never seen more perfect girl

Preference #17 He Sticks Up For You Being Thin [Requested]

Scott: “She’ll probably just order a salad then throw it up. That’s why she’s so abnormally thin.” A malicious female voice snickered from behind you; suddenly the vast choices arranged on the lunch buffet in designated bowls appeared as more trouble than you were willing to endure. The teenage girls at Beacon Hills High School were relentless in their pursuit of your demise; physical and mental. Scott McCall, your newly titled boyfriend, was sought after by girls of every social caliber as he was lacrosse captain, handsome, sweet and kindhearted. The moment he asked you out, a massive target had been engraved on your forehead; everyone suddenly knew who you were. They did their best to break you down; shoving you in the hallways en route to class, leaving hateful notes in your locker, spreading vicious rumors about your personal life, and forcing cruel insecurities upon your self-esteem. “Hm, I’ve never known her to do that.” Scott’s annoyed voice startled the girls as he wedged his athletic frame between the insufferable gossips, wrapping a protective arm around your narrow shoulders. “She’s perfect as she is. I’ve never seen a girl more beautiful than her.” He commented with an adoring glisten in his warm milk chocolate eyes. He was always there to fight for you and he always would be.

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