once in a while or uploading a quick sketch of something, or even having a link to a twitter. Something where clients can see “Oh hey, this person is still around.” Even when there’s nothing going on, always try to have recent updates. 

| +Avoid harsh negatives. This is the big secret right here folks! Having your own set of guidelines and boundaries is important for anyone. However, if the first thing someone sees when they go to your page is a giant list of things you “ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO!” it makes you appear inflexible. 

A technique I suggest is one I call the “vague refusal”, at least when it comes to professional quarries. Instead of, for example, “NO PORN” a better phrase is “Unfortunately, I’m unable to accept work with sexually explicit themes at this time; however feel free to contact me with any other ideas you have!” This communicates 3 very important things.

|++1: That you understand and sympathize with the client’s needs [Even if you don’t really].

|++2: That you are not necessarily unWILLing, but unABLE [wording is important!]. Even if you’re unable because you’re unwilling- never say you wont, only that you cant. If they ask why then feel free to say whatever, but if a client is professional then they will not challenge your refusal.

|++3: That although you cannot do those things, there are lots of other things you CAN do, and you invite clients to approach you.

[This is a technique often used when it comes to rejection emails.]

“Hi Sarah! Thank you for your interest in a position at ___. Unfortunately we are UNABLE to offer you a position AT THIS TIME, however we will keep your application on file and encourage you to seek employment with us in the future.”

5. You can’t meet their needs.

| Sometimes you just aren’t what they need right now. Maybe your style isn’t what they’re looking for, maybe your price is outside of their budget, or maybe they need more done than your schedule allows for. Chances are it has nothing to do with you personally and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad artist. It just means that they’re looking for a very specific person right now and you simply aren’t that person. Keep drawing! Keep your portfolio up to date! Practice with expanding your range! 

In Closing

I wanted to write this to give a little bit of insight to what goes on in mind of a client who’s looking through your work. Whenever an ad is posted we get hundreds of submissions so it really becomes a game of choosing people who have that perfect storm of prices, quality, and professionalism. Hopefully you guys find this helpful! I had a lot of fun writing it. 

I Get So Weak

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Drama

Summary: Request fic for @rocketginger. “hi can you do a gee x reader fic where gee has his lowest piont (drugs, booze,) and reader is like gonna help him with his struggles and fluffy stuff happens”.

A/N: I decided to make this a Band Member!Reader fic. Hope that’s ok. Oh, and trigger warning for alcohol/drug abuse, obviously. 

You’d been hanging out with the other bands of Warped Tour, enjoying the warm summer sunlight on your skin as you drifted between the throng of buses. But, soon it was going to be My Chemical Romance’s turn to take the stage. You knew you needed to stop procrastinating and start getting into your performance clothes soon. Those bulletproof vests made you look cool, but, damn, they made you overheat fast.

I’ll do my makeup first, you decided as you swung open the door of your band’s tour bus.

“Anyone seen my hand mirror?” you called as you ascended the stairs. You began looking for it in your bunk, but you didn’t see it.

Maybe Gerard borrowed it to do his eye shadow, you figured. You didn’t think anyone else was on the bus, because nobody had answered you when you shouted. You walked over to Gerard’s bunk and pulled open the privacy curtains.

You were surprised to find Gerard laying on his bed. At first, you thought he was sleeping, but then you noticed his vacant eyes were open.

“Hey,” you greeted him. “Why didn’t you answer me?”

He didn’t even blink.

“Hey,” you said again. “You ok, Gee?”

Then, you looked down towards his lap, and saw your hand mirror sitting there. Its surface was streaked with lines of white dust. Beside it was a half-empty bottle of vodka.

“Fuck,” you swore, realization dawning on you. “Gerard, is that what I think it is?”

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Imagine doing laundry with Spock

Your hands moved in and out of the water, wrist flickered forward as you washed the few items of clothing you had placed into the sink.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” A monotone voice came from behind, you smiled and looked over your shoulder. It was Spock, his hands at his side and a curious look on his face. Well, more like a calculating expression as he tried to asses the situation.

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Never Say Never pt.12.5: Who’s Your Omega?

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warning: light smut, NSFW

Word Count: 1k

A/N: Just a bonus before the last part of the series. Sorry if it’s not that great, but it was something new that I had to try writing about.

Heads Up: @ackles-got-snackles @angelpeachamber @alittlewerewolfgirl @alphaabucky @amazing-fandom-freak @anitavalija @bro-the-avengers @boom-boombang @bxtchybrie @cassiopeiassky @c-maximoffs @chisatowa @cxffeeshxpsoundtrack @deanskitten @harleyqueen7 @harleyscheekheart @heavenforebid-captain @heismyhunter @fairysquaddmother @fandomtainment @florenceivy @iamwarrenspeace @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @i-had-a-life-once @i-lost-my-shoe-down-a-drain @justarandombanana @luciesvg @missallpony1234 @misspadfoot02 @miss-mcbotty @nopevilleluas @realsebstantrash @reninwonderland0 @sammedrano @seirensou @sgt-jbb-107 @supernatural-fanfic @thatwawkwardtinyperson @thecynicalnerd @the-girl-with-no-plan @thisisthelilith @waywardimpalawriter @yourfilthyundeadmaggot 

Originally posted by relacion-goals

After finally getting the other omega smell off of Bucky, you thought about remarking him yourself. It wasn’t somethings omegas usually did but you figured, if Bucky had to remark you after Wilcox, then you had to remark him after…what’s-her-name. Bucky laid spread out on your bed and talked about the frustrating mission that he had come back from. Once you had decided to remark your alpha, you climbed on top and straddled him. Bucky trailed off what he was saying and stared at you in confusion.

“Keep going, I was listening,” you assured him then took off your shirt.

“I…uh…I almost got shot…” Bucky stuttered while watching you get undressed. Bucky’s eyes widened when your breasts bounced lightly as you moved.

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For the Love of Pie

Because @chaos-and-the-calm67 and Dean keeps giving me ideas! This was seriously fun to write and I hope you guys will enjoy it :D

You and Dean had never done anything the conventional way. Not only had you met on the job. The job that was hunting monsters, you had also damn near taking his head off thinking he was one of the vamps you were hunting.

Luckily for both of you his brother Sam had tackled you just in time and Dean had grabbed you around the waist hoisting you off his brother, before you had gotten a chance to kill him either.

Since then you had hunted with the brothers. You and Dean bickering like an old married couple right from the get go. Still never straying too far from each other’s side. You had shared beds and seen each other half naked more times than you could count. Sharing beds had been convenient at first, but soon you had found a safety in each other neither of you would ever admit too.

The half naked part was… well it is kind hard to play doctor with your clothes on. Oh come on get your mind out of the gutter. Actual doctor. Hunting is not exactly safe you know and stitches through shirts and pants are not doable.    

Your first kiss had not been any less conventional than your history with him, but you wouldn’t want him or it, any other way.

You and Dean shared a few loves. Love of old westerns, love of classic rock, love of coffee and bacon in the morning, love of burgers for dinner, but the one love that came between you the most was also the one that brought you even closer together. The love of pie.

“Dean Winchester! You did not do what I think you just did,” Your voice sounded high pitched through the Bunker’s kitchen.

Dean turned his head, looking up at you from his seat by the table, with a smirk on his face. “That depends, sweetheart,” he winked at you, “what do you think I just did?”

“You ate the last piece of pie! My pie!” You hissed at him and Dean send you a fake apologetic grin.

“There’s still one bite left?” Dean held up his fork showing you the small piece, making your mouth water.

You let out a defeated sigh. If one bite was all you were going to get, it was still better than nothing.

You walked across the room, until you stood across from him. You leaned down resting on hand on the table, offering him to let you spoon feed you with it.

Dean aimed the fork at your mouth and you opened it, when he just in the last second turned the pie away from your face stuffing it into his own mouth.

Your eyes opened wide in surprise, before your body just reacted. There was no way in hell, you were going to let him get away with that. That piece of pie was yours.

You jumped into his lap, straddling his legs before grabbing a hold of his face and pulling him towards you. Dean was so taken back he let you crash your lips against his mouth and force your tongue between his lips, effectively managing to steal back the last heavenly bite from his mouth into yours.

You leaned back a little, staying in his lap with a victorious grin on your face as you chewed and swallowed the bite down. “I won!”

The dumbfounded expression on Dean’s face, suddenly turned into a smirk and his hand found it’s way onto your neck, guiding your face back towards his.

“No, sweetheart. I did.” He whispered against your lips, sending a shiver down your spine. You melted into the green eyed hunter completely as he kissed you with so much love and tenderness it made your head spin.

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Manorian Baby Headcanons

Manorian baby Headcanons Because I’m obsessed and unashamed (If you want any other ship or Headcanons just ask because I ship like everything due to my apparent addiction to pain)

Feysand Nessian Rowaelin


-So pregnant Manon. Terrifying before, unfathomable now.

-She found out after she goes to ride Abraxos and he starts smelling her all weird like and then refuses to take her flying. She’s like ‘this is your fucking job take me flying you shit’. The next day she realises that she is very late and whoops that’s what happens when you have unprotected sex with a man that you can’t keep your hands off.

-She’s happy but nervous. She can’t help but think about Asterin and her baby and how she lost it. She stopped the practise of exiling witches who’s witchlings died as soon as she became clan leader, but she’s not nervous about that. She’s nervous about telling Dorian they were going to have a child just to break his heart if it didn’t make it.

-Dorian finds out its in the most mundane way possible. Like an 'oh yeah I’m pregnant btw’ over dinner.

-He doesn’t say anything for a good 5 minutes. Just stares at her.

-Then he starts crying.

-Then he runs to tell Chaol because this is one of the biggest moments of his life and wait he should probably go talk to Manon first.

-So Manon is this piece of work complete Bitch to anyone who even dares to come near her while she’s carrying not just the heir to the throne of Adarlan but also the heir to the Blackbeaks. Except for her thirteen of course.

-Even Dorian was wary of her for a total of 5 minutes before he realised he was being an idiot and went up to her and kissed her harder than he ever had before.

-Asterin is a blubbering mess when she finds out and is so excited and insists on having a baby shower but Manon is like 'I’m only a few weeks pregnant that is excessive and I’m right thanks see ya’ but then reconsiders when she thinks about what happened to Asterin and why she is so excited and decides that Asterin can do this one thing.

-As Manon gets bigger it’s gets harder and harder for her to sleep. She’s awake constantly which effects her more than she would like. Eventually her and Dorian find the perfect position to sleep in (her slightly on her side with her arms around him and him being on his back. He also plays with her hair which she denies she like but the girl lives for it seriously).

-Manon knows that they’re having a girl. There is no question about it. She’s a witchling and her eyes are going to be fully gold just like her mum.

-Towards the end of her pregnancy her and Dorian start receiving baby gifts from all across Erilea. Dorian happily opens them, storing away what they’ll use (like unnecessarily fashionable baby clothing curtesy of Aelin) and donating the things they don’t want (“why the fuck did they send us a cat?! We don’t need a cat. Feed it to the Wyverns.” “We’re not feeding to the Wyverns my Love I’ll just give it to Nesryn for her family farm.” “If you insist but I bet Abraxos would love it.” “We both know he’s far more likely to become best friends with it darling.”)

-Dorian is thrilled to be having a baby. He misses having a family and hopes that he’ll be a better father than the King ever was.

-He’s also a tad nervous because it’s not like he’s had the best father figures to look up to as he grew up. His father was Shit, Chaol’s father was an idiot. He wants to do the best for his child but he doesn’t know what the best is.

-Manon is fierce when it comes to continuing to be independent despite the fact that she’s pregnant.

-She’s with her thirteen planning a reconstruction of the wastes when there’s a sharp pain through her abdomen. She tries to ignore it (she’s knows that she has most likely gone into labour and it can fucking wait she’s not due for 2 weeks and she has work to do) but can’t when she starts bleeding. A lot.

-She’s taken to a healer straight away by Asterin and she’s screaming for Dorian and where the fuck is Elide she said she was going to be there for the birth to help her and the pain is waaaayy to much and she passes out.

-That’s how Dorian finds her. In a small cottage of the closest healer, any colour to her already pale face gone. Dorian nearly can’t walk in. It looks like she’s dead.

-But it takes a lot more than that to bring down Manon bloody Blackbeak.

-When the birth is over and Manon is resting after losing so much blood, Dorian has some time alone with his precious baby girl.

-She’s colourless except for the rosy redness to her cheeks. Even her hair was as white as the moon. Except when she opens her eyes, Dorian is shocked to see one is startling gold, and the other is a crystalline blue

. -He knows his baby girl is going to be a heartbreaker, but it’s doesn’t matter because he’s never letting any boys near her anyway.

  -everyone is a bit on edge to see how Manon handles being a mother, but like everything she does, she is a total badass at it.

-She also cries, for the first time in years, when she gets to hold her daughter for the first time. She can’t stop telling how much she loves her and how she’ll always take care of her no matter what.

  -Dorian is a better father than anyone could’ve expected. He takes to it so naturally.

-Dorian likes to walk her around (never in a stroller he always carries her) and introduce her to his employees, but also to the people of Rifthold. As much as he loves Manon, his people were still a bit nervous about the extremely powerful witch, but somehow their strange little family makes perfect sense to everyone.

-he got an awful lot of reminders that “your highness, in no way am I trying to impose, but don’t you think it’s time to ask her to marry you?” Ah yes he should really get around to that.

-When the baby is 8 months old she starts to walk. However, she likes to do it when people aren’t looking so no one really realises she’s doing it. She’s being babysat by her Aunty Nes and Uncle Chaol when she just wanders off without them noticing and manages to get all the way to the Wyvern yard. Chaol freaks out and tells the guard instantly to start looking for her because oh my gods he lost his best friends child.

-When she’s found she is snuggled up with Abraxos sleeping after her big adventure.

  -Despite the blunder Manon still lets Chaol near her child. As long as another responsible adult is there of course.

  -In his daughters whole first year, she never sleeps away from Dorian. The war only ended a mere year before her birth, and he’s too nervous to let her out of her sight incase something happens.

-so behold his shock when he comes home to Manon telling her Asterin has taken the Bub for a night and if she has to go one more day without having sex with the love of her life she’s gonna lose it.


-When there done the sun is coming up and Dorian can’t think of a better time to propose to her.

  -She says yes.